Four Men Beaten to Death by Lynch Mob in Banha, Egypt

Four Men Beaten to Death by Lynch Mob in Banha, Egypt

Four Men Beaten to Death by Lynch Mob in Banha, Egypt

Night time lynching video from the village of Bekira in Banha, Egypt. Four men were beaten to death by a lynch mob for reasons unexplained. The villagers called the condemned “thugs” but what exactly they did, if anything is uncertain.

The video is rather chaotic with bad frame rate due to low light conditions in which it was filmed, but it just adds to the overall understanding of Egypt as an out of control country with little to offer in terms of personal safety. Egypt is also torture capital of the world.

Props to Best Gore member @DerSteppenwolf for the video:

Four Men Beaten to Death by Lynch Mob in Banha, Egypt

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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36 thoughts on “Four Men Beaten to Death by Lynch Mob in Banha, Egypt”

    1. oh Egypt is fucked up. you’re an American female, Juice, don’t go to Egypt! hell, Egyptian newswomen aren’t safe in Egypt. there was a video here showing one who was almost gangraped by a bunch of horny bastards and she was just doing her fucking job.

    2. Egypt at one time was not like this. I lived there for roughly ten years and I loved every second I was there. The men are on the aggressive side especially if you are a foreigner. Never had a man touch me or give me reason to fear though. The cat calls are common. I agree with the other guy, going there now alone AND female? Not wise. I would not want to live there NOW oh hell no.

  1. The problem with public lynching is that the public, for the most part, have shit for brains, they also, as a result of their cerebral mush, promote the herd effect.

    We all know that the justice system in most of our countries is woefully lacking in punishment which means that the justice department is a bit of a misnomer, we also understand those who wish to punish the perpetrators themselves, an eye for an eye, a simple but effective concept.

    However when you consider that a good majority of the public have only just learned how to walk up right, never mind go on a quest for fire, you have to wonder whether the bludgeoned meat that was once an happy camper did indeed commit the crimes the now crazed zombies scream out with a tone of justification and self righteousness.

    Can we trust the greater public to attain proof before attack?, if we cannot then we must not allow public lynching to become common place.

    Mind you I do quite like the pyramids, the death chambers and the history of Egypt, I’m not too fond of sand, hot weather, locusts and Muslims therefore a visit will not be on the cards for the near future.

    Tea and biscuits time for me, possibly a buttered scone, I’m not too sure about jam, I don’t really feel like it, dry bread products tend to be miserable in appearance though therefore I may have to include jam, but what type of Jam?, what flavour of jam?, why can life never be simple.

  2. Did I hear one of the “victims” say “Help I want my Mummy!”…?

    I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist. 🙂

    In all seriousness, wow. I sure hope they did SOMETHING wrong… Otherwise, the ones doing the beating are no better than them!

    Also, first video done in live interactive mustard painting. Awesome.

  3. i`m Egyptian and i was there when it happened ….first ,they didn`t die …they stopped beating them after a short time …second , those are dangerous robbers who have killed some people and stole their money ….hey i`m not defending what you just watched , i`m just explaining what you might think killing without a reason .

  4. they deserve this … these bastards used to kidnap children .. 7 children kidnaped on their way from the school to home .. they call their families and ask for money and then they find the bodies of the children and everyone was terrified for his kids … some brave child screamed and people heared and they realized they tried to kidnap him the same way they did to others ….. and the criminals was died before the police arrives .. im an Egyptian and didnt feel sorry for those scumbags murders …. dont judge anything before you hear from both sides

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