Alleged Rapist Stabbed a Hundred Times, Beheaded and Mutilated

Alleged Rapist Stabbed a Hundred Times, Beheaded and Mutilated

Alleged Rapist Stabbed a Hundred Times, Beheaded and Mutilated

An alleged rapist was lynched, stabbed over a hundred times, beheaded and had his genitals mutilated. Before beheading, the lynch mob also cut his ears off. As it goes in Brazil, whether the victim was really a rapist or just someone falsely accused him of rape is anyone’s guess. If he was falsely accused, he wouldn’t be the first and certainly the last person brutalized by a crazed mob with something to prove.

Considering the level of savagery the attackers demonstrated while killing him, even if the victim really was a rapist, I don’t see how the mob doesn’t deserve the same type of fate for mutilating the man this badly. Stabbing someone to death is one thing, but stabbing them so many times that there is not one inch on their body without a stab wound – that’s way over the top. To also behead them, cut off their ears and genitals is certainly not the type of behavior you would expect from someone who shouldn’t be a prime candidate for a lifetime behind bars.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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86 thoughts on “Alleged Rapist Stabbed a Hundred Times, Beheaded and Mutilated”

  1. I’ve always thought the dick should be cut off FIRST and then stuffed in the person’s mouth while they’re being decapitated. It gives them something to bite down on. They need to start getting the order right.

        1. That would be a pleasure, but in fact there’s nothing interesting to be translated, except they repeat, at 0:40, that “the same happened to the other”, what we can suppose that wasn’t the first time this happened.

  2. Many of the BG peeps that know me, know where I stand on vigilante street justice. If this guy is guilty- which I just have a hunch that he actually was- then I think he got what he deserved! From the looks of his body and the total overall brutality of it, I’d saythat whatever he did, it must’ve been way the fuck up there in severity! We don’t usually see beheadings in these cases..

        1. @tundra- seriously, fine if you think I’m ugly- that’s totally your right and whatnot, but do you always have to side bust in?! I ask you every time-are you beauty/ugly patrol?! I sure would love to see your gorgeous face! 😉

      1. Bestgore isn’t Christian mingle, black people meet, etc. -.-

        Now to get on your comment, Juicy, my personal opinion on these alleged rape victims, lynching and such I believe they should be left alone until there is solid proof of the the crime.

        These are opinions, not saying yours is wrong.:P

        1. unlike the othere guy who was lynched in the street for being acused of raping young girl who got a ass beating he’ll never forget “sadly he WAS INNCONECT ” the accuser just said it to be funny…. this guy deserved it. nothing like prison justice if you go and you raped a young child or young person , I would like to say the boys in the cell get good work done with thoses scum bags

    1. Even though i agree with the deserved part i think getting his ears cut off is pretty unreasonable for someone who raped someone 😀
      I do get the genital mutilation though …
      Anyways i agree with the others, you’re pretty 🙂
      May i ask how old you are? It’s kinda hard to guess and i allways wondered ^^

  3. I am all for justice but sometimes its better just to shoot the guy. Even if he is a rapist, I feel the “people” that did this to him are no better I would even say worst then him.

    1. I don’t understand. You are taking the view that yes he did rape somebody then expressing sympathy.
      Let him stick his cock up your ass next time? Then turn around and shake his hand and say thankyou.

    2. There is a certain level of respect garnered in prison based on the crime you’ve committed. Rapists, baby killers, and pedophiles are viewed as cowards because these kind of victims are all defenseless. Its like how society views a man hitting a woman as cowardly.

      1. Penile root tissue, nerves, blood vessels and subcutaneous fat. It’s not that much when you slice them off but they can bleed out very quickly as the penis is supplied by the dorsal penile artery with cavernousus and corpus branches, and the scrotum by the posterior scrotal arteries which derive from the interior pudendal artery.

        It’s obviously, well supplied by nerve endings, so emasculation will be a motivation to empty you lungs in a very high pich scream.

    1. Unfortunately, much the same as if some murderous fucktard did the same to you, except you would have exposed clitoral nerves and maybe some remnants of your labia majora; see my post below.

      I do not, however, wish this very unpleasant fate on you or your family, or friends.

      BestGore members may wish to reference death by a thousand cuts.

  4. All I’m saying is that maybe everyone would think differently if they were the rape victim or the rape victim’s family member. Obviously, a lot of people act upon anger, I surely do sometimes and say some things I don’t mean.

    1. But we cant live in a jungle,there has to be some kind of rules. Even death penalty,i always look into 2 sides of the story,if someone raped lets say my mother,i probably would like for him to get the death penalty.But what if was my brother that raped someone,he is still my brother.Luckaly where im from there is no death penalty and maximum jail sentences are 25 years and hardly anyone ever does that lol

    1. Though I don’t understand Portugese, it also seems to me that this shit happened in jail. I don’t think that civilians can cause so much harm to the victim, pure prison justice – jail definitely. Thanks.

      In Russian jails, rapists usually get only one punishment – sodomizing and being prison bitch for the rest of their term. They can also be killed (or forced to kill themselves, especially pedos), but not so often.

    2. Yeah, rape, pedophilia, infanticide, and incest are the worst/most taboo crimes in society’s eyes. Any prisoner who is found/known to have committed any of these crimes becomes an instant target .

  5. No sympathy here. The rage the crowd showed this piece of shit was well deserved.. doubt he stole a candy bar. So what crime could enrage a crowd like that? . I could live to be a million yrs old n will never understand how one human can think they have a right to violate, Murder or molest another human
    being. Selfish-horny pricks! Well now he can have eternal him..for him…nirvana…

  6. We’ve seen multiple cases of what Brazilian men do.. murder and rape the women there as if they mean nothing. I think justice like this serves them well. Scare all the little rapist so they don’t do this again or they will get this special treatment. Maybe if America was more like this they wouldn’t have such a problem. Or any other country to be exact.

  7. theres a chance the first part of this video is on here, starts off with two victims, 20+ guys, half of them either watching or not paying much attention, guy in red shirt gets his ears cut off, second guy has penis cut off, theres a glimpse of a guard wearing a military uniform and a flak vest, doesnt really seem much of a prison yard from the low bearing wall tho. i could be wrong but this does look like part of the same video.

  8. Whats funny is that in most rural areas like this,and even others not so rural,its common for little girls to have sex with older man,so they are all basicly pedophiles,yet every now and then they all gather up and beat one to death

  9. do this in America or Canada and you’ll spend the rest of your life behind bars. do this in brazil with some of your friends and neighbours and you go to the local pub, play with your dog, kiss your mum, hold your children….like nothing even happened.

  10. Possibly a pedo rapist. The raping of women in South America is unfortunately ‘business as usual’, this kind of death is obviously meant for more than your average rapist. If it was in a prison perhaps he was already convicted. Either way, it is a brutal animalistic murder that leaves me in despair for mankind. Whatever he did, if he must die, he could have been dealt a more humane death , his death will never reverse any of the damage he did in life. Its just fighting ugliness with worse ugliness in my opinion . I bet these hypocrites who killed him get down on their knees and pray to Jesus, one of the most well known pacifists in human history, asking for forgiveness when they can’t even give it. The evil in mankind should be exposed and we should have to face the reality of it instead of listening to the Disney-fication of the news we’re spoon fed. Well, I’m about to start soapboxing so I’ll stop while I’m ahead (and still have one).

    1. Nope. Your master still makes rapists and pedos and theyd still do it even if this was the punishment which in prison it usually ends up being. Maybe not to this extent in north american prisons but still a brutal end shanked up or sodomized the rest of your life lol

    1. No one “instigates” rape. Either someone consents to having sex with someone or they don’t, there’s no halfway. Rape is an act of control over another human being, it’s not sexual frustration gone overboard. The idea that you’re actually suggesting that not only could a woman bring rape down upon herself, but be PUNISHED for doing so, is absolutely ludicrous. What reality do you live in?!

  11. I’ve always been so sensetive to horror and gore… I’m using this site to fix that. Its working! Maybe I can actually watch scary movies with my husband someday! Thanks BG!

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