10 Severed Heads Found in San Felipe de Jesus, Mexico

7 Men and 3 Women Were Decapitated by Rival Narco Gang in Mexico

10 Severed Heads Found in San Felipe de Jesus, Mexico

On Sunday March 18, 2012 ten human heads were found in the street of San Felipe de Jesus, in the municipal seat of Teloloapan, the colony of Mexicapan, Mexico. Seven were male heads, three were female heads.

The severed heads were lined in a row with two narcomensajes (warnings from Narco rivals) placed before them. The Google Translate translation of the main message is:

“This going to happen anyone who supports the “F.M” Fucking Kidnappers of shit, stop living off the community (citizens). Your daddy has come. fucking kidnappers, extortionists. Attentively. “Guerrero United” and you follow your shit of “F” anywhere you hide we are going to find you dog and you too “BEBA 212.”

According to coroner’s initial estimate, the severed heads belonged to people between 20 and 35 years of age. Who they were involved with and what their jobs were is unknown.

The police and Mexican Army initiated the operation “Security Warrior” the task of which would be to locate the decapitated bodies belonging to the severed heads. Security was tightened in and around Iguala Teololoapan and Arcelia in the Tierra Caliente region, which are considered some of the most violent in the state of Acapulco, Mexico.

Many thanks to portalgod20 for translation of the narcomensajes.


According to Mexican media, the 10 heads on a sidewalk belonged to people employed by a local drug lord. The police confirmed that they were beheaded with a chainsaw and had their tongues ripped out while still alive. The act was meant to be a warning to the drug lord by a rival drug cartel to pack his bags and leave.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    2. crazy shit. just like the story of a dude they cut his body and cooked it on a mexican dish they call “Pozole” and they had a Meatery that sold human boady parts mixed in with the animal meats. nasty fucking shit.

    1. Clearly the South Americans are not ‘terrorized’ by the thought of a violent death anymore! I guess they can only be called ‘terrorists’ if they can instil terror. The thought of making easy drug money over-rides any feelings of fear?

      1. And leaves any sence of feeling or empathy behind as well.

        Money is the one true god, and the big concrete jesus statue that overlooks (some part of ) Brazil is just a cartoon character created to make people feel better about what they do, to eachother, and to themselves.

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        They are not, have not been, and will not be getting any, well, better anyway.
        Like the dude who’s arm was severed the otherday (under the guard rail)
        The camera phones were so close, it’s surprizing that blood wasn’t squirting on them.

        Then, there’s us.
        We would help out because we want to get better shots of the sceene, but, also, we have a dulled sence of shock when it comes to this.
        They, on the otherhand……I am at a loss to try to decribe what those people have wrong with them.

        Even though I am not them, we are ALL still human, and this fleshy virus, would be good if it were to just…….end.

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      Rember, ALL murder victoms and car fatalitys all thought the exact same thing.

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      1. The majority of people in Mexico honestly don’t go through very much proper schooling. If you’re not in one of the big cities, you’re screwed. Well, you’re screwed either way, but edumacationz-wise C:

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  5. i’m Cuban and your translation of the sign is fairly accurate. it is hard to make out the sign from the angle of the photos. basically a warning to others of the consequences of non compliance or inteference to the will of the cartels.

  6. This is the translation
    “This going to happen anyone who supports the “F.M” Fucking Kidnappers of shit, stop living off the community (citizens). Your daddy has come. fucking kidnappers, extortionists. Attentively. “Guerrero United” and you follow your shit of “F” anywhere you hide we are going to find you dog and you too “BEBA 212.”

  7. Ah , this is why i come here i love the cartels i really do they need to get a reality show based on a few, i think ppl would watch that shit.Fuck stuck on an island lets see how long padro can last as a low level drug runner before they cut his balls off.

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    If you have seen it, how can you not be reminded of Meet the Soldier?

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