77 Year Old Woman Hit by Train in Bulgaria

77 Year Old Woman Hit by Train in Bulgaria

77 year old woman got hit by a train on Thursday, March 15, 2012 in Grivitsa, near Pleven, Bulgaria. It’s not clear whether it was an accident or a suicide.

This is all the info I have on the unfortunate event. The impact decapitated the woman, battered her severed head and totally mangled her body. If there is any such thing as total annihilation, this is basically it. And as if getting this mangled wasn’t bad enough, it looks as though this poor woman’s 77 year old boob got exposed in the process for everyone to see. Horrible tragedy, but a pretty solid boob for a 77 year old, no?

Photos by Yuriy Konov. Many thanks to my Bulgarian gore connection Veselushko for another set of amazing pics from Bulgaria. You won’t see those posted anywhere else except after they are stolen from here.

Hope you enjoy our brief intermission. I was aiming for a very remote lake about 200km from nearest settlement and 40 km from nearest passing road, but could not get to it. As soon as I got off the road, the amount of snow made the trail impassable. I only started and was waist deep in snow. Not only was moving through so much white stuff extremely laborious, it also quickly left me drenched which is no fun when it’s -18 Degrees Celsius outside and a snow blizzard is closing in on you.

There was no way I could make it all the way to the lake so instead I set up an auxiliary camp about 1km off the road. Time passes by very slowly when you’re all alone with no usual means of entertainment available, but I have a project I’m focusing most of my energy on (it involves a lot of digging through permafrost laced with endless maze of tree roots) so I don’t have time to feel bored or lonesome.

I was gonna ice fish in the lake for food and boil its water to drink, but without it I was cut off both. Lots of snow around seemed like decent enough source of water, but it’s ridiculous how little water a bucket full of snow melts into – nevermind the fact that it takes forever to melt it, even with fire going which, by the way is a major bitch to get started and keep burning. There is no dry wood in snow covered forest.

All things considered, I made a decision to hitch a ride back to the settlement to get a bit of food and some water to take back to the wilderness with me. And since they have internet here, I took advantage of it to post some new pics. Winter sure makes wilderness survival challenging. I will need months in a sauna just to stop shivering after returning but I totally recommend everyone to take a break from humanity. Perhaps don’t go ape shit like me, facing off the harshest of seasons in the harshest of environments, but do it to realize what I just did – that it take people to make people feel lonely. Rip them off a chance to make you feel isolated and you’re on the winning end of things. Woohoo for wilderness. See you in a few more days, though I’m still thawing my nuts in this warm room.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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158 thoughts on “77 Year Old Woman Hit by Train in Bulgaria”

      1. Maybe she was single all her life and not a MILF at all. Might have been tired of not getting laid all her life and figured this was the only way she could get fu*ked. HURRAY FOR THE OLD BAG!!! 😛

        1. You have a point. She could be Virgin all her life and no man/woman to fondle, suck, squeeze her tits during sex or have droopy sagging tits because of giving birth and breastfeeding. Maybe there’s an exemption to every rule you know. Maybe you are Obnoxious bitch is one of them MILF’s with perfect mountains.

  1. Great to hear from ya Mark. I’ts really cool that in the middle of your trip, as soon as you can get online,ya think of us here and give us a new post. I think I can speak for all the regulars, that we were goin’ thru withdrawls, I was startin’ to get the shakes lol. Now, to the pics, those are some nice graphic hd shots, I like the one with the head flap,looks like when a guys toupee flaps in the wind! Now I gotta go look at the rest of them.brb.

    1. these pictures are amazing. Almost artistic..in the most macabre kind of way.

      i feel lost without Marks regular daily updates.. I find myself searching liveleak for severely injured people to oogle..
      That and rewatching all the beheading vids.. haha, oh chainsaw time..

    1. Um, actually, every one (including myself) should die in a new and exciting way. Preferably on film and uploaded to Best Gore so we always have fresh fapping material. We here at Best Gore are not heartless or indifferent to the suffering of others. We each have our own reasons for being here some of us are curious about death destruction (and sexual disasters). Some of us come here to see people having a really bad day so we don’t feel so bad about our own and if we make sarcastic or non-politically correct comments it’s potentially just our way of blowing off steam after a long day of living by other people’s rules. This site can be a form of therapy for us and Mark is our therapist. This site is the ultimate freedom for us because no one can tell us what is right or wrong and if it seems like I am trying to speak for others here I am not. I am just speaking my opinion based on observations made while on this site. If anyone disagrees with me or wants to add anything pleases reply. There are only 2 instances in this world where we are all truly equal 1. In death, and 2. In the comment/reply box on the greatest gore site on this or any other planet Best Gore. (Sorry it’s so long folks, it’s been a weird day for me)

      1. @estep- Right on!! About one of your comments: no one can tell us what is right or wrong.

        There sure are a lot of people that try though. They should read Marks post in “U MAD BRO”. Maybe when Mark gets back from living like Grizzly Adams, he will boot a fair amount of these people 😛

      2. Imo you are spot on estep. Much of the reason I come here is to deal with the sight of death. I admit there is a morbid fascination on my part, but that’s coincidental. I also come here to see that my life is going well in comparison to the victims on this site.

          1. I enjoy ultra-humanizing myself.

            People usally refere to numbing yourself to the shock of reality something else, but to REALLY understand what we (I/Us by proxy)
            I’m/We’re better off for it.

            It sure does help my hate, too.
            I seem to feed it like a forrest fire, with not a lot of reason.

  2. What winter? It’s fuckin March already. Canada is not the antarctic. Man up. Best Gore is not about being a pussy. As for the old bitch above the train did her a favor and put her out of her old age misery and gave us Gore. Win win all around. The blood is dripping from my fangs.

      1. let me tell you something. old age REALLY SUCKS. i’m 48 and death has tried to claim me many times. let me list the ways of my experience. home invasion, cocaine overdoses, drowning, 2x muggings while driving a taxi at night, time [4yrs] in the military, diabetes, heart disease and a really fucked up car accident in 2003 that left me barely able to walk. i’ve been “lucky” so far but nobody beats the REAPER for long. he is waiting and he is patient at this point i would welcome his touch just to get out of the chronic pain i’m living in from the last accident. old=sucky life without health. just speaking for myself of course.

          1. Suicide rat man…… pleeeease.

            And don’t you dare use Nembutal, we wanna see stuff, shotgun in mouth maybe. Or you could flash your well known mousy cock at a female train driver.

            I nearly forgot, don’t forget to press record before said act or we will hunt you down in the after-life.

          2. i’m not complaining, i’m just saying. most of the bullshit has been my own fault and stupidity. the accidents, overdoses, muggings and diseases, who ya gonna blame? my fault. the other things not so much. point is, you are in your 20’s so it’s all good. in my 20’s i was a fucking Greek God. then you get older and the worm turns. everthing gets twisted. death gets impatient and starts throwing every thing at you in order to get you a la final destination shit. many have it a lot worse than me. so i’m jus sayin. i’ve had good times. medications? only a steady flow of morphine will tame this beast and not only is morphine hard to get i’m also not turning into a fucking junkie in my final years. i just deal with it. mind over matter, you know.

          3. oh, i forget to add that jerking off distracts my mind from the pain if only for a few seconds of orgasm when i bust and go skeet, skeet, skeet all over the place. what sucks is cleaning the computer screen after i shut down the internet porn.

          4. That made me feel pretty depressed, Mouse. I guess you’re not alone though; as many have said, we’re all here for our own reasons. And it’s damn hard having the shitty choice of pain or being hooked on painkillers. I’ve been there too. MJ is worth trying though, like lascerated said. It did wonders for one of my family members with chronic pain in the past.

        1. Have you tried smoking pot? I mean considering there’s coke ODs on your list a lil weed might help with the chronic pain..
          i have no intentions of getting old. Life’s hard enough without the aches and pains of age, wouldn’t want to deal with it.
          On the other hand, my evil-bitch-gandmother was the happiest she’d ever been after her second stroke.. she thought the sun was always out and that she had all kinds of friends.
          In reality, she lived in england, it was foggy and raining and her friends hadnt been alive for 30 years.. but she was happy, lol.

          1. Seems like senility can become the best part of waking up.
            Isn’t it interesting that, no matter what we do/attempt to do in life, good or bad, most of us would trade it in for whatever is behind door no. 2.

            Weird cycle, the more (I) learned about reality, the less I wanted anything to do with it.
            Time moved on, making yet another contradiction in (my) life.
            Not wanting to be around, but also, still being around.
            No matter what life has showed me, I haven’t seen anything so far that give me any desire to be old and “hang in there”

            Many people I have seen try like hell, get it in the ass with no spit when the dust settled.

            This place is horrid, and, ironically enough, Many of us (I) have educated ourselves to the horrors of what all, really is.
            Can’t unlearn this shit, and it sours the ability to view things any different that what we (I) have come to understand, once blinders were thrown away.

            What can be done at that point? (rhetorical, obviously)

            For Us (Me), just continue to deal untill the trudgin’ time is done.

            Wish that time had come and gone, 15 years ago. Wouldn’t have cared anyway in hind sight.

            Life sorta seems like my rambling books I post, it’s really hard to grasp the point, because there usually isn’t one there.

        2. Listen ta this one mouse, I was 34 yrs old(45 now), I go to the hospital for abdominal pains that I had been having for three days,like a butcher knife being stuck under my belly button and twisted over and over. So they give me an m r i ,come in my room, tell me I have diverticulitus with an abcess that broke and if they don’t do emergency surgery i’d be dead in a couple of hours.So they do the surgery, I wake up and I have an intestine sewn to the outside of my stomach with a shitbag hangin’ there that I had to walk around with for four friggin’ months, talk about hell. My trade is auto glass and I had to go back to work,on the road, with that goddamn thing.If I had to live with it for the rest of my life, ya could be damn sure ya woulda seen me posted here cause I definatly woulda killed myself! …..Now, you say you were robbed drivin’ a cab in jersey,I m gonna guess it was in newark,lol.( I lived in passaic for awhile), well I hope you guys enjoyed my shitty story!

          1. No, if you are using/dealing coke there will always be people that want that coke or the $$ made from it, without paying, therefore the ‘home invasion’?

    1. I’m on methadone and its done wonders for my life I’m no longer shooting up or having to worry about scoring or getting sick, some might argue its still the same thing…that I’m trading one addiction for another and all I have to say is fuck you its legal and it helps and you obviously never done heroin and felt sick and you don’t understand what its like to be hooked and i mean really really hooked so hooked rehab is nothing more than wasted time till you can score again, its a sickness I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy…well then again I probably wish it on my worst enemy

      1. Either way rat I feel you brother, addictions a bitch brought on by a hard kinda living, and its probably one of the deepest and ugliest scars one can have, and we all know scars are for life…especially those kind

        1. i have to answer some things here. @lunatic, that is a horrible story. i would not want to walk around with one of those bags on the side. it’s a pain in the ass really. thx everyone for the advice. i’m sure weed would help me out but new jersey is not california. weed is still illegal here and at my age i’m not getting caught between the drug dealer and the police. neither side gives a fuck about you. i’m not getting busted and put thru the criminal justice system for buying a dime bag. i went thru a lot of mystery and intrigue in the coke days just trying to score. fucking drug dealers are the lowest but they deal with the lowest trying to score from them. the cab robberies happened in jersey city, n.j.. both times it was fucking JUNKIES trying to rob me so THEY could score. both times they got shit from me cause i wouldn’t give it up. remember children, a TRUE RAT WILL fight when cornered and it turned into life/death situation. they got away but i KEPT my shit those nights. of that i’m proud. thx you guys in goreland.

      2. When you work down to a low enough dose to get off the done, you should try Clonidine (non-opiate) for a week or two. It can work wonders for getting you off it for good with no sickness. Congrats so far though. That’s a big improvement.

        1. Are those the same as colanapins? I would go buy xanax and valiums in Mexico and pop those whenever id get dope sick they would help a lot with anxiety and help me sleep good, they worked great but sometimes they’d be out of xan bars and valiums so I’d get colanapins they were way cheaper but no where near as good as the other two. Ive heard Ibogaine works wonders for withdrawls and opiate addiction in general I also hear it can be dangerous and makes you trip out hard but is way worth it, im really intrested in trying that once I’m ready to get off the Mdone but its gunna be a while, right now I’m at 120mg of Mdone which is a lot but it helps so I dont mind it plus I get the best sleep ever from it 🙂 that’s the one good thing about Mdone…the sleep. But thanx I really am trying to stay clean now, at first I wasn’t…but I’m good now and that’s how I wanna be, drug free yep that’s me 🙂

          1. All my life I’ve had bad luck 🙁 .
            You get used to it after awhile 🙂 . Wish I could help you out HLAM but I need what I get 😛 .

            @bidity – When I broke my ankle, I thought it was just a sprain so, I tried to walk on it (walk off a sprain I heard) but it just crunched…oops 😛

          2. @RottenStench – This shit has happened to me all my life so I take it like it’s just another day 🙂 . The 1 thing that gets me down is my ex-whore stopped me from seeing my daughter and has turned her against me. Been in court for a year now and nobody seems to care what I have to say. I hate the legal system so fuck’n bad!!

            But…I just keep smiling 🙂

          3. Well, Clonidine sounds like Klonopin but it helps a lot more. It’s not a benzo, it’s a blood pressure medication that surprisingly also really helps withdrawal symptoms from opiates, alcohol and nicotine. I had to take it when my dr. weaned me off pain meds because I would get a super high fever when I tried to stop the painkillers. It got rid of all symptoms and it was extremely cheap, too. Good luck!

          4. @Suicide King maybe for the best, its too easy to ‘stuff up’ and ‘double-dose’ with take-aways, anyway I hope the pharmacist & the women who work in your chemist are nice to you.

        2. I have had about 30 surgeries in my 46 years. Had my first 1 when I was 11. I have a bone disease and the doc had to break my left leg to straighten it out. When they took the cast off, he could swing my leg from side-to-side because he forgot to tighten the ligaments around the knee. I ended up missing a whole year of school 😛 . Then, due to a lot of stupid shit we all do, i’ve had broken bones, crushed fingers, busted skull and 3rd degree burns (on my ars). In 2002, I had pulminary embolisms in my right lung. Spent 5 weeks in the hospital and they ended up having to go through my back and taking out 2 quarts of gelatinized fluid and removing part of the lung. Took me about a year to recuperate. Prior to that, I had my left leg amputated below the knee due to a bad ankle fracture. I broke it in 1991 and had surgery every year on it until 1999. That’s when I decided to have them cut it off because I couldn’t deal with the pain and I didn’t want to be on that much narcotics. After the amputaion my back got real bad. My whole lumbar spine is deteriorated and there’s nothing they can do about it. So, I’m on pain meds anyways 🙁 . Oh…and my right knee is totally shot but they don’t really want to replace it because I already have 1 amputation. They say that if something goes wrong…I will end up with 2 prosthetics and I probably wouldn’t like that to much. My Dr. is talkiing to other colleagues to see what else can be done. Hopefully something because I spend most of my time sitting or laying because I hurt so much. It seems like any kind of activity fuks me up for a few days so, I avoid activity if I can. It sucks because I used to be really active when I was younger. The last job I had was in 1994 as an electrician. Now I feel like a useless waste of space just waiting for my # to be called.

          Anyways….there are people worse off than me so, who am I to complain. I just like perusing this site.

          1. i think you got me beat in the miser department dude. My hat,s off to you. Can I have some of your pain meds? I imagine they’re pretty strong and I don’t have insurance. Heh, heh-

          2. You see this is what happens when mark leaves us all alone for a week, while he’s out pretending to be some sort of Jeramiah Johnson/Ted Kaczynski/Eskimo, here we are gore less and talking about how shitty our lives have been…its only a matter of time before we start doing group therapy posts and talk about our “feelings”

          3. I’m so sick of taking pain meds. They make me slow and stupid. Cause of pain is a ruptured disk in my neck, the one above it doesn’t look so good, either. There there is the stenosis and bone spurs in my lower back. Last Wednesday I went to have a small procedure on my thumb,(trigger thumb) and reacted to the antibiotic that would have been fatal if I hadn’t already been in the hospital. We’re talking instant, violent reaction here. Death has tried to snatch me up many times, once I almost made it but decided to come back, I was given a choice but that is a different story. I’m lucky to live with the sweetheart, my son lives with us. If he weren’t here I would have to live with my mom, too. None of my problems were caused by drug abuse. Weed is my choice of buzz, sometimes I’ll drink some wine. All of my back problems came from spousal abuse.

          4. (@Stubyone)
            Great name by the way, with the back story and all….
            Anyway, wow, I have NO FUCKING CLUE how you havn’t killed yourself.
            There is some sort of threshold of bullshit that one can generaly deal with and, YOU seem to have passed that up about 20 FUCKING YEARS AGO.

            I hate most things, including life and being a human fucking being, and there is nothing wrong with me (physicaly that is)

            Many times I have been told to appricate what I have because people who are in rough situations (i.e. staggering health issues like Yourself, H.L.A.M. and everyone else who isn’t doin’ so well)
            I don’t need a fucked up body to
            REALLY want to see what’s behind door # 2, but this isn’t about Me.
            It’s about You, being one strong willed motherfucker, and being recognized for it, even if by an ungreatful bastard like me.

          5. Tiger I go daily and I get a Sunday take out on Saturday cause closed Sundays after a year of staying clean they allow you more take outs you can show up once a week and eventually once a month I’ve been in the program for about a year and a half

          6. @Suicide King I replied under the wrong reply button! Its in the middle, further to the top but I said I hope your pharmacist is nice to you, also its prob for the best (dosing in chemist everyday) cos its too easy to ‘double dose’ with take aways!

    1. I looked that story.
      No, one cares about a stupid dead teen anymore, its all about the individual.

      Stupid kid, those trains are incrediblely fast.

      Sad that the parents have to deal with their son’s suicide/ misjudge of the train speed and his distance and time to cross the tracks.

    1. I’m going to edit your post like you’ve done some of mine. 🙂

      It doesn’t matter if she planned to be infront of that BIG JOHNSON or not. You BEND OVER infront of a BIG JOHNSON, thats fucking BEST GORE!

      1. Lol to commit train suicide, she must’ve had a Bad Romance in her life at some point. Maybe she should’ve picked up a Telephone and called a help hot line. Maybe if she had played the LoveGame when she was younger, she wouldn’t have lost her Hair being scalped by a train. But at least now she has Paparazzi to entertain us here at Gore.

        I am certain You and I enjoyed these macabre photos, are we sick in the head? Curious? Hell, I’d say we were just Born This Way..


        Okay, I’m done. Lol

          1. God Damn it Gaga…hey if your into gore then your cool with us…but your music still sucks, make a death metal album and maybe…just maybe it could be tolerable

    1. Well we can’t hater her for being a weird freak, that would only mean we’d be hating our selfs, and I think her and HLAM would hit it off real good for some strange reason, maybe because he was famous once too, stars dating stars type of thing, we can even give them their own blended tabloid name “Hung Like a Gaga” or “Lady Mouse”

    1. What?
      Why would you say that?
      Have you been here before Jesus with your eyes open?
      I would say that, most EVERY SINGLE other way death has occured would suck more than this.
      Her brain flew out of her head, at that point, pain is pretty much a non-issue, wouldn’t you say?

    1. I’m looking into purchasing a bulgarian AK-47 when I find the right one (kit build more than likely) I name my guns, I’ll be sure to name it DOOM after a fellow “goreling” as lacerated call us, shit now I’m even thinking of naming a peice of shit automatic ruger 22. after HLAM since he spits so much loud shit outta his mouth

      1. You called it Tiger….her and 450 lbs. of meat stacked 2′ high.

        Maybe she was getting nailed before having a “train” pulled on them both!

        Actually, her having sex is more nasty than the pile of hamburgerized old bitch with exposed boobie.

        For her (him/it)….could ask you…

        Hey, do you got a bandaid?
        because I’m CUT (quick buff arm pose)

        Hey, did you hear I almost went to jail the other day…..I went to court and I brought MY GUNS (quick buff arm pose)

        Hey, did You bring your tickets? (what tickets?) Your tickets, TO THE GUN SHOW (quick buff arm pose)

        you get the picture, say no more say no more

  3. no room to reply upstairs so here goes down here. @tiger, the home invasion happened when i was 13. the od’s happened in my 20’s and 30’s. didn’t learn my lesson the first few times. i never dealt the stuff. i was strictly a user. no more. the stuff really is poison.

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