Head on the Hood, Limbs on the Roof, Body in the Trunk = Mexico

Head on the Hood, Limbs on the Roof, Body in the Trunk = Mexico

These pictures are from – you guessed it – AcaFuckingPulco in Guerrero, Mexico, the world’s execution central. Like a day could possibly go by without someone getting executed in Acapulco. Also – what is it with narco sicarios abandoning body parts of executed people in newish, mint looking vehicles? Remember the GMC Yukon pics? In this case it’s a like new Volkswagen Bora. It’s the latest model with sunroof and the whole shebang. Perfectly viable vehicle with hardly a scratch – other than some blood stains after this narco display.

The victim is an unidentified male approximately 40 to 45 years of age. His severed head was left on the car’s hood, his severed limbs on the car’s roof and his headless, limbless torso inside the trunk. The vehicle was abandoned on the avenida Cuauhtemoc, near Acapulco’s famous 3km long Maxitunel which leads towards the port.

Next to the victim’s head were two narcomensajes signed by El Cartel Del Golfo. One of them had the following text on it:

Ya estamos aquí Víctor Aguirre, venimos por ti y toda tu bola de ratas extorsionadoras. Atentamente el Cártel del Golfo.

Bing Translator which is better than Google Translate spat this out:

We’re here Víctor Aguirre, come by you and all your ball of extortionist rats. Yours truly, the Gulf Cartel.

Gallery of photos is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  2. Not meaning to step on your toes by any means but this girl i know speaks spanish she said it acctually is translated to “Victor Aguirre We’re here, we come for you and all your ball extortionist rats. Sincerely the Gulf Cartel.” , its pretty close anyways

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