Curbside Beheading in Iraq

Curbside Beheading in Iraq

This has got the be the fastest beheading ever. It’s as if the victim’s head spontaneously detached. You could hardly behead someone this fast with a chainsaw, let alone with a knife.

Do Arabs view beheadings as we view porn? If you listen to the intensifying Snackbaring in these beheading videos from the Middle East, it doesn’t sound too far from fake moans porn stars make to fake orgasms. Snackbar pissed in my mouth I caaaaaaame!

The video is from Iraq. The beheading was carried out by Al Qaeda affiliated militants (Al-Sunna Sunni extremists), the victim was a Mehadi army member (Shia Muslim). In Iraq, if you’re going to have a smoke outside, take a camera with you. You never know – there could be a curbside beheading happening at any given moment.

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167 thoughts on “Curbside Beheading in Iraq”

  1. Shit, that was fast! That knife has got to be real sharp so it could get the head off of the body so fast.
    I like this, nothing beats humans behaving like animals. Damn, not even animals behave this way, listen to the people screaming; I wish I knew what they are saying.

    Definitely humans are the most vicious and savage creatures on the planet.

        1. usually This happens to traitor or an enemy that has generated a lot of damage and declared war, only certain people who find the penalty kill. was due to treachery, which has led many lives lost. it’s a fair punishment. and the strict prohibition of torture did exist, it must be done with as quickly as possible. it’s why the mujahideen do it quickly,
          because there are severe restrictions on it. not like the gangster columbia, mexico etc .. ^.

    1. You don’t know much about the animal world then. Our chimpanzee cousins have murders just like we do. In the 80’s there was a mother daughter chimp duo that went to other groups, murder individuals, and then eat their corpses.

      Mink and ferrets will kill for sport. They’ll kill every chicken in a coop just because they can, they’ll chew off the hooves and ankles of horses and cattle, they’ll kill their own young or mates for the hell of it. Kits will even kill each other if they feel like it. I’ve seen kits behead each other, disembowel each other, mothers rip the throats out of their kits, males biting off the feet of females, the list goes on. They’re nasty, mean little suckers.

      Ducks and penguins are complete perverts and sexual sadists. Wounded females are likely to get gang raped, and duck males will even rape birds of other species. It’s why there are so many hybrids. They will fuck the corpses of the dead, juveniles, or just about anything else. Victorian explorers to the Antarctic found the sexual antics of penguins to be so deplorable they had to be written in Greek when written at all.

      Humans are not special or any worse than other species.

        1. Hey Nicole, I don’t know if you saw my reply quite a few pages back, and don’t blame you if you haven’t seen it, but since the start of the month I’ve been moving and getting screwed by the state. Things just settled down so now I’m finally back.

          1. Oh no, I have not seen it! I had no clue, either! That’s a load of barnacle shit!

            Sorry that you are wading through manure!

            Hope all gets better! Glad to have you back!

      1. Blindmag, Are you out of your tree!?!?
        Humans are massively worse than ANY other animal on the planet. Humans are the only species to ever intentionally drive another species into extinction. Humans are also the only species to totally fuck up and poison the environment, screw a hole in the ozone layer, and live with a very real possibility of destroying almost all life on Earth with nuclear weapons. no creature that has ever lived can make that claim. and you think we are no worse???
        Wow, You had some good points going and had me on your side until that last statement, no matter how salient your points are your last statement murdered your credibility.

        1. Um not quite again. Driving another species into extinction? Ducks again along with many other species. Mallards especially. It’s called the evolutionary process. One species is better adapted and drives the others out and into extinction.

          Fuck up and poison the environment? Carbon cycle does that. Ever here of a little thing called Snowball Earth? Also ever heard of these things called beavers? When they build the right dam they completely destroy the ecosystem between the felled trees and flooding.

          Ozone layer- carbon cycle. Research Venus and Mars and what happened to their atmospheres.

          Nuclear weapons maybe fairly unique, but there have been numerous mass extinctions throughout history that have nearly wiped everything out. K2 reduced the land population to roughly 10% and the oceanic to about 80%. Mass extinctions happen. It’s nothing new or special.

          We are nothing special. There is nothing we can do that this planet hasn’t already seen ten time worse. Nuclear winter? Check out what happened when the planet was formed and the first couple million years before life existed. Especially the part where it’s possible that the moon was formed from another planet colliding with Earth.

          People always say they want to save the Earth, all they can do is save their way of life. They can’t do anything to this planet that hasn’t already happened.

          1. well…by manipulating quantum physics we could. for instance we could create a mini black hole which would fall to the center of the earth and start to “eat” the planet. that’s pretty unique.

          2. You don’t know your physics. What you are referring to is Hawking radiation. Even if we *could* create a mini black hole the thing would essentially evaporate. Besides the fact that the super dense matter of black holes wouldn’t just magically stay in the center of the planet. Also given the possible scale of the mini black hole it wouldn’t have enough juice to cause spaghettification of the entire planet, let alone survive long enough too.

    2. Chimpanzees are the same cept they eat thier victims as well sooooo we havnt come far lol. As for the head there is a spot at the top of the spine and the base of the skull. Put the knife in that spot and all you have to cut is the stem of the cerebel cortex its kinda fatty you can see it in the brutal beheading video.

          1. It didn’t look like a road flare to me, as someone who’s spenr a lot of time on boats, I know that flare guns are orange 99.99999%

  2. He cheated! He used one of those electric carving knives for the Sunday roast. I hear beheading competitions are big business in that dirty sandpit we call the middle east. That guy has 9 gold medals in beheading. He framed his victim claiming he had converted to atheism just so he could stop him beating him in the infidel challenge beheading championships next month. I read it in yesterday’s sun newspaper so it must be true.

  3. Wow!! That was good but not as good as the dune coon in the long white robe with his long ass sword, like a hot knife through butter! Ive got to say beheadings and masochism have got to be my favorites… Rawr 😉

  4. All we get over here is the occasional bum laying down on the sidewalk, don’t know what I’d think if I suddenly saw something like this happening as I walk down the street.

    I also think they were going through an intense orgasm when the guy’s head fell off, violence must be an aphrodisiac to them.

  5. Now that’s how you rip a fucking head off! I haven’t seen a head come off that fast since Scorpion’s fatality move in Mortal Kombat. They should definitely capitalize on this beheading and teach other beheaders their secret, could you imagine the market, their are other terrorist cells, insurgent groups, the Taliban, Al Qaeda, Abu Sayef, the FSA, the Saudi Wahabis, militant and rebel groups around the world, heart broken German death metal dudes, and that’s not even including all the Colombian and Mexican cartels the latter of which would surely benefit greatly from the “Al Sunna Sunni method”

        1. I recommend you and every other join go back and read every post not just the heart broken German death metal dude that beheads his long time crush…you don’t know what your missing out on, some of the best posts on BG are the older ones, it might take you a couple of days maybe more to go thru every single post on here but its worth get to work noobies.

    1. Let the mexicools keep doing it their own way! I don’t want monotonous crap when i look for beheadings,besides,mexicans have axes and chainsaws,but those are nothing personal and painless compared with the messy “blunt” knife ones.

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