Beheading of Two Shiite by Al Qaeda Faction Lashkar-e-Jhangvi in Pakistan

Beheading of Two Shiite by Al Qaeda Faction Lashkar-e-Jhangvi in Pakistan

Beheading of Two Shiite by Al Qaeda Faction Lashkar-e-Jhangvi in Pakistan

Two Shiite Muslim men were beheaded by Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, the Al Qaeda faction of Sunni Islamists from Pakistan. They are brethren of Sunni terrorists currently ethnic cleansing Syria, supported by Kenyan and his ilk.

Both men were beheaded relatively quickly – certainly compared to most beheadings (virtually all, except from this curbside beheading from Iraq). Although the second beheading was exceptionally fast. No sweat broken at all. The first Shia executed had his head sawed off from the back so the Sunni was forcing the knife into his spinal cord before supply of blood to the brain was thoroughly disrupted. Horrible.

The video was filmed in August of 2012:

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72 thoughts on “Beheading of Two Shiite by Al Qaeda Faction Lashkar-e-Jhangvi in Pakistan”

      1. That wasn’t all that impressive, and whats up with that pussy, he can cut off someones head but he can’t get it on his hands or the shoes he stole off his victim.

      2. i agree, those were quick beheadings, and i was also suprised to see that there was little blood, unlike euegene armstrong or that one video, i think its called “worst beheading ever, massive blood loss and horrific sounds”, those were fucking brutal, but this is quick and cannot even come close to other beheading videos (and that’s just my opinion).

    1. Shiia are the worst muslims, they deserve to get killed, belive me i know what im talkin bout, shiia muslims want to kill people just for stupid reasons, we kill em cose they want to kill us.

  1. Chainsaw please? Yet have of us are worried about our FB status and liking stupid as like if you respect him pictures while this shit goes on everyday around the world kids women everyone :( the second one was knife through butter for sure …

  2. Lol. The first guy’s head rolled off his body into the other guys junk. Most unfortunate.

    Is it me or beheading videos used to surface more often. Has it fallen out of fashion?

    1. Haha his final thoughts would have been to do with feeling the dudes head upagainst his dick.

      That 2nd one was by far the quickest beheading i’ve seen with a knife.

  3. If I were one of them, for sure the second dude made out on that outcome. I like the plastic bags, don’t fuck up those sandals. Now lets get some cartel beheadings, they’re the real bomb!

  4. According to some scientist’s, your brain is still active for about 10-15sec after à type of this beheading. And yes, these Allahuachbar creatures knowns how to do it. But I personally prefer the Mexicans work;)
    Btw, just 4days to live My freinds…

    1. The brain would be active for about 10seconds if the head was cut with a guillotine. Not like this, he was losing blood as he was being cut. If your brain looses cerebral pressure, consciousness would cease.

      1. Ok, Ill buy that.
        Hypothetic, our brains needs oxygen to be functional. If I was connected to a bypass/dialysmachine that give constant bloodsupply and oxygen to My head, would it be possible to have it removed from the body and it still be active?
        I know, pretty sick n dumb question..
        Just curios, I’m thinking of a specific mexican beheading, where they cut thru the throat and neck first and saved the bodyvein for last.

  5. You know you watched too much Sunday football when the flag in the background of a beheading video reminds you of your favorite team. In my case, the Buccaneers. It’s really weird when two vastly different interests cross paths…

  6. been waiting for a beheading video, cool. but they’re still using that same shitty-ass song!
    and if you’re so hardcore show me your faces. dont hide. it’s not like someone’s gonna recogonize you and have you arrested.
    “oh shit, that’s Habib! i caught him fucking my sheep last week!”

  7. These beheading videos are always the ones that creep me out. I can never get the courage to watch it with sound. Must of been so awkward for that guy to feel that other guys head on his dick. lol

    1. i take it cg artist means computer grahics artist? if so that is very cool my dear. i dont believe we’ve been formally introduce, i am the Obliterator, as in i obliterate the lies and sugar-coatings of this world, laying bare the cold hard reality of this life…welcome

      1. @cgartist18 hello there my name is *the misfit* I decided to call myself that because I was a loner in high school I was also ugly and was insecure of myself -.- I could of called myself the loner but it sounded depressing and I thought misfit would make me look tough and mysterious and junk ^_^ like Obliterator a am too a realist find these videos *beheadings* interesting to watch its amazing what religion does to people so welcome to the realistic world of bestgore ^(^o^)^ if you find this website hard to watch stick to abc news

        1. @misfit. Ha sounds exactly like me when I was in school. lol. This website is very entertaining and not boring like all the other ones. This website really shows the world for what it really is and doesn not hide anything.

      2. Well actually cg are my initials and artist well I just love to draw and a lot of people tell me I’m good so I’m kind of cocky about it lol. Nice to meet you and thank you. :)

  8. This would have been magnificent if this group was actually singing the music and dancing with style as they were cutting off their heads. And, then start dacing with the bodies like it was “Weekend at Bernies”.

    At first I thought the guy in the top image was holding his own head like Sleepy Hallow.

  9. The flipflops gave the second snackbarist super halal power! See how he got between the vertebrae instead of hacking at them with a Rambo knife?!? MaShaAllah-MechaHineyHo!

  10. The second guy was fast. Maybe 11 seconds. The first one started at the back of the neck where the disks are more protected. Fucking noob. Btw I saw a knife beheading in Iraq that was faster. If I recall it was around 6-8 seconds.

  11. Plastic bags? Why don’t they pick up some of those little plastic gloves at a fuel station that are intended to keep diesel off your fingers.

    The ultimate irony would, of course, have been for them to use a MRE wrapper.

  12. I’m still getting used to this site ! That second beheading was fast as shit though !! I can only imagine ! To be sitting there knowing you are about to die ! Fuck

  13. Well no matter how many beheading videos I see they will always be brutal in my mind, or maybe it’s cuz I haven’t been on bestgore in a month. Either case had to pause it a few times to watch it fully

  14. Person A: “Are you following me camera guy?”
    *holds up knife*
    “This isn’t my spoon!”
    *beheads first guy*
    Person B: “haha you didn’t do it with a spoon!”
    Person A: “SHUT UP”

  15. Well lets face it……the west is just loving this!
    Do these medieval monkeys not realise that killing each other is saving us the hassle and expense…….keep up the good work lads!!!

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