Decapitated Body Found Sitting in a Street in Aleppo, Syria

Decapitated Body Found Sitting in a Street in Aleppo, Syria

Got to love Syria – random headless corpse is sitting in a random street. The bad news is that the corpse looks to be of a young person. Probably not older than early teens – though I’ve never been very good at estimating people’s ages, especially not when it comes to people without heads.

The video is from Aleppo. The narrator yaps something about the body being of a martyr decapitated by exploding barrels. Snackbar found a random corpse that’s been there for a while and acts like he actually knows what happened. Bullshit start to finish.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. Another example of footage stabilization software at its best.

      Youtube also offers this feature if you try to upload shitty footage.

      The software magnifies the footage, stabilizes that “important” stuff simply cutting off the unnecessary edges.

      In very shaky footage using this technique you sometimes can still see the black areas popping into the frame on the sides.

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