Children Watch as Jabhat al-Nusra Behead Syrian Civilian

Children Watch as Jabhat al-Nusra Behead Syrian Civilian

Another beheading by Al Qaeda associated in Syria – Jabhat al-Nusra aka Al Nusra Front, this time witnessed by children. These are the men Kenyan sends weapons of mass destruction to. These man have one and only purpose in Syria – to kill everyone who is not a Sunni Muslim.

Best Gore member DerSteppenwolf provided translation of talk in the video. At 0:50 he says:

I swear by the great Allah, we won’t stop until we cut off the last head of Nussairi/Alawite Kafirs and purify the land of Syria from their filth

at 1:04 a message was written that has very much the same meaning – promising to kill every Nusairi (Alawites are referred to as Nusairis).

Thanks a lot DerSteppenwolf for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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117 thoughts on “Children Watch as Jabhat al-Nusra Behead Syrian Civilian”

      1. Fuck yeah because the kids are going to grow up to be the executioners themselves. I hate when people get so weepy over kids because they do what they are taught so their is no chance in hell they will grow up to carry groceries home for the elderly lady next door. Might beat and rape her but no groceries.

    1. It’s almost like the Muslim nations are a 1000 years behind the rest of the world in terms of intellectual darkness and barbarity. Basically they are going through the Dark Ages experienced by the European countries centuries ago.

      We should just let them go through this period without interference in order for Muslims to develop intellectually and socially. Otherwise they’ll remain in this level of barbarity for ever.

    2. lol do you not see how you fucked up there? recheck you grammar bro. and it’s not like I ever give a fuck about things like that but when you spew ignorance and talk about people being illiterate idiots as an illiterate idiot too that’s lame shit.

  1. Ok you goatbusters thats enough, I?m packing my G36, some grenades and a chainsaw and take the next flight to Damaskus. Then I?ll dress me in a burka, rub me in some donkey dung and lure this bastards one after another with my pretty eyes into their undoing. Smell my Jihad, motherfuckers!

      1. Oh, I?m sure there is an extra airline for “The Friends of Syria”, just have to call Obomber to join the Holy War on Error against Assad. Maybe I shouldnt shower for a month to get on the plane, dont want to attract too much attention. When I?m there, I?ll spray “The Jews are here” on the wall, that should work for an ambush. But yes, I?m kidding, I couldnt survive for a day down there. ๐Ÿ˜†

  2. The kid is there obviously for some hands on training. Certainly one would need to watch as a “skilled” tutor demonstrates the art of head taking. You don’t just start cutting the head off anywhere, show them you can do it better and faster than the last guy, next Sunni is yours..

  3. Come on, you’re all being a little bit too harsh, I am sure that you Best Gore members with kids take them out camping or fishing and so on, you wish to share your favourite past times with your kids, to make memories and so on and these FSA folks only wish to do the same, they wish to share their favourite hobbies of snackbaring and beheading infidels with their children, even a Jihadi Warrior needs some family time.

      1. When you lose your head there is still oxygene in the brain and you can think, and sometimes even move your eyes from side to side. You are aware when they lift your head and that can last for up to 20 to 30 seconds.

        1. Not a chance. There is no greater drop in blood pressure than loosing one’s head. Even if there was enough Oxygen for brain function, it is useless if it is not able to saturate the brain. Unconsciousness is instant, and death a fraction of a second behind. In fact, if there was such a thing as true instant death when it comes to executions, those in the know (such as physicians) would agree that the only method that would asure the quickest, instant end would be to have one’s head lopped off. Anyway, there’s more at work here than mere blood pressure – such as severing the brain stem. Damage to the brain stem is what causes instant death in a drop-hanging type execution.

          1. Yes, yes HE could have moved his mouth. Brain stem is not in the throat. You are “conscious” for a while. Body can move involuntarily for hours, head or no head. The real dispute here is if he wanted his mouth to move. There should be a post on this subject. I’ve seen it way too many times, always with false information.

  4. I must mention that in the original video uploaded by Jabhat Al Nusra (the front of Victory) they mentionned that this guy raped 8 women and that’s why they are beheading him, they even added a message saying “A gift to every respectable chaste sister”.. How cute

    They always randomly pick a reason for the beheading to justify their sectarian violence.

    1. Whoa. Thanks for the diologue I always want to know what’s being said.

      Do you really think its unlikely he was a rapist?

      Do I think rapists should be killed? Maybe I do, especially in the case of children. But there’s got to be DNA evidence and more, and it wouldn’t be done in the fashion shown in this video.

      It’s NUTS what’s happening all over the planet.

      I balance my viewing of the negatives by researching positives as well. It can be discouraging to see all of the corruption, deception, greed, murder, depravity and the total disregard for life which some people exhibit. This site features some pretty disturbed people.

        1. Yeah, say… you should get off the computer because it is an invention of the White Devil – or at least they stole it from the nig… I mean the gentle blacks that are geniuses every one, and always held back by the evil White man. Please go take your medication, and let the adults talk, hmm?

      1. Kinky…

        In these shit stained Islamist countries it’s the rape VICTIM who is vilified and punished, not the perpetrator.

        Backwards shit holes… and Allah led the way and continues to.

        1. They know not God. ‘Allah’ is Not God. The true ‘GOD’ is the God of Israel. These are Satanic acts. God is good. God is love. Much perversion is in the world, getting away with it, because they LIE, saying they are supported by the true ‘god’. God. Jehovah. JESUS CHRIST. LOVE. FORGIVENESS. This is God. Killing like this? Satan. Devil in disguise.

    2. I wonder which accusation they?d give me, after my execution, hmm:
      “He masturbated 60 times a day to the portrait of our beloved mother of Islam Aisha and wiped his cum off with the holy Quaran. Finally he took a huge dump on the Kaaba from a helicopter. May he burn in hell, inshalah.”

    3. man i allways wanted to ask you why you have a german name, even though you are from tunesia like you said in another post ๐Ÿ™‚
      by the way thanks to all the great translations you give in these videos ๐Ÿ™‚

      PS:i finally made an account to bestgore ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Gotta break them in young! Send the little girls into the kitchen to learn their vocation for life, and wrap them up so they look like human letterboxes/mailboxes. For the little boys, encourage them to grow a Bush of pubic hair on their face and neck, followed by the essential ackbar chants and sit them down to learn the national sport. What hope have these kids got? I’d say a big fat fuck-all.

  6. They’re only following in the footsteps of their shitty, child molesting prophet. Muhammad had up to 900 men beheaded from the Jewish tribe of Banu Qurayza. He then sold their wives and children into slavery. When you have a religion founded by a filthy reprobate like that, how else do you expect Muslims to behave? Typical Sunni snackbar scum.

    1. Pretty much. People refuse to believe it, though, and thus the cult is allowed to grow.

      I think Islam is actually the fastest growing ‘Religion’.

      Time for me to grow a blonde-beard, wear some flowing pajama like robes, and change my name to Abu “The Gold” Hakkar.

      Hey, it’ll give me far more rights and protections, I can attack people I don’t like at random and blame it on them and claim Muslim victimhood and accuse them of being racists, plus I can have a couple of women-slaves that never leave my house and exist solely to take care of my needs. And should the fancy overcome me, I can even cut off a few heads or plant a few car-bombs.

      It sounds like heaven, really.

      But damn.. I’d probably have to study the Quran and learn to speak Arabic.

      1. I hate it when some idiot converts to Islam and gives himself some terribly cliche name. Malcolm X for example, he changed his name to “El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz”. What a twat.

        I’m so sick of this pathetic victim mentality that Muslims always seem to have. Muslims aren’t being picked on, they’re wrapped up in cotton wool, our politically correct society bends over backwards in an effort not to offend these wankers. Islam has a privileged status in our society, it’s the only ideology you’re not allowed to criticize, everyone’s just supposed to grin like idiots and pretend that Islam isn’t a steaming pile of shit.

        It makes me sick that Muslims constantly whine and complain about being offended while they themselves hold disgusting, vile, fascist beliefs. Everything about Muslims stinks of hypocrisy (and piss and body odor).

  7. they seriously need to upgrade some of the tunes they use in these vids…this one is pretty played out….I tell ya – if I ever hear that tune in my real life, I will probably shit myself – grabbing a turtleneck and hiding out in a closet or something

    1. And what if I translate you the lyrics ? ๐Ÿ˜€

      “Bomb them, expell them wherever they are and slauther them,
      expell them, decapitate them, blow them wherever they are
      displace them and make them feel distress and misery”

      Now you’ll shit yourself for real lol

      1. Religion of peace they say? hmmm its amazing how blantanly obvious the malevolence of islam is byt people want to be blind and stupid. Fuck makes me mad almost to the point of saying you got what you wanted liberal fuckl when they get head sliced off with knife keep these fucks outta here before i go on a rampage

  8. I would love to kill me some sunnis if the chance ever presented it self . I would finally get to put that high power rifle too good use. No ahlow akbar here. Just a good ole fuck you fucking sunni goat fucker.

  9. Remember kids to, the spine is hard to cut threw and you have to be careful that you don’t ge blood and you, and then once you cut it off you hold it up and put it on the body and then what lol

  10. i don’t know if anyone else seen that but his mouth moved i thought after getting head cut off its dead immediately but FUCK NO IT MOVED watch the video again and watch closely.

    1. HIV dies rather quickly when exposed to air. It would have to be a direct blood transfer ie, bleeding wound to bleeding wound. And even untreated HIV can take over a decade to become full blown AIDS. Ebola, cholera and polio would be more fun.

    2. MERS had potential, but it hasn’t spread quickly enough. Another problem is, with the amount of Middle-Eastern traffic into Western Europe (Which is basically now New Arabia, or the European Caliphate) MERS could kill a lot of Europeans, too. Look how quick it transferred into Europe from the Middle-East.

  11. I’m Muslim. You know what, kill them all…bunch of stupid Muslim. They are acting worst than an animal. I don’t know which side of Islam approve their doing. Even prophet Muhammad never shows this kind of example.

    May Allah burn them in hell.

    1. None of them are ever crying or vomiting, they just praise allah, sing & cheer a lot. What is going through their minds is probably, “yay! one less piece of shit in the world!” I don’t think they have the capacity for empathy whatsoever; I would say they’re animalistic, but that would be insulting animals.

  12. Oh fuck me, his jaw DID move. o_0) That was fucking creepy. It snapped, too, it wasn’t a slight movement. Well for years I have been over & over the argument about if a brain is still alive after decapitation, & I have seen many, many beheading videos, & I honestly still don’t know what to think. Every time I watch a beheading I am infatuated by trying to discern the moment consciousness is gone. There is a point where they stop making facial expressions, but that might just be because all the muscles are severed & it’s not a true indication of unconsciousness. Of course we can’t go by what the body’s doing. I am fairly sure once they’re sawing at the spinal cord, the mind is already gone, and in the seconds after total removal I’ve never seen any sign of consciousness on the face. Except that one chick, her eyes really did move from left to right…still, could have just been nerves after death.

  13. This guy looks as that guy from you tube video about war in Sirya.Made by Russian reporters.He was taking them around etc but he got kidnapped and killed.He had 3 kids (2 girls 1 boy)and wife..i will try to send a link.have to find it first

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