Chechclear Style Decapitation Video from Syria

Chechclear Style Decapitation Video from Syria

A video which claims to have been filmed in war torn Syria shows Chechclear style decapitation of a captured man. The low resolution video shows the victim laid in the dirt on his side while his captor holds his head steady by pressing it against the ground Chechclear style with his foot. Then just as it happened with the Russian soldier who was decapitated by his Chechen captors, the killer brutally stabs the victim in the side of his neck.

The victim writhes with pain and escapes the deadly clutch, but his hands and feet are tied so there’s no getting away from this. To prolong his torment, the knife wielding killer stabs the victim repeatedly in various parts of his body. Painful screams continue until the video is cut off.

Props to Best Gore member DerSteppenwolf for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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96 thoughts on “Chechclear Style Decapitation Video from Syria”

        1. At this risk of seeming like a macho prick, I can honestly say I didn’t find it that hard to watch. About a year ago it probably would of got to me but now I’ve seen so much of this stuff that it doesn’t bother me as much. Whether that’s good or bad, I’m not sure :/

          1. I think I have, yes. The one where the first guy gets his head taken off with a chainsaw and the other guy gets his hacked off with a blunt spoon? Lol the poor bastard must’ve thought “Oh, a chainsaw… might not be that bad… Hang on… why do I feel a knife to my throat?” *gurgle*

  1. I’ve been viewing Best Gore ever since the decapitation of Manuel Mendez Leyva just never got the courage to register. I read all the daily comments from you guys and I feel at home especially how you guys treat each other. One more wouldn’t hurt? 🙂

    Anyways, this video makes me wonder how many more beheading videos are out there just waiting to be discovered and to be viewed by us the Best Gore family…

  2. I dont know why but all the russian and chechen videos seem that little bit more brutal, maybes its the ethnicity and seeing white people getting butchered that makes if feel a bit more disturbing to me, it always gets to me more than seeing a mexican or a snackbar getting pulped.. strange

      1. im a pork meat lover “very guilty pleasure”,because when i was as a kid i was a little traumatized by watching an old tradition we have of killing of the pig,most of the times i would go far away from the house but there was one or other that curiosity got the best of me and videos like this reminds of that

        1. When I was a kid I used to watch every single sheep getting beheaded in my neighborhood during Eid al-Adha ( Feast of the Sacrifice, an islamic holiday)

          But yes I completely understand you, I had some friends who were tramatized by it.

  3. It’s only a matter of time before we see a beheading on American or Canadian soil. Too many of these people are being immigrated here. The apple don’t fall to far from the tree!

    1. Yea, I don’t know wtf that dude was talking about! I knew I heard the gurgling too! Maybe it was him that didn’t “saw” it! Lol. On those really good beheadings, it’s the part that gets me the most. Probably cause I’m afraid of choking and that’s what it sounds like. I’m not always actually bothered by it, just usually like- oh shit.. lol

      1. @Juicy You crack me up. Maybe he needs to go back and “saw” it again. And me too. The blood doesn’t bother me. Even the look on their face doesn’t, but the gurgling.. iCk. I’m a wuss with sound and I’ll read people’s comments on the beheadings first and see if sounds pretty bad to know whether I need to start it out at a low volume lol.

        1. Exactly. Just be careful! Never know when those- “did you actually saw it comment police” will come along and check-up on ya! Ya know to check the authenticity of these here comments! Lol Who does that?! Lol.

          Beheading vids are my favorite! Just had a small spider fall out of clothes I’m folding and it ran down my leg and I screamed so fucking loud and I was jumping everywhere! Haha. No gore video has ever received a reaction like that but a fucking little spider sure can! Ha!

  4. Fucking wannabe expert executioners. Putting on video cam how sucky they’re at decapitating a tied up dude, pinned down dude on the ground. Fucking trying it with a bread knife, lolol. Then when he starts trashing around, as expected, the guy was like. ‘Oh fuck stop moving!! *stabs shoulder*”

  5. i’m not afraid of heights, just got a terrible fear of falling.

    Dinkheller vid where you don’t even see him shot is more compelling than this one. Kudos to the site author for his accounts of what happens in each vid. I watch first then go back for his commentary/icing

  6. I’m emotionless… I watch the faces, the steamy blood, the bound hands clinching and flexing. I listen for the desperate scream as it is interrupted in spasms as a knife is sawing through the tracea. I watch for the exact moment the victim is no longer aware of the horror. And, still, I don’t shudder or flinch. All I think about is the twitch. Or, was that a gurgle? The comments and posts I read to the end. Some are witty, sick and fun. But most are twisted, cruel and perplexing. I have no point. I just check out the videos to satisfy my curio… Hold up! This one had gurgling? Be right back…

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