Creepy Blue Eye – Train Accident Half Head Decapitation

Creepy Blue Eye, Looks Like When a Cat Locks a Stare on You

Creepy Blue Eye, Looks Like When a Cat Locks a Stare on You

When lifeless eye stares you down like that, it’s as if you were looking straight into the depths of hell. You wouldn’t want to touch it with a stick cause it looks like it could come alive at any time and bite your Johnson off. Creepier than fresh semen on a bench in a public park.

The victim got hit by a train and ended half head decapitated and with broken pelvis. Trains don’t fuck around. But that eye is after the trainmaster now. I think I’d quit riding trains if I were him. Half head decapitations are brutal.

Props to drccoco for the pics:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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88 thoughts on “Creepy Blue Eye – Train Accident Half Head Decapitation”

  1. No brainer…

    And right when i looked at this, the train that goes near my house passed through… Oh and im not sure how to get pics to you, mark. But i have a pretty decent shot of some guys guts floating in a pond… Ya know, if you want to see them…

          1. @Jesus, a wild scorpion is NOT yours to take! You think it wants to give up its freedom to live in an aquarium, in your house? save up and buy a ‘captive’ bred one.

          2. @Tiger you are a strange chick aren’t you? most chicks hate insects besides getting a wild one would be free i’m not rich like you..

          3. @Jesus, people/zoo-keepers say that about every caged/captured animal (they are safer here/we feed them etc.) I believe captured wildlife is usually denied many of their basic instincts.
            I’m NOT rich, I rent my home, I drive a 13 yr old car, where did you conjure up THAT one?
            Insects are animals too! (they are NOT vegetable or mineral!) I like ALL animals, ok.

          4. spiders, that is a true fact.
            And jesus, ther you go YET AGAIN assuming that you know something about somebody wehn you have no fucking clue what You’re talking about.

            yes you can catch wild stuff, enjoy them for a bit and then let them go.

            Doesn’t cost you, or the critter anything, but to assume that You know better than IT knows for itself what IT needs and where IT can go find it… overestimate your abilitys, as did I in my youth, resulting in some very unnessassary unhappy anmials.

          5. @Tiger trust me you are richer than i could be doesn’t mean you have to live in a mansion to be rich

            arachnids = spiders = insects i know a ton of girls that get scared if they see any kind of insect/bug so it’s surprising that you like them

            i do love animals my dream was to work in an animal shelter but never came true perhaps in the future it will i also love those big hairy spiders


            i’m human i make mistakes i am not perfect i’ve had a few wild animals in the past like a barn owl, mice, white pigeon, lizard, snake among others

            i did not go and capture them they were outside my home and some got inside i just took them as pets right now i don’t have any wild animals except my dogs and cat that’s why i’m planning to get a rat, scorpion, hermit crab or a reptile if i get the money

          6. @Jesus, I always take scary ‘bugs’ outside, I would never spray them. I know most women (men too) are scared of insects, its strange, considering how small they are! Don’t get me wrong I will scream if I look down and something ‘is on me’, but I’m alright if I just ‘see’ a bug. I moved a big ‘orb-weaver’ spider not long ago, the gutters were being painted and I didn’t want him to get covered in paint, cos I knew where he sleeps during the day,the painter didn’t even think I was weird, he just goes “righto”, he stood back though, the pussy.
            I have to admit it is kind of you to care for wildlife BUT you must remember there are trained folks for this maybe you could do a ‘carers course’? You are very lucky to have had the experience with the owl, and the lizard and snake….

      1. insects are bad ass. if they were full size humans would never survive. they fight to the death or untill they kill you. there is no fear in them. just how they’re wired. scorpions always creep me out. all those legs, claws and poisonous tail. a true fighting machine.

          1. @mouse, maybe in captivity (kill their young) or under stress, people used to think crocodiles were killing/eating their young too, until looked at properly ~ they were actually gently carrying their babies to the water after hatching, the mother croc will NOT eat in the area for ages so as not to accidently eat one of her babies, don’t forget there are cases where humans have killed/eaten their baby.

      2. I love you’re comment, Mark, about liking cats. So many of them are mistreated. Anyway, there’s a page in Facebook called “Real Men are Kind to Animals.” A lot of the photos are of soldiers and firefighters rescuing dogs and cats. Very heartwarming.

          1. I have 1/2 a dozen new ones that are SO FUCKING CUTE! and yes, that is THE FIRST time I have EVER used the word “cute” to decribe ANYTHING on Best Gore, even though they really have NOTHING to do WITH, Best Gore.

            That is about the only word that really works.

  2. That is a nice creepy lookin’ eye, what I wanna know is, what did he do to make @drcocco push him in front of the train? Drcocco probably bought a new camera and wanted to try it out. Good job, my man!

    1. Hey I saw this video the other day and your old skeleton face politician avatar came out in it with a bunch of other skeleton faced suits…where are they from? it looked like they were part of music video or a movie of some kind.

  3. So true HLAM. I would absolutely hate getting stung by one. I almost did though. He was a nasty little fucker but we had to get some bug spray and douse my house with it so we took him outside and when we went to get him a whole bunch of fire ants had gotten to him

  4. It seems to me you’d have to be a complete moron to get hit by a train on foot, unless you want to die, it’s not like you can’t here a train form a mile away, even if your deaf you would still feel it coming.

  5. Hey, I just noticed the new ads, new pussy on the right, hopefully they change the pic everyday like npotd, gives us somethin’ to talk about when things slow down, I also hope they don’t fuck mark over like the last assholes.

    1. around here, cabs have a machine that calculates the price of the ride with a combination of kilometers travelled and time elapsed, so you can?t charge your passenger before the trip is over…….The only place I knew were cabbies charged you whatever and whenever they wanted was in european-pseudobanana-republic GREECE…

    1. Damage to the train itself?
      Too much mass and solid material.
      Fleshy Virus is just a squishy sack of shit that causes no harm to fast solid things (sheet metal and glass are different….not solid, and not strong)

    1. People who post their comment in one place, then forget where they posted it and look for it in another place asking questions like “where did my comment go” because they can’t find it are perfect candidates for the top spot on the gnomes’ blacklist. There are no second chances for those who waste gnomes’ time with stupidity.

      1. Actually Mark, i remember highrisers comment and im 99% sure she’s right in the fact that it did, mysteriously disappear.

        Just saying.

        Also, people have done much worse things here than ask a question without getting a ban, so i find it funny that you block highriser for making an inquiry (she wasnt even rude about it, legit, just a question).

        Well, i have some questions id like to ask about this situation (id like to hear both sides of things), but frankly, im scared to ask thinking you might just ban me too…

        1. It did not disappear, it’s still there. He commented on a picture not on the main post and the comment is still exactly where he left it. The offensive comment from him directed at me was chewed up by the gnomes. When idiots waste my time with idiocy, whole community suffers because instead of posting updates, I have to deal with their shit. I won’t let thousands of people hanging for one tool.

          1. She*
            have you never forgotten or misplaced something before in your life? (my glasses, where? on my face.)
            Regardless, I’m pretty sure we all make mistakes and I’m also pretty sure you wasted more of your own time responding and banning her than had you just ignored it her in the first place..?

            ^ I dunno how to make a confused face, so you get the worried face as compensation.
            D: No face at all just seemed so rude for some reason, and I’m sincerely not trying to be; just intrigued as to the train of thought, really.

            People confuse me and im socially retarded so, when you have time, if you have time, im interested in human reactions and would be interested in a response.

          2. That would have been an option if Highriser3’s comment did not imply something which is not true – that non abusive comments are arbitrarily deleted. There’s so much wrong with that comment there’s no going back on it.

  6. I’m sure there are more efficient ways of committing suicide instead of being torn apart and turned into mush by a fast moving machine. Its amazing how vulnerable our bodies really are, just a heap of bones and flesh that is destined to wither away or be cremated. That eye should be placed inside a doll, now that would be freaky.

  7. I’ve been close to a site of a death caused by a train. It was a warm night on a small californian town in the middle of nowhere, I went outside my home for a cigarette and next thing I know I see a train making an abrupt stop. A few minutes later I hear the words “OH FUCK” coming from the conductors cabin, several more minutes pass by and I see a couple of squad cars plus the coroner’s van pull up by the train tracks to see what the hell happened. It was pretty dark and I couldn’t see what happened very well, so I decided to grab my camera and zoomed in on the site since the police officers couldn’t allow anyone near the site of death. as I was zooming in I saw chunks of arms, legs, pieces of torso as well as what remained of that person’s head being placed inside plastic bags. Thank goodness those headlights provided excellent illumination… otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to witness the aftermath of a train accident.

  8. Always makes me wonder just how fucking dumb you have to be to get hit by a train. You can hear those fuckers coming from a mile away and the track is so narrow, step the fuck off of it.

    Scratch that, just stay the fuck off of the tracks, there’s plenty of walking room everywhere else.

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