Decapitated Child with Head in a Plastic Bag

Decapitated Child with Head in a Plastic Bag

I don’t know enough about this video to tell where it’s from, but I’m guessing Syria because that’s where shit like this happens nowadays. This is nowhere near the first and surely not the last child that was decapitated there. The only thing that makes this video different is that the Allahu Akbar choir kept the child’s severed head in a plastic bag. Very… unearthly. For lack of a better word.

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45 thoughts on “Decapitated Child with Head in a Plastic Bag

  1. What happened here was the kid was molested by a pedophile and there were seminal fluid in his mouth, the noob cop cut off the child’s head and bagged it as evidence. You know, the standard bullshit

  2. The head in the bag seems a wee bit small…
    I think they lost the head and used a cantaloupe instead.
    Someone give the man head please…

  3. Peace In The Valley Peace In The City
    Peace In Your Soul…
    …Peace…search for it in the koran…
    you won’t find..or will you?? well ..uh..practice what preach?

  4. omg, his poor family. i cant imagine what his mother goes thru, i hope they dont let her see the child like this. those who did this crime, should rot in hell. r.i.p

  5. i never got the point where its always option to say this over a dead body Allahu Akbar after looking it up and found out what it means i’m sure the hole fucking world knows that damn morons.

  6. Yes it’s in Syria, the guy filming said it’s in Aleppo, he added that the child is a girl and she lost he head because of a bomb.

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