Drunk Girl Falls on Subway Tracks, Commuters Signal to Stop the Train

Drunk Girl Falls on Subway Tracks, Commuters Signal to Stop the Train

Drunk Girl Falls on Subway Tracks, Commuters Signal to Stop the Train

A fine specimen of female fleshy virus, possibly future single mother stumbled and fell onto the tracks from a platform while waiting for a subway train. Wasted as she was, the specimen kind of rolled around on the tracks and eventually just assumed the position on her back while playing dead – kind of the way women do when you have sex with them. This one seems to have practiced the drill quite a bit.

Luckily for the wasted specimen, fellow fleshy viruses waved to signal the approaching train that there was an obstacle on the tracks that may not be suitable for an encounter with the machine. The train stopped in what looked like mere inches from the girl.

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41 thoughts on “Drunk Girl Falls on Subway Tracks, Commuters Signal to Stop the Train”

    1. Ya I was really worried…. for the rest of my young life all I have to look forward to is fucking a ‘lifeless’ corpse in the bedroom?

      Would suck ๐Ÿ™ thankfully not all women are like that

    1. I’d agree, it looked to me like an attempted suicide, but if I had been there, I would’ve jumped down for a moment, and at least attempted to drag her forward up the track, and off, quickly albeit.

      I sometimes wonder why so often bystanders are present during such events, and do nothing. There are events in which could be stopped utterly, if only bystanders had intervened, such as the Colombian machete massacre, the first of the month (March) 2013.

      I’m bewildered.

  1. she was smoking something . maybe hashish or marijuana ; if you do it on an empty stomach , or simply smoked too much , you could easyly faint . thats what seems to me . almost wasted for a joint ! bah

  2. Drunk or not it looks like she went onto the tracks purposefully. As the train was coming in she was probably aware of that fact (sound, signage or announcement). Maybe drinking because of some life crisis and just decided to end it all.

    Hell, she may even have got all liquored up in order to do just this.

    One possibility for wanting to end it all is, she’s the most unfeminine woman who ever lived. I never would have known that’s a woman unless told.

  3. I can’t see it exactly because the CCTV that caught this is kinda low quality, but it looks like she bumps into the third rail (electrical supply to most modern subways) and gets a pretty nasty zap. Maybe it’s my imagination, but in the second, closer view it looks like there’s an arc of electricity contacting her right leg when she bumps into it – then she’s out like a light. If that is the case, she’s lucky she isn’t dead

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