Magician Accidentally Decapitates Assistant with Chainsaw

Magician Accidentally Decapitates Assistant with Chainsaw

Magician Accidentally Decapitates Assistant with Chainsaw

The video has English commentary which explains everything. During his magic trick involving an illusion in which the amateur magician cuts up his assistant with a chainsaw, the assistant got stuck and was unable to slid out of the box she was in safely. She was trying to signal the magician but because of noise from the chainsaw and the overall ambience on the stage, the magician could not hear and ran the chainsaw down her throat, decapitating her right there before the eyes of the audiences and the cameras. The narrator then confirms that the just decapitated assistant was the magician’s wife.

There has been no one reliable enough to step up to the plate and confirm for sure whether this video is real or fake. Some say it’s fake – a re-enactment of an urban legend featured in a documentary “1000 Ways to Die”. I must say that the way magician drove the metal plate down the assistant’s throat – which is exactly the same path the chainsaw followed – makes it look fake. You would also expect some pretty significant spray of blood from the carotid arteries, however we’ve had many beheadings on Best Gore which prove that while blood loss from decapitation is significant, it is nowhere the hose-down one could see in a movie.

I honestly don’t know for sure whether the video is real or fake. I think the story in which it really happened could easily be true, though the video may be just a re-enactment for the camera. Or it could be the other way around. What do you think when you look at the video? Real accidental beheading with a chainsaw or a perfect fake?

I’d like to see a chainsaw magic trick gone bad with Chuck Norris as an assistant. The sparks would light the stage on fire as Chuck raises up from the coffin with Terminator look on his face. Many thanks to GIR for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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175 thoughts on “Magician Accidentally Decapitates Assistant with Chainsaw”

    1. It was REAL! omg did you see all the blood and she stopped moving!!!!! and and her other half came out of her box to have a look. every one knows you can’t give away the trick come on you fucking morons ITS REAL!!!

      1. Holy shit, @ls, I just re-watched the video, and the way there was very little blood, the stagehands acted like actors, and there were only three people in the audience that looked like they were from mystery science theartre 3000, I must change my mind, IT IS REAL!!!!!

    2. Look up the show ?1000 ways to die?. It?s a show BASED ON REAL DEATHS with actors re-enacting these deaths. What you?re seeing isn?t the real death but a re-enactment. So of course it?s fake and staged. It?s a re-enactment of the real death?

  1. that was so fucking deep… it blew my mind.
    there goes a regular magician, entertaining people for a living, probably has a little apartment, crappy car, but the smiles he gets at shows is enough of a pay, he meets a lovely woman, she becomes his assistant, then later on life they marry. then this happens. i kinda want to cry but i got so hard watching this i gotta beat off to something very kinky.

    1. It’s a real death.. but the video isn’t of the real event. 1000 ways to die is a show which re-enacts real deaths of actual people but changes the names and doesn’t show the real people to protect them. The death really did happen. But you’re no watching the real video of it.

        1. @ikeelYew, pure brilliance. the way you used the phrase “ho”. woowee. made my blood boil. my rebuttal to your impermanently mental scaring remark is “No.You are” and “i fucked you daddy”. afterwords i told him to cut your allowance in little stepchild.. lol

  2. Wow just wow. Shoulda had a safety measure if it was real.
    hmm, I think I m gonna take a break from BG for a while.
    All this gore is great….but, I need fresh air and living people.

  3. Fake, you would most likely see a lot of blood leaking out the sides and bottom of the casket. If anyone has had the pleasure of watching some of Best Gores decapitation vids you would know how bloody they are. Fake.

  4. It’s got to be fake. I couldn’t find any info online about it… everyone just speculates. Still neat. I wouldn’t be surprised if it happen one day. Haven’t tricks gone wrong before and resulted in an injury? Maybe it’s like one of those training videos ๐Ÿ™‚ Or possibly, the point of the trick was to make you believe he killed his wife.

  5. Yup, as the Students Of Best Gore, WE understand one simple truth. Beheading takes a bit to fully consume your life.

    As it was shown, the saw was at idle, and the ketchup packet splatter on the ground was not exactly what would have truely taken place here, let alone the instant stopping of movement is also, not what is to be expected.

    Jack Mehof’s gavitar can contest to another thing, chainsaw attacks to the neck, tickle, and I DID NOT see her laughing.

    1. I thought the same thing, even if the head was fully severed there would be some kind of movement, specially twitching movements. and the head would also roll over its own weight.

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        Anyways, cheers all the same!

      2. Actually when everyone was going on and on about that 1/2 Billion Dollar jackpot, and the question was “what would You do?”
        I thought about it for a minute, and figured that it would be so much fun to provide airfair for everybody intrested to go on a Global Party Run, and for those of us who can’t get out of our own countries (Tiger) we would bring the Party to You.

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        Well, here I am, still broke, so, CHEERS TO EVERYBODY NONE-THE-LESS!

        1. @stench, Ya know, I thought the same fuckin’ thing when that jackpot was out and we were asked,”what would you do” but for some reason my stupid ass didn’t post it. I even made scenarios in my head of what kind of party it would be, and let me tell ya, it would be one of,if not, THE greatest parties ever. Private jet to pick everybody up, handicap accessible for our boys H.L.A.M. and stuby and whoever else here who is handicapped, ( and I don’t mean mentally cause thats all of us). And of course all the hot BG bitches runnin’ around in bikinis (by a pool with red water to look like blood).Well, maybe, one day,it will happen! It’s cool to know that I’m not the only one to think like that. A nd I’m sure some others here thought the same shit too.

  6. Even the ‘Mexican chainsaw’ murder wasn’t THAT smooth! It should take a few more seconds to saw right through the neck, there was NO resistance at all, it was like he sawed through air (which he did!)

  7. Fake. Aside from the many technical problems with this video (as others have pointed out), there’s the fact that no legitimate news organization has reported on this. An accidental beheading during a public performance surely would’ve made the news.

  8. most stage acts like that have curtains and the minute something goes wrong the curtain drops….i seen the magician/comedian Tommy Cooper die live on stage and the curtain dropped straight away….if this was real im pretty sure the curtain would have dropped before the opened the box and alerted the audience something went wrong

    1. Ohhhhh, who is Tommy Copper…wait, I”l be right back…

      looks like in 1969 he was voted “ITV’s” personality of the year

      Between 1973-1980 he made 28 tv shows for ITV

      in 1977 he nearly croked of a heart attack in Rome, and due to lung funkyness, had to give up smoking cigars.

      And, the ammmmaaaazing internet says heis last proformance was in 1984 at “Her Majisty’s Halls Theatre” and was filmed live.

      Other than this, I havn’t found any other info reguarding this “Live Death”

      Intrested in your experiance, becasue the internet is cool, but also, does not know absoutly everything (but it’s working on it, like SkyNet!!)

          1. lol i seen that and replied in the other thread….nah you cant get them here….i have never even tasted lucky charms…..but marshmallow in milk doesnt sound too nice

          2. Strangly enough, it’s better than the rest of the nasty cereral.

            A far as irish spring, it smells pretty good.

            I don’t even remember which post I first asked you that question.
            I appricate your response to it.

            Sucks to ask words and become brain dead.

            Doesn’t work out too well that way.

            If Mark would just slow the fuck down with all this new content!!!!!

            (you know my real feelin’s about that…..stop laughing!!!)

          3. it would be a nice function to be able to send each other messages on this too… would save scrolling through all the comments to see if someone answered a question you asked them

    1. @SamDJ never said he was in his 40’s, that was Lunatic, Mouse & some other really popular commenter who’s name I can’t remember, sorry (to whoever it was!) It was when there were no new posts & people were telling each other their private stuff! You could literally FEEL the love that week! I think @SamDJ did once say he’s an Aussie? or was that @spiderman? Fuck, I KNOW @Spidey is!

      1. I know Spiderman, (Tiger)You, (Dankov is a Kewi, so that means she’s Aussi because she rocks!) and, that’s about it.
        If I’m not completly retarded, I think SamDJ is from Europe…..I may have the wrong contenent, let alone the wrong age……
        What’s UP!?

        1. Happy birthday for this Friday @Spidey! (I wasn’t doubting I knew you were Aussie, cos we talked about it before) I’m very happy there are other Aussies on BG! YEAH! ha ha

  9. Case in point… the woman in the audience immediately bawled out in a ballistic fashion when the magician JUST opened the box. And judging by her screams, it was poor acting.

    At first yeah maybe the whole possibilities thing gave me the idea that this could be real but girl with all the stress she had been going through that time there should have been a strong gush of blood brought upon by increased circulation as a flight or fight response. And the audience should have reacted by that point because it’s going to be apparent with a massive blood spill the moment the chainsaw cuts through the neck.

    Plus… someone in the backstage AND THE AUDIENCE could have alerted the magician while she was waving her hand, and any well-meaning magician would stop the show if that was seen.

    I could also see the box being a bit too wide and too deep for her to fit in so I see a possibility that the whole head waving thing must be her maneuvering some mechanism to make the fake head move while she fits snug in a compartment.

    Plus as well really, the moment she was flapping her hands, the audience could have really tried to give it away or even a stage hand.

    Just my theories. I will only believe in this if there’s a press release.

  10. Also, the arms could have gone off the hole immediately. It seems as if she took time to position herself first, push the fake head and pull out her arms after some time.

    Plus being realistic here, the way she was waving her head, it was too “flexible” to be human. It was going all over the place. A human head, in that situation can only go left and right. Her head was even going northeast! LOL. And the blood on the hankie could be more than that.

    The head looks like a dummy to me. I attend dressmaking classes and I’ve seen mannequins with that kind of face. Plus the could have been some blood as well in the head box (we know that the metal divider slips in a secret compartment)

    I dunno this just fascinates me in a Rhodes-in-Bridesmaids kind of way LOL.

    In the Leprechaun the magician cut in half scene was more realistic than this.

  11. Although at times, cutting the bitches’ head off with a HUGE FUCKING CHAINSAW seems like a dream that we all like to play over and over and over and over in our heads…….oh wait,nevermind.
    I might be alone on that one

    1. I went ahead and made an exclusive Best Gore E-mail for those that want to shhot the shit….rotten stench (ot) rocket mail (dawt) com……all one word, obviously.

      Just figured, “what the hell, it took all of 15 seconds to do”
      So, there you go if anyone’s intrested in saying “what’s up”

  12. Having had this done to me once, the magician should have used a saw with an easily detachable blade. The box will stop the blade, drop it, and pick a fake one. This guy was kind of stupid not to have realized her hands flailing like she was having a seizure.

  13. This video is a reenactment. This is from 1000 Ways to Die, as I recognise the narrator’s voice. I know a lot of the stuff they have is in fact real, so I would say this really happened at some point.

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