Couple on Motorcycle Crashed, Girl Peed Herself

Couple on Motorcycle Crashed, Girl Peed Herself

This accident happened on Avenida dos Bandeirantes in São Paulo, Brazil. I was told that the accident was fatal, although the video shows medics securing victims’ necks and taking them to the hospital. Maybe the medics just did not want to be too hasty declaring them dead on the scene?

By the looks of it, a couple on a motorcycle collided with a single guy on a motorcycle. The single motorcyclist and the male rider from the other motorcycle wore helmets, but the girl passenger did not. She appears to have peed herself. Very considerate of her to lube it up for a twisted mortician…

The single motorcyclist appears to wiggle his fingers and witnesses appear to speak with the male rider from the other motorcycle. Do you think it was the girl who died?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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72 thoughts on “Couple on Motorcycle Crashed, Girl Peed Herself”

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        1. I believe the girl is dead. I saw the eye thing too, but after replaying it a few times I think it’s just a trick of the shitty quality of the recording. It looks like that one eye might just be slightly open & you can only see it when the camera zooms in. By the way people treat her, it would seem she is dead. People are hovering over the other two, but after the woman checked the girl she says something that I assumed was like, she’s not breathing. She doesn’t move at all, nor does her chest or stomach go up & down from breathing. Also, as time passes, the pool of blood underneath her gets larger. I hate to say it but she probably died for lack of a helmet, while the 2 guys are, at least at the time the video was made, still alive & moving around.

          They put her in a neckbrace & carry her off probably just so a doctor can declare her dead at the hospital. If she was alive, at that point, she couldn’t have been much longer.

  1. Fuck, I feel sorry for the sheila and her folks. I’ve seen a chick fall over flat and piss herself after a taste of heroin, in the middle of a crowded room. It was pretty undignified.

  2. I think the girl and guy are both deceased, the other dude, looked dead, and was moving his fingers….hmmm? Anyhow, they were either dead or good at play acting, or unconcious, creepy guy with those fingers, that was weird…

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            @daweeka I missed you as well dammit. Don’t leave us all hangin like that again. Hope things are lookin up for you though.

      1. Hi all, sorry, I’ve had loads of stuff happening, none of it good, but priorities say that I must take care of my real life first then my virtual one…lol, as far as Tom goes, he got work and doesn’t have time to even email, let alone be on the computer. I don’t know if he’s been around or not but last time I emailed him he just said he didn’t have the time. I think he’s working at the post office or something, I’m just glad he has found work.

  3. Apparently in Brazil when you’re not where flip flops you’re wearing hooker heels. Geez. And when the hell will people realize that shorts + motorcycles = bad things. I’d definitely guess the chick is dead because the ‘concerned bystanders’ aren’t really paying her much attention, while they’re moving the bike off of the one guy and talking to both males, checking their pulses, etc.. A bunch of stuff you wouldn’t worry about doing for a corpse. Plus, the way the guy is focusing on her in the video says she is probably the casualty. Though, who knows, maybe they were all pronounced dead later.

  4. None of the victims show any signs of true movement. The guy in the leathers could be dead and having muscle contractions in his fingers due to brain trauma. The girl bled out of either her nose or eyes – not a good sign. Pee’ing is usually a sign of death but not always.

  5. None of the victims show any signs of true movement. The guy in the leathers could be dead and having muscle contractions in his fingers due to brain trauma. The girl bled out of either her nose or eyes – not a good sign. Pee’ing is usually a sign of death but not always.

  6. I don’t think any of them died.
    All three were showing signs of life either by wiggling their fingers or trying to speak.
    You can also clearly see the woman moving her eyes as to look at the camera man saying why are you recording this?

    My guess is they might have broken some bones, maybe did some internal damage and just didnt wanna move in case they did further damage.

  7. I came off a horse last year-wasn’t wearing a helmet-and got knocked completely out. I woke up later in the hospital wearing nothing but a sheet. Apparently not only did I pee myself when I was unconscious but the medics in the ambulance cut ALL my clothes off. And unfortunately I was wearing a new bra, dammit! I was grateful they couldn’t cut off my boots, I’d have been pissed! My boots & spurs were the only 4 items that came home with me intact that evening.

  8. The girl looked dead – one of her eyes was open, and the pupil looked “fixed” & dilated, a sure sign of death. They put her on the gurney because unless it is blatantly obvious, EMTs are taught to never declare a person dead, and to allow doctors at the hospital to make that determination.

    The guy on the gray motorcycle was clearly alive because of the twitching of his fingers and the fact that the EMTs were treating him at the scene. If he were in danger of dying, their immediate response would have been to transport while treating the person.

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