Executions – 1995 Documentary (Watch Full Length Feature Film)

Executions - 1995 Documentary (Watch Full Length Feature Film)

Executions - 1995 Documentary (Watch Full Length Feature Film)

Watch this full feature documentary titled Executions which was filmed in 1995 and delivers exactly what its title suggests – videos of executions. The documentary offers an objective look at death penalty and state sponsored killing throughout different countries around the world. The documentary is divided into subchapters offering specific look into various execution methods and focuses a lot on humane killing.

I really liked one of the opening paragraphs in the documentary, which could be used for Best Gore as well, given number of threats I get from people who disregarded warnings, proceeded to watch the videos and found them much more difficult to handle than they had thought. Offended and upset, they sought revenge in threatening to shut the site down. The opening paragraph from Executions documentary says it best:

This film is a legacy of those executed. Images of their death are used to educate the living. To suppress such images on the grounds of taste is the ultimate indecency.

The chapters covered by the documentary include:

  • Introduction to execution, genocide and other atrocities throughout the history of mankind, including the introduction of guillotine, a means of humane execution
  • Beheading
  • Stoning
  • Shooting
  • Chemical Killing (Gas Chambers, Lethal Injection)
  • Electrocution
  • Guillotining

The documentary contains footage of many executions that took place throughout 20th century all over the world. It holds nothing back and depicts capital punishment for what it is. The scenes contained within the documentary include among others:

  • The Killing of a Policeman by Stoning in Haiti, October 2, 1986
  • The Killing of Linwood Briley, Virginia, October 12, 1984
  • Mass, Ritualized Beheadings in China
  • Beheadings of Marauders in China
  • Stoning to Death of South African Woman, Sebokeng, South Africa, 1991
  • Execution of Jews in Nazi Concentration Camps
  • The Killing of Chinese Citizen in Manchuria, 1930’s
  • Gas Chamber Killing of Robert Alton Harris, California, April 1992
  • Execution of Czolgosz, With Panorama of Auburn Prison (Thomas A. Edison Movie, 1901, H10605)
  • Life, Love, Death – a movie by Claude Lelouch, 1968
  • Guatemala Firing Squad Executions, 1955
  • The Killing of Villagers by Decapitation after “Disappearance” in El Salvador, 1984
  • The Killing of Vietkong Soldier, Vietnam, October 15, 1964
  • Shanghai Public Shootings
  • The Killing of Arab Citizens, Tanzania 1964
  • Slaughters in Rwanda, Rwandan Massacre of 1994
  • The Killing of Tutsi, Kilgali 1994
  • Execution of Robert Manne in Liberia, Africa on November 22, 1992
  • Executions of the Firing Squad of Saddam Hussein in Iraq
  • The Killing of Kurdish Civilians, Iraq, Late 1980’s
  • Gas Bombings of Halabja, Iraq
  • Genocidal Executions in Former Yugoslavia
  • Execution Chambers Where Men Were Killed with Hammers in Bosnia, 1992
  • Hezbollah Executions in Beirut During Lebanon’s Civil War
  • Execution of Mohammadine by Hezbollah Fire Squad (full video also found on Best Gore)
  • and more……

Following stats were provided in the movie, showing how many executions were carried out in particular parts of the world:

  • Western Colonies (1900 – 1945) – 200,000 Executions
  • Armenians (1916) – 600,000 Executions
  • World War I, Military and Civilian – 400,000 Executions
  • Russian Civil War (1917 – 1919) – 100,000 Executions
  • Stalin’s Purges (1930’s) – 1,300,000 Executions
  • Japan/China Occupation (1930’s) – 200,000 Executions
  • The Holocaust (1941 – 1945) – 6,000,000 Executions
  • German Third Reich (1933 – 1945) – 1,000,000 Executions
  • World War II, German Military – 3,500,000 Executions
  • World War II, Japan Military/Civilian – 1,000,000 Executions
  • World War II, Soviet Military/Civilian – 1,000,000 Executions
  • World War II, Allied Military/Civilian – 400,000 Executions
  • China Civil War (1945 – 1949) – 200,000 Executions
  • China (1949 – 1995) – 1,500,000 Executions
  • African post Colonial – 3,000,000 Executions
  • Middle East Civilian – 600,000 Executions
  • U.S. Civilian (including lynching, 1900 – 1995) – 20,000 Executions
  • European Civilian (1900 – 1995) – 100,000 Executions
  • India/Pakistan Post Colonial – 500,000 Executions
  • Indonesia 1965 Coup – 500,000 Executions
  • Vietnam Wars (1954 – 1975) – 200,000 Executions
  • Cambodia (1975 – 1979) – 1,000,000 Executions
  • South America Civil & War (1965 – 1995) – 700,000 Executions
  • Soviet Wars/Invasions (1945 – 1995) – 100,000 Executions
  • Soviet Internal Gulags (1945 – 1990) – 250,000 Executions
  • East Timor (1975 – 1995) – 100,000 Executions
  • Rwanda (1994) – 700,000 Executions
  • Iran/Iraq War & Kurdish (1975 – 1995) – 200,000 Executions

The movie was directed by David Herman, Arun Kumar and David Monaghan. The script was written by David Herman and David Monaghan.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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62 thoughts on “Executions – 1995 Documentary (Watch Full Length Feature Film)”

  1. The execution of Mohammadine Salar perhaps like was the one I could never ever forget. I don’t know anything behind the events, but to see him just breathe himself to death was just unnerving, and to think it all happened without any legal judge or jury and probably, no evidence or even no assurance that he actually did it.

    I never believed in death penalty, especially from where I am from, but sometimes, society’s survival is in its own sacrifice. The innocent often have to suffer to keep society in equilibrium. There was this work by Melville that I remembered as I was watching this. I guess we have to live with it that civilized society has different shades of civility in them. To some, stoning is a glorious way of death as it is a barbaric method to some. It’s the differences in method that give color to the aforementioned though above–that society, in some way, has to act upon it’s own barbarity and taboo to keep itself civilized.

  2. Thanks for putting this up. I’ve seen multiple executions from this documentary as 1-minute clips on the internet, but this really got the story straight.

    Great film.

  3. This is far from an objective look at executions. It states a quite obvious anti-death penalty/execution stance. That’s fine and all, but there are some highly questionable comments within the video. Lethal injection as used across the United States is far removed from Nazi Germany. That is an unfair and highly biased jump in logic. Further, the video fails to explain that lethal injection uses a three drug cocktail that first uses a fast acting sedative, followed by a paralytic agent, and finally by thiopental that stops the heart. They didn’t even care to explain this procedure.

    A very interesting glimpse into the past, but highly unresearched and anything but objective.

  4. Kevin,

    did you take into account that the documentary was filmed in 1995? Many things have changed since. You are probably looking at reality through the eyes of today, where as producers of this documentary were looking at it through the eyes of 1995. Think about it.

  5. I hope that everyone know islam is the root of all evil, death to them all reagrdless of innocence, women, children, all, f*ck them all, may they they burn and rot in an eternal fire, pieces of dog sh*t.

  6. I have seen this before and and I “enjoyed” seeing it again. However since 1995, you will have to update the last 15 years in the Middle East thanks to GWHB jr. And probably some other places in the world too.

  7. I watched the whole thing, very very educational, schools should adopt this, NOT as a form of entertainment, but to teach the modern youth the importance of life and the value of living life to the fullest, as well as letting them see the reality of life to prepare a young person properly for his/her’s future.

  8. The death penalty is just something that has to be done. I appretiate, for lack of a better word, the quick and relativly painless killing techniques of china.

  9. I belive in death penalty also too bad it’s been missused . for what am i concerned , if you’re guilty of murder , rape , pedophilia, torture , drug dealing , weapon smugling, u have no right to live , the other citizens have no obligation for funding your jail days .
    Ps: americans should brag less about loosing ppl and blah blah. statistics show they suffered the less civilian looses in all their history . all their wars have been fought on foreign lands (except the independance one)

  10. Very great documentary.
    But i believe a death penaty should happen.
    and should be pursued after the accused is sentanced.

    My taxs dollars are spent keeping a death sentace,
    In death room?

    nah fuck that. kill them.

    oh and B?
    your a very arrogant fuck.
    Your being an extreme red-neck.
    calm down and get your research right.
    Islam isnt bad.
    The extremests are. duh.

  11. The commenters below that atack Islam need to be informed that TRUE Islam is a peaceful religion that does NOT condone nor encourage the killing of people.Islam is not my religion so I don’t say this to promote or redeem my own belief system.If someone does not agree with your religious views then you have 2 intelligent options.
    1.) Live and let live.
    2.) If you seriously believe that the person is jeopardizing their soul evangelize and attempt to counsel a person and do so out of LOVE.
    Any God that would advise killing is a false God as no God would create something only to want to watch it destroy itself in the name of it’s creator.
    If you honestly believe the opposite of that then you are making human sacrifices to an evil God that only created the world to have an arena of suffering to view daily….and what kind of God is that to worship.

    “When the power of love overcomes the love of power,the world will know peace.” -Jimmy Hendrix

  12. While this is a very informative and historically film, I must question the filmakers as to why they lump unjustified killing (geonicide) into the same argument and related case to death penalty. The Dealth Penalty is part of a legal system. True, many are not as just or sophisticated as the US but, it doesn’t change the fact that the death penalty is used on those deserving to die. In this film it seeks to show that the execution methods used in the death penalty are inhumane. Ummmm….SO WHAT! Most of the people killed are people who did horrible things and DESERVE TO DIE. Again, good film and accurate, but really – if you’re going to make a political statement…do not merge geonicide and war killings into the same argument for or against the death penalty…it’s just not the same.

  13. There’s nothing wrong with execution. Americans are fucking stupid, the electric chair is such a big noisy waste of time- see the way the Chinese were doing it at the beggining of the vid- bullet to the back of the head, quick, painless, efficient INSTANTANEOUS death. Clean aswell. Why can’t they do that? And if I was one of those executioners to Mohammadine Salar I would of made an effort to put a bullet in his head to finish him off as soon as possible…I wouldnt just leave him there with his torn skull hanging out that’s sadistic.

  14. People pay taxes to keep drug-dealers locked-up. Bullet in the head will sort that out. This documentary was anything buy objective.

    And when will people acknowledge the Irish Famine as genocide, as much so as the Holocaust and the Armenian Genocide and the Rwandan Genocide?

  15. I’ve never really been able to wrap my head around the death penalty, expecially when given as a sentence for murder. I guess I see it fairly black and white- killing someone because they killed someone- it does ot make sense to me. Don’t get me wrong, I believe there are people out there who have done things that essentially see them give up their right to live within society. I just find it amazing that crowds can stand around and cheer on the death of another. I also fully ackowledge that I have never been a victim of violent crime and that perhaps my veiw would drastically change if I was to be. I just don’t believe that any huma being has the right to take the life of another, and the concept of a life for a life seems crazy to me. If someone killed your loved one etc then yes I could understand and sympathise with your desire to see them suffer the same fate, however I still can’t bring myself to see the death penalty as ‘right’

  16. I watched this doc thru its entirety..my first viewing..very interesting..even tho one sided in their views..I still believe in the death penalty..or even more so.. public executions..some ppl just NEED to die for their crimes..(if a crime is committed.

  17. Thank you for this site. I used to be squeamish, now I’m totally desensitised.

    Reality of life is death.

    It wasn’t so bad before I was born, so it can’t be too bad after I was extinguished.

    Live without fear, die without regret. Or don’t. It doesn’t matter for anyone but yourself

  18. Frankly i don’t know what Liberals are gibbering about.Execution is Revenge and i believe in “Getting the Bastard (s) ” What the fuck is wrong with Revenge ?You might say by NOT executing the Protagonist you are whimsically playing into the emotional arms of the Pink’os.”Mob Revenge” refers to an incoherant and fumbling form of redress.I think not.

  19. I believe there should be a death penalty when murder or rape has been proven without a doubt. I believe that when proven beyond doubt, it should be a slow, painful experience such as crucifixion. Not the easy way out.

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