Beheading Video from Iraq

Beheading Video from Iraq

Beheading Video from Iraq

I saw this beheading video posted a year ago with a claim that it was a beheading of Libyan soldier by NATO terrorists. I asked Best Gore member who speaks Arabic if he knew anything more about it and he’s telling me the accent don’t sound Libyan. His said accents sounded like they were from Iraq so I’m gonna go with his gut.

Snackbaring definitely doesn’t sound as cheerful as we’ve seen in Libya where rebels were paid to produce propaganda video so they went ape Ackbaru shit. Guy videotaping this video sounds like he’s bored out of his Islamic mind, murmuring the Shackbar under his nose like he despises his existence…

Props to Best Gore member gorelover3934 for the video. Does anyone know anything more about it?

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149 thoughts on “Beheading Video from Iraq”

  1. I’m currently in a bar full of black people and whats on TV? You guessed right, the Democratic National Convention. All I hear are black people screeching “Baracks mah nigga!”. God how I wish I was the guy in the video.

      1. It doesn’t matter. Every mutt I’ve ever seen leans so far to their nigger side that the white half doesn’t even matter. Obama acts white, though, so that’s good enough. (On camera, anyway…) Also, he was raised mostly by white people. Which is a moot point. He wouldn’t have made it to being the president if a bunch of niggaz had a monkey paw in his upbringing.

          1. Screw the terrorists claiming that they are Muslims, and they have nothing to do with Islam! They are barbaric criminals! Burn in hell scum of the Earth!

  2. Decapitation didn’t take too long. It was done well and with a sharp knife. Not often that you see a raghead with a sharp knife.

    Narcos take note; this is how a decapitation is done and done right.

      1. @Highriser3

        Good to see you back posting on BG.

        I think most narco blades aren’t that sharp(but sharper than most raghead blades) and even if they are, it takes them narcos forever to decapitate someone.

        How often do you see a raghead having trouble getting through the spine as opposed to a narco?

        Raghead: Slice, slice, slice, slice *small twist* pop…..done….all under two minutes and that’s way under.

        Narco: Slice, slice, slice, chop, chop, twist, chop some more, fuck won’t come off, twist, chop, going once, going twice, rip, finally……done….all in an average of 2.5 to 3.5 minutes sometimes way longer.

        That’s my take on decapitation times between ragheads and narcos.

        1. Maybe, the cartels intentionally use dull blades to inflict more pain and shock value to it. Or maybe, just too lazy to sharpen it unlike these akhbars who aren’t sloppy cutters.

          1. I think your right about intentionally using dull blades. It would make things 10 times worse in that situation. Be-headings are definitely one of the worst ways to die along with burning or drowning I would think.

  3. This sounds so docile. I mean peaceful as hell. Like a day at the spa with full massage and manicure. I guess after doing so many beheadings they just are not exciting anymore.

          1. Hahaha… I’m glad you’re still here after all :-) . Just not been sharing your thoughts for a while. Been curious about tiger too. I hope all is well for her.

  4. Damn, that knife sliced straight to the spine in one motion. The ackbaring is melancholy, these guys are bored with decapitations. Picks up some enthusiasm when the head is finally severed. A final cheer I suppose. “We give you sharpest knife we have and you still can’t beat Jafaris’ record, Allah would not like this! We shall crush your balls in our mouths for his forgiveness!”

  5. As a nurse I sometimes wonder if they’re not afraid for the dangers of diseases like hep-C or AIDS or other sick shit that’s in those snackbarists blood..

    get some gloves! own safety first

  6. As you all already know: a dismembered head can stay concious around 10 seconds; particularly up to the moment before the spinal cord is severed.

    Imagine the horror of being just a fucking head. Or feeling your head being twisted around.

    I wonder of any beheading victim has bitten the finger of the executor whilst in their death-throes.

    PS, FUCK Islam. And FUCK Muslims.

    (Rape the far-Left, then kill then).


  7. there isnt much “story” behind a beheading in Iraq, its like searching for the story behind that bus that just passed by….Its AKBURLAND, beheadings just happen…and that’s it. Allahuakbur x21

  8. what the fuck is it with these guys that they keep repeating
    the ala akbar phrase when they are fucking taking someone’s head off???????????

    america should just fucking nuke all these bitches and send them all straight to hell

  9. If Allah is good for one thing, it’s making these wastes of organic matter think decapitations are acceptable to film, and eventually bring the attention to fucked up people such as myself.

  10. Excellent form, and his use of jawbone for leverage, well that speaks for itself..

    Its videos like this that keep BG as my #1 website visited followed by #2 & #3

  11. this seemed like sleepy the ackbar dwarf was filming this….nearly fell asleep…you know you have an issue when beheading someone gets to be a monotonous part of your day…..get a coffee, read the paper, feed the dog, behead larry, take the garbage out…

    1. Exactly.
      These retards who call themselves honourable “muslims” and “humans” shouldn’t disgrace the rest of the Muslim population or the Human population as whole. The same applies to Christians.

      The only problem is, when has religion ever had a peaceful time?

  12. Ive been shot by a .45mm pistol i died 3 times i took 3 breaths n suffocated lungs were both hit at 16inches away bulket didnt gather speed to exit me it entered thru my back n liver and bounced like a fukin pinball but thats a hell of a way to go beheading shit someone get this guy some flip flops will ya stat!!!!

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