Brutal Beheading of Syrian Civilian by Jabhat al-Nusra Front

Brutal Beheading of Syrian Civilian by Jabhat al-Nusra Front

Well, thank you US, Canadian, French, British and other Zionists Occupied Governments for financing these savages in Libya and Syria. The Obama administration already sent half a Billion US$ to the rebels and that’s just direct financial aid from one country. Zio for the win! Not!

Apparently this video is not from Syria, but from Derna, a coastal city in Eastern Libya, and the headquarters of the Islamist Ansar-Al Sharia group of jihadists in Libya. Ansar-Al Sharia militia have close ties with Al Qaeda and played a role in the attack on the US consulate and death of Chris Stevens in Benghazi on 9/11. Aside from that, they are also allies of Kenyan who supported them vehemently during aggression against Gaddafi.

In this video, one of the militants brutally beheads a civilian. The man is decapitated by having his neck chopped at with a huge dagger (machete). The jihadist then victoriously lifts the severed head up to the cheer of his terrorist mates.

Thank you once again, Zionist Occupied Governments of the world for supporting and sponsoring these mercenaries with our tax money while telling us they were unarmed protesters caught in a struggle to overthrow a dictatorship. What a pile of shit. You have innocent blood on your hands and will be held responsible in due time.

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126 thoughts on “Brutal Beheading of Syrian Civilian by Jabhat al-Nusra Front

  1. FUCKING brutal!!! Omg- Juicy girl is juiced! You guys already know how i love beheadings!!!!!! :)

    Oh, and they used the SAW theme song! LOVE it!!! Its often on blast in my car!!!

    Loved it, loved it- LOVED it!!!!!


    A Juicy fave!

    • I dont/can’t watch the beheadings. Sad I know. Too…much for me, or something. I dont know.
      So when you watch them make sure you doubly enjoy.

      • Yeah I’m kinda ditto on the beheading category. Ever since I accidentally clicked on the chechen soldier getting lopped with a knife like ten yrs ago and yet I can watch crime scene aftermath till the cows come home with no problems, weird.

      • at the beginning I couldn’t watch beheadings either, now I can…. Desensitization has occured. Now the only videos I still can’t watch more than seconds are the autopsies ones, still got to work on this

          • for the beheadings you have to watch till you can, then each time you try to watch a few seconds more and at the end desensitization will occur too. The strange thing is that I can watch dismemberings, but autopsy cannot. Maybe because the person is already dead and not suffering ! just kidding, have you watched the recent autopsy of this asian girk posted on YNC a few days ago ? even the students were vomiting

  2. That was the angriest beheading I’ve ever seen. The prisoner must have insulted the executioner’s mother, or favorite pet goat, beforehand…something…because it seems like these killers usually like to take their time.

  3. I’ve been on this website for years and watch all these fucked videos without blinking. I’ve been totally desensitized to all this stuff but I still have a heart and I know what these people’s families and kids must be going through.

    Imagine if that was your dad or brother and people were watching the video saying “awesome! thats a sharp knife!” and all this other dumb shit.

    Maybe the fact that I grew up in Egypt and I’ve seen these islamic savage barbarian pieces of shit makes me have a deeper sense of reality when it comes to these scumbags.

    God forbid any of you have to be in this situation.

    • Sorry you.grew up in Egypt. Sorry you are offended by some of comments. Sorry you think that someone cares about what someone else might think or say to the death video of a loved one.

      This is a website where we all come to enjoy, learn, be enchanted, be disgusted and whatever else we want. Sorry you arent having a very enjoyable night there 420.

        • Aww filth, you sweet little thing you. I must confess though that it was supposed to be sarcastic. Obviously I suck at getting it across on messages. lol

          • @J3Z- don’t worry girl- i had it!! Your sarcasmwas totally on point!

    • @nyg420 Why dont you fuck off if you feel disturbed with the comments ? you are an idiot if you visit a board for years whilst your soft heart worries with hardcore posts, ….no sorries, offence intended.

      • Haha- hell, if i apologized to anyone today- i lied! Offense INTENDED by me too! Why am in in such a bitchy mood right now?! Lol. Fuck it- I’ll roll with it!

  4. Brutal shit but pretty quick. Would rather get beheaded by a dirty ass Syrian sand nigger terrorist than by a Mexican spick cartel thats for sure lol

    • I think I will agree with you. But I am only going off of the views I have of the aftermath.
      Cartels seem pretty brutal chopping you up and what not.

    • @pure and jez
      Agreed. I dont know why cartel shitheads have such shitty beheading skills. Youd think they have enough practice by now but then again those muslims have been doin this shit for millenia. Anyway has a whole list of beheading/dismemberment videos if anyone on BG would like to check em out. The site is in spanish thoughbut im sure yall can find the link. Should help desensitize you Jez as far as beheadings go.

  5. Extremely effective beheading. I think i saw that raghead slicing donair meat with that blade around the corner at HABIB,s Shawarma. That is where he got his speed.

  6. governments are.the new kings we.are.still.slaves in the future people will see us as we saw people from the middle ages those who speak.out are silenced and.we.the people don’t protect those.who are brave for.what’s righteous and just honor in this time and age its pitiful

  7. That’s how to behead right there. Chop chop chop, brutal, savagery, quick, intimidating, and ain’t no thang.

    Sad my country funds these scum

  8. At first i thought it was a new World Record……….then i noticed the chopper was not wearing flip flops but trainers ?,clearly this beheading must be disqualified.

    • @kill- haha, and it must realllllllllly suck some huge hairy balls to see all this shit-and not be able to make a sound! Haha! I told him to have a nice evening… A nice quiet evening that is!

      Sometimes you just gotta watch your mouth. ESPECIALLY when you’ve been warned!

  9. There was a Best gore posting from 8-16-12 called “Curbside beheading in Iraq”, that one was about 2 seconds faster, and was a few slices of a knife..

    • @baked- can you explain “synchronized masturbation”?? There’s a reason i ask. I realllllllllly would like to know exactly what you meant. Please. Thank you. :)

      • i apologize for the delay. anyway, synchronized masturbating is a game i invented. it’s like synchronized swimming but instead of swimming its jerking off in an orderly fashion.

          • women tend to ruin fun things for guys so no. its all male… no homo i guess. but you get the idea. you ever seen that fountain in vegas? replace the water with jizz and there you go

          • Ooh, that’s too bad. I thought for the FIRST time in my life i found someone who was on my page about something l like to do. Had to grave you elaborate though to make sure. And it wasn’t the same. Ooh well. Sounds fun nonetheless though! :)

  10. Fuckin’ brutal shit. Looks like this fucker doesn’t joke around.
    Isn’t Allah supposed to be merciful according to their shitty scripture ?
    These guys have never had any credibility at all and sadly, they don’t know it.

    However, their beheadings are masterpieces…

  11. what’s brutal about this beheading? when the sunnis get to me, i’d like this guy to do me in please… there was a little bit of a snag, when the beheadee started to tip over to the back, but the beheador quickly corrected his posture and finished him with a few well placed blows… everytime i see myself in this situation i prefer well aimed blows then slow cutting… as quick as possible.. not brutal at all.. i would subsitute the word “brutal” with “efficient”.

  12. [email protected] on said:

    Looks like a sand person from star wars

  13. maybe you’re a girl who drinks beer, burp, and even fart…
    Not shit of course cause my straight friends always told me that girls don’t shit, and their farts don’t smell bad as men’s. All their metabolism elimination is based on urine, is that true ?

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