Close-up Video of Beheading by Sword in Saudi Arabia

Close-up Video of Beheading by Sword in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is easily the most undemocratic country in the world. Ruled by the House of Saud, the dictators have complete and utter control over everything in the country and punish anyone they wish in any way they wish, if they so wish. On top of the despotic, autocratic rule, Saudi Arabia is also an avid supporter of terrorism and a relentless oppressor of democracy in neighboring countries.

Saudi royals like to order people beheaded by sword, but don’t like anyone filming the beheadings. Hence there never used to be any close up videos of Saudi executions. Only a daring citizen hidden in the crowd afar would attempt to film an execution in Saudi Arabia but this is no longer true. Somehow a close up video of a Saudi beheading by sword was filmed and leaked on the internet. Must have been filmed by a connected cock sucker.

The executioner in sparkling white robe jumped back immediately after the swing to avoid getting blood on his white man robe. He wiped the blood off the sword with a piece of white cloth and casually strolled away. He looks like someone who kills one of his 15 wives each year and doesn’t even wink an eye doing it. He can always marry another woman. Islam rocks like that.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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265 thoughts on “Close-up Video of Beheading by Sword in Saudi Arabia”

    1. yeah i believe that was the one of the quickest behaeding videos i’ve seen. Probably one of the highest quality beheading videos i’ve seen coming out of that country as well. i wouldn’t say it was that close-up tho. and by the way, you are smokin hot

        1. That guy should go to Mexico and teach those fuckers what’s up. Funny how as soon as he did he looked at his white dress to see if there was any blood on it. Who wears white to cut off heads?! That must be his way of bragging.

      1. look again, the last 2 or 3 seconds, then you’ll see its not a pubble of blood, but rather a red-ish arabian carpet he’s kneeling on (or was), i thought it was blood too, but it isnt.

        1. @ Dutchyguy- You beat me to it … As I was going to say that it’s not a puddle of blood that he’s setting in, but rather a red rug (his magic flying carpet no doubt -ha,ha !!) I must admit though, I thought the very same things to start with too, but then at the end of the video when they zoom in extra close you can then make out the raised material and see that it’s a rug.

          I imagine also judging bythe actions executionerthat they use the rugs in tsimply roll up the body in after the execution and put the head in a bag, and chunk it all in the back of the van for good measure.

      1. eeh, it has been proven, 1 of the last people to be beheaded by guilotine, was asked by a doctor/researcher to blink and/or roll his eyes after his execution (asked this befor the execution ofc), so after the execution, he did the experiment, and to his (doc) disgust, the head was actually able to react to him, it lasted longer then 15 seconds too. (i’ll try and find a link about this, but if others beat me to that, then its all the better lol)

          1. Its a well known scientific fact that the brain in this incedent only as it was severed quickly,will survive for up to 30 seconds as proved by the ratio of (v)=(v+34v)/(1-exp(-v+34mv(10mv).100mv.. and be defonition the man can see and the brain can register that its head is not in the proper place thereby causing the lateral transmission of (h+) /(o)=(l-)=Y (S+) /(s-”) 9 (H-I) =(T) to be sent to the central nervous system

          2. This was studied by some French doctor aswell their was a prisoner who was to be put to death by the guillotine and was told by the doctor that once his head was cut off he was to blink his eyes to show that his head was still conscious the doctor began asking the head questions, questions like blink twice if you can hear me, blink once if you can still see me etc etc thats when they were able to say that the human head is still conscious after a quick decapitation from the guillotine, it seems that with all the decapitations going on in France at that time with the guillotine some heads were showing sign of life after being separated from their bodys…creepy huh

        1. I’ve read this too, and I find it difficult to believe. I have never decapitated a Human, only cows and pigs. When you sever the carotid artery, they are deeply unconscious. Probably the brain is briefly alive, but I can’t belive it’s able to respond to commands. Any response is probably coincidence.

  1. The executioner in the white robe just walks off wiping the blood off of his blade like, “Yeah man, I love my work. I can’t wait until the next one. Hell, I get lots of practice at home. Allah new snackbar, y’all.”

          1. That quick of a cut, the body doesn’t die instantly, it will naturally try to breath.
            when people use a knife to behead someone they cut all around the throat and the body still gasps for air, It probably doesn’t last very long, I really think it possible to have your head cut off and still here your body gasping for air.

      1. Phatman – yea the body would still be alive for a few minutes at least but the good thing is the sensory pathways to the brain have been severed so I would highly assume there would be no pain. However, there is no way to ask somebody who has gone through it lol

  2. You can hear the sirens in the background getting closer as the video ends. They probably think can just sew the guy’s head back with its torso and send electricity into the body like some depraved Frankenstein experiment.

    Not as great as the guillotine since there wasn’t much of an audience present and the satisfying splat of the head hitting the basket was missing but It’ll have to do.

  3. I know this is academic now, but I wonder what crime was committed by the condemned man. I guess for all that is known, the execution could have been for spitting on the sidewalk (if they have sidewalks there).

    1. Possibly drug trafficking, killing, blasphemy, saying your mind about the fuckers who call themselves “the royal family”. Even if you killed in self-defense, you’re still gonna die by beheading.

    2. Drug trafficking, killing, blasphemy, saying your mind about the fuckers who call themselves “the royal family”.

      These fuckers deserve to go down in history as the second Hiroshima and Nagazaki. Who’s with me?

  4. Have any of ya’ll seen the interview with an executioner? His father was an executioner, and took him to see his first beheading at like 8 years old. He took over the position when his father died. He was showing off his swords…his young children were present during some of the interview..he talked about his job so matter of factly but you could tell how proud he was of his position. By the way, I didn’t watch this video. Mark’s descriptions plus the first and last photo’s as well as your comments were enough for me. I have one question…why is that one guy wearing a safety vest?

        1. Hell, he’s doing “God’s will”. If he wasn’t doing “God’s will”, who’s will would he be doing then? The King’s? The Flying Spaghetti Monster’s? His own? I guess as long as his decapitations are all “God’s will”, it’s all peachy.

      1. Very informative, thank you. I’m glad he can sleep at night and that he is only doing God’s will. Sarcasm… but then he does say he goes to the victim’s families to ask for forgiveness for the condemned. I guess he isn’t a total a-hole. He can always get a job at a chicken farm.

    1. Well lets see. The brain is the only organ in the body without pain receptors. The sword went through the spinal cord super fast, so he probably felt nothing. He probably took a couple of last blinks before he finally died out.

        1. *puts on my medics hat* As far as research is shown, the human brain upon decapitation has only about 7 seconds before it uses up the remaining blood in the vessels of the head before complete usage of stored oxygen. The trauma to the spinal cord combined with loss of blood flow causes immediate loss of conciousness. While the brain may still be “alive” biologicaly for those few seconds, any lack of blood flow causes immediate unconsciousness and any additional movement are nerve twitches associated with majors nervous system damage.

  5. I personally have no problems with how they deal with criminals in the middle east. Rapists, murderers and child abusers deserve this fate, they don’t deserve to get 3 square meals and better digs than your average poor person. I only have problems with what they classify as a crime.

    1. I have long said that.

      We can learn a lot from the Muslims in regards to their views on Crime and Punishment (more the ‘Punishment’ part).

      My worries are for the mental stability of the executioner though (if it were to be brought over here).

      I prefer the gallows to any other method of execution. With firing squad a close 2nd place.

      1. I don’t know about the gallows Trooper. Especially if you have an idiot executioner, that failed the knots section while attending execution college. The guillotine would be nice as long as they keep it well oiled and sharp. Ah the French, lovers of art, goose liver pudding, and style.

      1. FleshyVirus, that is what I was talking about when I said I take issue with what they classify as a crime. I don’t believe any of those examples deserve punishment. Honestly, since I’ve joined here I don’t know if I’m as Diabolic as I used to think I was lol.

        Trooper, let’s elope. Right nao 🙂

        1. *Throwing all my shit into travel cases*


          I am fancying New Zealand doll.

          It is the only place outside of the British Isles I will consider moving too.

          Plus I have family there.


          I hope you like sheep!

          1. Ooooh I’ve always wanted to go there. I’ve been all over the world but I’ve never been to NZ. I love sheep, I love all animals 🙂

            I’ll deal with Alicatt, she won’t suspect a thing 🙂

          2. Good to hear!

            Because my family members run a sheep farm!

            I have already dealt with the Wifey… Which is why if we are going to leave the country. It best be now!

            In all truthfulness though. Where on earth is she?

          3. Aww….they don’t kill the sheep do they? Not gonna lie…I might have a problem with that.

            I dunno….I haven’t done her in, I swear. I hope she’s not coming to find me….

          4. They don’t kill their animals unless it is a mercy killing. Say if one is seriously ill. Or if a dog has attacked a Human seriously.

            Other companies are responsible for the ‘nasty business’.

            So whereabouts in the UK do you call Home, Elle?

            Don’t worry. I am not a stalker.

          5. That’s good to hear. I honestly don’t think I could raise an animal only to kill it.

            Right now I live in the Scotland, up in the Highlands with my brother and his family. I went to college here, but I want to be moving on shortly. My real family know where I am and it’s too easy for them to contact me here.

          6. A truly beautiful place.

            The vast majority of my family is of Scottish descent. You would be hard pushed to find a place where I ain’t got family!

            I don’t blame you to be honest. Anyway, the UK is large enough and varied enough for you to make it anywhere.

            I am lucky enough to have a job where I am all over the country. Nothing weighing me down.

            Ergh. I am in London for most of next month though.

            I am not a city guy.

            Where do you fancy going?

          7. I’ll most likely be going back to Newcastle for a while. My adoptive grandmother lives there and she’s not very well. I’ll stay with her for a while and see if I can get work there.

            Ever been to Kuala Lumpur? It’s magnificent, probably one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. A good chunk of the people living there are Buddhists so it’s a really friendly place.

          8. Aye so your a bit of a Geordie then!

            I love the North. Friendly people, friendly cities. Although I have never been to Newcastle.

            I hope your nan gets better soon.

            Nah. I’ve never been to Kuala Lumpur. All I know of it is that is where the Petronas Towers are.

            My dream holiday would be to tour Europe (on foot or on a tourer bike). Whilst simultaneously combing the seedy underbellies of the sex capitals Amsterdam and Prague.

            The deviant in me is rearing its ugly head.

          9. @trooper & elle
            Im no detective but I suspect something is afoot!!!!!!

            NZ eh??? Funny that…im there right now!!!

            I shall see you tommy….I’ve got fresh leather!!MUHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    2. That’s the problem with Saudi Arabia though; they execute people for ridiculous non-crimes. They behead people for sorcery and witchcraft, homosexuality, fornication, apostasy, blasphemy, idolatry and a plethora of other innocuous things. They’ll kill you if you even think the wrong thoughts. Human rights do not exist in Saudi Arabia. It’s a disgusting country. Most of the people they kill are totally innocent.

      The strange thing is, they also execute people for pedophilia even though there is no age of consent in Saudi Arabia. What’s even stranger is that the prophet Muhammad had a child wife so I don’t understand how they can be against pedophilia. Their religion was founded by a pedophile but they also execute pedophiles. Does that mean they would execute their own prophet?

      It’s fucking retarded, but what else would you expect from Muslims?

      1. Sorry to be a bit of a pedant John… As much as I agree with the content of your daily rant…

        I am deeply offended at how you spelt ‘Paedophile’.

        I can’t stand it when my fellow countrymen spell it the American way.

        1. Haha! Sorry Trooper. I thought someone would say something about that. I guess you can never win with that word. If I spell it the British way then it pisses the Yanks off, but if I spell it the American way then my fellow Brits slap me on the wrist for my fatuity. I usually spell it ‘pedophile’ just because that way is quicker and contains fewer letters.

        2. I new a pedophile who got busted, no one had a clue what he was, I THINK his name was Thomas, (no offence Tom) he was lured by a cop who was acting as a 14 year old online, I hate chimo’s.

        3. @John…

          Yanks can’t spell. They need our help to master even the simplest of tasks.

          Convenience is no excuse to be raping the English Language Sir!

          It just goes to speed up the ‘Americanization’ of our culture… A threat only passed by Muslim infiltration.

          The French have laws dictating what is and isn’t acceptable in their language. To prevent this sort of thing.


          Usually people with the name ‘Thomas’ are extreme sexual perverts and predators… I am no different. But I do draw a line with the pre-pubescent.

          Those that consider the innocent as sexual items deserve to be hung.


    1. Actually it’s a shamshir. I have a very similar-looking one in my own collection made from 10-50 HCS. It’s as “sweet as cherry pie” and great for lopping off all manner of appendages, not to mention, heads.

          1. maby this yellow chess communist fuck! dont speak english…
            if so… how the fuck did you access this site from your….
            ….shithole your people call a country???

          2. Well said @FeedMe.

            Love the DP as well… It makes me want to give you a Mars Bar… After making you perform Oral sex on me and my rectum.

        1. Seconded. This is an english-spoken site and since we are not nazi grammar, we thank for some proper english writing.
          My google translator converted it to ‘Murderer of the belt is very clever’, but my google translator is not very clever.

  6. A note from a U.S. Army veteran who had been stationed in Korea. In June 1989 the taxi he and a friend were riding in collided with a truck. his correspondent was pinned in the wreckage. The friend was decapitated. Here’s what happened:

    My friend’s head came to rest face up, and (from my angle) upside-down. As I watched, his mouth opened and closed no less than two times. The facial expressions he displayed were first of shock or confusion, followed by terror or grief. I cannot exaggerate and say that he was looking all around, but he did display ocular movement in that his eyes moved from me, to his body, and back to me. He had direct eye contact with me when his eyes took on a hazy, absent expression ? and he was dead.

    1. I was starting to get bored of all the same, repetitive comments (even I had nothing original left to say) and was about to go on to the next video, when I saw this comment. And wow. Now THAT is fucking crazy…

  7. It took this guy: One hand, One swipe, One second.

    Mexicans…seriously… TAKE NOTE.

    Actually no, fuck that… I ain’t gonna lie though, we always have something to say about how the Mexicans needing to buy better machetes/knives and shit…when actually we all prefer/enjoy watching those long ass beheadings

    truth is: In comparison to the Mexicans…this beheading was BORING as fuck

    so yeah… long live the Mexicans with their dull ass knives

    1. He probably didn’t have time to change and didn’t want to risk staining his sunday dress anymore than he already had. I remember one time back in the by-gone days when I picked my dog up while he was taking a liquid shit (for the record, I honestly didn’t know). After I washed it off it looked like a red kool aid stain. Moral of the story, uuuhhh…hmmmm…..nope….should’ve kept that to myself

    1. True Tulio. Most of the people who get executed in Saudi Arabia are foreign workers who don’t speak Arabic and have no way of legally defending themselves. They’re usually from places like Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, etc.

  8. That was a clean execution – –
    History 101: In ancient China, executioners will give offerings & ask for protection to Guan YU (God of War) who lived c. 220 A.D. so that the beheaded will not come back to haunt the executioners or cause malevolent illness or bad luck to anyone. The blade used for beheading is special steel and a ritual is offered so that the karmic retribution of the beheaded & executioner is purified. The beheadings are very well executed and the blade is sharp; executioners ask for forgiveness & the act of killing be purified prior to the beheading. If you look at the Khmer and early Ayutthaya (Thai) kingdoms, they also have a ritualized beheadings where the execution is clean and fast.
    When I see the decapitation videos from the drug cartels and in Syria, etc., I am appalled the way they are performed. The instruments are not sharp and the executions are just beyond mediocre . . . Ghetto to put in perspective. With billions in revenue, the cartels can?t even afford to purchase sharp blades. One can purchase from Japan or Southeast China a Guan DAO Sword. This sword weighs 25 Kg (or about 55 lbs.) and was strategically used in warfare and combat and was used by executioners for royal beheadings.
    At least give the victims a ?clean? death . . .

    1. Good info SuzySaigon. Yeah i’ve read that before too. They are all executions… in my opinion the Cartel’s brutalities in their execution is for shock value warning and bragging insult against their rivals…The more insanely brutal the better it is for them but seems like it has no effect to their rivals whatsoever. That’s how i see it.hahaha. Au contraire to the ways of those you mentioned which you are absolutely right, they execute in a much more “humane” manner.

  9. We should send this to the beaners so they know how to hack a head off….saves alot of time….I love how the siren from the ambulance is heard first…like they are going to save the guy…really funny….

  10. Whats the guy in the green doing? Is he the ref? And why is he dropping those red flags? Must be a penalty on the play…Off sides? Time out called? Illegal use of hands? Blow to the head? Clipping? Or just a simple backfield in motion…

  11. “alright guys, i show you how it done… (chop) ooh then u jump back, dont want to ruin your nice dress, ok, now i wipe blood and we go to lunch, what next on schedule?” hahaha! My loose translation!

    1. Some Saudi Arabians are actually black though. Black Saudis are descended from African slaves. Saudi Arabia didn’t outlaw slavery until the 1960s.

      There’s a notorious executioner from Saudi Arabia called Abdallah Bin Sa’id Al-Bishi, and he happens to be black, so maybe this is the same guy?

    2. that guy is not dark as coal, he’s wearing some kind of black ninja suit below the akbur white sheet so that no one recognizes him, and probably, for some kind of ‘ritual’ shit about not getting ‘contaminated’ by the ‘unclean’ job he’s doing…

  12. Many kudos the Kev and Big Johnson, and of course Mark! You work your ass off everyday for all of us and we appreciate the fuck out of you! Goddamn I wish I could help out in some way. If you or any SOBs figure out the donation dilemma, i’ll be there with a dollar in the air, and some wheat pennis. Got a buffalo nickel worth about 12 cents. And a signed polaroid from one of the ninja turtles that went to the chuck e cheese I was at a while back, if that helps. Damnit, I’m a loser. Just found out.

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