Beheading and Summary Executions of Civilians by FSA Terrorists in Syria

Beheading and Summary Executions of Civilians by FSA Terrorists in Syria

Beheading and Summary Executions of Civilians by FSA Terrorists in Syria

I don’t suppose I have to tell you what happened after this video was filmed – the same group of mercenaries returned and filmed the corpses of civilians they had so brutally massacred, but this time with a rhetoric about how thugs of Bashar al Assad killed all those people. And then we’ll hear from our “elected” government representatives that we need to send more financial and military aid to the oppressed rebels who are “the voice of the Syrian people”. What a load of crap… They’ve killed Syrian people. They’ve taken away their voice. They’re not even from Syria. The only voice they echo is a fart of Zio.

In this video, a group of FSA terrorists summarily executes several captured civilians. The first one is beheaded but the beheading took a little too long (although nowhere near as long as in Mexico) so the rest of the captives were simply shot in the head with HP rifles. For good measure, one terrorist even stones corpses of slain men cause he wants extra brownie points with Allah. He’s in for a surprise when he finds out Allah does not exist.

What’s there to say – it’s a video showing the terrorists doing what they’ve done every single day over the past two years. Have you noticed how none of the Jewish media feeds us the bullshit about unarmed protesters being mercilessly killed by regime snipers anymore? They fed us that crap for months, lying straight to our faces all the while mercenaries were being supplied with tons on tons of weaponry and ammo. Once we got their lies nailed, Jewish media realized they could no longer pass it along so they stopped feeding us this lie and replaced it with another lie. From day one, all they’ve fed us were lies and they continue with the same lie until it is no longer sustainable, which is when they flip the disc over to put on a different fake song. Fucking Zionists!

I remember back then when I was the only one pointing out how heavily armed the terrorists were, busting the lie that they were unarmed and all the sheep descended upon me with death threats for having the audacity to say that. How about now you fucking demented sheep? But then again, I hear there still are retards who believe the story of foreign mercenaries being Syrian protesters rebelling against the evil government. LOL, fucking tools!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. shot the camera man also while your at it please obviously they don’t know how to flim … i want to watch gore not the ground

  1. Assad… Every time I think of that guy an ice cream parlor manager comes to mind. Or a gas station clerk from Oklahoma. That’s what he LOOKS like. With his mustache, and buzzcut. God damn… I mean, Allah damn…

    Also, as a White American, it doesn’t matter what the cause or reason is. In these videos, when I hear that style of music, and see a bunch of rabid Arabs killing each other, the whole splitting hairs thing comes to mind. Sand niggers acting crazy like they always do. ‘Nuff said. Who’s actually paying attention to the details with these animals, anyway? Not me… That’s for damn sure. I’m an honest person. 🙂

  2. Maybe we should just all start WW3. I have a perfect plan for it…the impetus that will shake the world order once again. All it needs are people from the Air Force brave enough to sacrifice their own lives. If this plan will succeed, all hell will break lose.

  3. If American or European people started protesting against their governments and armed themselves with guns/knifes/sticks, any weapon at all in fact, would their governments listen to them or stand down, as they are asking Al-Assad to do? Would they fuck!!

  4. You can find decent cameras on eBay for next to nothing these days. There is no excuse for the use of ancient cameras with the resolution of a damn Nintendo! What did they film this with? A Fisher Price My First Camera that they got at a yard sale for goat’s testicle?

    And, the noise that passes for music in that country is so atrocious that it makes garbage like Lil’ Wayne sound like a musical masterpiece!

  5. If I ever become a millionaire, I would gladly invest a large amount of my fortune to capturing a terrorist muzzie cunt.
    I would invest in the highest quality of cameras, and a cameraman who knows what they’re doing.
    Ohh the torture and beheading that would follow…
    I wanna know what these sick bearded pieces of shit are thinking when THEY are the ones with a knife being brutally jammed into their neck.
    I’ll fucking torture him for days, make him admit Allah and all of Islam is GOAT SHIT. Cut off his balls and stuff them in his mouth, cut the beard right off his chin even if half the face comes with it.
    For the very end I’m thinking tied to a plank and sent through a woodchipper feet first.

    Any donations?

  6. Lets say the Assad regime was legitimately corrupt (I don’t know anything pre Syria conflict) citizens were unhappy – fair enough. Now how much of the population favoured this uprising… Majority?? The Govt WOULD NOT kill protesters in front of a world spotlight, there would have to be a reasonable cause – This is either a war that started off with armed Syrian’s who was sick of it, or a plot from Al Qaeda/CIA as their next country to destabilise for their ultimate goal. I believe both stories just as I believe in nothing and a creator. I hate this sitting on the fence shit

    1. Clearly the situation came to a point of no return. Syria will never come to peace in 10 years..
      I feel sorry for the innocent people who got killed or pushed to leave their country and lands to live as refugees under the dictatorship of the surrounding countries.
      The fact is that AlAssad is as a dictator as other Arab presidents and kings.
      He would do anything to stay on his chair, and -for sure – among the rebellions are terrorists,

      I would think the solution is WW3..
      Plenty of stuff would be posted here though!

  7. I wonder what one of these stupid bearded fucking goat-pumpers would be thinking if it were them being knife-raped in the neck.
    I bet being beheaded is even scarier when you’ve personally done it to someone else before. Getting brutally fucked up while you have no chance to resist.
    Makes me wanna fuck up these terrorist scum soo bad.
    Make them admit Allah is shit and that they just kill and rape children for fun while I brutally dismember them alive.

    1. Hey, don’t rag on them too much for their beards. That’s the one cool thing about dune coons. Far too many Western men are afraid to rock a beard, so I’ll give these crazies some props for their facial hair.

          1. @mama, I didn’t understand what do you mean by a male muslim troll (even dunno what is a troll exactly anyway ), I’m just a white athea gay who loves black and arab cocks

          2. @mama, I’ve just checked what a troll is and i’m definitely not a troll, all what I say can be taken at first degree, which is even cooler for female readers

          3. @daja,
            wither your gay or not or whatever colour dick you like is no business of mine. You threw me off because you talk like a man and then you mention ‘having a pussy’.
            If you are what you say you are then I apologise for the accusation:)

  8. Well its fucked up, but FV’s are fucked up! I’m not even really phased anymore. This just made me think of that one song- “99 bottles of beer on the wall”.. I honestly can’t stand how they constantly yell “Allah Ackbar-snackbar- whatever the fuck they say” shit anymore though!!

  9. Aren’t syrians tired of beheadings?
    Yes, they are. That is why they started to execute their prisioners with a shot in the head.

    (this is an example of an “answer yourself post”)

  10. First, we have no way of knowing who is FSA and who is Syrian regular army. Second, even if it is FSA doing the killing, what does it matter? It isn’t as if either side agreed to abide by the Geneva conventions, so if they want to execute prisoners to instill fear in the other side and to minimize costs as it is expensive to keep detainees. Fuck it. The ends justify the means.

  11. First comment but have been on the site for a while.

    It’s going to be hard to really find the truth about who the FSA really are unless we are over there but just seeing what these people do to each other, seemingly in the name of Allah it has prompted me to join the Australian army. I know a lot of the people on here are anti western military intervention in the middle east but after seeing what happens in the real world I can’t sit back and go on working and going to the movies and shopping centres while people are being brutally murdered by criminals. I want to make a difference to innocent people who just want to live happily.

    Many of you will probably say that Americans have committed the most heinous of crimes against innocent people in Afghanistan and Iraq but I put it to you that those who are committing these crimes would only be in the position to do so because of the loosening of recruitment criteria. They are sociopaths who are now getting paid to basically run wild and do what they want without consequence.

    I’ve read a lot of different articles about the Iraqi and afghani people not wanting coalition forces in their country and they hate westerners and they don’t want them in their country. In Australia we have thousands and thousands of these people trying to get into our country seeking refuge every year so those arguments don’t make sense to me. I would rather make those people’s country safe and livable for them.

    I hope I’m not met with disfavour from all you guys about joining the army because my only reason for joining is to help and protect people from criminals.

    1. You don’t owe anyone an explanation for doing what you consider to be right. Like it or not, this world can be a harsh and evil place as this site demonstrates with no equivocations, so there will always be a need for soldiers. For some it’s a calling – For others it’s a stepping stone. No one can dispute the righteousness of slaughtering the types of lowlife maggots such as those shown in this video. In the interest of full disclosure, I’m a veteran…and no one can say anything that’ll make me doubt or regret my service.

  12. Haha – foreign mercs? How quickly people forget the UK press journalist temporarily kidnapped a few months ago in Syria by FSA fighters with ‘Brummie accents’. About 10 Megatons should sort them all out….

  13. Any of these comments aimed at me?

    At least I’m trying to do something about it. I don’t know what you think making jokes about brutal murder is doing to actually help the people that are in the videos. The dribble that some of you people put out there like ” where’s the HD” is embarrassing.

    1. Who says we want to help the people in the videos? I don’t think people sit around thinking “I want to save the world! How can I do that? Oh! I know! I’ll log on to and watch videos! That will surely get the job done!”

      By the way, maybe you don’t know how the world works, but there is no way to help the people in these videos as they are already dead! Unless, when you say “help” you mean buy caskets and headstones for them.

      1. 100 percent correct there.

        All your points are very fair. Another reason for me joining is that I want to ensure that the way of life in Australia is protected from the thousands of migrants we allow in each year.

        Last month an Iraqi man in Sydney beheaded his father in front of his 8 brothers and sisters and mother. Australians don’t do that to one another. I want to make sure the ones that are coming into Australia are truly refugees who are trying to escape tyranny and violence not bring it to another country.

    2. Im not to.sure there is anything that can be said to help the people in the videos. It doesn’t matter what is said. What’s done is done.

      Death has occured.

      Doesn’t seem like anything is aimed at you. Your man’s will be thrown into it if it is for you. 🙂

      Welcome to Best Gore! Enjoy!

  14. The US’ funds are for weapons only…they are warned not to use it on cameras or else more people around the world will see what the US and arab gulf states (biggest global terrorism financiers) are actually funding.

    Instead of funding these souless islamic savage barbarian terrorist fucking scum of the earth cowards and giving them weapons, we should just supply them with 1 weapon: a nuke over their fucking heads.

    Imagine a world without Islam, how many lives would be saved? Think about it you stupid fucking liberals….just think about it instead of learning about how terrible Christianity is to women and gays in your university social sciences class. Love how these liberal professors like to pick on the people that won’t fight back, but mention one thing about these savage barbarian muslims, and you’re a “racist bigot”…..the West is done. I’ve given up. Get ready for these pieces of shit to come to our backyard any day now

  15. I wish they would just cut to the chase with these 8 minute videos. The wait just makes me lose my head. I have to saw away at the seek bar just to find the action. All the camera shaking and talking makes me see red. At least these guys were sharp enough to have a trench nearby to dump the bodies when they finished.

  16. What’s the point? A bullet to the head is much more efficient, and it doesn’t taint the executioner as much. They’re barbaric and need to be killed. Screaming Allahu’akbar as though Allah endorses the slaughter of innocent civilians.

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