Guy Watches a Police Chase on TV and Then…

Guy Watches a Police Chase on TV and Then...

Wait for it…

This guy is watching a police chase on TV and before he knew it, the police chase was just outside of his house. Nothing like watching a live TV broadcast and have it unfold right on your doorstep at the same time. Holy shit is right!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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68 thoughts on “Guy Watches a Police Chase on TV and Then…”

  1. Might have been a lot cooler had the chase ended right there. Guns drawn, suspect resisting arrest, some shots ringing out. Or better yet the suspect losing control and crashing!
    None the less it was still neat!

  2. Well then, I’d like to say “hi” to a bunch of random people. But whatever, this video is fake I believe. If you look at around :29-30. The “suspect” vehicle turns into the street with the police department on his ass. However, when this guy/man/boy says “Holy shit!” he moves past the T.V. and the “suspect” vehicle is still on the main road. Is he not? By all my accounts, it is fake. Unless someone can prove it otherwise. Thanks.

  3. Something doesn’t add up right. Look at far the police cars are from the car on TV and then within a fraction of a second they are right on the car’s ass. Also, the car on the TV looks like it never turned right. Now, I could see if the TV broadcast was on tape delay. Possible.

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  4. I’m in the L.A. area and this was on TV right after the Golden Globes telecast. The driver was a 17-year-old kid and the car was stolen. It was on TV for almost an hour and then the TV helicopter was low on fuel and had to end the broadcast. Damn! Turns out the kid crashed into a cop car and was arrested without incident. The chase was basically going in circles. Every time the chase approached the area near LAX, the helicopter had to back off because he was in its airspace. Interesting that the police helicopter wasn’t restricted as was the TV helicopter. πŸ™

  5. Holy mother of god, i live in Inglewood a few minutes away from LAX on Century and dalerose avenue ( Stalk Me) and the dam choppers were all over my house. Glad to see my home streets on bestgore.. sad to see no gore at all. Although still this is pretty awesome haha no fugazi though… it is the real deal out here in the “ghetto”. Also im pretty sure this was not filmed from a house since i saw the infamous chase myself and by recognizing the exact street the 17 year old kid turned on im completely sure this was filmed in a hotel lobby on rosewood avenue and century ( 2 blocks from my stinky home) also if you look closely at the reflection of the windows glass you see multiple lobby room lights hanging from the ceiling and a fire extinguisher as well…. i mean its the fucking hood we cant afford those lights and the water hose makes up for a fire extinguisher… haha Best gore lives….

  6. If it wasnt what it was I woudl shout conspiracy theory!!

    I mean really. Whats the odds of ANYONE videoing a car chase? and

    It passing their house? and

    Them have a clear line of view from where their TV was? and

    Not having curtains drawn or other obstructions such as a tree? and

    Actually having the hand eye coordination to not mess it up and forget to video it and instead just starte open mouth? and

    Actually get it out of their phone/camera? and

    Figure out how to upload it? and

    That it actually got out onto the real world internet and wasnt cnesored by the police state?

    I mean really. The odds are pretty slim, unless its was all engineered by the same team that engineer all the of media stunts? Maybe the national disaster fabrication crew were practing for a bigger event and were trying something small as a kick start?

  7. Lol, the guy behind the wheel was actually my cell mate in L.A. county jail!! I shit you not!! He had already served his time and been released for this car chase, but he was back in for something else… probation violation I believe. It’s a small world after all!!

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