Daughter Holds Mother’s Severed Head After Traffic Accident Decapitation

Daughter Holds Mother's Severed Head After Traffic Accident Decapitation

Daughter Holds Mothers Severed Head After Traffic Accident Decapitation

This video was posted on LiveLeak and other sites but nobody had the backstory. I do have the backstory because Best Gore Members Rock!

The accident happened at the Periyamulla traffic lights in the city of Negombo in Sri Lanka. The daughter took her mother by motorcycle to the city to buy medication she needed. Traffic was heavy and someone driving a car behind them decided to force his way forward after the use of foul language did not grant him a corridor through overcrowded street.

The idiot driver knocked mother and daughter off the motorcycle and drove over mother’s neck, decapitated her on the spot. Devastated daughter picked her mother’s severed head up and begged onlookers to help her. There wasn’t anything anyone could do to save her mother’s life, but it’s understandable that such sudden and violent death of her parent put her in a state of severe distress and asking for help to bring her mother back was about the only thing she could think of doing.

The daughter was interviewed after the incident by a local news channel and said that: “Everyone was videotaping but no one tried to help ” – it’s the world we live in. Ignorance has taken over our lives and people look for opportunities to brag on Facebook about rather than help. As a non Facebook sheep, I noticed that during my trip around the world – I went to see the sunset, Facebook sheep went to take pictures of the sunset so they can post it on Facebook for everyone to tell them how they envied them being in a foreign country. I went to a local restaurant to taste local cuisine, Facebook sheep went to a local restaurant to brag before their Facebook surrogates that they tried local cuisine.

The surviving daughter’s name is Nilukaa Damayanthi. She’s 21 year old. Her mother was 59 year old and her name was Jasintha Irangani.

Props to Best Gore member Uzumaki Chamal for the video and the backstory:

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93 thoughts on “Daughter Holds Mother’s Severed Head After Traffic Accident Decapitation”

        1. Shitty deal. Actually kinda feel bad for this chick. I can laugh all day long at Muslims and Cartel members getting their heads chopped off, but when its undeserved its a bit different. Oh well, shoulda bought a car I guess.

    1. No! Quick if we reattach her head we can still save her!
      No, seriously that is messed up.
      I had a dream where my sister was some how decapitated and I was in a panic thinking that if I could somehow reattach her head I could revive her… crazy dream logic.

  1. Damn, I guess the least they could have done is try and console her. First thing I thought when I saw this was she was trying to reenact the scene from Hamlet when he tries to talk to Yorick’s skull. Wonder what was so important that the driver had to kill someone in order to be the first one through the lane.

  2. I’ve seen alot of heart wrenching things on bg…but this must rank at the top. She was obviously in deep shock, and despair over the sudden and horrifing death of her beloved mother, right before her eyes. I think the bystanders, at least the ones that weren’t too busy filming the worst moment of this young womans life, should have gently restrained her and offered what comfort they could….. R.I.P. Jasintha

  3. I’d do the same, except I’d take it home with me and attempt to preserve it.
    Then I’d continue on as if nothing ever happened and have conversations with her and say whatever I wanted to for once in my life.

    But really, when I was 8 I told my mom that when she dies I was going to send her to a taxidermist and drive her around in my convertible, because that’s what you do when you love someone.

  4. While enjoy a good beheading, this is just fucked up. Poor girl and fuck all of you for your comments

    Mexicans drug dealers getting beheaded is fuckin awesome

    Mom beheaded because some impatient motherfucker is sad

  5. Holy shit! What a horrible thing to experience, watching your mother’s head torn off by road rage. I’m assuming it was a hit and run and the driver is at large. I lost my mother years ago due to an illness, but I don’t know how I would react if she died like that woman. Nilukaa will carry that vision with her the rest of her life, even after she no longer has nightmares.

  6. I’m glad people take the time to get video of these incidents. So the circumstances in my own life don’t seem as bad. It’s all about the experiences! Chainsaw Beheading? Check. Woman walking around with her own mother’s head in her hands? Check. Ah, vicariousness… It’s like a warm blanket keeping me all snuggled up until my own gruesome death occurs.

  7. Too bad that big nigger from green mile died because he coulda hook that dome up… Sad.. She shouldn’t have scooped the dome.. People get paid good money to scoop domes… Leave it to the professional body scrapers to clean up girl….

  8. I feel really bad for the girl, she’s going to need some serious help after this. But I am curious, how someone driving over your neck in a car can decapitate you – I mean I kow there’s the weight, but wouldn’t that just crush the neck? Either way you are dead.

  9. this is one of those videos that crops up from time to time that serves as a moral test,even the most hardcore gore veterans would see this and feel a lump in their throat or have to take an extra heavy breath and hold it,fucking horrifying,for the split second you picture yourself in that scenario,and thank fuck it isnt

  10. That is proper fucked up. This site never ceases to amaze me. I wouldnt been be seen dead in flip flops. How people can have such low self esteem as to die in those things is beyond me. Fucked up beyond belief…

  11. You can see why people stay away from the girl tho… i mean, to glance at, you have a dead body on the ground with loads of blood, and then you see a black woman screeming out, as holding severed head…… talk about first impresstons!!
    The thing is tho, in there country this is a normal scean to them. If it took place in england, there would be a road block put up within seconds, and about 20 armed police shouting out to the woman ” drop the head and put your hands in the air” ect.
    The poor girl, this will be with her for life now. personly, i dont know how any one, can cope with loosing a loved one in such a bad bad way?? god bless

  12. Damn, my mom was a foreign exchange student IN NEGOMBO and said she got around via being a passenger on a motorbike. This makes me so glad this didn’t happen to her!

    I agree with Mark and Nilukaa Damayanthi, too many people videotape and photograph instead of participate and help.

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