Beslan School Massacre Photos

Beslan School Massacre Photos

On September 1, 2004 the first day of school for children from School Number One in the town of Beslan in North Ossetia-Alania, an autonomous republic in the North Caucasus region of the Russian Federation, more than 1,100 people, including 777 schoolchildren were taken hostage by a group of armed Chechen terrorists who demanded an end to the Second Chechen War.

The bloody three-day siege which has been called Russia’s 9/11 ended with a series of explosions and a chaotic gunfight involving Russian military, local men with firearms and the guerrilla fighters who had infiltrated the school. At least 334 hostages were killed, including 186 children as a result. Hundreds more were wounded or reported missing.

Motives for Beslan School Hostage Crisis

While it is widely reported that the primary motive for the Beslan school hostage crises was the demand for full withdrawal of Russian troops from Chechnya and recognition of Chechen independence, Russian negotiators said the terrorists never explicitly stated their demands. It is also sometimes reported that the rebels had connections with al-Qaeda but that seems to be what’s always said when Islamists commit an act of terrorism. That Chechen extremists are big time financed by the CIA, chief financiers of al-Qaeda is pretty solid, therefore a connection between the two does exist.

People Responsible for Beslan School Massacre

Responsibility for the massacre was claimed by Chechen rebel leader Shamil Basayev. He died in Ingushetia in July 2006 although circumstances of his death are disputed.

Two UK citizens of Algerian origin – Osman Larussi and Yacine Benalia were among active participants in the attack. Kamel Rabat Bouralha, also a UK citizen linked to the attack was arrested immediately following the attack trying to leave Russia.

Abu Omar al-Saif of Saudi Arabia is believed to have been the chief financer of the Beslan School Massacre. He was killed in Dagestan in December 2005.

Abu Zaid Al-Kuwaiti of Kuwait is said to be one of the masterminds of the hostage taking. He died in Ingushetia in February 2005.

Preparations for the Attack

School Number One was one of seven schools in Beslan, a town of 35,000 people. Survivors of the crises testified that captors made them to remove the weapons and explosives from the caches hidden throughout the school. That proved the rebels were able to gain access to the school during the 2 months long summer school holidays. The militants also constructed a sniper’s nest on the roof of the gymnasium sometimes during summer holidays.

Most of the estimated 1,200 hostages were crammed into a small gym that was 10 metres wide and 25 metres long. There they spent 52 hours of captivity. On Thursday (Day 2), the terrorists released 26 hostages but refused to allow food or water supplies into the school. On the morning of day 3, the terrorists allowed emergency workers in to retrieve bodies of hostages who had been killed during initial shootouts.

The floor of the gymnasium was peppered with mines and bombs connected by cables. More bombs were taped to the walls and suspended from the ceiling. Two large explosive devices were placed in the basketball hoops. Children were placed along the windows to act as human shields. The terrorists recorded a video inside the gym to show how well wired it was. The video was broadcast by Russian TV.

As the temperatures soared in the small place stuffed full of people, many hostages began to faint. To deal with heat and dehydration, they took off their clothes and drank urine.


Just before 9am on Friday September 3, 2004 emergency workers pulled up next to the entrance with a van and entered the school. Minutes later, an explosion occurred inside the gymnasium followed by gunfire. Russian investigators said the explosion happened as the hostage takers tried to rewire the bombs, but witnesses suggested that a terrorist standing on a dead man’s switch was shot which triggered the blast. During the ensuing chaos, several hostages managed to escape.

Moments later, second explosion shook the building and the roof over the gym caved in. Russian special forces stormed the school and at 10:05 reported that they were nearly in full control of the building. The gunfire continued until 10:40 when ground troops were assisted by three APCs.

As the troops moved in, crowds of half naked, severely dehydrated, horror struck children ran out of the school. Unfortunately, hundreds had already been killed.

After the end of the crisis, Russian authorities reported that their special forces killed all but one of a total of 32 attackers. Some of the survivors however said that there were more than 32 hostage takers in total.

Captured terrorist Nur-Pashi Kulayev was found hiding under a truck a short distance from the school. He was later sentenced to life in prison.

Beslan School Massacre Photos

Below is a gallery of photos from the Beslan School Massacre. This was a major event and one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in the 21st century so I will expand on this post with more photos, including photos of dead terrorists and videos. Those will be included in future posts:

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  1. I still remember the news coverage on this one. As far as I recall the Russian special forces royally fucked this one up and the interference of local gunmen didn’t help either. Many of the casualties seemed to have died by their rescuers bullets getting caught up in the crossfire.

        1. Like I said, what I recall is from the media coverage in Germany and they made pretty strong accusations. Points of criticism were the negotiations or better the lack thereof, failure to seal off the school and complete misjudgement of the explosives situation. In the initial live reports they had even said that they think the bombs are just fake.

          As for the second question, I’m the wrong one to ask that. If it was for me I would wipe out anything between Germany’s East border and the United States West coast and make the World a better place. (Un)fortunately it’s not…

          1. I didn’t say I’d leave the Middle East out. I would even through in Africa and South America for good measure. Just didn’t wanna start WW3 over a post dealing with Russians and their crossbreds. 😀

          2. @Sagemoon: What you personally did was obviously not to look up the meaning of the word “between” in a dictionary 😉 The rest of Oregon should be ok though 😀

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    1. You don’t know shit!Do you know that the children was been there for 3-4 days without food and water?When Russian commandos enter in the school terrorists fired on children and throwed granades to them…and commandos cover granades with their own bodies and save the kids?They cover kids from bullets with their own bodies too!6 commadnos died from granades and other 7 from bullets!One commander eat 5 bullets in his chest and stomach and continue to fight until he die after he fell on granade to protect the kids!

  2. It was a silly target to have chosen if their supposed goal was for the withdrawal of Russian troops from Chechnya.

    Kidnapping, ransoming and killing children does not gain sympathy towards a cause, had they chosen a more political target then that could be inferred to be an acceptable form of protest and a worthwhile target.

    It was not an act of desperation but a well planned, well financed operation but the choice of target seems at odds with such planning.

    I am not entirely convinced about the facts released on this one, I can only conclude that either their goals were different to what was stated or these Chechen lot had shit for brains.

    1. Look at it this way: you have a bunch of 30 to 40 people that invade a school or a theater and keep hostages in a miserable way! Those idiots are demanding money, gold and a first class plane to escape with and you as the major idiot give them what they are demanding! Sooner or later you will have all sorts of idiots taking hostages just for their benefit and kill those hostages if their requirements are not met, more and more morons take hostages because you try to negotiate with them in order to keep the hostages safe and to let the morons get safely out of your country (I think that this is the American way of dealing with hostage takers). I prefer the Russian way: kill the fuckers whatever the costs and they will be afraid of making that mistake again, as simple as that!

      Best regards CAD_89!

      1. Who’s the the idiot here? They could have limited the number of deaths by getting them out of there, by luring them. Do you really think they could move out with ALL the hostages and the bombs? Lure them out with what ever and at some point along the route or even the plane itself, blow them up.

        Please don’t call people that don’t agree with you, idiots… it is not a game you would win.

        1. Sorry I was saying that in a Hypothetical way and not for the purpose of insulting you as an individual! I am not entirely sure about the whole “Lure them out” thing because first of all you don’t know how to lure them out! You can’t promise those fuckers candies and expect to get out of the building by just saying “OK! We will take the candies and slowly walk away munching on these candies!” or anything that you would consider to give them as a free gift just for taking hostages and make demands. Secondly they will not stop at that because if they got away for the first time either they or other groups that think they will also get away with it will come back shortly after the last event and demand let’s say a ton of Jawbreakers and let them get away so it’s a vicious circle! No matter how much of those lives you saved now in the future you will have to deal with those fuckers again and you as a negotiator will endanger more and more lives as time passes! And sooner or later they will just kill a bunch of hostages just for the fact that their demands were not prompt enough and you should hurry up, so you will lose more lives in this case!
          So in my opinion I say just smoke the bastards and let the next possible candidates think twice before they take hostages and make demands for just doing nothing!

          Again I’m sorry if I insulted you and I give you my best regards!

  3. I don’t trust the Ruskies just like i dont trust the Muricans I still think this was an act of omission or commission by their government. The Chechens like many other oppressed groups have always been abused by outsiders.

    1. BOC Are you stupid?The Chechen terrorists was been created from American CIA!Who you think would be (protect) Chechnya from Russia if Chechnya would be out of Russian borders?Americaaaans!…and they would be create a strategical millitary base inside Russia in Chechnya!Just make your brain to work little bit!You Americans is completely close minded cause of your masonic zionistic government..which making the biggest propaganda over the world!I’m not saying that in Russia we don’t have shit!The fucking masons-Jews had released Chechen terrorist leader to fight against Russia again when the Spetsnaz had caught him!But he taking orders from American masons…yeah you have some trillionairs bankirs with jewish second names the pure blood jews,who had control of the world except muslims,because muslims depend to his religion and is very hard to enslave them!About what enslavement i’m talking?Economy enslavement!Capital=Pyramid we always will be in debts to them until our next generations lose everything and would be totally in debt..with that system our descendants would been working for a dish of food and all around would be their property!!Just look farther and think open minded!

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    1. It’s the rule of numbers. Peaceful while they are a low demographic. Getting more vocal as their demographic rises with protests and the like.

      Then attacks in the streets, marching, riots when their demographic reaches a high enough level.

    1. @J, I hate to admit it, also. But I do have faith that with Mark’s help he will continue to stretch my knowledge. And I will continue to research and learn. Thank you, Mark. You are never to old to learn. Amen!

        1. I admit I never heard about this either, then again I was an ignorant fifteen year old at the time and didn’t care about what went on. Props to Best Gore yet again for informing me of things kept in the dark. I’ve learned more here in the few short months since I stumbled across here than I have my entire life.

  5. Thanks mark for another great post. I saw a good documentary on this a few years back. Never seen these pics before though. This was such a tragedy, these school massacres always seem to stick in my mind, especially with little children.

    1. US news coverage just flat out sucks. No kidding. There are plenty of European news channels that can be streamed on the computer to get a real view of what’s happening on this rock called earth.

  6. To me, one of the most disturbing clips from this is when the mothers are allowed to leave with only infants. One mother had to leave one older child behind to die. You know she felt like garbage for many years after and was probably harassed.

  7. Religion, race, or sex of people doesnt make evil, evil makes evil , and it scares me everyday knowing that my kids have to grow up in this fucked up world. Who the fuck can u trust, especially when there is so much hate in everybody

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  9. I don’t know how much of it is true and how much is misinformation, but it has a TON of footage from the actually days of the hostage situation/massacre from inside and out, and a lot of interesting information/opinions, it was a little documentary thing I seen called “3 Days in September” voiced by Sygourney Wever, it was very good, and me who loves this site…had a hard time watching parts of it. I was medicated…but hey….yeah, I suggest watching it if you wanna learn a little about this and see a ton of footage. When I seen it it was on my ondemand shit.

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