Female Snitch Beheaded by Los Zetas in Mexico

Female Snitch Beheaded by Los Zetas in Mexico

To balance things out, after beheading of a male snitch for ratting shit out to the authorities, Narco Sicarios beheaded a female snitch for doing the same. This time the executioners signed themselves to let everyone know that it was the Los Zetas who carried the beheading out.

Narcomensaje left with the decapitated body read (in Mexican Spanish):

a esta pinche vieja la matamos por relaje, puso el dedo con los guachos el dΓ­a de la pelotera en la Concordia, esto les va a pasar a todos los pinches relajes, Atentamente La Z

Translated to English, the message roughly means:

We killed this fucking bitch for being a snitch. She snitched on us to the gauchos on the day of the festival of Concordia. This is what will happen to all fucking snitches. Sincerely yours, The Z’s

The woman with severed head placed between her legs was discovered in the block 48 of the Lago de Patzcuaro street in Colonia la Concorde. As is a tradition among the Mexican drug cartels, apart from being beheaded, the snitch had fingers of her right hand cut off and placed in her mouth. Spanish word Dedo translates as Finger and is used as a slang term for snitches. I’ve known this since the chainsaw beheading video.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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        1. do u think I am safe to travel to mexico on bus with 4 kids. There dad lives in acapluco … I am suppose to leave soon a littled worried.. I am not mexican I am white but I always go to mexico ,,is it safe to travel on bus there now

          1. i woudnt go to mexico if i was you esp with your kidos i know your an american.. and your white..but take my advice takeing a fking bus is the last thing you wanna do..dont go over there please…

    1. Am I the only one who doesen’t mind seeing naked men/women either way they look? If seeing a brain splattered all over a street then I don’t see how seeing someone naked could be so disturbing

        1. that’s a disastrous state of affairs, mate…but you know how’s the deal with the Fleshy Virus…perhaps if someone could make humanity evolve into a state of sexless continual orgasm, like in that Houellebecq novel, things would get better, and the FV would go extint without any armaggedon…

          1. perhaps…..I will probably spend the whole year studying/researching/reading/writing like a madman at charlottesville, but if they have some “winter break” i’ll probably ride that AMTRAK train to know some of the country…..I’d love to visit the Univeristy of Texas at Austin were Borges taught…

          2. @halie, I’m sure you can handle shoes with a heel high than 1″? if you’re 5’2″, wear some nice high, say 4″ stiletto’s, that’ll bring you up to 5’6″! no problem, lots of nice shoes are 5″+ these days!

          1. Manuel Mendez Leyva Professor of International and Compared Gore. This year RS got the Barnabas Gamez Castro chair on Gore Theory and Philosophy of the Gore.

    1. Just like in Scareface and the popular chainsaw beheading video, blood and rubbery flesh would stop the chainsaw every now and then.

      I feel bad for the guy who did this, it would really suck trying so hard to work the chainsaw on her.

      1. I think that every one over 400 pounds should be put on an island covered in grills but with no food. Then give them all knives and forks, cameras all over the island to broadcast across the internet as warning and entertainment to all.

        1. If you put every one over 400 pounds on an island it will sink. If you are trying to be offensive with tiger, let RS to realize that and live with the consequences.

          1. And Mark says that You are NOT clever. Dude, I DO appricate how fucking clever that was worded, it was calling her fat, and saying I might be suffocated if it’s so….I’m not acustomed to using European termonologies but that was fucking briliant!

          1. my lady friend is selling me the scripts to avoid any speciousness.
            the people at walgreens see me and know whats up, but i use my “its for my grandmother” line. i love the u.s

        1. halie, so your a pharmacist thingy chemical-producer?
          i’m into the whole chemistry behind it.
          i successfully synthesized heroin using morphine extract from the poppy and used that acetic chemical that smells like vinegar. i hope i’m not sounding crazy over here

          1. Yes sir! Did you?? That’s very creative!! Missing a few dashes, but I bet it hit the spot.. Not crazy at all! I go nuts over drugs.. making them is the greatest feeling ever.. I should show you sometime.. even get you that at home process going.. Just be safe! (;

          2. BTW that was strictly an informational comment only, i did not take part in any manufacturing, nor anyone else. it’s all my imagination, DEA.

          3. Do You honestly fucking think that here, with the entire world able to look in on us, and the, hmmm, how do i put this, CONTROVERSIAL CONTENT that IS Best Gore that the likeliness of being checked out is unlikely?
            I go on only logic and suspicion on this, mixed with one other VERY REAL and predictable human trait….IT’S FUCKING EASY.

            Just, don’t be THAT fucking naive to think that that’s NOT reality.

            Doesn’t matter so much waht we SAY, because it’s the fucking internet, but rest assured as you are reading this, so MIGHT they be as well…..but THE’RE getting paid for it, and feel like they’re super-hero’s in doing so, to weed out the evil ones and what they enjoy doing

      1. You are a bunch of disrespectful guys and bitches (not you, Pam, I’m posting here because I’m too lazy to scroll down).
        This poor lady has lost her head to give us a chance of comment and you are wasting your time!
        I say:
        Chapo 14, Z 1.
        Wait another round.

    1. ^ This is true… it’s amazing… but good also… Narcos are getting rid of the ugly… I like how they did this kill.. Can’t keep your mouth shut, taste your own twat… If you’re lucky your fatass’ll swallow you before you really get a taste- it’ll kill you…

        1. Reveal my true self?? Who the fuck are you Jerry Springer?? Look I am.. me. I’ve got nothing to reveal.. I’m loving the gore and have before I signed up.. So, I’ll keep making my fansigns and keep chatting with these other gore fans… Geez, what jealousy does to some people…

          1. And for the record… you can’t just get up and boot me off this site because I’m getting a tad more attention than you… Relax.

          2. i highly doubt its jealousy….its just we dont think with our cocks….therefore we can see past the fact that you acting sleazy will suddenly make you real…….you reek of fake

          3. Don’t worry about them halie.horror.

            A real woman joins Best Gore and all the fake bitches get on high alert cause you’re taking wind out of their sails. Their desperate attempts to discredit you are entertaining and only show that they were second class members to begin with. Nice to see them taken off their high horse on which they didn’t belong.

          4. @slicer… thanks, I’m glad you think on my level… this entire bit was amazingly immature… anyway I sent in new fansigns… Now there’s no denying who I am… these women’ll just have to get used to this and shut it.. Lol, really felt like I was pledging, way to welcome…

          5. @slicer

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      1. @wicke…its a waste of time….you will just be called jealous like i was……they were all the same with little sicko……im done with it……ill just sit back now and watch it unfold…..and if by some strange miracle she is actually the same person as in her avatar i feel so sorry for her

          1. Wow… bitches. You all are so mean.. even to slicer who simply shared his point of view.. shows what type of people you are… and you both look insanely old.. So, let’s see.. show you my twat to set your retarded selves straight=slut, but not doing so=fake?? Wow! Nice plans there! Ridiculous. Retarted. I’m done playing your little games…

          2. This has been taken care of. Best Gore has always been a site on which people were able to express themselves without being judged or having fingers pointed at them. I’m truly ashamed of the fact that a duo of narrow-minded individuals abused their membership to turn friendly, open-minded interactions into a judgmental drama.

  1. This message is to ulisus, but for everybody else to hear, and correct me if I’m wrong, but uli, what are you doin’ ? You make many, many, comments,but they are 1 to 5 words long, some do not make any sense, and the others, are just plain ol’ bullshit one line answers. Are you doing this to climb up the top contributers list?,or am I just buggin’? I don’t think so, but I’m sure the rest of the family will let me know if I am. The top contributers list is not the greatest thing in the world, but it’s nice to be there, unless your just sayin a one worder. If your going to say something make it funny or have some meaning. I have more to say on this subject, but I can’t do it right now, but I’m sure if I’m bein’ an asshole right now, I will be told so. (actually, with your comments, I think, sometimes, your site name should be “useless” instead of ulises) no offense.

    1. i said this before about him./her
      he/she wants acceptance as a top “guy/girl”
      don’t blame him/her, this site is gold, but its becoming spam more like it.
      how does one go up 300 comments within 10 days?

        1. Well, for me (and as You ALL know I have always had a problem with 10,000 word-long comments….yha, I talk words) but one of the most SHOCKING THINGS in recent years was the day that I first appeared on the commenter’s list.
          It was NOT my intention to do so.

          I just absolute enjoy it here, and as far as Ulis’s comment count, one things for sure, as long as you keep talking, that thing keeps goin up.


          It’s the MOTIVE that makes a worth-while commenter, not just their NUMBER of comments counted.

          Mark already got on his ass, and if he wants to, he can simply delete his account…what the fuck is he going to do, sue him?

          I’m not too worried about that dude, if his comments are useless, then we can just skip reading them, and dismiss the guy in general.

          Some things he’s ‘said’ I got a kick out of, some, were worthless and just annoying, same with COUNTLESS R.S. comments ;^}

          Anyways, time will show us more, won’t it.

          1. Stench,your posts are NOT
            to long,they could be even
            longer & they will still be
            read,beginning to end by
            me and thought about.

        1. but then how am i going to see you when i don’t see a comment of yours on a post? πŸ™ i like you tiger, If i ever go to aussie, i’m brining you unlimited amounts of “O”-reos”

          1. baked, I like you very much too! I was worried for a while, I thought you’d left. ;( If you are bringing ‘O’reo’s when can you leave?

          2. I’ll probably use ‘O’s til I die!
            I was just looking at the ‘fansigns’ comments, did you say you were shy? You seem so cool & funny, I wouldn’t believe it!

          3. i tend to be timid.
            well, not timid, i’m just good at restraining my self, once i feel i can legally express myself, i become a human demon, living off party, noise and fun-people

      1. I don’t give a flying fuck if I ever get into the Top comment list. I prefer to be known for making quality commentary (most of the time anyways) not just quantity. Any club toting, knuckle dragging, me Tarzan and you Jane, pill-billy, half-wit that can count to twenty only if he’s bare foot or wearing flip-flops can spam the post comment or reply button with poorly thought out garbage. Having your name on the list is only an honor if you earned your way there with cogent commentary, otherwise it’s just testament to your external locus of self-worth. If all you want is for lots of people to see you then Youtube might be more your speed. This rant is over, thanks for coming. Sorry folks, but spammers piss me off. ( not calling anyone out, just spouting my opinion, feel free to ignore me or post a reply) All opinions/rants are welcome.

        1. who has provided cogent commentary? name these people who have entertained you. Medex is tops on my list. stench, tiger,. i never set out to get on the list either and was shocked when it happened. still, it’s nice to be recognized for being in this community and contributing something.

          1. I’ve made somewhere around 37 comments myself……My friend told me that I was too goddamn stupid and it would be better to just keep my mouth shut.

          2. @dr. c. that is not your friend if he’s calling you stupid. you know how to use a computer and have contributed excellent gore. i have hp g62 and hp dv7. what machine do you have? always enjoy your posts. they are brief and to the point.

          3. @mouse and @odgoso…..My friend didn’t call me stupid, I was just trying to be humorous while going along with the thread….But thanks for your support anyway….You guys are alright.

    2. That contributor thing should go, i noticed that people seemed to comment for just commenting sake even browsing this site for weeks before making an account. I dunno what the limit for comments is here but gimme a week if there isn’t one and i could easily get the top. Not like i actually would.

    3. @lunatic: I like the idea to change my nick to useless.
      I’ve been trying to post comments larger than 5 words long, but it’s hard.
      Sorry if you can’t enjoy the sense of humor that i put on my comments. Everyday I do my bestgore, but sometimes it simply doesn’t work.
      I don’t think that your opinion rises right now when you seem to be desplaced, it’s just coincidence.
      Anyway, there are two things that we have to take in consideration here:
      1) May be I continue posting, may be not, IT’S UP TO ME. If Mark doesn’t remove my posts, who are you to deny them? (That’s from a passage of the Bible, I think)
      2) Some days ago I announced that I wanted to propose something to Mark, as if he would’ve care about that. My idea is: what about to give to the members the choice to delete their own comments? Then, we could get a cleaner forum.
      See you soon.

        1. i don’t know @RGB
          there have been a couple of times that i was like, yeah i could have said that better or funnier but in the end its not all that bad. i think not being able to delete posts unless you beg mark is better. i can’t imagine how many comments would be ‘taken back’ due to the reaction. but at this point its like what? you wanna say stupid shit? well you’re stuck, good luck with that and hope no one picks up on it

      1. here i am ann marie solis. miss me baby? i’ve been way busy servicing mega bitches with my beef but i’ll gladly make room for you annmarie. are you the jealous type. i seem to have too much beef for most women. if you don’t see me i am lurking but i always keep my eye on bg bitches, especially this @hali horror chick.

    1. Well Then WELCOME to Best Gore Stonage.

      You picked a mighty fine time to jump into the waters, seeing as there is so much bullshit in the water right now, however.

      Best Gore is NOT about all of that, it’s the one godamn place on the fucking internet where you can learn and be amused (with reguards with the subject of violence and death) at the exact same time.

      So, go now, and continue to take your talking buttons and push them with your finger-tip-mouth and make words haen that we can then all listen to with our eyeball ears.

  2. Subject: Customer Complaint / Personal Request
    Dear Narco brothers !
    Beheading turned out to be boring, ordinary, and non amusing .Though it has a high level of psychological torture, physical pain fades away when the connection lines are terminated in very short time…so why dont you try to be more creative sirs ?
    PR : I am expecting a face peel off video on a living victim, please try to keep the victim awake during the whole operation and dont forget to remove eyelids as well.
    Sincerely Yours
    Rooster Cogburn

    1. There are speculations that it was planned out by Los Zetas in an effort to make for an exceptionally shocking Mother’s Day spectacle. The bodies were found on a remote section of highway near Monterrey, east of Cadereyta in Nuevo Leon.

      I’ve been following it closely since yesterday and wanted to post it, but so far there’s only been info, no pictures or video so I didn’t. Still no visual material available at this time so I’m waiting it out.

  3. it’s hilarious to read racist terms in the narco messages. “guacho” it’s a despective term for indians and “browns” from the south of mexico. People from the north usually is more “white” than in the south. by the way,Most of the illegal workers in the usa, come from the southern states of mexico and are the poorest in the country.

  4. uh okey, so it seems like these guys are tryin to come across as badasses but really, just behading someone is not really the most shocking or distubing deaths. If they are trying to make a point they would have done a much better job, amatures.

    1. @leppary0, to me ‘beheading’ is ALWAYS shocking AND disturbing! My GOD they’ve had they’re heads CUT OFF! They are not bloody chickens, and you cannot survive this done to you! It’s like these poor souls ‘drown’ in the blood running down their neck hole? I know we ‘see’ a lot more beheadings these days, and some people want to see other ways people are killed, but Geez, just the NOISE they make when its getting done to them, well THAT’S different each time? Sort of, πŸ˜‰

      1. We’re all pickin’ up what Yo’re e point is just that, emerse yourself in the horror and thPuttin’ down Tiger, and the fear if YOU were strapped into those fucking shitthy wooden chairs, with a duct-taped face, and the ringing of a 6″ stainless blade that doesn’t give a shit WHAT IT CUTS THROUGH.

        Complacency is one thing, but remember this one simple thing.

        THESE Fleshy Viruses have ALL DIED to provide us with this brutal lesson and entertainment of hardcoreness….so unless you wish to volonteer, then shut up with all that and be greatful for all this that is given to us.

        1. Oh I am, but if it was my job I’d probably do something even more disturbing. Cut up her stomach and drag out all the shit, hang them up. Stitch her back up and cut a eyeball out then cut away a piece of skin to put the eyeball in it. This was not really one of my best ideas, just the first things I could think of right now

  5. Talk about ”head up your own ass” type deal. It angers me that they don’t record this shit for our entertainment. Pictures are fun but videos are the cherry on the bakewell…

  6. I have a serious question though…between Los Zetas and Guzman El Chapo, who puts more fear in your heart?…something about the way they sign their billboards Z fucking makes me wanna piss my pants…I think I’m more scared of the ZZZZs

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