Decapitated Head of a Suicide Bomber

Decapitated Head of a Suicide Bomber

I imagined a soldier strolling down the street somewhere in the Middle Eastern country who casually walks up to a decapitated head of a suicide bomber. It’s one of those things that’s very rare to happen to most of us. I also imagined back in the day, in the day when Vikings ruled the North, you’d walk into the forest to take a dump and randomly find a decapitated head. Back then there must have been dead bodies in various stages of gore at any random place. Nowadays, unless you live in Iraq or Afghanistan (or some other God forsaken country like Venezuela), you may find it hard to randomly tip over a decapitated head. World today is stripped of such surprises.

This image was sent by a dedicated Best Gore reader. Information is scarce but I’m being told that this is a decapitated head of a suicide bomber. Which country it took place in or when is unknown to me. Where the rest of the body is, or whether there is anything left out of it is a mystery.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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31 thoughts on “Decapitated Head of a Suicide Bomber”

  1. WOW! Look at the nice goodies sticking out of his neck. Looks like a couple of sticks, but I’ll bet it’s some ligaments. NICE.

    I’ve always said, be passionate about SOMETHING, BUT DON’T Lose YOUR HEAD Over it. 🙂

  2. This happened in Iraq, this pic is pretty old, i saw it on some time ago, as with a few other not so well known sites. the head actually belongs to a guy that was relatively close to a car bomb, supposedly a large piece of shrapnel from the car blew off and sliced his head off in quite a jagged fasion. thus, lonely head on asphalt.

  3. If someone is willing to do this to themselves to do that to us then the hell with them.We shold fill up their whole land with concrete until it’s flat at the mountain tops.Nowhere to hide then.When we needed extra armor for our vehicals we should have been strapping these assholes to the outside of our tanks and hummers.Fuck all you brown fucks!

  4. No i think there is a bee there he doesnt want it to sting the guy he is helping…lol !! oh yeah and wtf about the what is 7 virgins are theyre that many look at all these fuck buckets killing themselves stupid fucks they loose a cherry and these dicks get all busted up over it ( i kill me…. hahahaha..NOT..LOL!!!!

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