Atrocities of FSA Rebels in Syria – Compilation of Beheadings and Executions

Atrocities of FSA Rebels in Syria - Compilation of Beheadings and Executions

Made by Syrian Tube, this 34 minutes long video is a compilation of atrocities committed by the FSA on the people of Syria during their two years of aggression and ethnic cleansing. The compilation shows a number of beheadings and executions and is an overall testimony to the destruction the presence of Jews and Arabs funded mercenaries leave behind in Syria.

Much of what is shown in the compilation has already been individually featured on Best Gore, but it’s always nice to have it all put together in one piece. It is incredibly saddening that the likes of Kenyan or David Cameron continue with their ridiculous anti Assad rhetoric based on fabricated claims to redirect more of the western taxpayers’ money to these jihadists. At this point it’s only Arabs, Jews and their pawns, regardless of where in the world they live, who still bleat in support of the Fake Syrian Army. Sad that there’s not a hint of humanity in any of them.

Props to Best Gore member DerSteppenwolf for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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87 thoughts on “Atrocities of FSA Rebels in Syria – Compilation of Beheadings and Executions”

      1. Yes i agree , once again the most incompetent group of fucking idiots i have ever seen , gutless dumm fucks , couldnt work his gun , couldnt open the trunk to a car , two more cases of how do u work this gun , cant aim , couldnt hit the broad side of a mountain , cant film for shit my god , if a country is going to hire a bunch of dudes to do a job you think they would at least find competent fucking people with comon sense for fuck sakes !!!!!

          1. Stepp, you’re the mann. Just wish we could have seen the action in between… and gotta love the lone survivor in the spider hole. My kingdom for a spider hole lol

  1. Wow nice compilation . When the guys head pops at 26:53 fav part. One thing though some of these muther fucking executioners are sloppy as hell and don’t even wait for the other guys to get outta the fucking way when they start shooting. I would love to see another compilation where these stupid executioner fucks shot each other by accident. That would be fun.

  2. The problem with countries like Syria and Iran is that they are not, or were not, infiltrated by the Zionist money men, they are still very much independent countries.

    They have shown that they will do business with the Zionists but only at a distance and for mutually beneficial reasons such as the purchase of weapons and technology.

    The Zionists however do not like the idea of equality or mutual gain, they fucking despise it, they see themselves as superior beings and that is why we all have smoke screen democracies and two tier global trade programs such as the free markets of Europe that is only free for the corporations and not the little people.

    It makes sense then that the Zionists would want to take control of these countries in order to take what they want without the needed stress of negotiation, the only problem is that the moderate Muslims in charge of these countries do not give the Zionists any reason to invade, they know how the game works and they behave themselves, they realise that the Zionists have to pretend that democracy exists and have to pretend that they are not warlords and dictators and are instead men of peace and civility in order to keep their dispossessed sheep population in check.

    The Zionists have stopped waiting to the Muslims countries slip up and instead have decided to create civil unrest and destabilise these countries in order to get the extremists in charge because the extremists are animals and will most defiantly slip up and in doing so give the Zionists a reason to invade.

    The above is blatantly obvious to most of us and is laughable that I would even need to repeat it but a large majority of the public actually believe their own government and would call me a mad man, a conspiracy theorist and a tin foil hat wearer for speaking like this despite any and all evidence I could show them as proof, they are unflinching in their brand loyalty, a bit like those who would purchase an XBox One despite the Playstation 4 being a better gaming console, on paper anyway.

    You would think that with all the spying on us that our governments do and all the warmongering and all the taxing, the mass immigration and all the other horrible, terrible fucking things that our own governments do to us that the public would stop believing and backing them but no they don’t, I guess that is why they are called sheep..

    1. The problem here is that who ever goes against the government mysteriously dies. People just go along mainly because this government will get what it wants one way or another. It doesnt care about its people, they will kill civilians and blame it on others to get an excuse to bully, overpower and control them. Even the presidents are afraid and go along, Kennedy tried to make a difference and serve the people and what happened to him? The government killed em.

  3. Damn that video was brutal, and very long haha but it’s crazy how that country does things, they couldn’t handle the us, I’m telling you we need to just take over already, but then best gore wouldn’t be good if these dicks didn’t exist 🙂

  4. Who else noticed the laptop that sand monkey was using to read from at 27:23? These terrorists sure are moving up in the world aren’t they…. also that head pop and brain splatter at 26:56 was just epic

  5. This is some good shit right here. Aladeen must adopt these methods for immediate execution in Wadiya, New Jersey. there has been some dissent in the kingdom as of late and it must be CRUSHED! thx for the tutorial. I shall bestow an Arab blessing upon thee. “may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits and crotch regions.” now go forth and jihad my children. in the name of the most high. Aladeen of Wadiya!

  6. Propy proped props Steppenwolf, did you made this compilation by you own?

    After 25 months of the invasion of Syria by foreign terrorists, I´d like to recap the facts about this conflict.

    First of all, why is Syria so vehemently attacked?

    There are many countries involved here, like USA, Turkey, Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the EU and others from all over the world, which for instance seek the control over the major gas fields in eastern Syria and the Mediterranean Sea, or the installation of a transit route for pipelines. The most important reasons for the USA and its self obtruted master Israel is the decapition of the last ally of Iran in this region as the last obstacle towards a war with the Islamic Republic, the removal of the only russian military base Tartus in the Mediterranean area and the assimilation of Syria into the western financial system. Turkey, although under the rule of NATO, plays with Erdogan a double game, in harbouring fighters at his south border, who has also aspirations to become the new Sultan and a warmonger in staging false flag attacks on his southern neighbour and to distract the public from the crippled economic system. The last reason meets incidentally also the west. Beside that, there are the western backed jihadist tools, which seek the implementation of the sharia law in this secular country.

    Some see Bashar al Assad as a saint, who fights against the evil forces from abroad, and initially it seems like this, if you compare him to the terrorists. Nevertheless he is a dictator and has no democratic legitimation or experience, although widely supported by the public during this harsh times. The reforms and the elections only happened because of the pressure from ouside.
    His father Hafiz al Assad commited 1982 a horrible atrocity by supressing an uprising and killing 20.000 people in Hama, although the involvement of foreign intelligence back then is disputable, it is a direct indicator of the art of the government. It is also one of many reasons for the current situation, because it started initially among Syrian citizens and was later misused by terrorist elements.
    Since 2001 Assad allowed the installation of CIA torture prisons in his country, to keep the big dog USA from devouring him. This reign was saturated by oppression, corruption and mismanagement.
    Even now, he is rather interested in keeping his power, than heading for real reforms. This is so far understandable, because of all the rats that infest the country, which would destroy any progress at the outset.
    One positive trait of this system has to be mentioned, namely that Syria represents a secular country, in which all faiths have a stable possibility to express themselves, like a muslim who married a christian woman without being prosecuted by any means. Now this great achievement is being destroyed bit by bit.

    Since the conflict began, the UN has estimated, that over 70.000 people died, but the Human Rights Organisation from London corrects that number up to 160.000, which is also approved by Syrian officers. 4 million people are expelled and the people who remained, are disjointed and in fear of the murderers and of one another.

    At the latest since the CIA spring in northern Africa, hence in muslim countries, professional mercenaries have a high season and now they are pouring into Syria, proved by found passports of the dead fighters from Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Chechnia, Turkey and even France or the UK. There are combatants from about 37 countries involved, most of them western intelligence assets. Ice cold killers, death worshippers, masked in religion, one dumber than the other and high as fuck.

    Now the proxy war is in stall and at decisive crossroads, because of the inept mercenaries which are chased bit by bit out of the Syrian territory by the SA, but leaving a torched infrastructure. The economy of the EU and USA is on its sure downfall and Russia and China constitute a bigger opposition that was expected.

    All in all the requirements for a major conflict are set.

    1. @Coochie Queef

      Hi Coochie Queef, I liked your summary and it presented the facts well but I noticed a contradiction,

      “The most important reasons for the USA and its self obtruted master Israel is the decapition of the last ally of Iran in this region as the last obstacle towards a war with the Islamic Republic”

      “Some see Bashar al Assad as a saint, who fights against the evil forces from abroad, and initially it seems like this, if you compare him to the terrorists. Nevertheless he is a dictator and has no democratic legitimation or experience”

      The contradiction is that our western governments have no democratic legitimation or experience either. If we conclude that our own governments are setting up proxy wars just to have an end war with the Islamic Republic then they are doing it without the publics consultation and/or input which means that the democratic process for which supposedly governs their actions is in fact a false system and that would mean that they act for themselves and not for the people which would make them dictators.

      Once we establish that all governments are dictatorships then we have to conclude that the Assad government is a better dictatorship than our own because the Assad government is not invading other peoples countries for self gain.

      The end result is that if our governments are dictatorships then all those who support our governments must be terrorists for they support the actions that bring “terror” to other people and their countries.

      When you cut through all the smoke and mirrors and magic mantras the truth is that the rich corporations and bank owners run the world and the little people are consumed by the system, a ghost in the machine if you will..

      1. If I understood you right, then you assumed that I tought our governments and the forces behind were acting as democracies vs dictators. Of course they dont, they just publicly announce their righteous position in a hypocritical manner.

        My point was more the strategic agenda of the US towards Irans ressources and the assimilation into the global financial system as well as the encircling of Russia and the maritime domination of China. Iran is just a stepstone, not the endwar, but it could end up like this, this country is not a desert pipsqueak like Libya.

        I agree with you, that our theatre democracies are much worse then Assads system, at the very least when the complete fusion of corporations and government shows their true demonic fascist face in the process of social-economic demise.
        The result of that is often war and destruction, upon the real masters then present the solution for the problem, which they constructed by themselves.

        In this case it could be the solution of a world government, although the internationalist are already acting as one. The banks and capitalism will be blamed for the cataclysm and a new socialism will appear, in which the people have less rights and freedom than in the UdSSR and China. A living, invulnerable nightmare of a dictatorship.

        1. but Russia and China have the armies and manpower to actually stop these fuckers, right? i didn’t think Russia and China were ZOG-whipped as badly as the US and UK…
          and with Communism you wouldn’t have ridiculously overpaid celebrities, like Beiber and Kardashians…everyone would be equal…i’m not supporting it, just playing Devil’s advocate. 😛

          1. I´m with you, except for the communism, I´ve experienced that shit on my own. We would be all equal in pain and poverty. Ye ye 😉
            You know, its not firstly about military and war, but about the people and the elites in the respective hemispheres, it could also turn out, that the ruling scum from China, Russia and the West flock together against us.
            I´ve heard several times from politicans from Europe, that the Chinese system amazed them and that it should be the future for the world.
            So the military option would be only a way to scare the shit out of us, and to destroy our lives. But in fact the self proclaimed aristocrats are working together in the highest, secret circles. We are waste, they are gods.

          2. @CQ, yeah communism only works in theory and not in practice. I DON’T support that shit.
            we are just a means to an end, then.
            the nameless, faceless Powers That Be are playing the longest, most elaborate game of chess ever. and I suppose the we working classes along with the Sheep are the pawns.

    1. @Another brazilian
      Trust me these terrorists are not muslims. Real muslims are not making obscurity around people nor do they do war without a reason. These FSA fucks knows really well that if they kill innocents in all human matter, they surely will see hell after they die.

        1. How do you know theyre real muslims? If they believe killing innocent people is halal, then they cant be muslim. In Islam if you contradict it, you are not Muslim anymore and have to re-enter again if you want to repent and be forgiven.

  7. I would like to point out that many of these atrocities are not committed by FSA but by extremists and other groups which are not related to them. Nevertheless its a shame these “people” are doing such things. It clearly shows that Islam and Allah can make monsters from people and it is completely wrong in all forms. I hope it will diminish some day under the democratic countries which will be teaching these “people” humanity.

    1. but that would also kill hundreds of thousands of innocent children. plus the implications of possible nuclear winter.
      No, Nuclear war is not the way to go. I think maybe nerve toxins? something you can focus solely on an enemy with as little damage to civilians and environment as possible…

  8. Bashar needs to crush these fake ass religious fucks, before misguided countries like mine send “game changing” weapons to the terrorists and make things more difficult for the real Syrian Army!! These fuckers are sick, and need to be put down. Fuck friends of Syria, their more like friends of terrorists!!

  9. My ideal day would be to acquire an iron man suit and arrive just as these delusional pussies are about to kill some poor fucker and go to town on them. Beat them to death with my iron cock. But seriously, these guys deserve the worst death possible. One adequate way would be to get a big gay westerner to fuck one of them from behind while groaning “snackbar” in their ear, while another guy rubs his cock all over a cartoon of Mohammed. When thats done, take the guy to a surgeon and amputate his arms and legs, stitch him up and when he wakes up he can watch the gay guys use his amputated arms to jerk themselves off, again onto illustrations of Mohammed. That’d piss him off. Then strap him up with c4 and hand him back to his buddies, then it’s remote detonation time! It’s the utter contempt I have for these cowardly cunts that inspired me to think up such lavish treatments for them.

  10. I think I’m getting addicted to this shit! I thought there was something wrong with me but I’m relieve that I see many others like me that like to watch this kind of entertainment… Hahaha

  11. This is sad ..but the crazy part is that Arabs really don’t give a fuck , my boyfriend best friend is habibi that guy don’t give a fuck about nothing I be scared sometimes hanging out with him because he had knifes that Arabs cut heads off with and I don’t trust him coming to my boyfriend and I house …

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