Dismembered Remains of Two Boys Found Inside Garbage Bags

One Garbage Bag Per One Dismembered Youth

Dismembered Remains of Two Boys Found Inside Garbage Bags

On January 5, 2013 two young men, one 15 and one 21 year old were kidnapped from a bar called El Azabache Negro (The Black Jet) in Ciudad Valles, Veracruz by a group of heavily armed gunmen. A few days later, their dismembered remains were found in two black garbage bags next to a road leading to the community of Santa Teresa near Papaloapan, municipality of Tuxtepec, state of Oaxaca, Mexico. The boys had been tortured and beheaded before the sicarios cut their corpses up. Police were able to identify them as 21 year old José Víctor Sánchez Tejeda Francisco and 15 year old Javier Muñoz Hernández.

Tuxtepec must be trying to keep up with Acapulco cause only recently a man, a woman and a child were executed while fleeing Tuxtepec to avoid the wreath of drug trafficker. They failed, sicarios won. Violence is definitely not slowing down in Mexico. If anything, it’s on a rise. As if Mexico had not been violent enough before 2013.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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65 thoughts on “Dismembered Remains of Two Boys Found Inside Garbage Bags”

  1. This shit upsets me very much so i need to let you all know why. These pictures of young men all cut to pieces and tossed like trash has got to stop. I’m fucking tired of seeing pictures like this…I want video of this kind of shit so stop fucking with me and start recording your butcher sesions so i can be happy again. What the fuck do i have to do, hand out the fucking camcorders? What the fuck man I’m tired of waiting all ready. Now hop to it…

    1. After the first half of your post I was getting ready to have a rant about ‘how you shouldn’t be on here if you didn’t want to see this shit’ but then I read the second half and laughed my ass off. Good show.

    2. You know what?I know and get it that you meat this as a Joke,but think a second one of these kids was only a Child only 14 and a half yrs old!Do you really want to see Children getting chopped up?Everyone who does want to,is just as fucking sick an soulless than the Evil,rotten.heartless,subhuman Sicarios who did that to them!!!Seriously WTF is wrong with’People”today?How the fuck can anyone sleep after cutting 3-4 ppl’s heads off with a Chainsaw and than,chopping their bodies up with an axe and than drop’em off the side of the road like bags of Garbage?I mean their dreams are must be wicked Nightmares!And they have to live their lives knowing they will go to Hell!Actually they probably believe that all they will have to do is ask for Forgiveness an they’re all good!These assholes are the cream of crop Serial Killers!Sick Fucks they’ll get what they’re deserve!!!

      1. What’s worse than that is the lil one was stuffed full of the other ones man milk before he was cut to little pieces the took the jizz from his tight lil ass and impregnated his 11 year old sister guess what she had twins!!! They are going to chop them up too as an offering to his most holiness Justin bieber

      2. Welcome to the lovely world of modern homosapiens…we manufacture our own predators…sucks to be human sometimes…I have all the respect in the world for those who make it through ALL this shit to be 80 & 90 & go naturally..

  2. A few days ago I was at one of my favorite Mexican spots around my way in NY and saw a few pamphlets advertising cheap flights to Mexico. I looked at the lady who served me like “Really?” But the sheep doesn’t care, to them Thailand is safe and Acapulco is as safe as the West Village here in NY. Lol

  3. This kid on our right is in “gangsta” pose and i believe he learned shit from older one who posing 6 6 6 hand sign on left. He look nefariously and this smaller like he badly want to go in.

    Rip to them both anyway…

  4. There are people who like looking at gore and then there are people who Are beyond fucked and create gore. I’m sorry but if you think things like this are okay to do to innocent people you are sick. I come here to find the pictures and read the stories, but the comments always devestate me.

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