Four Zetas Beheaded and Dismembered with Axes by the Gulf Cartel

Four Zetas Beheaded and Dismembered with Axes by the Gulf Cartel

Four Zetas Beheaded and Dismembered with Axes by the Gulf Cartel

El Cartel del Golfo (CDG), former best friend of the Los Zetas cartel but now their prime enemy recently responded to the execution of Comandante Gallo by beheading a 17 year old girl who was so scared she soiled her pants, and to the beheading and dismemberment of four CDG affiliated women by beheading a 15 year old Honduran boy.

For a few weeks, things got somewhat quieter in Mexico, but with the execution of those four women, Zetas seem to have opened a can of worms and all hell seems to have broken loose. How the Gulf Cartel picks their victims to behead and dismember is anyone’s guess. There have been cases of ordinary people being kidnapped for show executions, and confessing to working for the rival cartel in order to avoid endless torture before beheading so who knows. It certainly seems as though many of these people are easy targets because they’re poor so they can’t afford their own army of bodyguards to protect them.

In this newly released video, members of the Gulf Cartel interrogate, behead and dismember four people who appear to “confess” that they’d worked for the Zeta cartel. One of the condemned is a woman who is held topless, dressed in only her underwear. Mexican drug cartels definitely seem to have dwindled away from using knife for beheadings, after years of embarrassing themselves with their inability to use them effectively so now they stick mostly with axes or machetes. As much as a beheading with an axe appears extremely brutal, it’s actually far more humane and faster than a beheading by knife. At least in Mexico.

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286 thoughts on “Four Zetas Beheaded and Dismembered with Axes by the Gulf Cartel”

  1. If I lived in Mexico and had no education and was broke I would rather be cleaning up puke and cleaning toilets in a shady ass bar instead of messing around with the cartel no matter how desperate I was for cash. No thank you.

    1. Still you would be unsafe, state of narco affairs there reminds me of witch hunts and rumor that you might be connected with cartels will put your life in danger.

      1. True, same shit happened to my aunt. All she did was clean, and some asshole tried killing her cause he confused her for some narco whore. She got away though

        1. Good to hear it, even if my mind is fucked up and seeks this types of videos, I still wouldn’t feel good if that happened to your aunt (even If I don’t personally know her or you).

          1. No, It’s not bad I have been here for 7 years now it’s the ones that look for the trouble or get into to drugs but these guys are the good guys the bad guys are the ones they killed

        1. I used to go there all the time when younger,nothing happened at sister lived there for 4 years,nothing happened ,its just like here,if you don’t get into gangs your ok,and safe,but if you di,than your not,they don’t mess with you at all.unless your cuz or relative gets involved than they might go after you ,for revenge,o and also in united state we don’t behead,thats the only difference,

      1. Wow just happen to open up bestgore and be like I wonder if there is another narco video in response, and look what I found, this is getting out of control now , my beatiful country is now really falling apart completely, not that it wasn’t 😀 , anyways time to watch this video 😀

        1. Yeah, we are going to see a lot more of these two cartels. All started with the big boss execution. Not good for busy for them but good for us.

      1. Actually, “plata” in this instance is Colombian slang for “money”. it comes from back in the day of cocaine king-pin Pablo Escobar. Meaning officials either accepted his bribe money, or they accepted his lead bullets. (death)

    2. Really,,If I lived there I would try to to stay away from any cartel members,,in fact ,,not even talk to any of them. Just try to live my life avoiding all that shit,,I wonder,,who is more brutal..?? Mexican drug cartels ,,or Taliban fighters..?? I think we should send the Mexican drug members to Afghanistan to take out the Taliban,,!!

    3. Is it me or does anyone else find it weird that none of the victims getting beheaded don’t say anything or fight back,,scream out,,or do something,,anything. I know they are tied up,,surrounded,,unarmed,,basically at their captors mercy,,they know whats coming next,and they do nothing,,,,is this some kind of honor thing,, or respect thing,,? what gives..???? All I can say is wow,,, sacrificing

    4. Have you ever seen El Infierno? It never starts out that way, but the cartels make it so fucked that people see their way as the only way out. They start by doing little jobs that don’t really ‘matter’ just to save up enough money to leave. Then it turns into heavier jobs, but you cant stop until you make enough to leave by then your helping torture a guy and watching your first execution. Its a vicious cycle.

    5. Mexico is a beautiful place. I have been there so many times. The experience and memories I have from there are priceless. Don’t let these videos scare you. Honestly these people probably f*d up. By no means am I saying this is right. These videos are to inspire fear from betrayal but please if you want to put on a show do it all the way. Mexican cartel common …I know you can get a HD camera.

  2. Thank mark. Your website helps me. When I have a shitty day ill watch somebody get beheaded lol my day might have sucked but I still got my head so thats good. Thanks again

    1. I read earlier that 11 teenagers were kidnapped in Mexico only last week, the youngest being a 16 year old boy…. apparently they are children related to senior cartel members….. if this is true, we may see quite a lot more brutal vids of the cartels killing innocent children over the coming weeks…..absolute scum.

  3. That was a whole lotta effort to remove the heads, then again I’ve not seen an axe beheading before… Though I’d imagined it going much faster

      1. Props for the light sabre reference! They probably would work quite nicely huh? Cut through those Narco’s necks like a hot knife through butter!

    1. You could give these axe wielding shits a guillotine and they’d still be fucking around trying to behead the victims. They are a complete joke.

      1. I know right? I was yelling at my phone, “Move over, there is a farking bush in the way! awwww shit, ya ruined it!

        Before I read the description, I looked at the naked woman, not knowing she had panties on, thought to myself, “Damn that quite a bush she’s sportin’ there!”

        Alas, tis no bush, but a string bikini panti who’s strings are hidden in her fat hip roles! What a shame…

  4. cameraman sucks ass at recording but he sure does know how to heavy-breathe as if hes seeing what will happen to him in the near-future. I thought the guy who was interrogating the whole time was going to give that one dude’s head a kiss when he adjusted his mask.

    1. Actually the ax the the neck if faster .It’s the anticipation of death that’s a killer. These guys must pee and shit themselves knowing whats coming.

      1. It doesn’t really matter when you’re dead, dismembered or anal raped by a necrophilia cmexican guy, it won’t affect you because you’re fucking dead :)

        1. anyway I do not want to see how my body is gangbanged, when my soul is flying away from my body. lol.
          seriusly i think the same as you, whos the diference when you dead.

    2. I would expect the cartelleros (is that how they are called?) to warn the victims about running away. In case they’d run that they won’t only be shot in the legs but dismembered without decapitation or something really cruel that tops what we have seen so far.

    3. I think they would catch you or stop you with a bullet to your legs and then they would torture you in so horrible and painfull way that you would even pray to be killed by chopping your head off. And it seems that this the reason why the cartels’victims never try to escape.

  5. Never used to be able to watch Beheading videos.. it’s the screams of pain that usually get me, the blood and hacking isn’t a problem, just those god damn screams..

    Like someone has already said, I’d rather try and make a run for it and get shot rather than have this happen. Knowing my luck I’d probably get shot in the legs and then dragged back.

    Oh yeah, first time commenting on a video.. hi all :-)

      1. welcome. you got shot in the leg and you’ve been dragged back by then these henchmen will get more pissed on you and they will subject you to more torture and suffering. i’d rather take the axe because after the first blow then nothing. total lights out.

          1. search for the 6 russian soldiers who get beheaded by tscheschenen or how theire name is. there you see someone running from the beheading and gets fast shot down with an ak-47.

          2. Dagestan Massacre full video has a guy run off and get shot down. Pretty sure we have it on here.

            Brutal video though

      1. Thank you :) Yeah, I usually muted them but over time slowly exposed myself to the noise.. first beheading I watched was some journalist captured in Iraq or somewhere like that.. his screams gave me a couple of sleepless nights. Can watch most with the volume on now.

        1. I’ve never had a problem watching be headings with sound. I will admit that the be headings bothered me a little when I first saw them but I was still in middle school and I’m 22 now and desensitized on a level that seeing a beheading in real life probably wouldn’t phase me. But that’s speculation I have not actually seen someone’s head be cut off in person before.

          1. Desensitized by watching pixelated grainy ass beheading videos, but to witness in reality before your eyes in full detail, I guarantee it would stay with you much longer and worse.

    1. You wanna hear horrific screams? Go to the Bestgore search bar and just type in, CORNFIELD BEHEADING. Those two guys that get behead scream like hell. Anyway, welcome to the commenting crew!

  6. With all the money these damn cartels get can i at least get sum hd videos i like clear videos lol ya im sickminded but thats why i found bestgore lol

        1. Brilliant idea; I wonder if NarcoMundo has an eBay ‘wish list’ for axes, masks and other stuff; we could add a decent camera and send money by PayPal.

    1. i think that one camera was good enough; however, notice that this time the dude holding the camera was almost facing the sun. hence, the terrible quality.

  7. So not a fan of Ax deaths. Rather see the dull knife squad come out. Sorry but these guys mess with drug cartels this is what you get.. so if their gunna get killed anyways I want my gurgling deaths.

    1. axing is getting old. it’s about time we see some sicarios get executed with an RPG that would be the nicest thing to see. you agree man?

      1. Killing a guy wih an RPG ? haha
        you’re not playing GTA man

        Though I remember seing a video in Afghanistan when a guy was executed with an RPG for fun.

        1. i’ve seen it too but it was in poor resolution there’s no gore in that one. i’ve never played GTA in my whole life.

          maybe we can find a way to make a request to these sicarios to execute someone with an RPG. lol

          1. Would be cool but rpg’s are not everywhere in North America like they are in africa, middle east, and asia. If a cartel got their hands on one i doubt they would use it to execute someone. I know back in the day they used to el guisado each other which is when they hog tie you put you in a 50 gallon drum with diesel light you up and watch you slowly burn.

      2. Yeah that would be sick to watch man. And apparently nobody around in this video knows how to get their job done quick, bunch of losers killing children and women for fun. Oh i forgot, children and women are the dangerous ones of course… Lowlifes they are, really.

    1. IF and that’s a big IF, I had to work for a cartel it would be the Siniloa cartel , second choice would be the gulf cartel. They have more allies backing them up. I would work my way up the ranks, make sure anyone who does not follow the ” no children or innocent people” rule to be executed a slow death. You have to be 100% sure because If your not ,its on you and will get the same faith. Ok back to reality lol

  8. I bet they are really stretching the cartel links at the moment for victims. We’ve seen the young girl that was a cook. These probably work in a bar that someone who once walked past the house of a rival cartel member drinks in.

      1. Yeah he’s saying this shit is going to happen with these butt munchers (zetas) that are killing kids && saying they (gulf cartel) don’t kill kids
        so come after them….
        Which I would also perfer than children….

      1. I thought the exact same until I read the description! She also looked pregnant to me, but when I started the video, everything looked different. There was an abundance of bush in the video though! Lol

  9. nothing to see here humane, just damn killers .. everything possible to deal with and no knife rifles and other stunners .. Mind disability, shame. When will you realize that money is not worth anything, and most importantly human life. War for money and principle .. super smart

    1. damn that’s hot avatar. Actually this is their aztec roots showing here. Aztecs would do the same thing kidnap their neighbors and sacrifice them to the “gods”. Only know the gods are Drug Emperor’s. The guy being interrogated is a cousin of a high ranking zeta.

  10. God damn can you imagine how scary it must be to see these guys holding those axes and to know they will be swinging them at you shortly. I would probably break down and start begging not to be murdered. 😐

    1. I would rather be shot and try to get away from them, cause I now for a fact I’m not gonna go out like that, they would have to shoot me. I know huh there all just calm and just like whatever, get it over with lol

  11. Damn that camera sucked lol it was all blurry like a movie you would buy bootlegged lol so why do they always got to act like bad asses after and before they hack a head off or what not, let see if they would be bad asses if they came to the USA, they would be crying and bagging please please don’t kill me I love America lol hahaha

    1. that is because their ancestors were the aztecs who cuts out the heart of their human sacrifices to please their sun god and they slaughter hundreds of humans in a single ritual.

  12. That looked like another kid sat at the front ? The vid quality makes it hard to make out. Almost looks like they could be a random family picked off the streets ! Brutal as ever.

  13. The fact they make them repeat they work for the zetas really makes me think they in reality do not work for the zetas. I mean I understand nothing of what they say but “zeta” over and over again kind of makes it look like its not true.

      1. well after they were hit with the RPG there’s not much left of their bodies to see where they were hit. they would mostly torn to pieces. nice scene though when that happens here in BG. lol

  14. You crackers couldn’t do any better in decapitations 😉 so why don’t yall just kick back, relax and let the mexiCANs take care of the gore

    1. we have brains which lead to competence, in anything.

      dont even try to deny it since i could give you a gigantic pile of studies that show two things: 1. latinos are, overall, dumber than whites 2. intelligence is by far the strongest predictor of competence in almost any kind of job.

      ever wondered why mexico is a dumpster while all white countries arent?

      1. Some white countries are pretty shitty, like Ukrayne, or some Eastern Europe republics.
        Chile, a mulatto country, is doing pretty well, and in about 10 years it’s per capita GDP and Human Development Index will match those of the western european countries.

  15. what a bunch of losers, how can anyone take them seriously with all this incompetence? how hard is it to swing a fucking axe?

    i just wish the US army or some mercenary organization would get there and show these clowns who think they’re the best thing since sliced bread what’s what.

  16. And to think….Mexico used to be a wonderful place to take a vacation and drive all over the country side and view the mountains. Can’t do that anymore.

  17. I love it. Someone should go tell the other mob that these guys beheaded someone again. Can’t let these fuckers beat them!

    brb, grabbing popcorn.

  18. The trick to a quick beheading is to slice all the flesh first then push the knife between two vertebrae in the neck and directly cut the spinal cord…these mexicans just hack at the bones that are around the cord instead which takes forever.

  19. I need to stop sleeping! I’m getting here waay too late! This was a decent beheading but not my favorite. I like when they talk to each victim first a little more, first.

    1. ·°*~Juicy~*°·

      Hard Cheese!

      I tried to upload a comment on your parasitic compilation, last night; but failed, miserably. I shall try again this evening.

        1. Are those your eyes @Juicy? If they are, you have gorgeous green eyes! Not trying to be sleazy here, I just love green eyes.. they make go all wobbly lol. A woman could have an amazing figure but I’d be looking at the eyes the whole time.

          1. Well then look no further @Pauly! I’m no where near conceited but my eyes are my best feature! I’ve been told that since I was just a little girl! They are green but the shade of green differs with what I’m wearing.They look hazel sometimes too! Thanks for appreciating them! :) I didn’t find anythingyou said to be sleasy at all btw!

          1. Lmao @Necrophilia IsFun! That might hurt just a little, don’t ya think?! Btw, I’ve got a big ass and decent sized boobs. I just can’t say I have a perfect body or that my thickness is appreciated by all men. I’m ok with that though. If a man likes me for me (and my eyes) he’ll hopefully overlookmy flaws..

          2. You’re all sick… no really. I mean sick in the worst way. You should be made to feel what these people (that were assassinated) felt as they were leaving this world… as they lost their only chance at this world… only for you all… it should be like ground hog day so, you could be woken up to the guy yelling questions to you right before you get stabbed and hacked all over again… yeah… seriously… that is the only execution/assassination/murder that I could probably get into… the one being done to all you psychopathetic individuals.

  20. “Cool guy mexican beheader”

    “Kills people, but makes it clear, at 2:00, that they only do it to ‘pentejos’, not to innocent people or children.”

  21. Just wondering…why this cartel always interrogating their captives before they kill them? It’s like interviewing an applicant to hire a new job, or maybe it is, they asking them what job they want in a afterlife.

  22. There’s much talking about what is the best method? what to use? who is the amateur? who is the star?
    ..who cares??’s about getting it done.
    and when it’s done it’s done…

  23. It would be way more comical if they had Zuit Suits on with tommy guns and cigars. Mmmyeahhh see? You think you can just take over burrito town with taquito tactis righhhhht My friend timmy two toes is gunna see to the ends of that yah hearrrr hes going to axe you a few questions see

  24. I will never set foot on the following countries…MEXICO,CHINA,ANY ALLAN’S SNACK BAR PLACE including North African country even though am a real help me God.

    1. I will not leave the territorial United States… the best, most educated country in the world. The cartel and the politicians have ruined Mexico and are major reasons for illegals crossing the border in the middle of the night and risking their lives in the desert. … I agree with you but… I would expand that to include the whole continent of Africa, all Muslim nations in Europe, Persia and Asia and Latin America away from the cities and off the major roads (I wouldn’t travel alone down there either) … that is the cesspool of the world and the people are animals on 2 legs.

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