Maid Brutally Hacked by Employer in Saudi Arabia

Maid Brutally Hacked by Employer in Saudi Arabia

Maid Brutally Hacked by Employer in Saudi Arabia

Music is worse than in accident videos from Indonesia.

The video shows the aftermath of a mistreatment a maid was subjected to by her employer in Saudi Arabia. As a maid, I assume she was a cheap labor from a foreign country, possibly Indonesia cause they are so overpopulated there, they can no longer fit in their own country and whether they like it or not (or whether other countries like it or not), they’re spilling all over the place. Add to it the fact that Saudis are self conceited pieces of shit and this is what you get to. Young girl brutally hacked all over her face, arms and legs.

There’s a bit of a titty money shot at around 0:47. Mute your speakers:

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46 thoughts on “Maid Brutally Hacked by Employer in Saudi Arabia”

  1. What the fuck ! Seriously the guy who edited this video and chose this song is a fucking weirdo, why on earth would you use an egyptian song of a bitch singing to her lover and begging him not to leave her..

    But I’m really curious Mark, where did you get these informations ? I can’t see any indication proving it’s in saudi arabia.

      1. I really don’t have any idea about it, though the version made by thedre is pretty realistic whith a song like that haha

        If you found this video in an arabic forum maybe I can help.

    1. @DerSteppenwolf, Maybe the wife caught her husband fucking the maid so she cut up her pretty face as to not attract anymore married man. The background music and wounds to her face and nice legs would attest to this. HE RAPED HER &she caught & blamed her. :(

    2. this girl is an Egyptian and she is a daughter of a famus songer which is her mom is singing in the video by edition her name is Layla Ghofran,, the guy who did that is the son of the ex prime minster of Egypt which is the PM in jail now after the revolution of 2011 and his son got 25 years in prison for doing that to this poor girl
      im Egyptian and this crime shaked the whole country

    3. My God that whining sick cat, what up with that? Where on earth did that horrible music come from. I couldn’t tell what was worse, the deep gash marks or the howling from that song.

  2. Damn! What an asshole!!! Poor girl.

    Maybe he wanted to fuck her or she wanted to brake with him/job or something so he do it in rage?

    They treat woman as shit so, this happened when they frustrate them.
    I hope they all burn forever afterlife.

  3. brutal, fucking degenerates, lowlife scumbags. They probably did this to her for not cleaning their toilet good enough or something as stupid. That would not be an easy chore to do considering that these pricks, & there family are soooo full of shit it would take an ARMY of fuckin maids to keep their toilet clean. :(

  4. Maybe her employer by any chance read the previous post by BG where a china lady was hacked to death by her husband for cheating. He wants to be a contributor to BG so he came up with this. Anyhow if they really implement hudud law in their fucking syariah law country, the employer’s dick and hand should be dismembered from his body for being such a twat.

      1. Oh okay, so the info that @mark gave is incorrect then. If it was the case I am sorry for the jumble up. Its just that when it comes to chinese i just dont give a fuck. Sorry dude no offence.

        1. Not necessarily. The link someone provided was to an article written by a pussy whipped feminism worshipper. Can’t take anything they say seriously.

          1. Hahaha.. well said @mark. Its just that I was just linking this video to that post. Never cared less whether the lady deserve to die or not. Is just that the trauma they suffered is quite similar. Except that the victim in this video lives to tell her grandchildren about her misfortune in the land of allahu snackbar. Anyway thanks @mark for clarifying.

  5. I used to go out with a guy who worked in the oil industry. They used to call it following the oil. All the countries he lived in like Dubai they have agencies they go to get maids. They get sent by the agency from countries like Thailand where they are so poor they take these jobs and send home money to their families to look after their kids. He said the maids always wanted to work for the westerners as they were treated properly as staff. He said they would hear all the time about maids jumping out of windows because they were treated as slaves, beaten, raped etc if they had Saudi employers. Or maybe it was the the ‘Thai suicide’, but anyway he said it was incredibly common place and something they were all aware of.

  6. The western practice of lying on your résumé has obviously spread… Poor girl didn’t realize that scribbling the words “window washing” below the a tiny, seemingly insignificant-seeming bullet point under “skills” could lead to such devastation.

    Penalty = 1 slice per streak; She’ll get it right next time, Windex!

    1. ive been chopped up a few times but holy fuck she looks like shes been sliced diced and ready for dunking in a stew puts things in perspective.

  7. I viewed this video before and the story was she had been caught cheating by the husband and he cut her face and raped her. Now I’m not sure what to believe..

  8. I’m sure this was posted before. I have definitely seen it before but the description was that she had been gang raped and they cut her as they raped her with a double bladed knife hence the cuts being so close together. Very sad though to have to have such visible scars.

  9. Thought so….this is the video when it was posted before with the heading..Woman Gang Raped and Mutilated by Libyan Islamic Fighting Group.. Sorry don’t want to be a know it all lol xx

  10. The song sounds disturbing. If in case this is in Saudi Arabia violence against laborers and donestic helpers is common. Many of the domestic helpers in Saudi are from the Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, etc. It is not uncommon for an individual to be paid slave wages, if the person is lucky to be paid by the employer at all. Many domestic helpers are subject to long work hours, sometimes up to 20 hours a day without any rest days. Many of them are subject to physical and verbal abuse. I remember a case of a Filipino maid that was killed by her employer’s wife out of jealousy. If in case maids escape, authorities usually never do anything about them except jail them for “breach of employment”. I feel kind of sad for them but I guess that’s life. No one can really do anything about the slave like working conditions in Saudi and the abuses as it is after all the world’s number one oil country.

  11. Looks like he used a Stanley Knife, (Box Cutter in US) 2 blades, with a wedge inbetween the blades. It make it harder to stitch the wounds up.. Information Only..

  12. I’m thinking by the way her face was the main aim of employer that maybe she wore make-up or something to attract a guy or just spoke to a member of the opposite sex.

  13. I thought she was dead, & then when her head moved & she looked back & forth it momentarily freaked me out.

    Those cuts were made by a sharp blade so maybe she won’t turn out TOO disfigured. Not gonna be a beauty queen obviously, but it’d be interesting to see what she looks like several years after.

    And for fuck’s sake, that song is horrendous >__<

  14. Wait until the oil runs out and the world has no more use for SA. Anyone who hurts another human being like this, male or female should be subjected to this and if they die, it is no more than they deserve.

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