13 thoughts on “Scalp Hanging Loose like 77 Year Old Pussy Lips”

  1. i say suicide. cus it dont look like a train station so she couldnt of fallen onto the tracks. there is nothing in the background so the only reason to be near the tracks really is to commit suicide.

  2. What are some useful ways that this thing could be used around the house…like a cookie jar, or a flower pot, or a dog food bowl (that would be pretty cool actually)…..everyone, help me out here (if you want)

        1. Oh I know! You can dress up as a zombie for Halloween, and this could be your trick-or-treat bag…or dress up as whatever and still use it as a candy bag. lol Or it could even be a decorative candy bowl, just put it right in the middle of your coffee table filled with candy for visitors!

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