Indonesian Woman Decapitated, Dismembered and Cut in Half

Firm Nicely Shaped Breasts with Pencil Eraser Nipples

Female Owner of Cafe in Hanoi, Vietnam Decapitated, Dismembered and Cut in Half

Previous info I got was incorrect so I’m updating the post with new info. This did not happen in Vietnam, but in Indonesia. The woman’s name was Ayu Wulandari. She was mutilated in room #3 in Hotel Pantes Sarangan, Magetan regency, East Java.

The victim was reportedly partying with friends and then checked in the hotel with a guy named Gilang Maulana (probably to bum bum). While in the hotel room, the guy reportedly tortured, strangled and slammed the girl against the floor and wall. Not sure if that happened before or after bum bum.

Gilang Maulana then reportedly hid the body in the bathroom and returned the following morning with machetes and plastic bags. Ayu Wulandari was decapitated, dismembered and cut in half to make bagging and transportation easier. However it did not escape the attention of hotel staff that the a couple checked in, but only a guy checked out while carrying a heavy load in a duffle bag. They found blood stains in the room but thought it’s because the girl was a virgin.

The stomach was deposited under Mojosemi Bridge while upper torso was thrown into a ravine nearby. The rest was left at the entrance to the Singolagu Village in District Plaosan, about 1km away.

Props to Best Gore member holotox for correct info and conde for the pics. Very selfish of that Gilang Maulana guy for not sharing:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  2. Lucky murder. In Vietnam they send their criminals off to camps to be reformed and introduced into society… truely communistic thinking. When they should be like China, and shoot him in his head and take his organs!!! Dysgenic vs Eugenic.

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