Compilation of Executions and Beheadings by Al Qaeda in Iraq

Compilation of Executions and Beheadings by Al Qaeda in Iraq

Compilation of Executions and Beheadings by Al Qaeda in Iraq

In the wake of Kenya born US president accusing Syria of using chemical weapons on civilians to justify planned illegal military action against the sovereign country, let us remember that illegal military action against sovereign Iraq, better known as Operation Destroy Iraqi Freedom (something like that) was also started with the US president making up lies about the Iraqi leader sporting weapons of mass destruction.

The result of this unjustified aggression can be seen in the upsurge in acts of terrorism Iraq did not used to experience at all – these include car bombings, sectarian executions and beheadings.

Video below is a compilation of mass executions and beheadings carried out by Sunni Al Qaeda associates on Shiite Muslims in Iraq. Keep in mind that these terrorists flying the Al Qaeda flags while carrying out mass killings are on the CIA payroll, which are the same people who destabilized Iraq with Operation Destroy Iraqi Freedom. The only country that benefits from bloodshed in Iraq and other countries forced into war is Israel.

Props to Best Gore member DerSteppenwolf for the video. I like how cars drive by as people get shot in the head at point blank range in the last sequence of the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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218 thoughts on “Compilation of Executions and Beheadings by Al Qaeda in Iraq”

  1. Yeah we liberated the hell out of them didn’t we….. “freedom” at the cost of everything they have including their daughters maidenheads. I saw a video of a military guy talking on camera about how a 15 year old iraqi girl had been kidnapped by another military guy and he pimped her out for 50 bucks. She committed suicide a few days later. The guy filming laughed and said “why’d she do that?” Guy answered with a laugh and a shrug “I guess she didn’t like it.” We created terrorists faster than we can kill them, I’m pretty sick about it.

    1. They’ve always been terrorists. They HAVE to have a brutal dictator to keep them under control. This shit is what happens when they don’t have someone giving them orders. They’re going to keep doing this, until someone makes them stop, with or without foreign influence, all they know is how to play cat and mouse. As you can see, theres hardly any combat footage, its all ha caught you off guard and execution. 2/3 of them can’t even read. Theres nothing deep or intriguing about the cause. There isn’t one. Its all mindless jibberish and murder. The world would be better off without them.

      1. ”They have always been terrorists”
        How long have you knew them? Even Iran was a halfway-decent modern country before America fucked it up by helping the regime today come true… They are monsters now but mosnters are manifactured like any other shit in todays world.

        1. I enlisted into the Marine Corps at the tender age of 17, I’m sure the people of Iran are a lot more up to date than those of Afghanistan and Iraq, but those people were some of the dumbest mother fuckers I’ve ever met.

          I remember an English Speaking Pakistani Army Captain was explaining to me the difference between the “terrorist” organizations, aka Muslim gangs pretty much, in his country. And the way he explained it to me was these people have no idea what the fuck they’re doing, but will do it as long as they’re getting paid. He was probably one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met, and definitely the most intelligent person I met over there, and he hated people from India and Turkey.

          My main point is, in this day and age, countries who revolve their political stances around strict religious policy, and enforcing it through means of violence and brutality are wasting our fucking time, and nobody hardly agrees with the shit America does, not even Americans, haven’t you ever seen Rambo.

          1. American’s didn’t created this terrorist issue ass religion did.

            American’s aren’t beheading innocent people.

            In war innocent people die but this isn’t because America is intentionally murdering innocents.

            Trying to equate American’s to these terrorist scam bags is absurd.

          2. Dude, the type of bullshitry propaganda may work well with the sheeple, but it’s not gonna stand here where we have evidence to the contrary.

            We know full well that nobody equates the barbarity and savagery of the American soldiers. Nobody else invades other countries to rape little boys, pillage from poor families, execute the elderly and torture, humiliate and sexually abuse prisoners. But above all, nobody but the Americans takes such great joy at torturing and killing animals.

            We have evidence of what scum the American soldiers are and we know there’s no match to their barbarism anywhere else in the world. I mean, seriously. You’re probably used to talking with the sheep who are brainwashed to warship war like the MSM tells them to, but on here we’ve seen the truth.

    2. This isn’t about who turned who into bloodthirsty maniacs. These fucking animals are predisposed to perform this type of slaughter. They are brainwashed from babies to believe Islam is superior and all that matters. Not human rights or equality or compassion. Coupled with the extreme version of Islam that then pollutes their already deranged impulses this stuff is no big deal to them. When we seethe with anger at their behaviour and their expansion into Western society we want to hurt them. We want to give them a taste of their own medicine. See you can see why they want revenge on a perceived enemy. But actually they are just animals, they seem very proud of their handiwork and must think that sawing heads off, murdering rows of soldiers and generally disgusting the rest of humanity is irrelevant. So we should ignore them, deport the ones already here and savagely butcher the ones who step out of line. It’s all they understand or respect. Our weakness and p.c nonsense is their ally. Fuck em all.

    3. Islam is Cancer, Islam teaches the Muslims to kill, rape, maim and keep the women as slave and sleep with them,,, I was a Muslim until I was 30 years old, I have read Quran more then 100 times and in 500 versus the Qurans asks Muslims to kill and the rest of Quran in regard to killing related versus. if the world watches while these mother fucker Allah and mother fucker Mohammad and mother fucker Ali, Omar and all others kill people like this, this will not stop here….. fuck mohammad and allah.

    4. Okay, these Al Qaeda scum of the earth are such bad ass mothers, yet they hide their ugly faces when they do dirt! They may be able to cut a head off, but that doesn’t make them bad asses, it makes them look like pussies! I would love to see them go against some of the 1% ‘ers in the US and all over the world….they would run home to the bitches who bore them!

      1. ”Let them be”, ”Policing the world”?
        These fuckers could make peace by now if you have ”Let them be” about 30-40 years ago… Thanks for policing the shit out of the world by the way…

          1. if your country has not been invaded or attacked, you have no standing in any war. And IF your territory is attacked, that is not a license to select whatever enemy of yours you wish to attack and attack them- everyone already knows that- it is part of the golden rule, which any properly raised child anywhere learns as soon as he or she can speak.

    1. can you please give me the fundamental differencas between suuni and shiite? i need to know my enemies. how can you tell if a male is sunni. i know they are able to lie to preserve life. do they believe that all non muslims are a lower form of life?

      1. By tradition and shit, sunni people seem to be more extream on religion but that can’t be a healthy source if you are to pick enemies, for example religious people here in Turkey are mostly supposed sunni muslims but you won’t see people going snackbar crazy in streets (atleast not for now, we are trying to prevent that). You should pick on the ones who follow sheria law… Try some documentaries on youtube before jumping on any conclusions, enemies are easy to make 😉

    2. As a new member and old observer, i never liked the treatment people recieve while getting beheaded (bound and cut like a sheep)… Can’t say no to blood anyway. Thank you for fueling the good old hate, i was beginning to think it was gone 😀

    3. So steppenwolf did i read in another post that u were from somewhere in north africa? whats it like there living so close to all that crazy egyptian protest shit and other islamized north african places? Must be trippy id wanna be packing a .45 and a sawn off lol. Thanks for the great contibutions man and stay safe!

        1. I would probably be freaking out too, doing anything I could to escape, even though the outcome is pretty bleak. However, I believe they keep their composure for the most part because it has to do with their religion. They’re dying in the name of Allah, and whatever mythical crap is promised to them on the other side.

          1. yeah, being an athiest, all i know is this world, i wouldnt let myself be captured like they have, i either die in the battle or i live through it, no other options for me

          2. @Blade Barbie, you’re correct. Islam teaches that life is not precious. They think life is a mere waiting room, a transient place to wipe your feet before you enter paradise. Islam offers a bleak, depressing view of the world.

            “The life of this world is only idle play and diversion” ? Quran 47:36

            “The enjoyment of this world is little, and the Hereafter is better for he who fears Allah” ? Quran 4:77

            “Do ye prefer the life of this world to the Hereafter? But little is the comfort of this life, as compared with the Hereafter” ? Quran 9:38

            What a shit way to see the world. Fucking retarded Muslims.

    1. You’d think so but these guys know they are dead as soon as they are captured and any resistance they give will make their death prolonged and more painful. By the time the knife touches their throat they are already dead mentally.

  2. There doesn’t need to be a reason to invade such barbaric countries. There might have not been a surge of violence like there is now before the US invaded Iraq, but lets not forget who these people are, and this video among MANY others just goes to show that. If it were up to me I’d bring Adolf Hitler back to life with a new mission, and a hundred years after he accomplished his mission we’d all be better off for it, and the people of the middle east would be a distant memory, much like the Native Americans.

    1. as liam gallagher once said … taking cocaine to me is as normal as having a cup of tea. he meant because he did it so much it became so normal ,its the same with these fuckers and the hangings and beheadings ,it must be just a normal everyday occurence

      1. I don’t see why we put up with them. In fact, it blows my mind that a country hasn’t just wiped them out yet. In my own words “A German Shepherd is a dog and so is a Pug. That doesn’t mean they’re on the same level.” My analogy when comparing humans. These people are human, but they’re definitely the worst, shittiest humans. The only way to solve the problem, is to just put them all down. We could be working on terraforming mars or something, but we’re to worried about tolerating Muslims, and other stupid shit.

        1. I agree Fapple. Muslims are the worst thing to happen to humanity. I don’t hate any other demographic as much as I hate Muslims, they are sub-human scum and they need to be exterminated. I wish our countries would stop getting involved in the Middle East, I don’t want our great nations to be involved with scum like this. Just leave them all alone to kill each other. We westerners should leave them alone and concentrate on our own problems, Muslims are never going to become civilized, they’re a lost cause. Everything about them is disgusting.

          1. If muslims are the worst shit why do you stupid brits still let them migrate to your fuckin country ?

            They behead your people in the middle of street and You cant do shit. Island never captured since 1066 now overruned by unarmed apes from desert. LoooL. I have no respect for british maggots.

          2. why leave them alone when we can play with them, lead them to fight with eachother and wipe eachother out, much more fun than just leaving them alone

        2. right. could you imagine how much cooler the world would be if we where not busy fighting and blowing it up.
          Flying cars, huge epic landscapes. As George Carlin once put. Humans have squandered the great gift of the brain for many years. This is the out come. I am in agreement.
          But i still wonder, even if we wipe out Muslims. Who’s gonna stop the rich fat american cats who manipulate everything? There will always be somebody who won’t play nice. Its in the human nature. Anyone preaching peace, Jesus, John Lennon, Martin Luther King Jr, seems to end up killed. ??? I say let the chaos roll, there is nothing we can do about it.

          1. The only thing you can do as a man, or woman, is protect the people and things you care about most……and arm yourselves….to the teeth..

  3. DerSteppenwolf thanks for the great video
    The first beheading is quicker than the one being performed in the video of the fastest beheading of the
    mexican girl
    that was a sharp ass knive what he had.
    The dirty putana is a good combination between his knive,his skills and a filty sand rat

  4. Last beheading very effective I like it.. Also id like to think I wouldnt bend over in some vain attempt to avoid a bullet and just end up getting paralyzed or something shitty like that.

    1. most likely the crime they commit hanging is harder to do so they might shoot them instead, or maybe instead of burying a woman up to her chest for adultery they might shoot her to save time digging a hole, but i dont know for sure

  5. Dear motherfucking goatbusters, please be so kind and dig the next time a hole, throw the people inside and a grenade afterwards or finish them with a rpg, thats bloody inefficient with your toy guns. Plus hire more of some pros like in the last decapitation. Thanks in advance, now fuck you, your pedophile prophet and your imaginary Bugs Bunny god.

  6. No wonder theres a lot of iraqis in my country now….war make poeple leave their country and thats making whole lot of illegal imigrant everywhere…ends up with another criminals etc….why people dont just keep their asses and face war like a man…

      1. If something happened and Canada was invaded i wouldnt run, id want to perhaps send my family away to somewhere safer but no way id malitia up any way i could and resist and try to protect and defend my beloved country

  7. And with help from somebody yanking the head back, knife seem making its way so easily through the neck meat and bone. We can see how the eye went blank on the last beheading victim after he close it in the beginning. On a joking side and then he open his eye and look at us, he was like ” you enjoying watching this huh?” : D
    This is horrible.

        1. I wonder how often it happens in death, in the death pics here i always look at the ass area and try to see if they went poo poo or whatever but usually with decomp bodyjuice and blood and or mixed with dirt hard to tell. I did notice in the mexican chick fast beheading that she pissed herself

  8. Don’t think i could do that to somebody. I have no prob shooting somebody if they are going to attack me, or the people i care about. But these guys are fighting for god as they claim. Don’t think god would appreciate this kind of treatment on his creation. And who made these people the hand of god?

    1. you clearly dont know islam, it is one of the most violent and dangerous religions in the world, the only religion more dangerous is judaism, christianity and cathocism have modernised themselves to some degree so are more tolerable in modern society, but islam and judaism havent changed since their inception

    2. @JohnCandy, it all makes sense when you read the Quran. Islam condones this kind of sick behaviour.

      “Remember your Lord inspired the angels with this message: I am with you, give firmness to the Believers. I will instill terror into the hearts of the disbelievers, so strike off their heads and strike all their finger-tips off them” ? Quran 8:12

  9. Isn’t it a shame cameras were not around in the medieval times? We really will never see the scale of old battlefields and executions, instead we only read about them and see artistic interpretations. Obviously I’m a history fan (as well as the Mongols) which is why I bring that up. Aside from that though good video from the religion of jizzlam. Operation Iraqi freedom was a great success for the stars of this film! At least they had sharp knives for those beheadings which is a small positive. Its just a shame the Mongols didn’t wipe out more of the allahu akhbars for us back then. Anyway enough history and shit, glad to have finally posted something after lurking a while.

  10. Those people over there are very sick and evil. They are a danger to the civilized world. If they are not stopped they will bring their evil ways to the cities of the world and no one will be safe.

    1. there is a famous american president Theodore Roosevelt. He was an explorer and dealer in allot of action throughout his early life. He coined the fraze walk softly and carry a big stick.
      I am considerate to all people i encounter, but if they tread on me, i do carry a big stick. A matching pair of .45’s on each shoulder.

      1. I imagine there is prob not much pain, your body has endorphin that kick in naturally in a traumatic wound that is like a natural pain killer. People who have been shot or stabbed or even bitten by large animals have commented that they didn’t even know they where wounded.
        But i also can tell you that you would be completely aware that blood is spewing out of you, and that a knife is chopping into you, and if its true that the brain lives for a few minutes after separation. Then dam.

  11. Too bad such well-mustachioed people are victims and perpetrators of stupid fucking religious fanaticism. Do you have any idea how many wigs those sweet staches could make? And they’re all going to waste out in the sand.

  12. Faaaark me! That last decap was pretty good! I still can’t figure out why they just take it like that, fair enough if their worried they’ll kill their families or maybe get tortured if they misbehave but me personally, would try an at least talk my way out of it ( Allah wont forgive you! Allah loves me! Allah has a purpose for me! Lol)

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