Little Child with Head Shot Off its Shoulders

Little Child with Head Shot Off its Shoulders

Video from war torn Syria, showing a very young child caught up in probable shelling.

Just like this child, I am sure there are tens of thousands of children whose memories don’t extend far back enough before the civil war, and end up spending their short lives dodging mortar shells and snipers, instead of studying and making friends like children should.

I really don’t care much at all about people’s political, religious, or personal hate of a group of people; there really is no possible justification about innocent children losing their life due to fighting amongst two groups of people, no matter who is viewed as right or wrong. But like most people, I am realistic in my thinking and we all know that as long as people are around, there will never be an end to hate and killing.

Props to Best Gore member snrmcs for the video:

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      1. Not at all. I’m here because I love this site – it shows the real world for what it is and doesn’t censor or edit reality. It’s refreshing and important to know exactly what is happening in the world, especially when government feeds false information for thier own gain.

        I can watch vids of beheadings, murder, tragic accidents, burning alive, anything really – the only thing that I don’t like to see is dead children.

        That doesn’t mean I don’t want them posted on here. It just means I carefully choose what I see/ watch when visiting this site, and I generally avoid anything involving dead children, simply because I know it will upset me. That is an informed choice on my part, and does not mean I dislike/ have an issue with the site or any postings. As I said, I think this site is great.

        I only saw this pic because I clicked on All The Gore, I usually use the navigation to look at something I want to see – a suicide jump or whatever. And as I said, I wish I hadn’t seen it, because the image was truly heartbreaking. I wasn’t saying I wish it wasn’t there, I was just saying I wished I hadn’t seen it. It was my own mistake, as I tend to avoid things like that.

        I will say, however, I don’t think it is your place to vet other BG members. They are here because they like gore and they like the site. That doesn’t mean they must watch or view every part of it, we are free to watch and see what we want, and anything we don’t want to see or watch, we don’t have to – that’s the beauty of it, and I’m sure other members are the same. Just because you don’t like ALL the gore, doesn’t mean you don’t like gore and shouldn’t be here.

        1. keeley it’s human nature to feel the way you did. I get the feeling that fakemessiah666 is trying to tell you to view these images without feelings. You area decent person. Any decent person would feel somewhat upset after seeing a picture like that of a chilld whose had his/her head blown apart. Good onya mate don’t let anyone tell yu any different.

  1. This child looks barely a year old.

    I honestly don’t know what the world is coming to.

    Things like this always makes me just want to cuddle my 2 children close to me and thank god we were fortunate enough not to be born into such an uncivilised, war-torn country.

    I feel lucky and very thankful for that.

      1. There are these types of victims on both sides of war. People only ever see the victims from their side. This is done so that you pity the victims and show more patriotism for the side showing the pictures. War is hell

  2. It looks like they forgot how soft the fontanelle is and forgot to protect it from American-sponsored terrorists with small arms. This looks like the result of pistol or rifle fire, not arty. shrapnel or crushing resulting from building debris. The injury is isolated to the head, and the left parietal bone and occipital bone have been forced outward by an internally explosive force. Good job American terrorist government. I wonder how many stupid Americans realize what is done to innocent people abroad in their ?interests.?

  3. Fucked up, totally! Sad that the innocent little’s face looks like a marbled strawberry cheesecake, but it is what it is! Things won’t ever change, just get worse! Do cuddle your loved ones, because while they may not end up like this poor baby- there’s a million and one other ways to go and even kids aren’t exempt! Ok, that’s my “wisdom” for today!

    1. this is nature. only human beings apply value to life. you live and then you die.
      the circumstances of that death have no intrinsic meaning, the life lived has no intrinsic meaning. the age of death is irrelevant to nature. you live as long as you live and then you die. that’s it. once you factor out the concept of “humanity”, life becomes very basic…simpler.
      people look at this and say its a tragedy yet in other posts they call for the death of this entire race…i dont see tragedy i just see a dead child…it’s already gone on to become something else and hopefully something better than this thing called man…

  4. Very sad,i wonder how the fuck a kid in a nappy can lose its fucking head like that though ?.I am no expert,but it looks suspisciously like a head shot from a high powered rifle,cant understand who would snipe a baby,or parents putting their baby in a snipers cross hairs.Syria.

  5. So sad. I don’t know why anyone one would want to kill a child especially in such a violent way. Good thing it was a quick death, maybe it was for the best so he wouldn’t of suffered longer in that horrible shit for a country he was living in.

  6. the level of cranial destruction suggests it didn’t feel a thing.instant,painless death…think about it?! its the lesser of two evils. the only other option would have been to grow up in a Godforsaken fucked up country and end up dying a horrific death….psychological trauma was avoided in this case it goes into the afterlife just a newborn with little or no idea about how fucked up the world is.

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