Antique Photos of Executions by Decapitation in China

Antique Photos of Executions by Decapitation in China

This post expands on a previous Best Gore post which also contains ancient photos of executions by beheading in China. Two of the pictures I don’t think are from China, but they are of the same type of execution by decapitation and from the same time period so I’m leaving them with the rest.

As you can see, these pictures actually grace the pages of somebody’s family photo album at home. Nothing says family get together like a sitdown around the cake adorned table and browse through album of pictures containing antique gore from China.

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19 thoughts on “Antique Photos of Executions by Decapitation in China”

    1. Yeah, but it must suck ass waiting your turn in line while watching the other people before you get decapitated and then just waiting and knowing pretty soon you wont have a head anymore. I don’t know about you, but I feel really attached to my head.

  1. Interesting… there are pictures around of some other weird old Chinese execution methods. One of them is called “slicing” I believe. They literally cut the person into pieces while he was alive. Brutal shit.

    Ty for sharing Mark =]

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