FSA Made Youth Behead Two Men with a Machete

FSA Made Youth Behead Two Men with a Machete

FSA Made Youth Behead Two Men with a Machete

Sunni extremists from the Fake Syrian Army took one of their child soldiers that’s slightly older than these kids, gave him some kind of Middle Eastern cutting tool that looks like a machete variation, and made him behead two men they’d captured. Of course, the youth did not have strength in his arms to deliver blows strong enough to severe victims’ heads so instead of decapitating them quickly, the blows just made them suffer more agonizingly until fellow snackbarists finalized the execution with gunshots in the head.

To accommodate the beheading, the jihadists forced the captives to lay on their stomachs and place their heads on a brick. Then they were forced them to keep their arms behind their backs to remains completely exposed and at the mercy of the machete wielding youth. Still, kiddo could not decapitate a caterpillar if you put it in a guillotine for him.

There is no clear shot of the youth shown in this video, but still… take a good look at him. Also, take a good look at this kid who beheaded a man a few months ago. Mark my words when I tell you – take a good look at them cause a few years down the road, they will be somewhere in Sweden, or England, or France or the Netherlands or in some other western country as refugees. Soon enough they will start to whine to a western government that they are being unlawfully prosecuted so to spare these oppressed men from horrible prosecution, they will be taken in, sheltered, fed and tolerated even if they behave in a way unacceptable for the natives.

Savages like these are already among us. They are the Americans, Canadians or Europeans speaking Arabic, telling us on the internet that it’s Bashar al-Assad committing all those crimes in Syria. They abuse the fact that they’re already in western countries to spread lies as westerners. They are on a mission to avenge their prosecution, except that what they’re not telling is that it’s acts like these beheadings that made them targets for prosecutions in the first place.

I’ll say it again – take a good look at these kids for whom killing a grown man is a child’s play for many of them are already among us and those who still remain in the Middle East, like the kid in this video, are coming soon. The Zionists’ “Divide and Conquer” plan is going according to the plan. Brace yourselves for we’re in for a wild ride!

Props to Best Gore member thedickknows for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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80 thoughts on “FSA Made Youth Behead Two Men with a Machete”

  1. thats such a shame. iam so sorry for all this kids, they deserve a better life, a better future. its heartbreaking. i dont think that they really know what they are doing. i hope all the haters who brainwashes the innocent youth are going to rot in hell

      1. I beg to differ. Stalker, you seem to be a masochistic-sadist who prowls around best gore for sexual arousal. <– See what I did there? I made a baseless judgement with no evidence.
        ALL Muslims are not like that. Those who do aren't even true ones, because by definition, a muslim is meant to be peaceful. Sure there seem to be a few "jihadists" mixed up with the whole mess of terrorists worldwide, which comprise of people from various religions.

        BUT HECK! hating leads to more hating leads to more Best Gore material like this.

        1. Yes i can tell just by looking at her half face avatar that she is beautiful, that’s why i want to see the whole face. Us men just always wants more, hehe. You are quite a looker yourself. Let me ask you this, are you by any chance related to Gene Simmons : ) .. Nice Pics

          1. I dont think it is just men that always want more, us females are just as guilty. ๐Ÿ™‚ Lol! No relation to Gene. Sorry about that. I do love my tongue and am a bit proud of it though to be honest. ๐Ÿ˜‰ thank you for the compliment Mister Benjamin, it is always a great thing to hear.

      1. I was thinking the same. I rather get shot fighting then being captured. If I lost and I was in these two men’s situation, I would wait for the perfect moment to grab one of the tards, use him as a shield and fire away with his rifle. There hands were free. At the very lease, I would have a very low fighting chance. They must know they are going to die a painful death.

  2. There’s a Muslim ‘cleric’ in England (London, of course) preaching to Muslims to go on ‘job-seekers allowance’ (Which I guess is like welfare?) while they plan Jihad. Basically, rob the West financially while planning it’s destruction violently.

    Response? Nothing. British people are derpy. Their tax dollars go to moving another one of these clerics around home to home because of his ‘safety’.

    They never deport them, not that they’d be able to given their ‘human rights’. They still have a Congolese dude who raped a 4 year old there, unable to get rid of him.

    Meanwhile, a crazy White dude with one eye kills two police women with a grenade. How disorganized. The natives need direction.. or education. Their Country is being literally sunk by their politicians.

    England is a laughing stock. Sorry Brits, I know it’s offensive, but come on.. Your Country jumped the damn ‘I’m Suicidal’ line worse than any other West Country.

    1. Hey dude I live in Australia 4 hours drive from the city, Sydney. No monkeys in my community. Correction there are monkey doctors in a medical practice I go to with one white phyc who I see. I am yet to feel the trouble monkeys, niggers or any other darkies could inflict. Then again you could ask some Aussie from one of the cities about his experience you will get a different story. see they the darkies are not likely to come to a country town cause there is nothing here for them no excitment.

      1. Nah, it’ll spread. But anyway, from what I know of Aussie land, it’s been mostly Asians (Chinese, Viets etc.) immigrating to Australia.

        East-Asians are not really a problem, they are one of the compitible peoples (Provided their numbers don’t run out of control I guess, but it’s never been an issue with them).

        However, I’ve heard that you’re seeing an uptick in African immigrants lately (Somali etc.) and Arabic Muslims.

        Once you get a sizeable proportion of them into your Country (For Africans/Blacks it’s about 5% for Muslims about 10%) the troubles start.

        1. I have to state that we do have The Rwanda refugees here in the part of Australia that I live. fuck they get a car and Licence, housing, gov benifits they dress like retards and I have seen white women being some sort of mentor to these darkies educating them into white Aussie society. That last comment was for your benifit Silenced. But I will stand by what I said I feel safe walking the streets even in flip flops confident that I will not be bothered by some crazy darky. When that changes I let you know. Australia is mostly populated around the coast because inland is the harsh dry desert. Mmmm Now that I typed that might be ideal for a bunch of monkeys.

          1. White Women being traitors to our people is not news to me, The End or Beginning.

            It’s partly why I have nothing to do with them anymore.

            And this is how it starts in your Country. Like a disease, just eating away at your body bit by bit. A forced relationship of parasitism.

      2. Check out Noble Park in Victoria. Plenty of Sudanese there. One of them will lay down on the road at night so you are “forced” to stop, then their buddies come out of the shadows and rob you. almost happened to a friend of mine, but she just drove up onto the curb to get around him.

        1. Or just run them over? Oh wait I forgot western courts are biased towards the ignorant. And what the guy said England is a laughing stock, you’re right. This country is run by clueless aristocrats who’ve no experience with danger or violence, so they always support the immigrants, not seeing first hand how they behave.

          1. But why are the British citizens, the real British citizens doing nothing about it?

            No protests, nothing.

            Hell, blacks burnt down whole swaths of your capital city, and nothing was done about it. Immigrants handed 1+ million pound homes running around rioting. Muslim clerics preaching hate towards the British, moved from big house to big house on tax payer money.

            Families of convicted terrorists lobbying for bigger houses because it can no longer hold the 6 Muslim children.

            Where is the outrage? Your Government, nay, your entire political class has made a mockery of your Country the same as the USA’s has, the same as the Canadians and Australians are starting too.

            But your people, who remain ever silent only compound the issue.

            And that’s the question – What will it take, for us Whites to correct an out of control issue that threatens our safety, way of life and people? The collapse of the United States? The decimation of Great Britain? The complete Islamification of Belgium?

    2. Hi Silenced, We English folk have more or less given up in life, we no longer have the teeth to fight.

      We are split down the middle between those that have been successfully brainwashed and those that continue to struggle against overwhelming odds.

      I am sure that we will sooner or latter take the fight to our corrupt rulers however by then it will be too late.

      As for me, I gave up on this shit hole of a country many years ago, its not worth fighting for, instead I will be moving back to Japan at the end of the year to teach English.

      I only hope that Japan remains multiculturalism free for as long as possible.

      1. I’m not sure about outnumbered. I think a lot of people who share similar views are just afraid to express them due to what could (and most like would) happen. We aren’t as free as we’d like to believe.

        Which is extremely similar with Americans, Canadians, French, Germans etc. No fight.. Brainwashed. Scared to voice your views. Just sad.

        I think if something happened in this era to spark a revolution amongst Western Countries, everyone would be surprised at the numbers. Or maybe I’m simply optimistic (Which is rare on this subject, evidently)

        But alas, it’s unlikely to happen anytime soon, so good luck in Japan. Probably my future as well, only more towards China.

        I think the destruction of the West will serve as a deterrent to this madness besieging the Far East. It’s hard to say “Multiculturalism is good!” etc. when two of the greatest recent Empires (Britain, USA) sit crumbling/destroyed because of it.

      2. I’m sorry, but the irony of “English folk” going to Japan hoping to be accepted as a white non-Japanese while still escaping multiculturalism is too much for a thinking (wo)man to bear. Or are you a Japanese person who considers him/herself assimilated (which means accepted by way of the same multiculturalism that you eschew) into English society? Either way, there are some, um, “issues” here. that having been said, I’m all for rounding up Muzzies and fencing them in to kill each other off and save the rest of the world the expense and trouble of doing it.

        1. I don’t think that’s lost on Empty.

          Speaking for myself – I wouldn’t demand changes to their laws, culture, society. I wouldn’t become a drain on their economy, nor would I involve myself in crime of any kind. I wouldn’t help turn entire cities into ghetto’s or crime infested hellholes.

          I wouldn’t use the fact that I was different as a crutch to take advantage of any system they have, nor would I use it to try and change already established systems. I would do my absolute best to adapt to their culture, society, law and customs. I would be humble, respectful and understanding.

          Would I fit in? No. I’m 6’2, Blonde Hair and Blue eyes. But I would do everything to represent my people with respect, humility, and decorum.

          I’d do exactly what Far East Asians do when they come to our Countries. I’ve never had or seen one issue with them. Never saw them call for change, demand anything, nothing.

          I’ve never felt, walking past a group of Asians, that I had to be on guard.

          They aren’t like Arabic Muslims or Blacks.

          That’s my opinion, anyway. I’m biased though, so meh.

  3. Who started the struggle in Syria ? every part does his best, some starts the fight, some completes the rest including extreme violence, excellent muslim, christian, jew partnership in order to fuck the world we live in.
    I live among muslims, very rich & peacefull muslims, modern businessmen in expensive suits with silk neck ties, I am sure they will take out their machettes off their jackets in case of a conflict, human is a convertible creature, he can turn to a monster easily.

  4. So, I’m thinking that these fuck-tards are more desensitized than i. Obviously. I always try to imagine that I’m one of the ones about to die and how much it would suck to go second. I don’t think I’ll ever fully understand how these “humans” can be so good at being cruel. With not so much as am expression, even! I’m guessing its because like the kids they are “training”, they themselves were trained at a young age. I just feel for the victims that have to endure this crap… I’m thankful that I’m warm in my bed this morning and not laying on that cinder block. I ran out of Excedrin with yesterday’s headache and getting whacked with a machete this morning wouldn’t fly well..

    1. I wish I was in your warm bed with you ๐Ÿ˜‰

      No, I completely agree with you Juciy. Fock those kids who do the beheading – I feel sorry only for the poor victims. It sends shivers down my spine. I’m however always shocked and speechless why the hell they don’t do *something* instead of just taking it. I’d prefer a bullet running away any day to being beheaded like that.

  5. middle easterners/muslims culture has not changed in over two thousand years. they are flawed and at a standstill in terms of evolutionary terms. when that happened to the neanderthal, cromagnon took over. sure, there was interbreeding as human are wont to do but still, neanderthal died out because they outlived their usefullness to evolution.
    we must evolove to survive and muslims and niggers are not part of the new race of man. they’re basically cavemen with guns and their extermination i cannot stress more.

    1. Sit down and do some research on the Colonization of America. “Peaceful” and “normal” White folk raped and slaughtered the land of the Natives there. Pfff.

      The presence of Islam in the Pagan Philippines was peaceful. Yet The White folk came and ruined everything (to some).

      I Hate using the term white folk. It is a cheap, uneducated thing to rag on any religion and race. Extermination, you say? Why that makes you no better than any of these dude doing the beheadings.

  6. Fuck these acid washed Jeans wearing faggots . Im glad America is killing these fucks off by the hundreds of thousands. Women children fuck them all . These bitches cant fight or use a gun there only real threat is immigration. Fuck thier religion it will help destroy many nations.

  7. What a bunch of incompetent savages, failed beheading and then they shoot the victim God knows how many times.

    They complain about the west but you won’t see me trying to chop my neighbours head off, keep your shit in your barren Sandy garden and don’t bother bringing your benefit scrounging arse over to my country.

  8. No matter what God you pray to, and you actually believe in heaven and hell…you should know cutting some fools head off gets you a front row seat on the burn pile. In every faith i know of… murder is a condemable act. Unless muslims have a “get out of hell free” card, theyre are all in for a very warm after-life.

  9. I live in The Netherlands, and I know that someday this fucking disease will spread even more to our country. I hate Muslims, I tried to show respect and give them a chance, but the more I see this, the more I get to hate Islam and Muslims themselfs.

  10. …yes, our world would be better off without religions.
    The result of pious preaching is now more than obvious…
    Instead we should teach young kids how to dismantle their inherited, negative trait and foster the positive ones. That’s the only way to rid humanity of evil.

  11. Those were white men decapitated and now i start thinking of families? Laugh, talk shit …make fun of religion… Whats wrong with some structure in your life? This generation has no buisness teaching anyone a damm thing.What kind of world we live in when the best you got is i Would have… this shit has been going on now for thousands of years and the only thing I want to make a point of is if there are aliens watching us,… they see us still acting like savages.2000 plus years of recorded history and we act like insects.Its not going to happen? if hummanity showed up to some galactic alien interview our own destructive nature as a whole would mean a quick wrap up..This site only remindes me of how we treat each other…………

  12. Can some one please tell me why do these people who werent born muslin, and not born over there turn muslim. Like the blk guys here in prison,or a mexican, a brit? I dont get it why converrt? And why so many. It cant be that “virgins waiting for you bullshit”.

  13. How is it that in these beheading videos the victums appear to be so compliant? I don’t get it! Maybe Im missing something. I’d like to think I would at least TRY andget away, if only to force them to shoot me dead.

  14. It looks like the boy became a man in the eyes of the troop.
    WTF?!?! They did not even show the first beheading just the aftermath, the second was a half assed job to me. To Finnish him off they shoot him. I can’t Belive the victims just went so calmly to there deaths, damm sloppy camra work!
    I’m very disappointed.

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