Brutal Machete Decapitation Caught on CCTV in Zipaquira, Colombia

Brutal Machete Decapitation Caught on CCTV in Zipaquira, Colombia

Brutal machete decapitation, carried out in an open street with an onlooker and a passing car has been caught on a CCTV camera in the city of Zipaquirá, Colombia. From what the reporter says, it is believed that the victims and the attackers knew one another. The altercation which lead to the brutal murder may have been sparked by an argument over displaced cell phone whereas one side suspected the other of having stolen it. Witnesses said the victim attacked first by slashing one of the future murderers in the leg.

As is noted later in the report on the beheading, a judge presiding over the case freed one of the attackers because he lacked the resources necessary for preview of the CCTV video and concluded there was no sufficient proof to have both men sent to jail. The released attacker reportedly fled Colombia and is avoiding justice. Primer Impacto interviewed the mayor of Zipaquirá who summed the case by stating that there is still an unpunished criminal out there in the streets.

Props to Best Gore member Alberic for the video. Brutal chopping into the neck in the video:

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119 thoughts on “Brutal Machete Decapitation Caught on CCTV in Zipaquira, Colombia

  1. I guess they really wanted him dead, huh?! And did i hear correctly that it was over some insults? My Spanish is a little rusty… I was impressed that the cops came pretty quick and i loved the makeshift ambulance too! Lol

  2. Isnt that nice! And those are the kind of sum that cartels love to hire for thier hit squads and have sent up to live in the US to enforce thier drug trade connections! Phuken cop shoulda shot that rat on site!

  3. He lay there and took his punishment like a man, now lets see if his attacker can do the same in prison.
    BTW, I’d like to bang those first two reporters…but only if they don’t speak at all.

    • Yeah, I was thinking the same. I was also thinking at the start that 75% of Colombian reporters are incredibly fit – should have known they’d chuck an ugly bird on at the end.

    • I’ve always wondered what the point of telling people you’d like to bang a certain chic is? Like are we supposed to help you out with that, or did you want us to agree with you, or was there some other reaction you were seeking? I’m just curious, not trying to troll.

      • I’m usually looking for other opinions. What I see as fuckable might not be to the next person…I’m just a curious fuck who overdid it on the Oxy today. Sorry if I’m over talkative but that’s the side effect.

        • You would’nt know it from reading my recent replies but I’ve been very depressed lately which is why I’m over medicating. Like what has been said here many times before…there are better ways to die than what we’re seeing here every day.

          • @BB-what?! You don’t overdue anything! You’re not too talkativeand i appreciate your opinionson subjects, not to mention your wit! Many times you and other witty BG members are able to lift my spirits when I’m feeling the same way! Don’t ever stop being you!!!! Chin up BB!!!

          • awww @brokeback cheer up my friend! or i will come to toronto and kick you in the pants! :P

          • @ali- right?! @BB is the life of the party!! He’s turned my frown around on many occasions! He’s also made random strangers think I’m even more insane then i am when I’m standing somewhere and start lmao out of nowhere! BB is an asset to the BG membercommunity!!!

          • Aww BB sorry you’re feeling down today. If a side effect of the oxy’s is you are more talkative, then that’s our gain.

            By the way, the X-rays of my back are identical to yours. Hardware and all. It sucks to live life in pain.

        • @juicy
          thats right! he is a good shit who gets down on himself wayyyyy too much….i really think he is well loved by many…he just doesnt see it….
          @brokeback – anytime sunshine – if you ever need someone to talk to let me know cos i can lend a shoulder :)

        • No you’re not over talkative, your comments are the funniest I read in here, you always make me laugh, and now that I know you’re an Oxy I find you even more sympathic

      • Here in texas we have multiple Mexican/centeral American news stations as they show some brutal stuff some times but nothing too crazy.

        This has nothing to do with the videos but I need to stop smoking cigarettes. Anyone got a non traditional way of quiting without the use of drugs. Mind over matter is hard some times…

        • @Mr.- what about those e-ciggs?! I’m not a smoker, so i don’t know what options there are but i heard of those water-vapor e-ciggs on the radio and the dude was saying that it was working really well. I hope you can stop, it makes a tremendous difference in your health! <3

          • Yeah those e-cigs don’t hack it though. I just need to stop wasting money on it. Haha I’ll do anything to save money.Starving artist up in this bitch.everyone click the link to my name #shamelessselfpromotion.I ride a bike too and my friends are like “dude you’re wicked fast but you could go way faster if you didn’t smoke” riding with a cig in my mouth…makes sense.

          • @mrosef, I’m a smoker too and where I am it’s actually cheaper to smoke pot than cigarretes since every third house on the block is a grow house but the tobacco is more addictive.

          • @Mr- your work is phenomenal!!!! I think i know who i want to design my tattoo!!!! :) I know what you mean about saving a buck! I’m the same way!! You gotta quit the ciggs though. What about that gum shit?!

          • Luckily for me I’m approached about fifteen times a day from people wanting to bum smokes so that leaves me with only five cigarrettes a day.

          • I also find that if you buy a brand of cigarrettes that you don’t like you will smoke less.

          • When I was 12yrs old my dad caught me smoking behind the garage one evening and as punishment he made me smoke the rest of the pack (16 cigarrettes) one after another.
            He ended up without any smokes for the night and I developed a pack a day habit.

          • @brokeback geez why dont i live in your neighbourhood!! i sure could use some pot especially with this blasted shoulder injury i have now…PAIN 24/7…no relief with over the counter stuff…totally need a good pot supplier

        • @mrosef, I quit smoking a few years back and the trick for me was, sucking on hard candies (for the oral fixation) and I used a worry stone so I had something to do with my hands to keep them busy and it was small enough that I just carried it around in my pocket.Hope that helps.

          Good Luck!!!

          • @alicatt yo they just legalized mari jay in my state. Hahaha. All these kids were hyped. But now its even harder to smoke apparently. More taxes etc.

          • @killa
            i saw that – we get seatle news up here and i have been watching the progress of it or lack thereof – sounds like its a complete pain in the backside now

          • Oops, the “too easy” was for Sage. Never use the word sucking without expecting a “Brokeback comeback”.

          • @alicatt
            Yeah it seems like it has the potential to just be another conviction producing money maker for the gov. here. I don’t personally smoke. but I have a lot of friends who are all about it. I stick to the meth.

  4. el amor reina entre nosotros…queridos amigos y amigas,el gran amanecer rojo esta proximo.
    Ya suenan los tambores el la lejania… ji ji ji.

    • I will so watch it if it involves blood play. :p But yea… this video was pretty boring close up would’ve been pretty brutal, I guess?

  5. If all those around you are losing their heads, and you are still calm. Then obviously you don’t appreciate the severity off the situation.

    • That WAS the problem lunatic…he was so PISSED drunk that he could’nt get up. He just figured that he would sleep it off and hunt them down the next day.

  6. geez…make a mental note – do not f*ck with columbians….of course i already knew that from scarface…btw i like how that one reporter rolls her r’s…now why cant i have an accent like that!

  7. Hmm, after watching the full vid: would prefer M107a1. Pink mist, clean hands and some gettaway time. But hey 11k and no close feely-touchy time with victim makes 2 weeks prison worth it.

  8. Primer Impacto is Spanish for “Decapitation Today!”, a Colombian morning news show, on which gorgeous female anchors intro brutal machete de-nogginizations right there on the teevee, then they head over to El Al Rokero for the weather.

    Seriously man. Motherfucker! South America don’t need best gore because South America IS best gore.

  9. [email protected] on said:

    So this was just one the news? Awesome. Mainstream media needs to start showing this kind of thing

  10. @BBM- I’m not sure why i clicked that link, but about 5 warnings popped up and then shut down and sent me to google! Lol. Are you sure that’s the right link?! Lol

  11. @BBM- I’m on a cell. I’ll check it out again in a few. I need to tend to these Italian sausages I’ve got cooking right now. I’ll report back!

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