Beheaded Man with Eye Plucked Out Found in Amazonas, Brazil

Beheaded Man with Eye Plucked Out Found in Amazonas, Brazil

Headless corpse of a man identified as 28 year old Mauro Roberto Teles de Menezes was found in a brush on AtΓ­lio Andreazza in the city of Manaus, state of Amazonas, Brazil. Aside from having been beheaded, the victim also had his eye plucked out and one ear cut off.

As there was no blood at the scene, police suspect that the man was decapitated elsewhere and his corpse thrown into the brush. Even after death, the victim was still carrying his golden jewelry which rules out the possibility of a robbery assault.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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50 thoughts on “Beheaded Man with Eye Plucked Out Found in Amazonas, Brazil”

      1. I wouldn’t be so scared of having an ear sliced off. Yea it might look weird but you can still hear. if you ever fucked around with home made ear-piercing when you were a kid you know it’s nowhere near as painful as you think. But having your eyeball gouged out is a whole different story. Not only would it hurt like shit that seriously effects the quality of your life. If you ever had an eye injury where you where blind in one eye your realize how much it effects you. Yea they are going to kill him anyway but psychologically that’s going to be the deepest cut.

          1. To be fair, Brazil has the unfortunate displeasure of having a lot of African descended people in their Country, so their crime-rates/violence rates being so high is rather, well.. expected.

            Just like in America, the most violent places have a lot of Africans (Or Mestizos)

            Annd… Yup. Pretty much true for England, too. With Muslims/Africans (In London in particular).

  1. Cry me a fucking river, so he lost his ears, one eye and his head, boo fucking hoo, I’ve had worse, I once spent all night buying a lady drinks only to be turned down at the last minute, how’s that for a kick in the balls, put that in your pipe and smoke it Mr no ears, eye and head, complete and utter cock polisher, cunt, absolute cunt.

      1. He is isn’t he baked, the old my head, eye and ears seems to be missing trick doesn’t work on me, pull the other one you turd burglar, your not fooling anyone here, toss your load over that salad you gormless twat.

  2. #silenced. Your not wrong there. England is in serious shit. Unless people go to these Muslim areas they have no idea how bad it is. It’s spreading like cancer. I have just armed myself to protect my family it has got that bad where I live. When are the government gonna wake up and see what this religion is doing to our great nation.

    1. @rugbydan

      “When are the government gonna wake up and see what this religion is doing to our great nation.”

      They will never wake up because they sleep with dreams of gold and the lustre of self prominence, our governments are bought and paid for, the Muslims were brought in to destroy the indigenous population.

      All multiculturalism was created and brought in to destroy the working class, they, the bankers, the Zionists money men, want to enslave us all and to do this they must first weaken us, divide and conquer, once we are weakened they will step in to control.

      Only the workers view their country as great because they are educated to be that way, the rich view countries as assets to be exploited, only self gain matters to these monsters.

      Only when our greedy fucking companies stop recruiting cheap foreign labour and only when our women stop fucking these foreign, economic parasites will our strength of will grow once again.

      Can we work together instead of against each other is the question, strength comes from unity after all and we have been brainwashed to believe unity to be a dirty word.

      Can we defeat the poison that is modern state education, that is the question.

      1. Yup. It’s funny how ‘education’ has become a weapon against Whites, but that’s the truth of it.

        Maybe you go in a blank canvas. When you come out, you are more likely to be a hardcore, fully fledged, zealot Leftist, supporting race-mixing, massive immigration and all that other nonsense.

        They aren’t educated at all. Their brainwashed. No free-thinking, no maneuverability. Just zealot Leftism.

  3. #emptysoul. I respect and understand more in what you have said. I have only started to realise some of this in the last few years but I fear it’s too late as a nation to do anything. For all this shit to happen over here I am trying to understand the agenda the government have. Something is not right.

    1. Well, that’s the thing, Rudby. It’s not just England, is it? It’s every White Country there is that can be classified as ‘major’.

      USA (Whites will be a minority within 20 years, already they are minorities in some cities, and already in the age bracket of Age 5 White children will be a minority within a year)

      Canada (Two Provinces will hit White minority status by 2038 iirc, Ontario and British Columbia)

      France, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, etc. All being flooded with Muslim and African immigration.

      The only places that might be safe from it at this point, and only for awhile, are Eastern European Countries and even in those places like in Russia for example, the White demographic is dropping. Maybe some smaller Countries like Estonia.

      And who are the main people being brought over into our Countries en-masse? Muslims and Africans, the two most incompatible, hateful, violent and aggressive peoples there are.

      So yes there is an agenda.

      I was browsing a forum recently, it was a forum about the different races on the earth, where you post pictures of them.. something anthropology. This site is frequented by every race you can imagine that speaks English. Anyway, I was utterly shocked when I read some of the stuff from Kurds, Turks, Asians (Both West and East) etc. They are just like us. They hate race-mixing, they think it’s disgusting and will only lead to genocide. One comment that stood out to me was this, said by a Kurd:

      “Haha it must freak Europeans out, they used to be the ‘master race’, and now they race mix with Africans and 3rd world filth. Then you have us non-Europeans, or ‘brownies’ who don’t want to race mix. They must feel like “What? Look, we are doing it, so you must!”

      Paraphrasing of course, but that’s the jist of it, but it struck me as incredible. People aren’t blind to what is happening to Whites, most of them are incredulous we even allow it. They also bring up how if Whites stand up for other Whites, or against race-mixing, they are automatically deemed racist.

      This same Kurd said Islam was a threat to his people because Islam supports race-mixing. Not sure how true that is, I was under the impression Arabs treated Blacks rather contemptuously.

      And then there was the Sub-Saharan African, who stated he thinks race-mixing would be good for Sub-Saharan Africans (what a shocker).

      I used to think only Whites like myself realised it – but everyone does, and a lot of them are flabbergasted we’ve allowed it. I’m sure there are more than a few laughing and cheering our destruction on, no doubt.

      At the end of the day – we’re being silently replaced as an entire race and ethnic group. Our lands are being stripped from us, our identities have already been ripped from us, our cultures thrown down and burnt.

      And the ones who make this possible? The ones who support this the strongest?

      Our very own White Liberal Leftists. The greatest enemy we will ever face… is ourselves.

    2. It’s the same everywhere. Everyone is freaking out about the NSA right now, but if the American government is doing it, than most European governments are sure as hell doing the same damn thing. You can’t escape, and it’s disgusting. I’d say they’ve made us all pigs in a factory farm, but they’ve got it better.

  4. It was probably a plastic watch.Also they find the guy in the bush and then just bring him out onto the road?Looks like they threw him there like a sack of potatoes just so bystanders can take a look.

  5. The ‘Eyes and Ears’ of a rival gang…

    You want to spy for a rival gang, drug dealer, what ever… you loose what you use to do that spying… At least that is the message I get from this one. I’d say they got a little carried away with the ear hack… half the guy’s face is gone. My bet is the eye removal was just as brutal.

    Message received, loud and frigg’n clear…

  6. Getting beheaded is a shitty way to go, but at least he didn’t get anymore humiliated than that. Like some of the guys we’ve seen on here who got their junk chopped off, and shoved into their mouths.

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