Beheading Executions In The Name of Allah (FULL VIDEO)

Beheading Executions In The Name of Allah

This is the full length video of beheading executions of two people in the middle of the street in the Middle East (multiple use of word “middle” not intentional) in the name of Allah. The video contains original news coverage in Arabic language. Fast forward to approximately 9.12 if you want to skip the news report and get straight down to beheadings. There are clips form the execution in the middle of the video too, but to see it in full, go to the end of the video as indicated above.

Unlike many other executions by beheading, these two decapitations did not take forever. It often seems as though the executioners were using butter knives to cut victims’ heads off. Beheading of Eugene Armstrong definitely seemed that way which only prolonged his suffering and death. While beheading are always an awful means of executions, at least the two people in this video had their heads cut off with proper, giant hunter knife.

The executioners cut the necks of the victims all around and finished the decapitation by axing though the spine with their knife detaching the head in a fairly fast time. Victims had their feet bound together so they couldn’t kick and their hands were tied behind their backs. Executioners laid them on their sides and cut into their throats. Blood immediately gushed out of their cut throats and poured down the street in a solid stream of thick, red color. The cameraman proudly chants “Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar“. It’s all in the name of Allah.

From viewers standpoint, it is easier to watch these beheading executions than lets say above mentioned beheading of Eugene Armstrong or beheading of last conscript in Dagestan. The reason is sound. Hearing Eugene Armstrong scream in agony or Russian boy hiss as he’s desperately trying to grasp for air makes these beheadings much more difficult to watch. That terrifying sound sticks in your brain for much longer than images. If you could not do Eugene Armstrong, you may find these ones easier to watch. They are ruthless and savage never the less. Lots of blood is discharged from cut throats. Be warned of an extremely graphic nature of this video. Even though these are more human than most other beheadings, they are still straight up merciless executions by decapitation.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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45 thoughts on “Beheading Executions In The Name of Allah (FULL VIDEO)”

  1. lmfao… sham on u guyz u just edited this video , if any 1 see all of it ull notec its 2 defer channels and the first vid was for haj and the secend was for some ppl beheading 2 peeps :@

  2. well this is what the world has come to. no point in feeling fear. thanks to video games and peoples addiction with violence, the next generation will be all a bunch of desensitized and heartless generation who see humans as nothing more than a game of how gruesome you can kill them and everyone will murder whoever they dont like because they will have no remorse. It’s ok though, one day we will be the end of ourselves and the animals will have peace without humans disrupting them

    1. lol at videogames always the scapegoat lol blame south park blames d&d blame manson oh god lololol…smh… i can think of about a dozen better reasons religion being one and the next gen is here and basing on the comments ive seen on here we are already at that desentitized point besides mario bros never made me want to columbine my high school 13 years ago and donkey kong never made me want to hack someones head off like a member of some either 1) sunni islamic militant group moreless a cult or 2) mexican drug cartel hit squad…. blame psychopathy blame rambo blame cults if your gonna blame halo n duke nukem videogames dont stop there blame ease of access to firearms sick twisted faces of death sites like this [cause no offense but hrs ontop of hrs of REAL murder torture n warfare prob has a much bigger impact then nintendo or angry birds on a tablet] blame govt n healthcare or rephrase lack thereof …and furthermore look @ worlds history pagans mass executions for sky dieties early christainity n mass drownings just among a small sample of our barbaric history of decadence n bloodlust half these drug cartels school shooters n islamic radicals seem fairly mild in comparison to someone roman emporer nero or caligula or empress bathe…all the way up to tge 40s and ss nazi regime and a.hitler/mr.moustache

  3. sik bastards how can u do summet like tht in the name of a god tht we dont even no exsists i not sayin there in a god but with shit like tht happenin one has to think n i agree with CAGE the world goin to shit!!!!!

  4. Those sick arab fucks id fucken personally slice their fucken necks open like animals real slow. then id fucken tear their head off. one day when i get my hands on those Muslim fucks…

  5. I would really just wiped out with the weapons of mass distructions all fucking islamic basters. Considering the fact that they are not civilized humans, no one would really suffer because of that. Fucking animals

  6. Sad thing is asif worse stuff than this hasnt happend in the past. or future. U think its gruesome and makes u angry watchin pple get beheaded…. what about earth quakes, bombs mass village executions in vietnam, they woulda been way worse thatn this poor 2 person death. I mean comon… u get angry adn say u want to behead muslims… the reason they do it is cos they so pissed off. The world is goin to shit though but never more than it has done in the past…. look at the crusades. people have been killing in the name of “god” for ages. my theroy is Religeon is bad, people get so into it that they are willing to die, or kill for it, wen its just a belief. I believe a certain brand of ciggarettes is better than another, are we gonna fight over it, are we gonna kill over it???? NO, although some dumbass would. Point is “Dont fucken kill people, mind ur own bussiness, dont get greedy and try and take from other people.”

  7. How many executions do u think have been done in the history of mankind. Im sure it be diff story if the muslims invade America… and tried to take your biggest exporting product away. Im sure if u seen someone helping the muslims build infastructure to help take over your country yourd want to cut someones head off too. Evil acts cause more evil. Its obviouse. Leave each other alone and there b no wars and death all the time . Id never herd of terroist until U americans sturred up the bee hive like fucken idiots. Probly was a set up anyway, i dont know waht to believe with all this 9/11 cover up crap, wouldnt supprise me to much if it was an inside job. fools

  8. so they have been given the right to kill in the name of god ? is it just me or do these beheading ‘fans’ got a hotline to creation or something ?

    knobheads. all of them.

  9. not to long ago in history this was an every day thing and england led the way henry the eight did it to his wives. Todays society doesnt see this anymore so we are shocked. If someone was to rape and brutally murder my daughter i would consider this a tame way for them to die i would want them to suffer even more, there are certain people in the world today filling are prisons being fed, kept warm, watching telly and so on paid for by taxpayers money that deserve this.

  10. ##6 ixe i am a muslim r u going to kill me i would rap u and ur family but ur hideing behide ur screen u littil fuck basterd fucker go cry to ur mommy bitch cuz if u r 18+ i wont be easy onu …fucker pls do u like ppl talking about ur religon …example ..ur jewish …ALL jewish people r fucking bitches i rapre evr jew or christine

  11. How about you learn how to spell before you start telling other people about acting like 18+, Bassam. Go back to school, grow up and then come back. In the meantime, shut the fuck up, idiot. I’d tell you the same thing if I were a Muslim, cause I’d be ashamed.

  12. The tounge part was totally creepy… Besides, it wasnt quick at all. I’ve seen a lot of gory shit in my life, including beheadings, and this one was not merciful!! The knife wasn’t too sharp, and those axe blows – man those had to hurt!

  13. Okay, I’m Muslim myself and I’m so glad I live in America. I was also born here and very proud. It’s really ignorant for people to think that we are all the same and we have the same mentality as those sick murderers in this video.

    On a lighter note, my mom thinks it’s unnecessary to wear burkas, etc. and when living in such a country with so much freedom and life, how could you avoid alcohol? One things for sure is, we do believe in Allah and abstinence in pig.

    Anyways, I’m 18 years old and what saddens me even more than the video above is the people making comments about other Muslims. May whatever God you believe in be with you or if you don’t at all, wish you the best.

  14. And we have to live with this on the planet.We should have been air droping concrete on these the whole past eight years.It would probaly have been cheaper too. Look a good strategic strike,their all together.Do it when there all standing around all grouped up wearing the same thing like they always do talking about how they want to kill us all the time. No one remembers scumbags short after their gone,unless ofcourse the media hammers it like they have no lives of their own. I liked giving chances at one point of my life too but these we have been talking to for over SIXTY years now,thats my life two times by now,I think enough chances.We will always have our lives picked off as long as we always leave enemys alive.Those scum hate America,I’m from America,so that means they hate me.I want to kill all of them just like they all want to kill me. Come on really,Russia wouldn’t rather have Americans living next to them,or why can’t we cooperate and kill all the brown people and split eveything down the middle.Every smart civilized country is white otherwise what a waste of good free resorses and land like all the brown nations are a waste.

  15. I am proud of being a white American no matter what it’s how life goes so live with it and love it,besides it’s the only place where you can work your way up from being homeless and become wealthy with earned money,trust me.I can’t believe we have to live here on this planet waiting for some stupid brown ass hole to randomly kill and rape white people(why)I just can not believe their aloud to walk around freely.White people are the origanal slaves look up the orgin of word slave.So eat your own race words turds.Back to you.

  16. Cage are you fucking stupid? games, are you serious, I think you live in the dark aswell, how long you think this kind of war has been waged? since the invention of Snes? oh no no wait! maybe it was FUCKING MONOPOLY! This Violence is because of religion, religion suck! and all the ones that are sick enough to kill because of religion have to be executed! And by the way man, humans wont dispear from this world before animals do, Nature had it chance several times in the past, Now It is kind of unstopable, to end human race you need a god damn big ass armagedon asteroid. bt that would kill almost all.

  17. Yo Bassum, I hope u’r reading this you dirty, stinking, filthy, towel headed muslim fuck. I seriously think we, (when I say we, I mean white man, not you) should systematically execute all muslim children, deport anyone with a beard or a burkha, then drop chemical bombs on the rest of you fucking animals that makes you all sterile. Then just sit around being pleased with ourselves as the last of your kind slowly dies out. I bet your sponging off some foreign government somewhere and not standing with your so called brothers,……… Fucking Pussy.

    Videos like this make me laugh, muslims killing muslims in the name of allah, some bullshit god that doesn’t exist, it just makes our troops jobs easier. HaaHaHaHaHaaaaaaaaa OOAaaaaaHaHaHaHaHaaa OOOhhhhh! Idiots

    I love the term “collateral Damage” it fucking cracks me up when one of your filthy hospitals or schools get blown up by a “stray” bomb. Your day’ll come. Right thats me vented, i’m gonna go and kick fuck into a muslim now.

  18. Seeing that many of them marching around during the Hajj, all packed in with nowhere to run, I think how awesome it would be to fly in with an ultralight aircraft and a flame thrower, how truly great would it be to set 100,000 or more of them on fire and watch them burn and scream and trample each other, that would be the best thing ever.

  19. Remember guys, these people think they’re doing the right thing. They think that by executing a human being, for a God, is the good thing to do. They think they’ll go to heaven. To Allah’s heaven which is probably a myth.

  20. so stupid to play judge and jury when so many are affected-the religion they protect and serve makes me sick and i wish they would stay away from me and my family,i would rather be electrocuted than to let them do that to me,screw the god they serve

  21. Ok, I think it is good to see the viewpoint of a guy that actually leaves in an Islamic world, Surrounded by Islams, Born of an Islamic parent, But doesn’t believe in Islam. I’ve read almost all of Quraan, I’ve spent some of my childhood in mosques. So I know enough about what is the real message of Islam, not the messages these people ( which I wouldn’t think are crazy, but given the circumstances, any of you would be the same, the are the victims of environment, history. Suffices to say that they are just unlucky people. Unlike us, they might not had the chances of a civilized lifestyle that we have. I am not trying to justify for their actions. But rather like any other animal in the world, humans adapt to the environment they are in, they try to find the best ways to live their lives, and that is , I think, how they have solved the problem of living in such unforgiving environment.

    Now, that being said, Islam does not give the right to kill another person for whatever religious beliefs they have,neither for any other reason. There are some exceptions though, you have the right to kill a person when a that person have killed someone else unrighteously.

    The bad thing is , there are some proverbs in Quraan that can be interpreted in the way that is desired, and given the case that these are words from God, and you are a Muslim , you might give yourself the right to do any thing extreme to the level of killing a fellow human being.

    So someone might become extreme and start to wash the minds of the next generation from child hood, and their is plenty chance for that. Most of these Islamic terrorist are born in places where life condition are horrible, and on the top of that, It is made worst by extremists. There are regions that compel women to cover their body from head to toe, If they don’t they might go as far as killing them to scare the rest of them into doing it.

    So, under such circumstances, a teenage lives, and he is preached that their is another life after this one, in fact it is much better than this one. they say if you obey the will of Allah, you will be awarded 97 women in your second life, and the extremists bend the will of Allah and say ” God says kill Americans”.

    Given the condition they live in , their illiteracy , their evolutionary desire for sex and women, they will be more than happy to kill themselves and have a better life.

    But of course, this is not the case for all Muslims, I said it is these conditions that creates these extremists. But there much more of the good Muslims than the bad ones. Most of Muslims today just are hooked up to it as a tradition. they have even lost their spiritual values. what they do is, they go to work just like the rest of us; they might even do what is obviously contrary to what Quraan say’s ( of course not intentionally), but they just do there prayers every day which is nothing more than repeating few words, they fest in the Ramadhan, and the continue the rest of day like all the rest of us.

    OK, enough of Muslims, now let us see the REALITY.
    Killing is in the nature of humans, It is in the nature of most animals. The Americans have killed and continue to kill to the end of times,The Arabs kill, The Britans kill, we all know that. they just differ in the technics they use to kill.

    Americans kill Iraqis because they won’t there oil. They killed by thousands in seconds in the Hiroshima and Nagasaki attack because they didn’t want to waste a single soul doing it their side to get the japanese to surrender. The have killed and will do it all their lives.

    I mean what is the difference between a bullet in the head or beheading? you end a human life in both cases regardless of the way it was brought about. In fact if you take the number of deaths as measure of how worse a killing can be, the atomic bomb is much much worse.

    Killing is of human nature, It was happening in the past, and will continue to happen, one way or another.

    Sorry for all the grammar , typing, and writing mistakes, I am obviously not a good English writer.

  22. guyz…i want to assure you that these bloody morons aren’t muslims..Islam is an arabic word,which means peace..and yea there is the law of beheading of those who kill some one.and you can the see the list of lowest crime rate countries list,in which Saudi-Arab is on top.,where as,in neggros any time come,and shot the public,ISLAM strictly prohibited the killing of humans..and there is a law of cutting hand of person ,who r theives,i think this is the best law..and *you can see from your eyes* tht people in saudi arab and in middle east don’t care abt their property to be stolen ,or robbries and all tht..cuz The True ISLAM LAW is applied there !! i hope you all guyz got your answer l

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