Extreme Workplace Head Impalement

If It Weren't For the Teeth, This Wouldn't Even Look Like a Head

Extreme Workplace Head Impalement

Props to whomever can figure out what exactly happened here. Some pictures would suggest this took place in a military hangar of sorts. Given the scale of sustained injuries, one would think that the worker was not paying due attention during jet’s landing or take off – while the craft had speed cause if it happened during the aircraft turning within the hangar, it wouldn’t just decapitate the oblivious worked and impale his head like this, would it?

Industrial/workplace accidents, especially if they result in fatalities are some of the most unfortunate ways to die. You go to work to make money so you can feed your family and never come back. Cannot take workplace safety for granted, especially if you have high speed aircraft flying right above your head.

Gallery of pictures of one of the most extreme workplace head impalements I’ve ever seen is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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64 thoughts on “Extreme Workplace Head Impalement”

  1. Ok, no expert here, but since that looks like an F-18 and the grue is impaled on a wingtip missile rail, and the “safety Helmet” appears to me to be an LSO (Landing signal Officer) cranial; I’m guessing someone on an acft carrier got wing stabbed during a cat shot or was in the landing zone when the acft landed and was unfortunate enough to have their head occupy the airspace that the fast moving wingtip was in…..just saying..
    Looks like the poor sap got hit from behind and since the blood doesn’t appear streaked too too badly, I’d guess it happened on landing. Plus. If the poor guys head rode around the pattern impaled on my wingtip, I’d eject. I doubt it would have stayed in place for a trip around the pattern and the sudden de-cell of a “trap” back aboard ship.

    1. The ABH2 Sailor was hit by an aircraft on a waist catapult from VFA-103 while he was performing duties as a shooter for an aircraft from VFA-143. as the VFA-103 jet was about to take off, carrying 4 drop tanks and an in flight refueling pod, a weight of around 30klbs of fuel plus the aircraft weight. ABH2 was kneeling too far back and in the way of the 103 aircraft. the 103 aircraft was instructed to take off when ABH2 stood up simultaneously. as the 103 aircraft proceeded off the catapult, the wingtip missile launcher, void of a missile, hit ABH2 somewhere above his shoulders and killed him instantly.

      This is what is suspected to have happened aboard CVN-69 the night of October 4, 2008.

  2. i dont think this happened high speed and possibly within the hangar coz the helmet is still there… how can it not fall off if dude got impaled at speed. Also with a pointy tip that big it should have knocked the dude off before it could even penetrate in such a fashion. It seems he was impaled at slow speed and something must huve prevented him or his head from moving thereby piering it like that.

  3. Well this is certainly a first…

    I was in the U.S. Navy for 15 years as an Aviation Ordnanceman and worked on and around jets for most of it. Something about this picture just doesn’t look right to me. The part of the jet is a wingtip LAU-127 or LAU-138 missile launcher and is not sharp enough to impale someone like that no mater what speed…at least I’ve never seen or heard of anything like this.

    The aircraft is certainly a F/A-18 but it’s not one of ours if that crainal (helmet) is the one being used and yellow usually denotes a plane handler or director, not LSO. Users of the F/A-18 include the U.S., Spain, Canada, Finland, Kuwait, Malaysia, Switzerland and Australia and we are the only ones who use them with aircraft carriers.

    This DID NOT happen on the flight deck. In fact I would almost call these pictures fake but it certainly looks real. Things that make you go “hmmm”.

    1. On further review…
      The squadron logo on the drop tanks is from VFA-103 “The Jolly Rogers”…skull and crossbones…but the helmet (crainial) is not used by US sailors. The aircraft also has a tow bar attached to the hangar which means the accident did not happen in the hangar either because the plane has to be backed into the hangar with a tow tractor. One way in and one way out.

      I don’t know…the streaks of blood look real, I’ve seen bird strikes that look like that so it happened at speed but it landed and was towed into the hangar. The wouldn’t have let it in like that, they would have investigated it where it landed and stopped at on the runway. Wouldn’t have left that head on there like that either. Still think this may be a fake peeps.

      1. Actually we do have some of these type helmets in use. I haven’t seen many but have seen them before. I don’t know if this will work, but here’s a link of some flight deck bubbas wearing them. http://www.shutterstock.com/pic-7907743/stock-photo-flight-deck-personnel-observe-recovery-operations-aboard-a-nuclear-aircraft-carrier.html
        If the link doesn’t work, go to google and look for acft carrier flight deck personnel images and you’ll see a few. I agree with splat762 that something looks fishy with these shots, but I’m not a jet driver, splat762 obviously knows more about jets than me. However, I am a Naval Aviator, (Pilot-Helicopters), who came up through the ranks from an Aviation Machinist Mate (AD) to Officer, Navy Flt School and attended Aviation Saftey Officer Training at Navy Post Graduate School in Monterey – (back when the training was there and not in Pensacola). I’ve deployed 28 times with approx 6000 flight hours and 600 deck landings, but have never worked around jets on a big flight deck. 35 years Active duty and retiring this November. For those of us that land on smaller decks, our LSO’s use these helmets because they can mount NVG’s on them for our NVG landings. However having said all that, I cannot get a good enough look at the ones in the picture to tell if they are what those guys use or not-but they look the same as far as I can tell complete with retro tape in the right general areas. Like you say, these pics look suspicious, but I’m not sure Hollywood can make special effects that good. They might be held on by the chin strap…..but then again, maybe they were posed on the remains for orientation of the photo’s. Safety Officers do some strange stuff sometimes in investigating a mishap. Could be BS too though. Naval Safety Center is probably the only ones who could put this to light, but as you know, they would never discuss it. Remember the pictures of the Blue shirt on a (Frigate maybe?) that got Vic Morrow’d by an H60 blade? When those pics got unauthorised release, there was hell to pay.

        1. That is an amazing amount of service, thank you very much. I’d have joined the Navy but my knees were/are bad, osteoarthritis at a very early age.

          How hard is the math for flying? Trig? I don’t know.

          Even if this is a fake, someone has a very sick imagination. Don’t underestimate the capability of hollyweirdos. My cousin is a special affects guy on csi (the original), but the stuff they show on that program are clean compared to what’s on here. I think that’s only because the general public can’t handle it. Most people can’t.

          1. many probably cant handle Bestgore stuff, @Obnoxious bitch but government censors decide what the general public can/cannot see when it comes to TV, video games etc, well they do here in Australia! Hell, about 8-10 yrs ago(?) our gov. tried to ban rapper Eminem from entering the country/ performing his concerts and maybe corrupting our youth! We got our way-that time

          2. OB, (a nickname which I doubt fits the real person). Thank you for the greeting. Math for flying is not hard at all. I suck at math and I was a unit instructor pilot for years. IOW, after we got newly winged pilots at our unit, I was the guy who taught them how to fly our particular model of helicopters the way they needed to be flown in the real world. I will state for the record that in my long experience in aviation, ALMOST ANYONE can fly. In my experience, it is the exception to the rule that a person IS NOT aeronautically adaptable, (i.e. cannot fly). It does happen that occasionally someone will display that they cannot maintain situational awareness enough or have the motor skills to operate an acft, but that’s actually pretty rare. Most people who wash out, washed out due to a medical issue, stress (self imposed), or lack of motivation. Any monkey can be taught to fly. What serarates the best from the worst is usually judgement, ability to maintain SA, and stick time. Academic intellect is VASTLY overrated. One of my best friends graduated from Vanderbilt as an Engineer before he joined and went through flight school with me, he’s one of the smartest guys I know, but he had to struggle with concepts that every farm boy knows. On the flip side of that, I’ve known plenty of guys who had the most basic education and were outstanding. The hardest part about being a pilot is getting selected for the program and putting up with the stress during training. Academics are VERY basic. To be selected, you’ve already done college (or the equal), and have completed the basic academic requirements. In Navy Flight School they taught us fixed wing acft first and then helo’s.

      2. Hi, I’m new… but THIS brought me to make an account just to comment on this photo, so lets evaluate this. Definitely a F/A-18, as splat762 pointed out it is indeed from VFA-103, launcher I believe is a LAU-127, blood pattern forward of head on pic three (over the wavy smear of blood) definitely indicates that there was a high rate of airflow over the launcher (can tell by the way it curves upward and spreads out thin), must have been during catapult launch (no other way a blunt launcher nose will do that to a head), in which case the pilot did have to fly back around with that on his wingtip and land on the carrier. I’m not Navy but I am a weapons loader in the the USAF and this is just evidence that working around aircraft is VERY hazardous if you lose situational awareness. I really hate my job so I would be very upset (if I were alive to be upset) to lose my life while doing it. Bummer.

  4. Did a quick google search for “VFA-103 mishap” and this fits the bill. I assumed correctly. This happened on Oct. 4 2008. During cat launch the flight deck director was struck. The military doesn’t like to publicize tragic mishaps so It’s rare to find pics like these. This would be a damn fine example for aircraft ground safety training. Asshole co-workers in my shop would puke their guts out if they ever saw shit like this. At least I acknowledge my own mortality, I better be careful. That is some MAJOR head trauma. Poor guy.
    Link to official mishap report (2nd one down): Flight, Flight-Related, and Ground Class A and B Mishaps 9/12/2008 to 12/08/2008.

  5. Well that is just crazy…

    I still don’t think that if this happened on a cat stroke the head would have stayed there not only the acceleration to flight speed but then the divert back to NAS Oceana. Naval Safety Center would have something on this…Class A mishap for sure, one less yellow shirt but fuck what a way to go. 🙁

    1. His head is wedged on there. It’s very stretched out so it’s on there good. Looks to have had enough force to decapitate him instantly but his head and his comms went with the jet. I believe it. A recovery wouldn’t spread the blood that way due to the rapid deceleration caused by the arresting cables. Only a high speed launch followed by high speed flight would disperse blood like that. I used compressed air in my shop on a pool of liquid awhile back and it gave me the same effect. Only on a flight deck could this happen. Must have been traumatic for the witnesses. All I need to worry about with the F-16 is getting my head caved in by the flight control surfaces or eaten by the intake. I have a great respect for these killing machines. So I just stay away from them.

  6. Yup, worked on the flight deck for many years…I was still scared every time I went up there. If your head isn’t on a swivel and your not aware of your surroundings things like this happen. I’ve seen a cable snap on a bolter and cut three people and a S-3 Viking in half. Was not fun watching them pick up pieces and spray the blood off the flight deck. I respect all of our military machines…they can kill you in a heartbeat!

    1. Your so full of shit! There has never been a case of an arresting cable breaking and cutting anyone in half! When in the Marines did a study into that very type of incident and in 5 months and thousands of reports dating back before WW2 We could find not one instance of anyone being cut in half only partial inpalement and or loss of limb only 2 instances where limb was amputated by cable but lots where killed by cable whipping but no one complete in Half! So NO You did not! Also watch Mythbusters they looked into it as well it’s nonesense!

  7. @Gman, the nickname fits sometimes but it also depends on your view of women. If you like the subservient, demure, submissive type then I would get on your nerves real fast. If you like strong minded women who are independent, then we would get along fine, actually we’d probably get along well. Not to mention I’m quite ornery and have a smart ass attitude. There are others on this forum that think it fits well, which I don’t mind, hence the name.
    I’ve had about 3/4 of a University degree in natural science. There’s being academically inclined, like me, and there are people who ‘keep up’, which is my reference of smart people that don’t have as much of an education as I do. But there’s a couple of learning problems I have, dyslexia and ADD. I also have an IQ of somewhere between 130 ad 140 though never formally tested. With math, I have taken calculus and passed it, I’ll need one more calculus class and trig to be able to graduate. The worst problem is trig because of the dyslexia. I do admit I’m a bit over educated but its because I changed my major at the university. I’ve met people that are way smarter than the young people, and some my age, that go to a university, or even a community college. They possess knowledge I wish I had which came with life experience. Though my hubby is educated, the knowledge he has that he grew up with is what I wish I had been able to grow up with. Such is life, there are all kinds of people in our big puzzle of life. We all fit together (personality wise) for a reason, imo.

    Part of the reason I hang out on this forum is to desensitize. Sometimes life, and death, isn’t pretty. Thanks to Mark we have a ‘safe’ place to go to so we can see this. That and I like the company most of the time. I hope some like my company too. We’re a bunch of sick puppies.

    It sounds like I’d have adequate focus to deal with flying a plane. I’m too old for the military but that isn’t the only place that planes and helicopters are flown. I’m more interested in medium sized personal planes and maybe small cargo planes. Much of it has to do with liking the view from the sky. Ever since 9/11 I’ve wanted to learn to at least be familiar enough with a big plane to fly it if some dimwit terrorist tries something stupid where the pilot is somehow disabled in flight. I also think I wouldn’t be so afraid of flying if I knew how to pilot a plane. If I can manage to swing it financially, it would be a private lessons, so I wouldn’t have the stress that comes with a military training program.

    The second ad down is something I saw when I was a tween.
    The whole page is creepy, I kind of wonder if the artists who designed the ads knew something they didn’t realize they knew. I started to cry, I didn’t know why. This is about 30 years before 9/11. Every time i would look at the advertisement I would cry, so I quit looking at it. Since then I’ve been afraid of flying in a big passenger jet. Didn’t mind smaller planes, just the big ones.

  8. I agree with gman’s analysis. If you google “catapult cranial helmets” you see that there are yellow helmets in use in the Navy. It depends on the ship. It also seems that the degree of impact implies he was either taking off or landing. At that speed, you may not even feel you have hit someone and the pilot probably taxied the plane off the runway out of oncoming plane traffic and into the hangar so they could examine it, hence no blood and no body right here.


  9. He got it in the back of the head so he did not even see it coming. Which I think is a lot better that way.
    But I have to think it was from the CAT launch as previously said. The man on deck is to go to his knee to prevent injury and he obviously did not…

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