Girl Gets Her Throat Slit by Chechen Man in Forest

Girl Gets Her Throat Slit by Chechen Man in Forest

One and a half year after this video was posted on the internet, Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Chechen Republic confirmed that it was the footage of a real murder. In the video, a Chechen man appears to slit throat of a young woman lying on the ground near a forest.

Investigation lead to the arrest of two people from the Caucasus region of Russia – 26 year old Salavdi Adamov and his sidekick – 22 year old Beshto Abalaev. The former is accused of murdering two people.

Murder in the video happened on August 8, 2011. She was Salavdi Adamov’s second victim. The killer forced her into the luggage compartment of his car and drove her to the outskirts of the village Dzhugurty. As Beshto Abalaev watched and filmed, Salavdi Adamov strangled the victim to the point of losing consciousness and cut her neck with knife. The girl died from rapid blood loss. Once dead, the murderer burned her body.

Props to Best Gore member GreenGoblin for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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        Pretty much the same as White Americans. With the exception Russians are cousins and Americans are brothers.

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        There are Muslims in China (Hui Chinese iirc), Muslims in Philippines, Muslims in India. Indonesia has one of the largest Muslim populations in the world.

        White Muslims exist in Turkey, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Chechnya (In Russia, where this took place, and the guy is Chechen) etc.

        Chechens are predominately Sunni Muslims. They are also the originators (IIRC) of the beheading videos. Waged a Jihad against Russia.

    2. That`s what motherfucking Russian pigs have been doing in Caucasus for centuries you dumb prick ! The Chechen genocide, the Circassian genocide, the Georgian genocide and now, it`s Ukraine`s turn. Fucking barbarians !

  1. They were definitely Muslims because they killed her in the Halal manner. No doubt they eat her afterwards and I am not referring to oral sex but to the fact they consumed every last morsel whilst dipping her entrails into her own gravy.

    I just wonder where they got stuck into first, I’m more of a leg man myself.

  2. The fact that she only moves her hands as her neck gets cut could indicate that she was unconscious, probably because she might have suffered a head trauma or was drugged. Also her skirt could indicate she was raped possibly by the person that appears in the clip and camera person, also the big hunting knife could indicate that this was premeditated, judging by they’r clothes they didn’t go hunting in jeans and sport footing. If you look closely at the forest behind you can see the sky which means that they are somewhere close to the edge of the forest, which could mean that she was abducted from somewhere close to the forest and dragged or forced there. Also he seemed somewhat experienced with throat cutting, probably not the first time or he works as butcher or at a slaughter house.
    They also seem to only recorded her throat get cut but the original video could be a lot longer.
    Also the lack of her footing widens the possibilities.

    1. What tells me that this was a real killing was not any of the video at all. The audio alone would as it has that unforgettable and horrific sound of blood gurgling when windpipe gets sliced. Why it took so long to deem this real amazes me.

    2. You obviously didn’t read the editors write up about the footage. She was strangled untill she was unconscious, then, she had her throat slit. comment on 13th – June -2013

    3. Well it could have been a little longer may be a part two some place kept for personal use but at the end of the day the gave us very little to go on what we can take from it was that he was way out of his game …the eyes tell you a great deal when one is not in contour of one self and you can read in his eyes that he was over charged and not used to what he was seeing and doing he also is skittish when her clarott squirts out…like oooh yuck it s on my t shirt!! A touch of non professional at work however how exciting for him like a virgin

    1. Well that’s a good point I never brought up yes his hasty departure did give us reason to be leave he is in training willingly or not…however the guy with him seems more composed and holds the camera well he did leave us wanting however ….never the less good attempt but need more practical…

  3. Fucking Chechnya. I live with a Russian girl and am dating a Russian guy, both of whom have nothing but rage towards the North Caucasus region in general. And towards Russia in general I guess, as both are immigrants and avidly despise their place of origin -_-.

  4. Putting the run-of-the-mill explanations aside, does anybody know why did they kill her? knife but no torture? all I can think off is that someone wanted this woman dead and paid money for an abduction and a neither painful or painless death. Or maybe they had to do it quick and they couldn’t get a gun or there was people nearby so they couldn’t make noise and the video was just to show the client that she was indeed dead (or going to die)

  5. Oh my god, fucking murder Chechens.
    I am a chechen myself, too!
    And its these mudjahideen brainwashed guys who do this, the normal chechens are really nice, even to strangers.

    He said “Wallu Wallu sih vula”
    Which means “Hurry Hurry, come quick”

    But daam this surprised me!

    1. By the way, they will be released over a few years, as he did not know the cutting through the females neck would result in kill her.

      And the death occured because of the interference with the knife and the neck!

  6. Rare that a gore video will move me anymore, but this one did. That she reflexively tried to brush her hair out of her face after her throat had been slashed was heartbreaking. I hope this guy gets what is coming to him.

      1. From what I am able to uncover from ethnic Russians, apparently the Russian justice system is similar to the USA and Western Justice systems, in that minorities (in this case, Chechens) get preferential treatment.

        So yeah.. While we all would love to think he’s getting a bullet in the head, chances are he isn’t..

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  9. They are caught? I SERIOUSLY HOPE SO!

    Knowing the Russians i will tell that if they captured those two fanatics…Man..They beat shit in them for sure.

    (Out of topic)
    What is definitely strange on Best Gore is that no videos about Russians prison are here and you can find severe beatings on their asses after some rebellion in one Russian prison. There is long video of beatings and i wonder if i was searching wrongly with “Russian Prisons” but nothing appear?

    You Mark really need to put here for us, it’s a real action!

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