Indian Woman Commits Suicide by Train at Station

Indian Woman Commits Suicide by Train at Station

At a train station in India, a woman nervously walks up and down the platform. As a train approaches the station, she jumps in front of it, and lays her neck on the track. Most other commuter respond to the sound of decapitation by instinctively moving further away from the train, but the guy with his hands in the pockets barely flinches.

I received some hints that the woman was actress Disha Ganguly from Bengal, who had been reported to have committed suicide, but could not verify that this is the video of her suicide. Beheadings by train are common suicide methods in India.

Props to Best Gore member @BenjaminLuckyTroubleMaker for the video:

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    3. if this is in fact the actress Disha, she committed suicide because she wanted to be with her girlfriend but was being forced to marry a man. Being gay is illegal in many places, including where she lives and gays often live in fear of being murdered or imprisoned. Her girlfriend also attempted suicide to be with her, but failed.

    1. Well upon 2nd viewing there’s a guy with hands in pocket who almost up behind her,like close enough to smell her hair ,or whisper something to her. Maybe he said something to her to make her say fuck my life,another ugly,smelly paki wants to rub curry on my tits…or something to that degree.

  2. These crazy fucking Indians. There has got to be a better way to off yourself, than jumping in front of a Train, man! Go step on a COBRA instead! Open Casket, at least,,, oh wait?? Don,t they burn you half way, then through you in the GANGES RIVER instead??? Fuck that, i,ll take the train. 😉

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  4. It’s sad when a person feels like suicide is the only option left for them or when a person with mental health issues doesn’t get the help they require. Suicide should never be the answer, I had a friend who shot himself over some bitch and I always wish there was something I could’ve done to help him through it. I guess my point is that everyone is someone to someone, whether depression, drugs or some other reason makes you feel like killing yourself reach out to your family or friends. I struggled with the idea of suicide myself (to be or not to be) I have come to the belief that your soul is taken out of karmic circulation.

    1. I understand your feelings about your friend, and I’m sorry you both went through that. However, things in India are completely different for women. She probably had an arranged marriage with an asshole, and didn’t want him to throw acid on her or catch her on fire. If that were to happen her life would be hell for the rest of her life. She probably decided she would go out her own way instead of suffering.

      1. hmm. hard to make assumptions she might have killed herself over something stupid like a guy breaking up with her.well most reasons are pretty stupid. life is a struggle to survive. If you are strong enough you will make it no matter how shitty of a situation you are in. Saying this i get depressed also and I have had serious thoughts about suicide and planned it but when i look back i know it is stupid. Also if you believe in Jesus, you’d know that suicide is a sin (i’m not sure about other religions).

  5. i couldn’t live in that shithole India either. props to the crazy chick who had more BALLS than i’ll ever have. i wish to die after blowing one last huge monsterous foul LOAD into whatever female fv is willing to accept it. ladies/ho’s of best gore, who among you is willing to take one foe the team??/

    1. Goddamn people making the train late. I spent a long time trapped on the California Amtrak. Couldn’t go anywhere because a car went on the tracks and was hit by a train many many miles up the road. Two days we were stuck. Took 5 days to get from Florida to Oregon.

      1. @Grendel…….. lol…! Reference to “was died”. Strange kind of tense from Mr. Dinu from india…… a typical. Wow…!!! And I totally do not approve speculation, especially about a person’s suicide. I wonder what kind of backstory source does “Dinu from india” have to be so sure? Pathetic…!!!

  6. It obvious this guy was so overwhelmed, that he drooped ass goblins in his underoos. I wouldn’t wanna move about either. It’s fast becoming a common theme, people dropping dookeys while in a fight or flight situation. Something in the water I suppose.

  7. Two things:

    The camera seems to keep her in sight; I thought at first the movement was from wind moving a stationary security camera to and fro, but someone is definitely recording this for posterity.

    Second thing; if you were going to place your neck on a railroad track, would you prefer to face the train eyes forward, or have the train come up behind the back of your head?


    1. 1 – its me or its the only women of the all station ? i guess thats a good point for filming only her ^^

      2 – i will stay stand in front of the train looking at it and try to stop it with my arms ,epic end and splash on train driver window ^^

    2. The moving camera was the first thing that caught my attention, as well. Someone had to know she was going to do it. Also, I would definitely have to close my eyes, regardless of which way the train was coming ftom.

      1. I agree on both accounts. I’m trying to decide if they knew her and her intentions of if she was behaving in a way that caught their attention. I’m not a grab my camera type of a person who records my lunch, so this seems odd to me. Anybody else?

  8. Why the fuck are we tax paying Brits subsidising a country that can produce such modern(ish) train stations ?!. Fucking liberty.
    Oh, and yes, the Bollywood girl was as cool as a cucumber with her train induced head lop. Fair play.

  9. sound like soo many clich? there ^^

    everybody is like :
    ” oh, the lady go on the rail ? nice”

    and only 3-4 guys who react at extrem last time (yeah like:
    “oh my god, thats horrible… but i dont give a shit in fact”

    i mean, normally you start run and scream “hey ! WTf ? move ! dont go there !” or something just when you see that lady go down on rail.
    you not wait until she is lying on the rail for move..

    too much clich? i say ^^

  10. Poor pitiful woman! Stuck her head on the rail and instant death resulted. Probably not too painful but no open casket for her. Most women take pills or cut wrists because they don’t want to mess up the face. She meant business. Just so much misery she had to end it.

  11. Dammit! Where is the 3:15 to hell, I’m going to be late.
    I heard that the station was closed for an additional hour because they had to clean all the poop she left behind on the track. Cleaning her poop was probably worse than picking up her head and body. Don’t you just hate having to clean someone else’s poop? That’s why I don’t work at a train station. Actually, I don’t work at all. But if I did, train stations would be my last stop.

  12. I tried to kill myself last year by taking 30 or 40 of my prescription muscle relaxers and ended up in a coma. I’m not an emotional person but i live with three incurable chronic pain conditions and no painkiller prescription.

  13. I don’t think it is Disha Ganguly (Actress in India, Bengali Television), as the report of her death was in her apartment and by hanging from ceiling fan, instead of this decapitation by train. As her same-sex relationship with a girlfriend tried to commit suicide by jumping in front of a train, but was saved by commuter in nick of time.. It may be someone else….. Try this

  14. Suicide is not “a girl thing”.
    That’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read.
    Some of the most profoundly depressed and suicidal people I’ve known were male.
    It’s such a stupid remark that I won’t even bother getting into a debate over it.
    (Plus, I’m lazy.)

    1. What guy could have saved her? You shitting me? She jumped in as the train was there, it took a split second. How the fuck is anyone else gonna jump down there, pick up even a hundred pound woman and drag her off the tracks in less than two seconds? Moron.

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