4 Zetas Simultaneously Beheaded by Cartel del Golfo Sicarios

4 Zetas Simultaneously Beheaded by Cartel del Golfo Sicarios

Well, there are 5 Zetas captured and waiting to be beheaded in this video, but only 4 get the treatment on camera. Looks like the Cartel del Golfo sicarios only brought 4 machetes to a beheading of 5 so one Zeta got to keep his head on during the course of the video. Worse yet, the beheading of the Zeta on far left is completely outside of the camera’s field of view and the beheading of the Zeta on far right is only partially within the view so the video really only shows the simultaneous beheading of 2 Zetas while one nervously watches his pals scream in agony and pain.

It is no secret that while the videos from Mexico are by far some of the most brutal in existence, they are also some of the worst as far as the picture quality is concerned. Still, compared to the video in this post, every previous video from Mexico will look like THX certified, high definition crystal clear Hollywood production.

The video is from Tamaulipas in Mexico. Hitmen from CDG (Cartel del Golfo) kidnapped 5 members of the Los Zetas Cartel who were dispatched to Tamaulipas by Miguel Trevino Morales aka Z40. As I explained in a previous post, Z40 is a gatekeeper of Nuevo Laredo – one of the most important drug trafficking gateways into the United States which makes Z40 one of the top commanders for Los Zetas.

Captured Zetas appear in the video topless with hands tied behind their backs and a large letter “Z” painted on their bare torsos. One of the CDG sicarios interrogates the zetas by asking each of them their name, the reason why they came to Tamaulipas and who sent them there.

The interrogator then verbally warned other members of Los Zetas that should they entertain stepping their feet into the CDG territory, they would meet the same fate the five captured were about to meet. When he was done, 4 of 5 masked CDG sicarios who previously stood behind kneeling Zetas put huge machetes to their necks.

One of the Zetas got to watch as his comrades get their heads cut off while he was being spared, knowing darn well that sooner or later his head will roll too. He begged the sicarios repeatedly to have them put a bullet in his head but his prayers landed on deaf ears. And while he begged for a merciful death, his comrades screamed. Eventually, he was told to shut his mouth cause he begged for the bullet so much.

The sicario on far right got his victim beheaded quickly, but his job was mostly off camera’s field of view. It kind of looks as though he went early 19th century Chinese execution on the victim’s neck, rather than slowly sawing through, which would explain why he was done quickly. The two in full view of the camera traditionally sucked at beheading and had to eventually resort to chopping.

Keep an eye on the second sicario from the right. He’s all sorts of frisky, slapping the victim who’s not his, tapping his victim on the neck with his machete and just generally caressing his head like he wished he could fuck him first. Once his victim’s head was severed, he picked it up to show it off but it slipped off his butter fingers and fell to the floor.

As always, Best Gore member Bael provided us with transcript of the conversation in Mexican Spanish and translation in English. So without further ado, here’s the transcript in Spanish first. Note the references to pineapples – it must be a Narco slang for grenades:

CDG: Okey ¿Cuál es tu nombre?
Zeta: Luis Alberto Lunas
CDG: Luis Alberto Lunas. ¿Y a ti quién te mandó?
Zeta: Zeta 40
CDG: Zeta 40. ¿Cuál es tu nombre?
Zeta: Raúl Herrera
CDG: Raúl Herrera. ¿A ti quién te mandó?
Zeta: El gordo es el tío de Zeta 40
CDG: El gordo es el tío de Zeta 40. ¿A ti quién te mandó?
Zeta: Mi nombre es Gilberto Román […] Y vine para acá a reventar piñas y matar los tránsitos en Matamoros.
CDG: Matar los tránsitos en matamoros y reventar piñas. ¿A ti quién te mandó?
Zeta: Me llamo Gregorio López //At this point [0:30] the last guy says his name even though it isn’t his turn yet, so he gets a handsmack and is told to shut up//
Zeta: Soy Arturo Sánchez Muñoz, vengo de Moncloa, me mandó el comandante la Sota a reunirme con un grupo de Reinosa
CDG: ¿Qué ibas a hacer, reventar granadas?
Zeta: Sí señor
CDG: Ya está.¿Tú?
Zeta: Me llamo Gregorio López, me instalé en Zeta 40 con el comandante Alberto
CDG: Bueno… Ustedes se encuentran asi porque vinieron a chingar la madre aquí en Río Bravo, entiéndenlo. Y esto es para todos los que van a entrar a Río Bravo. Todos los mugrosos que intenten entrar, esto es lo que va a pasar, si, pongan atención señores. No pasa nada; esto es lo que va a pasar. Así va a terminar toda su gente. Toda su gente va terminar así. Asi es como van a terminar, toda su pinche gente
CDG: ¿Qué órale, la verga? //At 2:22

English language translation:

CDG: All right. What’s your name?
Zeta: Luis Alberto Lunas
CDG: Luis Alberto Lunas. Who sent you?
Zeta: Zeta 40
CDG: Zeta 40. What’s your name?
Zeta: Raúl Herrera
CDG: Raúl Herrera. What’s your name?
Zeta: The fat guy from Zeta 40
CDG: The fat one of Zeta 40. Who sent you?
Zeta: My name is Gilberto Román […] I came here to blow up pineapples and to kill the passers in Matamoros.
CDG: Kill the passers in Matamoros and blow up pineapples. Who sent you?
Zeta: My name is Gregorio López //At this point [0:30] the last guy says his name even though it isn’t his turn yet, so he gets a handsmack and is told to shut up//
Zeta: I’m Arturo Sánchez Muñoz, I come from Moncloa, commander la Sota sent me to regroup with some Reinosa guys
CDG: What were you going to do, blow up pineapples?
Zeta: Yes sir
CDG: Ok. You?
Zeta: My name is Gregorio López, and I joined Zetas 40 with the commander Alberto
CDG: Well.. You guys are in this situation because you came here to Río Bravo to fuck it up, understand it. And this is for everyone thinking of coming to Río Bravo. All you bastards who try to get in, this will happen to you, yes, pay attention gentlemen. Everything is alright; this will happen to you. This is how your people will end up. This is how all your fucking people are going to end.
CDG: What the fuck? //At 2:22

Props to @Arnoldpapi1 for the video and a bunch of info, and a few other Best Gore members who also sent it in after we’ve had all the backstory on it worked out. And of course special thanks to Bael for the transcript and the translation.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. It’s the BIG Summer blowout sale!!! all Zeta heads must go!!! We’re making room for new inventory and the heads rolling just our prices!!! Here in CDG territory our prices just can’t be beat and we’re slashing competition

          1. I don’t get these morons. Choosing to be in the drug trade, you know what is coming if you ever get captured. You would think they plan ahead. I certainly would. Before, they even put a rope on me, I would fight back and go for there guns. I’m gonna die anyways, might as well fight back and maybe get a last shot before I die. At lease I will die reletively quick. Why would you let them get to the point were your helpless and going to die a slow painful death. It’s not like they don’t know it’s coming.

          2. @tundra they do it because of no jobs lack of funds to even eat or even live. Mexico rich has everything while the poor malnourished mexicans live in destitute so what can you do either jump the boarder to US or join the cartels and hope you dont get killed either one is bad.

          1. I don’t get what you’re into 75mingmuling436, you’re using an english alphabet /numerics for username, an avatar of Batman (not Batman bin Suparman) and its pretty obvious you understand English since you reply on other comments for at least 2-3 BG posts using Chinese. Sum Ting Wong with Engrish? Prease exprain or i’ll bite your knee and milk your butt.

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    1. lol that just reminded me of the commercial from Beetlejuice. Remember?
      “ha ha ha YEEHUU! haha ha. Havin’ trouble with the Zetas? You tired of havin’ your home turf violated? You wanna get rid of them pesky Zeta critters once and for all? Well, come on down and see me folks ’cause I’m Mexico’s leading Zeta killer!….and remember: I’ll eat anything you want me to eat I’ll swaller anything you want me to swaller I’ll…CHEW ON A DOG OWWWWWWWWWWW!!!”

    1. Fuck it no translations, some of these guys are sent to throw grenades out.. not sure if to kill innocent people or to kill their opponents. The second guy was shitting himself and he begged to get shot instead. Fucks, now they beg. I don’t know what the goal of these guys are, but if the zetas are killing innocent people and these fucks oppose the killing of innocent people, then kill all the zetas.

          1. Awesome. Too many Mexicans on this site! 😛 Well, actually growing up, I always got confused with the white kid. I grew up without the Mexican accent, and more educated than the tards down here. Got picked on a lot for being a smart mexican with a white accent.

  2. Imagine if the entire world approved death penalty to every kind of criminal, wouldnt it be a better place? fear is the most effective tool mankind has known. Also, nice to see a mexican beheading video without fucking music or shitty effects

          1. That is because the USA is perhaps the only ‘developed’ nation with a set of bollocks it can still feel.

            The US, Japan and South Korea. Nations with the biggest bollocks.

            Fair play to them.

        1. So what kinda crimes would involve the death penalty and who would decide that? It be like fucking Iran public hangings of people that were caught stealing food…that’s retarted and if our government began doing that I would start and lead a rebellion to topple and destroy the democratic dictatorship that’s in charge of that kinda lunacy…and I’m sure alot of people in America would agree with me and do the same..

          1. The key to everything is moderation.

            To strike a balance between the two extremes.

            On one extreme, you have Afghanistan. Hacking off kiddies’ hands for thieving.

            On the other (almost) extreme, you have the USA which sentences a murderer to death… But takes them 18 years to send them to the chair/ chamber.

            On the absolute extreme. You have the UK, which will sentence a murderer to 10 years. But with good behaviour and an informant’s deal… He would only serve 5.

  3. Pi?as means pineapples, pineapples is slang for grenades..that’s what these “fuck heads” were hired to do drive around and throw grenades out the Windows of their SUVs a lot of innocent bystanders get hurt and killed that way, its a stupid fucking tactic which the zetas are famous for and also seem to enjoy using these “fuck heads” probably have already killed some innocent people or would have eventually killed some if they hadn’t been caught and were still on the streets, their job was literally to drive around and throw fragmentation grenades at people and places and the guys that do this kinda work are usually the dumbest ones out of the whole organization even the child spotters on bicycles have more intelligence thans these headless bastards, its pretty obvious just listen to how speak..

      1. Yeah I’ve heard them they use the word verga religiously..verga means “cock” or “dick” could you imagine if drug dealers in other parts of the world went around saying the word “cock” or “dick” all the time they’d be perceived as a bunch of queer Puka FagAlotta loving fagmoes…yet Mexican dealers love to use the word verga, I’ll bet that in every narco video ever posted on the net the word “verga” can be heard

      1. I don’t know what that means…what does that mean? Is it hooker slang for cock as well? Or do hookers like shoving pineapples in their cunts, it are you talking about pi?as (grenades)? Is that what you mean by pineapples? Hookers love to shove grenades in their snatch?

    1. grenades sure do look like pineapples. thats how fuckin’ cool mexican slang is 🙂 than again if u.s. troops start to call grenades ‘pinas’ fuck those white bastards. guess their are also hispanics in the u.s. armed forces. i am so conflicted.

    1. You think that’s awesome??? Then check out the video of some poor would-be drug-dealer getting beheaded with a chainsaw while his buddy receives the same treatment with a knife. Now that’s sickeningly awesome.

          1. @teamglokk

            there’s a social gore network similiar to facebook with the same engine i am a member and rarely use it you need an invitation to join because they are just testing the site before anyone else can join there’s plenty of chicks there i won’t post any links though because Mark would get pissed i think

          2. DAMN YOU!!! i Hate facebook…everyone is so freakin prissy…i posted something about BG on there and 95% were like: WTF are you into…Haha!! love everyone Here!!

  4. The first guy done was like…dude…what’s taking you bastards so long. Second guy was like hells yeah I did it! Ugh gross it’s leaking all over meh -drops the head-. Third guy is like holy fuck… -takes a couple second break- this fuckers head won’t come off.
    I know it’s wrong of me and all but I was laughing my ass off during this whole process.

    1. In no way is laughter wrong when watching gore vids. Everyone responds differently to different forms of stimuli and your response is laughing. (mine too) I wonder where the blooper reels are? I’d love to see them, maybe training the new guys in how not to cut off a head. That would be a riot!

  5. I’m thinking….. shouldn’t the US be sending in the fucking cavalry to deal with these SOB’s (not Students Of Bestgore) once and for all, or are they waiting till the violence spirals completely out of control and starts spilling over the US border…. I don’t know, what do you guys think??? :/

      1. I don’t think it’s so much the U.S doesn’t care. It’s all the diplomacy and private bullshit that we’re afraid to get our feet wet in someone else’s swamp, if it makes sense. I really do wish Mexico could come away from this. My grandmother’s from Chihuahua, and I spent summer weekends in Nuevo Progreso (2004). It was so nice, and a great place. Before all the violence. Sad.

        1. Tell me about it! my dad is a federal police, before all this violence started I had no worries but now, he calls me at least once every month telling me they got involved in a shootout. I hope I dont get to see his death here

          1. I hope your dad is okay, that’s a tough job to have. Kudos to a strong man protecting our borders.
            Who was from McAllen?I lived in Harlingen. We left the Valley for Ohio, as my mom got a better job at the time. I still have family there.

        2. Hmmm, damn political red-tape, it’s the only thing that impedes real progress. If there weren’t so much political red-tape to begin with then maybe this mess would’ve been solved long ago. I don’t know, but I guess both the cartels and the mexican government may be benefiting from this whole ordeal.

      2. For any person hired by the border patrol, anywhere in the US, MUST spend two years at the mexican border, we care, thats why Osama, I’m mean Obama sold guns to the cartels, YEP we care.

    1. It has already spilled over the border into the US, Southern Texas in particular. It’s fucking sad that we have to put up signs warning the inhabitants of southern Texas towns to beware of stray bullets while walking around their own yards.

    2. alot of it has already spilled over to the U.S., not just into Laredo Texas but some article that I read in the Houston Chronicle a few months ago. The C.I.A.. D.E.A. is on top of it. How about those D.E.A. agents being killed my narco traffickers not to long ago? To much money to be made. Search Youtube. C.I.A. is still involved in this drug game. You are talking about making billions of dollars, or hell a few hundred millions of dollars, and the kicker 🙂 its all cash. Americas agencies corrupt. How about Afghanistan, U.S. troops guarding poppy fields! Heroin, and the spike in OxyContin and other ‘legal’ drugs in the U.S. America has been doing this forever.

        1. No, I’ve seen enough blood in my life, even been shot at, and beaten close to death a few times, so you can fuckoff now, you dont know shit about me fuckstick, but scared sure, fear only controls you if you let it.

          1. Ya, I think he really thought I was that sick, Funny thing is, IF I was that fucked up to chew someones head off, He”d probably be my next target, crazy people DON’T like being insulted.

          1. When I first started to see zetas being marked this way with the giant Z I’m their stomachs or the “Zorro mark” I thought it was the zetas marking their enemies since the zetas love to mark shit with Zs, they even marked the whole side of a mountain by a town with a giant Z to show it was under their control…but its pretty obvious by now its their enemies that are the ones who enjoy marking their captured zetas with the mark of zorro on their stomach, the only explanation of this that I’ve heard is that zetas live by the letter Z and deserve to die by the

  6. I don’t get this at all how 5 armed guys get kidnapped,if i had 4 guys with me with ak’s or w/e guns they were using ill be damn if i let them capture me cause i know what would be my fate,instead i would go with bullets either me or them but never let them capture me alive,i know some of the US soldiers who were fighting in vietnam were keeping 1 extra bullt in the pocket just in case if they were about to get captured they would commit suicide

    1. awh my heart went out to the dude without a machete…..he kept reaching out to his friend to borrow his saying “jeez pal gimme a go of yours…his head is off already” and his friend saying “fuck off dude its mine…your’re the dumbass who forgot to bring your own blade,bet you feel stupid standing there with a gun to his head” hahahaha

      1. *Chuckle*

        I feel his pain. Many a time I forgot to bring my pellet gun when me and my mates would play ‘War’.

        I would be attached to a mate’s hip constantly bloody nagging “Can I have a go now?”.

        Bless him!

          1. Thats it!

            Then after about an hour of pestering. I would storm off and go crying to mummy.

            It still happens from time to time. When my little cousins won’t gimme a go on the nerf guns…

            I am still a big kid inside.

            Ah, do you remember that 90s show ‘Catchphrase’ with Roy Walker?

            This brings back memories. I am watching it on ‘Challenge’ now.

          2. *Laughs*

            If only it was still on… If only…

            I am hot shit at that kind of stuff if I don’t mind myself saying it.

            I could win a fair amount of money doing it.

            You noticed that on shows these days. The prize money is often a pile of wank?

            Like you might only win ?500 on ‘the Weakest Link’ for example. Or fuck all on ‘Goldenballs’ (it was recently cancelled I think).

            Back in the day you could win prizes tallying up to like ?8,000 on ‘Catchphrase’.

          3. I can do brilliant accents…

            Is it just Geordie English that makes you ‘tingle’?

            I am a bit of a chimera. Some people have differing opinions. But most sensible people have established I have no accent. So I sound a bit ‘BBCish’.

            So just keep in mind I can do a brilliant Geordie accent…

            What accents can you do?

          4. Ah.

            I can do a passable Geordie accent. My Russian accent is pathetic.

            I am best at Glaswegian, West Belfast, East Belfast, L’Derry, Coleraine, Brummy, Bury, Cockney, Kiwi, South African and Received Pronunciation (The Queens).

            I’m a tad bit crap at other accents.

            The Manx accent was lost long ago. But today it is a kind of mix of Mancunian, Scouse and a splash of East Belfast.

            @Glenn… Nah, I have never had the pleasure of @Razor’s company. But as she has mentioned before. She is less than an hour away from me if she wants to kick the shit out of me.

            I will post a DP of myself in a couple of months.

          5. WTF! A couple months Tom, WHY, did you get your ass in another fight, or did you eat a bad puss and now there’s weird shit growing on your mouth, perhaps your growing a beard, I bet it’s the bad pussy? hehehehe 😉

          6. *Chuckle*

            Yeah, that is it Glenn. I ate a nasty pussy… Got me a nasty yeast infection that currently makes my Inge look like a mouldy piece of Cheshire cheese…


            Truth be told. I don’t know when I would get round to it. You see I am going for a job that demands a relatively high level of security clearance. Even though my name was revealed on YT a while ago. I think it might just be OK still.

            I don’t want to risk anything ya know?

          7. @tom…your name is one thig yes because they can search for your name..a photo is a different story…..they cant search for something they dont know exists……if you know what i mean…..you can use any photo of yourself

          8. Hey @Pam, @Glenn.

            I will power up the old Laptop and have a route through the few I have tomorrow.

            Most of mine look like bloody mugshots.

            A real serious look on my face. Others were taken with shitty low res camera phones.

            Anyway, I will quit dealing in the excuses. I will check tomorrow.

          9. Glenn…

            We have the same bone structure on the face.

            We are about the same height and weight. Our personalities are pretty similar as well. By the sounds of our discussions.

            We must be twins!

            I will be taking some sexy photos later. Should post one later.

  7. 1:30 at first i thought that guy still alive was talking shit to the killers, than it sounds like hes trying to get on their good side, but i think thats him talking. ” i told those guys to prepare ” or some shit, like dont get caught ect. it would of been better had he hurled some insults, but than..a much worser fate might of come to him. like bats, or dick and balls knifed off (see other videos)

  8. How about El Chapo Guzmans son or whoever that was being captured by the Mexican Military and than being released because apparently they had nabbed the wrong person? El Chapo Guzman is one powerful dude. People in these videos doing the killings are probably Mexican Military/Government.

  9. Mark, how about the U.N. saying nothing about this ‘war’ in Mexico? 55,000 thousand plus people killed in Mexico, and are most of these supposed to be involved in the big drug trade? Its a weird situation!! God shall judge all these motherfuckers, and the Americans, and their DEAs’ and …JUSTICE IS coming!!

      1. i hate to preach but i will anyways..considering my state of mind(budweiser) but i used to have some great understanding. if peoplel CHOOSE to believe in God or not(btw there are so many “Gods” even within Christianity with all of its DIFFERENT Denominations, but the Bible states that Satan is the “god of this world” , God Almighty Himself daily is also governing, actively participates with ALL of this earths governments!! Gods Kingdomn, which btw most people cant understand, but Gods Government/Kingdom God has actual ‘diplomatic’ ties with ALL of the nations of this earth!!

      2. and Gods holy Angels daily are walking on the land of this earth helping people by Gods direction since his holy Angels already know Gods ways! I cant explain enough how God himself is actively involved DAY BY DAY on earths affairs with his holy angels! it is a beautiful thing. If not for God the entire human race I imagine would of been wiped out already by Satan, the King of this Earth! and also that is why when Christ returns he will dethrone this great Satan!! and ect. But ..us puny humans, and mighty angels even are learning a mighty lesson. ALL that have DIED will be in the resurrection of Jesus and be given another chance though!

        1. If your god is so fantastic, what allowed “lucifers” mind to turn toward selfishness in the first place?
          If he saw all this coming, and allowed it to all happen, then “god’ is even more fucked up then I thought.

          1. I’m staying away from is one.

            I remember the last time their was a theological debate…

            The end result was a lot of sore ‘fingertip- mouths’ and aching Brains.

          2. God created all the angels with their own minds. to choose. God taught each of them his ways, the ways that create peace. Lucifer! God created as a perfect being, perfect. For some reason this Lucifer thought it better to help himself, or try to strive harder to become greater than all, or he became envious of God. All angels know, have greater minds than you and I btw. To go back to your earlier question, God chose not to know what the angels or even you and I will do. Even US we still have a choice here on earth, human leaders, presidents still have a choice to choose peace, or do the right thing. I’ll go back, God created the angels, eternal spirit beings! to posses the universe, but they first had to qualify, soon after maybe millions of years Lucifer along with other angels he turned(that became angels) wanted to take over everything by force. That didnt work. So God created flesh and blood humans to qualify to become children in Gods family. Angels are immortal spirit beings, and some turned into demons that followed this ancient Lucifer. So now those future flesh and blood humans will get a chance to become immortal and posses the entire universe, and create life throughout the universe, on the countless planets.

          3. God takes it one step at a time, planning as he goes. He cant see what is going to happen. Of course, an important point, is that when God created the Angels he knew that there was a possibility that something bad could go wrong. There is always that possibility and God knew that. Gods true church though. I have to close on this. Read about the “Inquisitions”, the Catholic Church murdering Christians? Read into that. Burning thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people alive in the past? Its all recorded. Who were they massacering? And GRANTED this is going abit off topic. Martyrs, and it seems this history has been erased although people can easily look it up. This world is fucked up. Christian denominations, all different, each worshiping a different god by the fact that they are all seperated and have different practices. If you understand that God is not divided? People make up their own god, to their own liking. Can God act this way for this denomination, and have these doctrines for the Mormons? and a different set of principles for the Catholics, and a different set of policy for the Protestants and ect ect. So there are many gods on earth 🙂 The end.

  10. Just one correction, “transitos” are not “passers” . In mexican slang a “transito” is a transit cop, but due to their wages are so low, most of them work as snitches and spies. Cartel’s bosses hate them because of the uniform: they can interrogate, spy and pull over sicarios to collect good information. They cannot kill them fast or easy, the uniform and the badge are their shield. So the big bosses decided to send losers and novice sicarios to throw some grenades.

    1. I’m not so sure, we already had tons of mexican policemen beheaded, dismembered, etc here on BG, it seems that mexican police is so crooked and working directly for the cartels that rival narcos started targetting them as if they were plain sicarios. In fact, for those who remember that memorable video of the “prosecutor sister getting baseball-batted”, i googled it sometime ago and it turned out that at least one of the “batters” was an active duty federal police, and the procurator said that the background of the interrogation video looked like a Chihuahua state jail she knew well because she had it restored and painted two months before….

          1. I think he was saying he loves Tulio, and how HE wants to blow him, and french kiss him with his own seamen in their mouths.

    1. nice question beargio2. from the looks of it, the Sinaloa Cartel is. I imagine the Sinaloa Cartel is even bigger than the Mexican government, oh wait! The Mexican government and the Sinaloa Cartel are probably one and the same! hahaha

  11. Can you imagine being that guy in the middle and watching everyone get killed next to you..

    P.S. I seen you guys talking abiout doing different accents..I got the southern/Texas accent down pretty good..well its just how i talk lol

    1. Well randy their are diffrent accents in Texas as well the one everyone Is most familiar with and is most prevalent in movies and shows is the north Texas area accent basically how all the rich white people in Dallas sound like

  12. You’re right, but as any organization, the “transito” is at the bottom of the ladder. They are at the same level with burger flippers. vermins when they’re hired by your rival. Most of the bosses buy them as cattle, so you can control the information of big part of your “territory”. So if you want to cut the flow of information, go for the transitos. Of curse, don’t know if the beheading losers are telling the truth, because throwing grenades to burger flippers with uniform is not enough to cut your head, i think

  13. I want to start a new fund called:
    “Los Carteles Mexicanos Necesitan Camaras de alta Definicion”
    This will help provide us with much more entertaining and enjoyable video footage of their escapades into the World of Human Suffering and Death.

  14. After seeing these beheadings I wonder what world we are living in..beheading is the worst way to die..for god sake if any of the drug cartel members or Allahu Snackbar guys a reading please shoot your victims..just think if you are sitting instead of that guy with your hand tied behind it will scare the shit out of you..

    1. obviously, or put that gun to your head and pull the trigger and blow your brains out. i like to think outside the box though, Mexico probably has a good fair of ‘intelligence’ agencies, getting help from the U.S. and what not. what you do is make friends with these people involved in the drug trade, and set up a meeting, have a mole in this fuckin’ group. my guess is alot of these people in the videos are taken in unarmed, and than that is when they are fucked!

    1. Nice try, but what if they would just tackle and hold you down, hang you upside down, and cut off your balls and dick BEFORE beheading ? You must know what i’m talking about if you’re a constant BestGore follower. These guys were way luckier than the poor bastard in that video.

  15. I wonder what they do when they get finished here? Are they like well Jose I’ll see ya tomorrow..Eeee I don’t think so I gotta take little julio to soccer so I wont be home till later..Or do they never turn off? Like constantly switched onto killer/drugkingpin/butcher/ mode?

  16. LOS ZETAS should have sticked to ex-military mercs, the only thing they seem to be achieving by mass-recruiting losers and 14 years old faggots as cannon fodder is generating an incredible amount of gore material picturing Z-marked assholes getting mass-butchered in the most gruesome ways imaginable…..gorians, on the other hand, are most surely rejoiced…

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