FSA Decapitate and Grill Severed Head of Downed Syrian Pilot

FSA Decapitate and Grill Severed Head of Downed Syrian Pilot

FSA Decapitate and Grill Severed Head of Downed Syrian Pilot

Take a good look at the jihadist in this picture. Killing others is a second nature to him. He’s got no problem slaughtering children and cutting people’s heads off. Take a good look at him especially if you live in Sweden, Holland, France or the UK. Take a good look cause before you know it, he will live off your tax money in a government provided house in your neighborhood.

While British and French politicians call for the lift of EU ban on arming the terrorists operating in Syria to supply them with more weaponry, the jihadists continue with their mission of destabilizing the country and killing everyone who doesn’t support their genocide. Not like they’re not being supplied with more than enough weapons as it is…

According to SyriaNews.cc, on Thursday April 11, 2013 a Syrian Army helicopter transporting food supplies to villages and Army units besieged around Maarat Noman city in Idleb province was attacked by FSA terrorists armed with the state of the art weaponry provided by the ZOG and the craft was downed. 8 officers and soldiers on board were killed, pilots decapitated and their severed heads grilled. Show off photo of the act was published by the jihadists on pro Sunni terrorism forum boards.

Meanwhile, Sunni clerics are issuing fatwas, authorising trafficking of white meat, blessing the acts of rape by the jihadists as part of a “sexual jihad” on non Sunnis.

The video below shows the April 11 helicopter crash and the resulting carnage around the crash site. You can see the pilot whose severed head is featured on the grill in the photo above dead, but still intact in the video:

Props to Best Gore members xxXmisfitsXxx and Manofwar for the video:


Got a hold of a different angle, better quality video of the same helicopter downing aftermath:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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124 thoughts on “FSA Decapitate and Grill Severed Head of Downed Syrian Pilot”

    1. I’m tunisian atheist and have a muslim background, the sexual fatwas that imams are providing now are a bit awkward and hilarious,

      In the syrian case, sexual jihad is for muslim girls, since they can’t fight with weapons, they can do the jihad not by fighting, but by letting the jihadists fuck them !

      they just marry the snackbarist for an hour, allow him to fuck her, divorce, and then marries another man ..

      It’s a snackbar prostitution

      1. DerSteppenwolf, I’ve noticed you’ve provided information on several posts that’s helped the rest of us understand some of what’s going on, and I thank you for that! Is it included in their holy book? If not, how can the imams approve? I try to understand what’s going on. It sounds interesting until you find out what it really means.

        1. Thank you, I’m glad that my comments/translations are helping you.

          So, speaking of sexual jihad no it is not directly included in the quran, and this is why some imams provide what we call “fatwas” to allow some things after giving some arguments from the quran or hadiths that’s it’s not sinful.

          And why sexual jihad is allowed according to some imams ? because there are verses that clearly talk about halal prostition (in countries like saudi arabia or iran there is what they call “marriage of pleasure” it’s basicly prostitution.. the man offers the futur wife a great amount of money, and they sign a contrat to fix the length of the “marriage” .. it can go from one day to 1 year)

          and here is some examples from the quran used to allow these things:

          “So for whatever you enjoy [of marriage] from them, give them their due compensation as an obligation. And there is no blame upon you for what you mutually agree to beyond the obligation. Indeed, Allah is ever Knowing and Wise.”
          [4:24 (a sura called “the women” verse 24)

          1. don’t be all silly and listen like sheeps to DerSteppenwolf and believe all what he says. First , a tunisian, even atheist, wouldn’t choose a german name for here, so he’s probably a jew making propaganda, you are warned.
            Believe it or not but my best friend is a very religious muslim ( straight of course), so I’ve asked the question to him. He laughed and asked who was telling some bullshits. He told me that some shiits were maybe doing that, but not the sunnis ( who are the muslim large majority). There is absolutely no sura in the Holy Quran which allows that, and when you takes a verse of the Quran out of his context, you can give an opposite meaning to this verse.
            Just per cuirosity Dersteppenwolf, could you write me here this verse in french please ?
            For the story of muslims praying in the french streets it’s wrong also. Muslims have their great prayer on the Friday. That day, many many people go to the mosque for that special one. So there is naturally more people, mosques here are small gymnasium, or miserable and unhealthy rooms, the people use the street for the time of the great Friday prayer, and for instance in Paris it concerns only a specific street in Paris (rue Myrrha), which has a very few circulation, so please stop telling bullshits, you’re for sure a jew disguised as a tunisian who left Islam because it’s such a savage religion, and you come here to brainwash people, and the most racist of people in here will believe like sheeps all your lies. You’re dealing with the wrong man cause I know a lot on Islam dude

          2. OK, I’ve read your verse, it was at a period where the slaves were used as prostitutes by their masters. The verse was specific for a certain period, gave a legislation for slavery, and was then canceled by another one. Some shiits use it nowadays to fuck with women during war, well, as I told if you extract a verse from the Quran, out of the context, and you apply it in a completely wrong context, you cannot say that the Quran allows the wrong interpretation and practice of this same verse.

      2. @derstepenwolf,
        I saw a documentary about that, it was in Afghanistan. When men wanted to keep street prostitutes for a while rather just a shag they would pay an inman and agree a price with the prostitute she would become his wife for six months or so. All the street prostitiutes were heroin addicts and when they got their money eventually they disapeared. The men were beating them and wouldn’t let them out of the single room that they lived, real old, old farts.

          1. @DerSteppenwolf, it’s so beautiful to see someone bringing out the truth of Islam. Too many people are ignorant and in denial of the true face of Muslims and their culture, including westernized Muslims. Anyone who thinks that Islam is a civilized, peaceful religion is blind. And fyi, I don’t hate Muslims I just have no compassion for them whatsoever.

          2. If muslims stop indoctrinating their children and let them read the quran when they have the ability to grasp things and analyze , their number will for sure decrease.

            The main problem is brainwashing, I personally like any child in a muzzie society, have learnt some parts of the quran at 6 and was taught to pray 5 times a day etc..

            all this beside the claims of scientific miracles which they induce in our minds at a very young age.

          3. @DerSteppenwolf for a second I thought you were going to say the reason you choose your user name was you were a fan of a popular rock band from the 60’s called Steppenwolf! They were great by the way.

            Thanks for your insight and information on things “Muslim”. Clearly you are an intelligent , articulate individual who is who they claim to be. ๐Ÿ™‚

          4. @DerSteppenwolf, I think we can all admire people such as yourself who are strong and intelligent enough to think for themselves. I can imagine the cutural and religious pressures you must face. And no fret, the unobjective bias against you from @daja is silly and is a consequence of fetishes that are obviously an overarching, theme in his life. In other words, he is a vain and simple person that only thinks with his asshole.

          5. @midnite special: don’t worry, their accusations are nothing but hilarious for me.

            if someone hears you critisizing islam, you’ll instantly be accused of being a an agent working for jews to deteriorate the perfect moralistic muslim society / and if not, you’re just a perverted person looking for alcohol ,daily savage sex and debauchery and that’s why you left islam, because it gave you ‘limits’ .

      3. This is fucked up and makes me less respect Islam all the more. While they generally do not respect females, advocating whoring oneself out “in service of God” takes the lack of respect to a whole new level.

        1. Whatever men want in Islam, they’ll bend the “rules” any way to achieve what suits them. Disgusting humans, hiding behind a ‘religion’.

          @DerSteppenwolf I really appreciate the extra info and the translations too. Hope you don’t mind me asking, but how did you come to your decision of atheism? It appears that it’s usually hard to free yourself from Islam and think independently, so I applaud you for that ๐Ÿ™‚

          1. first of all, I don’t know why I can’t find the relpy button under daja’s comments, so I’m sorry sweet I’ll right a short answer for him here.

            so I’m a ” jew making propaganda” dahaha , you made my day, you just gave me the typical muzzie answer, you’re all so obssessed with jews jeez !

            der steppenwolf is one of my favorite novels of Hermann Hesse which I read in french and arabic , but the french title is not as “sexy” as the german or even the english one “steppenwolf”

            And speaking of your “it was a verse for a specefic period”.. this is THE typical muslim argument too : whenever they find some douchebag verse they use this argument (as if it was acceptable even in that era)

            and the funny thing, is that muslims always brag about how their quran is suitable for every period and every place and now they use the “it was for a specefic period” argment..

            @sweet: years ago I left islam to become deist.. I started being skeptical when I found out that all the scientific miracles claimed in that book are plain and stupid language bending and falsifying scientific informations.

            I discovered after some research that all the verses talking about embryology have nothing to do with moden science (ex: the quran says that the bones develop first and then they are covered with flesh)

            add let’s not talk about the quranic cosmological myths (the sun is not a star..the stars will fall on earth as if they were smaller.. the earth was made first and then the rest of the universe was created etc..)

            after turning that, turning into an atheist was just a question of time..

            p.s: I’m always glad to help you to translate what snackbarists say in their videos, don’t hesitate to ask guys

          2. @DerSteppenwolf… I can’t find the reply button under yours so I’ve had to reply here lol

            I totally get where you’re coming from, thanks for sharing. It’s kind of similar as to why I’m an athiest too. I was brought up as a Catholic and I had major doubts always with religion, but once I studied philosophy etc i just could not fathom the amount of different religions there are, and the simple fact that they all sound like crazy fantastical stories. Living a life defined by religion is just pure ignorance, imo ๐Ÿ™‚

          3. @sweet: actually all the reasons we mentionned can be an answer to why we’re irreligious, but not why we’re atheists.

            Because you can of course be irrelegious but a deist one =)

            As for myself, I’m an atheist for different reasons, the main one is if a God is so perfect why did he start creating things ?
            was it out of boredom and he got so pissed off of being lonely ?
            if it’s not the case, that means he creates things for nothing, and acting vainly is not a divine quality.

            If something is perfect, it is complete, it doesn’t need nothing else, a perfect god does nothing except existing.

          4. I see where you’re coming from totally, and it makes sense. These are relevant things to question. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough myself. I don’t believe that there is a God, for the simple reason that how can there be soo many religions and many different ‘Gods’? It just doesn’t make any logical sense to me. I can see past stories created long ago in uneducated and barbaric nations. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Wrong, in France we’re happy to have africans and middle eastern migrants, they’re sexy as hell, if you take the average french guy well, it’s nothing to write home about.
    And it’s even not a gay stuff, many white girls in here prefer to date blacks or arabs only.
    And for the gay part, most of them don’t see the difference between a woman, a sheep or a guy, so it’s all benefit !

    1. I say wrong, I study in France (I’m not french, I’m tunisian..) and all I can say is that pure french people are really pissed of citizens who have origins from north african countries..

      Of course, it’s not about racism, because we north africans are white.. it’s all about islam, muslims here are invading france and they actually want to mopolize everything , they for example do their jumuaa prayer outside and block the streets..

      of course I always avoid generalizations, most of them are like that.. France is suffering from the same issue of England

      1. you were all warned, DerSteppenwolf is trying to brainwash you, I suspect him to be a jewish tunisian ( they hate muslims, and which real arab, even atheist, would chose such a name with german jewish sounds anyway).
        In the whole town of Paris, they block one street ( which is in a part where 90% of them lieve), during 1 hour or so, one day in the week for their great prayer of the friday, and in the mouth of jewish troll that becomes: they block the streets and monopolize everything).
        I won’t lie, there are some problems with Islam in France, especially in suburbs, but don’t exagerate everything to heighten sensibilities and laughing by thinking ( I fucked them well those idiots) when all the racists in here will applause you for your lies.

        1. after all, it’s no use to pollute in here with neverending explanations of the Quran, I’m almost certain that DerSteppenwolf is a jewish devil tunisian lieving in France ( most of them have been expeled from Tunisia, that’s why he must keep such a strong petty dislike for them). Just think of 2 minutes, if you’re a Jew who wants to dust muslims, there is no better method that saying: I was muslim, I quit, because it was a bad religion, look at what those bastards do ! Let’s talk about Jews and Israel DerSteppenwolf, I suppose you whorship them right ? Let’s go, tell us a little bit something bad about jews and Israel, just per curiosity…

        2. You’re a fucking idiot daajaa.
          I guess by your expert theory, I must be a jew because I picked a?name of the Reichsfuhrer der SS and it’s all part of my master plan to deceive everyone into not thinking I’m Jewish.
          Morons I swear..

      2. I am french and I totally agree with you Steppenwolf, Frenchies are tired of muslims invasive behaviour and I fear this situation is gonna clash someday. It is funny how some of them (like daajaa) live in an imaginary world where everybody loves islam and where muslim guys are more atractive for girls… Most of the girls I know are afraid off muslims because of their legendary disrespect about women. your posts are instructive and truthfull, its the best jew propaganda I read for a long time ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. We in Britain already have a huge number of war criminals living here and I am not just talking about our government.

    We have African war lords and their soldiers, Muslim war lords and their soldiers and many more groups of killers who are all allowed to live in the multicultural hell that is Britain.

    They get first priority on free housing, they get the full social security package, housing benefits, child benefits, travel benefits, the list goes on but the sickest, most cruellest part of all is that our own indigenous population are often denied these same privileges.

    Our people are made unemployed because of our greedy businesses love for cheap, most of the time inferior, labour.

    Our government and state system bends over backwards to appease all those foreign born whilst taking away the voice of the British people, if we speak out against the lack of jobs and increasing immigration then we are branded racists by the government and media, if we point out the rise in crime amongst the new arrivals we are branded racists by the government and media, if a group of Africans or Pakistani Muslims attack a single white person it is merely a confrontation but when the other way around it is a filthy racist attack and the full hand of the law is felt.

    Make no mistake what is happening in Britain is not an accident, it is an on purpose attempt to socially engineer an entire country, it is, in their own fucking words, an hate crime against a race of people.

    I am fucking appalled at what has happened to my country and more angry because we seem to be letting them do it without a struggle, we the worker ants have been brainwashed into fighting each other instead of the real enemy, our own fucking governments.

    If you don’t want your own countries to end up like us I suggest that you start to stick up for yourselves more, regretfully smiling and making jokes about the way things are run does not cut the mustard where survival is concerned.

    This man is nothing but a shell for his soul has long since departed to the shores of what was and what will never be again.

    1. Empty, I always admire what you write, being a fellow Brit, I can relate to every word you say…where in England do you reside? If you don’t wanna be too specific, north, middle or south will do, I’m just outside London, east London if you like, and the evil you speak of, I see on a daily basis. I sometimes, no, most of the time, feel like a foreigner when I work in London. I see a photo of the miners that struck during the Thatcher years the other day, and for as far as the eye could see, everyone, police included, are white. Hundreds. If that same photo was taken today, we would definitely be the minority. That’s not even that long ago really…we have plummeted real quick eh…

      1. Hi LaneUk, I am currently residing in the south, I regretfully had to move there to find work because most other places in this shithole have no more jobs left and by that I mean no more jobs left for the indigenous population.

        I also have to travel into London to work and have the same experience as you, I have to sit in trains where I am the only white person, every language in the world is being spoken except English and when I am walking back to the station after work I have to ask myself if this is going to be the day when I die.

        London is not in England anymore, it is like something out of the movie Blade Runner.

        I had to travel to the north recently for work related reasons and a lot of the White indigenous population are now unemployed, all the shops and supermarkets are staffed by Polish people, same with manual labour work and the security jobs are all done by Africans.

        All the while these poor unemployed people are branded lazy bums and reality tv watching, beer drinking scroungers and they use a few cases where the above holds true to brand all unemployed people as such, the worst part is that a lot the working and middle classes actually believe this shit because they are brain washed fools.

        The UK economy is in a devastating condition, GDP is very low, retail profits are down, White goods companies are struggling, inflation well above average wage levels, companies going into administration all the time, boarded up shops everywhere you look, this very prominent up north.

        The conclusion is a simple one, companies employing cheap foreign labour can produce their goods at a low cost but they will still make a loss if they cannot sell those products, but who’s going to buy these products, not the cheap foreign labour, they will send all their money back home where their purchasing power will be greater due to a lower cost of living, the indigenous population will not buy these products because a lot of them are unemployed and have no money and those in jobs are so scared of losing them that they will choose to save and not spend.

        So we now have a situation where immigration is rising all the time, this puts a huge burden on public services which of course comes out of the taxpayers purse, a greatly stunted GDP due to a failing economy, soon the cost of running this country will be so much greater than the profits it makes, it already is in fact, that we will be bailed out by the European Banks, just like in Cyprus our savings will be stolen from us, and we will all be working for free to pay of the incurred debt.

        The real stinker however is that this so called “global recession” is phoney, it was created so that they could begin an asset stripping operation and move the, at present wide spread, wealth upwards and into the hands of the few.

        The same thing happened in the 1920’s with the wall street crash and the great depression, a good old fashioned war put the economy right again, and the same is happening all over again, a global depression and war.

        Britain is fucked, most of Europe is fucked, and America will soon enough become fucked, we will all live in a world much like the movie The Running Man in the near future, we will all be working for bread in our mouths and water down our throats and why will this be, because the greedy bastards in control have no end to their greed and we will let them do it to us because we are easy brainwashed by our smiling assassins, our governments.

        1. Hey Empty, your reply was worth the wait, and I honestly can’t argue with anything you say, it’s not me licking your arsehole, but simply relating to the reality of this hell hole we call ‘home’. The only way we can turn this around is to rise up against the evil that controls us, but until the masses can see the reality, we are stuck in a rut. It’s not easy to turn a persons view, when since birth, they are bombarded with manipulation to keep them being ‘good, respectable citizens’ bullshit, our heritage is the thing at stake, and we are the racists when we mention this…

    2. @empty I too enjoy your posts empty and I like @LaneUK post as well.

      Are you aware that the same thing is happening in the US?

      All these things you speak of are happening here as well. Things really became obvious when the Kenyan was elected in 2008. He hides everything but his desire to reduce the US to a 3rd world meaningless wasteland.

      We already had a problem we created ourselves when we brought all of the Africans here to pick our cotton. The ones alive today think we owe them something even though we give them everything our own Caucasians cannot get as you discussed.

      Then we have the filthy Mexicans crossing the border in the millions. Kenyan will make them citizens if they pledge allegiance to the Democratic Party and he will give them everything they want, welfare, housing, business loans, foodstamps, medical insurance, and social security earned by the whites over the years and entrusted to the govt.

      But at least we have weapons for when the spark is lit. I keep wondering what the spark will be and there have been many good candidates since the Kenyan came out of nowhere to be.

      I can only hope that the Brits are as good today with the axe and sword as they were before. For when the time comes.

      Also, the word racist means nothing anymore. I could care less what people think because I will not let it bother me as it is thrown around to protect the leftists as they continue to tear America to pieces.

      If anyone is racist it is the niggers and the wetbacks. Obviously it applied to muslims as well because they want to kill everyone who isn’t a muslim so they are the most easily identified as racist.

      The time is coming.

      I may not get to partake in taking my country back as I am old and sick. However, I am leaving my grandchildren with a shitload of weaponry and ammunition.

      1. Hi flathead, glad you enjoy our comments, I’m fully aware of which countries are fucked, and which will soon be fucked. In England we don’t have a chance to arm ourselves, so if that time is coming, maybe you can hook a brother up??? And I hope your not too sick to maybe witness the carnage!

    3. @emptysoul
      I have an advice for you friend… leave Europe where this situation is the same in most countries and come in Canada (I left France a few years ago). This country is in desperate need of qualified labour and compagnies here take good care of valuable people wherever they come from… They also kick the lazy asses out whereever they come from..
      There are much less africans here not because of racism, Canadians are the most welcoming folks on earth, but because there is a 6 month ballfreezing winter and they don’t stand it.
      seeya heh

    4. Oh Empty and Flathead, your eloquent words have truly echoed my own nauseating sentiment toward this multicultural agenda our countries have been infected with. I live in the U.S. and am horrified by it all. I am involved in awareness in my personal life as I feel that too many of us are, as Empty said: “regretfully smiling and making jokes about the way things are run.” The other side is beating us into submission with acitivism and we must begin doing the same.

      1. Damn, Lane I give props to you as well for some reason it didn’t show up in the beginning of my last post.

        Flathead: I’m sorry to hear that your are ill. Ironic that the illegal immigrants have been granted rights to medical care that you have worked your entire life for. They conducted a series of illegal acts to gain access/work then screamed for equality to the point of taking from our own hard working, law abiding hands. I am sorry that this travesty exists but myself and others are able, angry and ready to help in take it back. You have my best wishes that your heath will improve and that your grandchildren share the same passion those like us share.

  3. Where’s Luka? LOL ๐Ÿ˜‰ He must smell that flesh burning from a mile away! and WTF Grilling a head?

    Wow, I used to think Mariachi music was the most annoying thing ever, but this Allahu Akbar shit is like nails on a chalkboard! The 3rd most annoying thing on the planet would have to be the ululation Arab women do ๐Ÿ™

  4. It’s quite ridiculous that these idiots believe in the same God(Allah). The civil war in Syria is effectively a religious war and when you examine the difference between both types of Muslims, it is even more ridiculous. It all boils down to this- Shia’s believed that Prophet Mohammed intended for his son in law(Ali) to follow on from him. The Sunni’s disagreed, and killed THEIR precious Prophet Mohammed’s son in law, effectively going against his apparent will (for their benefit) and totally ruining Mohammed’s daughter’s life. What a lovely bunch of brainwashed lunatics ๐Ÿ™‚ how crazy does all that sound?

    Did any English people see the Channel 4 documentary on Syria last night? It was really interesting, and showed both sides. It was clear to see the difference in attitude between both sides, too. On the whole, the SAA were simply protecting their country, working peacefully alongside people from many different religions, and appalled at what their country has become. The FSA basically wanted Bashar dead and all the alawites, whilst spouting constant religious bullshit. Yes, the SAA have bombed civilian places, but what do you expect when the FSA terrorists are occupying and controlling those areas?
    Notably, the FSA also openly attacked a SAA checkpoint, even though a ceasefire had been arranged for Eid celebrations with the help of the UN. The FSA gave it the ‘big one’ on camera, but ran like little pussys once the first shell was fired back. They were totally ill-equipped and useless. They had a rocket launcher, previously obtained from taking over a SAA area, yet the uneducated idiots did not know how to aim it lmao. When the SAA then started bombing the area heavily, as the FSA retreated like wimps, the people were almost amazed that they were getting bombed and blamed it on the SAA as if they had started it.
    One boy was so distraught that his grandparents were buried under rubble, and out of nowhere, a man slapped the face of the young crying boy and kicked him whilst he lay on the ground. No compassion at all, they’re animals. The whole thing is a mess, and Syria is not going to recover any time soon.

    1. It’s kinda interesting how you’re well informed about islamic history, many muslims I coped with (sunni ones, because I was living in Tunisia, and there are no shiia there) do not know these details, they only thing they know is that shiias are an ennemy (even more than jews)

      And it’s a quite good demonstration of how stupid snackbarists are, they are killing each other since more than 13 centuries.. so if they can’t treat each other well, how can they do it with non muslims ?

      1. Thanks:) I watch a lot of documentaries, I’m not a movie type of girl, so yeah that’s how I get a lot of my info and through the Internet too. I watched a bbc documentary not long ago about the history of Syria which focused heavily on the religious divide and it was a real eye-opener as to how ridiculous it all is, and how violent a religion it is in general. You’re lucky you got out, sunni’s are the worst. And I agree, if fellow Muslims despise other Muslims, the ‘kafir’ have no hope!

        1. Syria is known to be very rich culturally, you can find christians, sunnis, shia’s..

          Bashar al assad was doing his work well by keeping it peacefull ; 0 religious conflicts.. until the so called “revolution” came.. And of course the FSA and jabhat al nusra are pure sunnis..

          If you see what’s happening now in Tunisia,Egypt,Lybia.. you’ll surely conclude that a country with a muslim majority, should never do a revolution unless it’s a revolution agaisnt religion.

          For exemple, in my country Tunisia, it’s true that Ben Ali was a dictator, but at least he was a civilized one, and almost secular..

          People were blaming him for persecuting citizens who seem to be very religious.. but now , under the present circumstances we all understood why he did all that

          (under his reign, in every mosque he had a spy.. and you can easily get arrested if they notice that you’re a bearded muslim who goes to the mosque in every single prayer..
          he banned the hijab too.. )

  5. I can say with certainty, that when July rolls around and i hit my 6 months on here- I’ll be able to say that I’ve seen it ALL! BBQ’d head?! I never even thought of that! Hope they sauce it up because its looking a little dry in the picture. I can’t help but wonder what that smelled like- although I’d probably pass out from holding my breath if i had the opportunity to find out.. =/

    1. I noticed that guy. Legs broke in several places. Muscles provide almost no structural rigidity. Once broke my leg and during the incident, I tested to see if it was indeed broken by trying to stand. Immediately face planted, with the afflicted limb immediately going 90 degrees from straight when weight was applied to the limb.

      1. Ouch mate, that reminds me of a kickboxing video I see once, guy goes to kick opponent, opponent blocks with raised shin, guys leg breaks and upon stepping back on said broken leg, exactly what you said, he flopped! The referee’s reaction was priceless!

        Makes me wonder though, did it hurt more breaking it, or it flopping over like it did? You must of briefly been good at twister too??

        1. Actually neither hurt all that much. The face plant certainly didn’t as my body’s system by then was preoccupied with the major shit that just went down in my leg. The break occurred by running, hitting a patch of ice and the next thing I knew, I was laying on my back 180 degrees away from the direction I was traveling. Must have actually flipped. It just happened so fast as not to register even hitting the ground. Next thing I knew I was just laying there with something obviously wrong with my leg.

          It was a really bad break. The EMS actually took phone pics to send to colleagues saying “you should see this one.” I knew it was really bad when the hospital staff asked if it was OK to bring in students to check it out. While outside of my room, overheard the instructor telling the students “Here’s one to check out. You will not see these very often.”

          That night and, especially, the next night after they operated on it, it hurt like a motherfucker. Then the pain subsided. Morphene mainlined into my IV line every two hours was most definitely my friend those nights.

    1. @bestintheworld I dunno why the avatars that the site give in choice are only multicolored pubic lices, I’ve tried to look in my computer one picture which could not be too offending but I realized that I only had sex and offending pictures in my computer :S

  6. At 1:35 in the 2nd video, the guy in a brown jacket is walking away carrying a weapon that did not look like an AK47. Definitely gas operated, but it was too long. Any weapons experts out there can ID it?

  7. If this ain’t a war crime on tape I dunno what is.

    Why can’t a fertilizer bomb be placed in every aircraft so in the event if surface to air gun takedown, Muslims and Islam and Sunnis and their moms vaporize?

    1. Sunnit Islam is considered as the real Islam by a very large majority of muslims, Shiites have some strange traditions which are most of the time even opposite to Islam ( they worship in front of mausoleums where some supposed “holy” deceased are, which what is strictly prohibited in Islam for instance, that’s why the guy from Aqmi destroy actually those kind of mausoleums in Mali ( they’re not shiits in Mali, but it’s another tradition yet, the malikit one), hope it helped, sorry if I annoyed you

      1. what an absurd comment lol
        you should have said ” Sunnit Islam is considered as the real Islam by a very large majority of SUNNIS”

        but these stupid conflicts represent a very good demonstration of how stupid and fake this doctrine is, muslims are killing each other since more than 13 centuries now , if they can’t treat each other well how could they do that to non muslims ?

  8. @dersteppenwolf, Hermann Hesse was has always been a big defendant of the jewish, as far as I know.

    The funny thing is that we’re supposed to believe in the same God, I’m deist too.

    I don’t like Islam cause I couldn’t believe in a God which would send people to war, or simply to Hell.

    What I don’t like is your stupid methods.

    Example: I extract this part of the Bible: Jesus said, ?Suffer the little children to come unto me?, and then I claim that catholics approve pedophilia.

    A little bit simple-minded right ? that’s just what you do.

    Am I paranoiac about the jews ? Oh, I see you defend them, how surprised.

    I’ll tell you why hate the jews.

    Everybody knows in his entourage a person who has the Narcissistic pervert disorder. And everybody can check all the damages that this kind of people can bring in his entourage, family, love relationship, at work.

    Well, the jews are a caricature of the portrait of the classical Narcissistic pervert. And the damage their create is not in their entourage only, it is worldwide.

    They are:
    – egocentric
    – envious of what they don’t have
    – manipulative ( like you)
    – pervert
    – liars
    – have a self sense of grandness
    – think that the rules and duties are for the others, they’re above that
    – haughty
    – the feeling to belong to a high sphere where others have no access, because inferiors

    You know that here with all the bullshits you say you will have a great audience. People don’t think of very far.

    During the April Fool I was one of the only ones to claim that it was a joke, entertaining and it was, but only a joke, it was obvious, while everybody was walking straight.
    Now I can tell you this guy is not a “repent muslim”. He’s a jew who manipulate you.

    You can all hate Islam, I have no problem with that, it’s not a religion I approve for some obvious reasons.

    But please don’t rimm a jewish ass just because you’re blind, naive and easely manipulable.

    Try to think of a little bit and have a little bit discernement when somebody with a different speech is telling you think, even and ABOVE ALL if this speech looks a little bit “too good to be real” ( like a repent muslim who hates Islam, the repent method is the most used in religion, don’t you know that ?).

    To end, have a minimum of critical sens guys and don’t react like stupid sheeps.

    1. 1- I’m not deist

      2- The fact that I like a novel of Hermanne Hesse doesn’t mean that I’ll adopt every single opinion he makes

      3- I do not FUCKING care about your opinion and why you hate jews, I just don’t care about them, and I don’t know why you’re freaking out, writing long paragraphs about that, I didn’t even defend sionism or express my opinion about judaism

      4- Judaism for me is the root of all evil, islam is HIGHLY related to judaism and so many mythologies and precepts in the quran are inspired from judaism

      5- if you speak arabic, we can discuss your the “taking verses out of their context” by presenting to you explications from famous muslim interprets and we’ll see if I’m taking verses out of their context or not

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