La Guera Loca Video – Zeta Beheaded by Woman, Face Peeled Off with Box Cutter

La Guera Loca Video - Zeta Beheaded by Woman, Face Peeled Off with Box Cutter

By popular demand, here’s the infamous “La Guera Loca” video – a graphic display of violence of one Mexican drug cartel towards another. This time the victim was a Los Zetas operative and his captors treated him to the level of brutality we’ve come to expect from the Mexicans. The Zeta man is first beheaded by a blond woman (hence “La Guera Loca” – which in Spanish means “The Crazy Blonde”) and then has his face peeled off his severed head by one of the captors with a box cutter before the rest of his body is mutilated.

The La Guera Loca Video was originally posted by Blog del Narco, a blog documenting the violence of Mexican drug cartels from within Mexico but after several Narco groups issued warnings to Mexican blogs, Blog del Narco shut down, then redirected to several other domains, but eventually reopened and runs normally again. I wonder if that means that it changed hands and is run by someone outside of Mexico, hence presumably less threatened by the Narcos.

The blonde who does the beheading is instructed by one of the male captors on how to do the beheading. The woman initiates the decapitation using a machete and is referred to by an unidentified male as La Guera Loca, the name which stuck with the video ever since. The unidentified male also declares that “This is what will happen to all those who help Los Zetas”, implying that the executed man was either an operative of Los Zetas or somehow connected to them. The video was recorded at an unknown location on a cell phone camera at night so the quality is very sketchy but what the video lacks in quality, it makes up for in brutality.

Many thanks to SuicideKingOfHearts and others who made me to post this overdue video at last 😮

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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213 thoughts on “La Guera Loca Video – Zeta Beheaded by Woman, Face Peeled Off with Box Cutter”

      1. “Olay. We hope you enjoyed that. And now for our next magic act, we will put all of his body parts in one box, and with a few magic mexican words he will be fused back together, as a face chewing zombie on bath salts.”

    1. i can see the Mexican machismo go fucking nuts. Over stupid retarded shit like the stereotypical fat girl and a Mexican shit. That is so common in the states.

      This just shows that money is so much more important in Mexico. They may even do this to their own mothers.

    1. I have a theory on that In Mexico most kids by the age of ten already know how to kill and butcher a pig plus they’re raised rough and poor as shit same as the isalamo fucks while most people in the civilized world have never killed let alone butcher there own food these fuckers are doing it at the youngest age possible, did you see the way he perplexing that face off those are butchering skills you learn as a child growing up there, to them that human head is no diffrent than a pigs head, and also they’re high as fuck on cocaine.

      1. I lived in Mexico for a while not so long ago and no ppl are civilized over there as well as here, of course there’s places where they can’t afford more than what’s old school but still civilized. Shit is I was born in L.A. and when I was over there I could tell those fuckers are born violent and crazy. Still got that Aztec custom I guess you can say.

    2. they are not normal persons. only sick ass mother fuckers do that kind of shit . and we like watching it . that why we keep coming back for more . i started watching videos on best gore like two months ago by accident. and now look at me im a member of this shit and i think i love it because for some fucking reason i cant stop thinking about it . i watch it while im at work too. it does not bother me at all i listen to the videos with headphones on to listen clearly to every word they are saying. im glad i found this site. thanks mark.

      1. “they are not normal persons. only sick ass mother fuckers do that kind of shit ”

        ” i love it because for some fucking reason i cant stop thinking about it”
        “i watch it while im at work too. it does not bother me at all i listen to the videos with headphones on to listen clearly to every word they are saying”


      2. Exactly! I stumbled on this site and was astounded that I’m not the only one who fantasizes about doing the same thing that I see on this site to others. Fortunately, I have a conscience and wouldn’t want to hurt another person. But, I’m grateful that there are others who will do these things for our viewing pleasure. I have the utmost respect for these killers.
        I respect modern serial killers as they are doing something that is a lot more difficult to pull off these days.

      1. Umm, no. The Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs video was bad but it honestly was not that graphic. Seen worse. I think the worst video the Internet has to offer would be the Armin Meiwes murder & cannibalism video. Google it if you don’t know. Yea, it’s leaked somewhere. Very hard to find.

        1. Dude, that guy was a homo fag weirdo, but his Voluntary victim (!seriously!) was even worse.
          HOW DARE you compare this weird pg-13 peter-puffer’s fantasy of CONSUMING DICK (in which the dumbass burnt by the way) to the BRUTAL nature of the D.M?
          They went off and killed 22 mother fuckers, WITHOUT their permission, with a HAMMER TO THE FACE, then POKING HIS BRAIN with a SCREWDRIVER.

          Your Husban-Hero gave is, again, VOLUNTARY VICTIM, 20+ painkillers and alcohol, then allowing him 10 hours to bleed out in a nice warm bath.

          I appreciate your suggestion, but please, if you want to pick a fight, don’t bring in a LITTLE WIMPY COCKSUCKER who’s victim, CHOOSES HIM like it’s his new job.(seriously, this all came off a “cannibal cafe” site in Germany, the victim actually volunteered to be castrated, eat HIS OWN dick, be killed, and then consumed after death….I’m not making this up, I took his advice and searched out the info prior to writing this)

          There is some very brutal shit out there, but THIS he/she doesn’t even come close.
          That’s not just my opinion, that shits just simple FACT.

          1. You aren’t very good at arguing, are you? We are talking about leaked murder VIDEOS. Not serial killers/killers as a whole. I’m not saying what the DM kids did was weak. No, it was fucked up. Heck, I’m very certain some serial killer out there has destroyed someone in ways we can’t imagine. Point is leaked VIDEOS.

            The DM video is brutal and sad to watch but it is honestly not that graphic or fucked up (Ed Gein standards here).

            Now moving onto Armin. Yes, his victim did volunteer for the act but imo that makes it sicker. First his dick was biten and cut off. Then they tried to eat it. Didn’t work. Then the victim/volunteer went to the bathroom to die from blood loss. Took too long. Armin went and finished him off by stabbing him in the neck. Then he hung the body on a meat hook. Armin ate 44lb of him according to wiki.

            Oh, and all this was filmed. Sounds way more fucked up to me than the DM murders imo. Just the psychology of it alone.

            As for the video.. I never seen it. I am jsut a good searcher and have found forum posts from 2005/older speaking about it as if they seen the whole video.

          2. yeah that video still fucks wit me… than i again i do give this video props cuz all my years of watching gore videos ive never seen a leatherface act which kinda threw me off for a second…. i kno this shit happens all the time down there but this is my first time seeing it…. great job mark

  1. My phone won’t play it, but I’ll get on the CPU later and check it out. I’m sure it’s every bit as brutal as it sounds. Thanks for the post and the very detailed narrative, Mark. I’ll comment after watching.

    1. Pretty much looks like it. As you watch closely as she sliced through the neck without the tiniest flash of hesitation, he raised his tied arms a bit and you could see his struggling to breath. Well..there’s nothing he could do about it and to think of the unimaginable agony he’s having cemented the legacy of this gang as one if not the most violent and hardcore ever.. sadistic is out of the question. The neo-nazi beheading and the chainsaw guys also comes to mind

        1. Your alive even after the beheading if your brain has enough blood and oxygen I’m sure you feel the knife sawing away at your spinal cord which I would imagine would be the worst part of it feeling the blade hack away at your neck bone

          1. This one detail most likely gave newbies the heebee-jeebees

            (chainsaw beheading, 2nd beaner, each time-smack! (twitch) smack smack!! (twitch twitch)

    1. Want to give it a try? a great video on eating raw and organic food that’s been freshly sliced just feels different. You feel more connected to the earth and more grounded. Eating lots of processed foods — frozen or from a box — makes creates more of a gap and leaves you feeling disconnected from the earth that sustains you.

    1. No shit, man. These people don’t mess around! Maybe one day, when they’re as marketable by the mass American news media, they’ll get the reputation they deserve. Until then, they are ours for the enjoyment. 8)

    2. islamos are fucked up, but i dont think they have mutilated any one. correct me if im wrong. i think its forbidden. cutting someones head off is bad, but mutilating a corps is meaningless. its just disgusting, like eating bugs in fear factor. once your dead who cares what they do to your body, its going to start rotting anyways.

    1. There’s speculation that the whole crew involved in this video was wiped out by either rivals or their own people either way it like they vanished of the Narco map, I belive some of them might be hiding in the u.s. to escape the notoriety & heat the video may have brought them in Mexico, can you imagine these psycos walking around where you live , it bad enough I have to worry about BG member in my midst :p now these face peelers to. And this nothing new man y of these killers will kill dozens of people then flee to the u.s. illegally to escape the heat, many of mexicos most wanted drug kingpins do it on the regular and avoid getting caught like that

    2. As much as they should have,they only took an axe to her. Sure they slit her throat and let her choke while her homegirls got chopped up but they really should have at least skinned her

  2. Just think, there’s a guy out there (probably one of the guys talking in the background of the video!) who fucks this woman. Imagine what going to bed with her would be like after an argument. You better sleep with one eye open.

    1. The gagged blonde in pink/violet. Yep it does look just like her. In case it was, imagine the things they could’ve done to her. All those nasty things Narco is known for. But look at her face,,,maybe there’s a reason why they spared her face… perhaps to recognize her it is spared off the peeling part. Her body is another story

          1. I have a theroy about this link (great work b.t.w. finding that)
            The body is not cut, mutalated, or otherwise showing any trademark craftmenship.
            My opinion, just another dead beaner, that just happens to have dyed her hair blonde.

            If it was a revenge thing, she would NOT have escaped tourture.

  3. watching shit like this doesnt bother ME anymore & never really did (lol) but if I seen it in PERSON or had to do for some reason .. I cant even imagine how many BENZODIAPENES I would need to SLEEP each night (lol) … I dont get why the cant KILL the PERSON also then do all that EXTRA SHIT … why you gotta CUT HIS HEAD OFF or CHAINSAW it OFF while their still ALIVE ?? I guess it sends a SLIGHLTY STRONGER BRUTALITY MESSAGE but not by much

  4. Narco porn at its finest. Oh Breaking BG News just in the copper who got shot in the Northeast of the Uk by Roaul Moat has been found dead at his home. PC Rathband who took a 12 bore sawn off to the face at close range by the jilted mad man initially survived the blast which left him blinded. Moat who thought his girlfriend was screwing every officer in the Northumbria Constabulary took his own life after a stand off with armed police after they cornered him in Rothbury. Moat shot half of his head off with the same sawn off. From Robert.

  5. because she has shown her face, it may lead the cops to all of them, I wonder if they’ve killed her to keep her quiet, people are bound to recognize her, she’s the weakest link! how scary to be caught by this guy’s (Los Zetas?) friends, she knows first hand what they’re ALL capable of!

    1. They probably did it to punish her for some unknown reason, they probably killed her right after…then again their are women that brutal that are real killers for the cartel, their gender is just a front they use to lure in rivals a good majority get set up by women

  6. Ya know, with all the money in drugs (supposedly) you’d think these fuckers could afford some quality video equipment, lights, and cutlery.

    But no, we get cheapo cell phone vid filmed by flashlight with nearly dead batteries. Dull machete? Skinning with a BOX CUTTER? Seriously? I guess I’m glad I’m on the “good guy” side, ‘cuz I could do it SO much better!

    I’d rather have the 4 – 5 minute version (quality) than this amateur piece for nearly 15 minutes (quantity!)

        1. Unfourtunatly, it’s as true as my spelling is shit.
          They stink to high hell, they live 20 to a household, so no matter the economy, they can afford to live ANYWHERE.
          Their homes FUCKING PERIMINATE the surrounding air with such a foul stench (this has no coincidence with my name, they straight out FUCKING REEK!)
          anyway, a foul stench that hangs in the air that never goes away.
          They literly, make the air around them rancid.
          They are just dirty, shitty people.
          Not some, most, and nearly ALL of them. The “escape” mexico to turn where they end up, into something just like it.

          Fucking epically stupid, and I hate using the overused to death term “epic”….

  7. When Ottomans behead a man they immediately place the head on a well heated metal plate in order to keep the blood & oxygen in the head for a while, its written that the the head looks arround and eyes blink for a short period 🙂

  8. Obviously this bitch isn’t that crazy. His eyes and mouth were duct taped up. If you’re gonna cut a guys head off at least have the balls to look him in the eye and listen to his pleas and screams. Fucking pussy bitch.

  9. When I was watching the detailed skinning of the face I jumped a bit when I heard the chickens/roosters in the background(my face was so close to the computer screen). I thought it was someone getting beheaded in the other room screaming. lol

  10. This has convinced me to get a gun & learn how to use it….if there ever was anarchy , crazy people will be running rampant. Crazy ass shit. Disturbing vid, for sure! Now I understand why those who go to war seem to change. They see the violent reality that goes on around the world….and it changes them forever.

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