Man Being Beheaded by Jabhat al-Nusra in Idleb, Syria

Man Being Beheaded by Jabhat al-Nusra in Idleb, Syria

There isn’t much information about this video, apart that it was done by members of Jabhat Al-Nusra in Maar Shemsha town in Idleb, north Syria. The “moderates” accused the man of working for Assad regime and beheaded him for it.

The executioner had hard time finishing the beheading off, and after much struggle with the spine, which he was unable to severe, he just gave up and wiped the dagger into the victim’s white robe.

Props to Best Gore member Hugsthemuffin for the video:

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  1. that’s cruel, jebhat el nusra are nothing more but criminals trying to take over Syria just like what Isis does, we had the same story in Algeria and I hope Syria and Iraq will be fine soon and u hope these people just stop killing each others bc what was taken by force will never last.

      1. ISIS and US have the same financial sponsor but they are not related. In fact, both sides are so brainwashed with their own ideology that Israel can can play them both at the same time without even having to hide it.

        ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State was created from a radical Islamic group of Sunni Extremists who formed in repsonse to the US invasion of Iraq in 2003. The core was islamic radicals but now they are just Jew funded frauds who recruit members from Europe and elsewhere. Europeans have betrayed their homelands to go and join ISIS.

        1. The CIA and Mossad created ISIL code name operation Hornets Nest lead by Al Baghdadi aka El TelAviv Elliot Simon.. the group was used to keep the Iraq Iran Shia alliance in check, used to over throw Gaddafi, trying to over throw Assad with an end goal in Iran…..surprise surprise the PM of Japan is in Israel and now they have two Japanese hostages on video with Jihadi John…I wonder how they knew the PM of Japan was going to be in Israel to nab the two Japs….ISIL has accomplished the goal of dividing the two different sects of religion Sunni Vs Shia, Muslims killing muslims, a fragmented and weaken region and Islam is being more and more vilified….bravo the the Zionist agents and pro Zionist in the USA govt….job well done…only problem is the war on Islam oops war on terror will export more retribution known as terrorism to our own country….it’s not like the USA has spent enough treasure and blood for the benefit of Israel the ungrateful ugly step child…
          Israel to

          1. Agree, all the world’s problems are caused by the N.W.O. and the critical positions they control inside our government. They no longer have to fear
            us they dominate us. The only choice left is a new government and country.

    1. Agree, all the world’s problems are caused by the N.W.O. and the critical positions they control inside our government. They no longer have to fear
      us they dominate us. The only choice left is a new government and country.

  2. Blah blah blah blah blah! It just goes to show that The real person comes out befor people are ready to die or facing execution. They show you who they really are. It’s too bad the executioner was inexperienced Beheader This could’ve ended a little bit better. But still a good video nonetheless. 🙂

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  3. Victim’s spine made of titanium or something !?!

    At least he was out cold pretty quick, that blood rushed from his head so fast he must have been lights out within 5 seconds.

    I have a question. Do Jabhat al-Nusra get on with IS or what ? Or would they also lop each others heads off given the chance ?

        1. Of course they do! It’s absurd, yes, but not much different from other religious orgianizations. If you speak out about any kind of different ideology, you get stoned or beheaded with a butter knife.

    1. el nusra and Isis are both related to el Qaeda (Afghanistan) but in fact they Isis and nusra never meets, Isis are trying to make an Islamic empire while el nusra trying to fight bashar and hezbollah only, both of them sucks. as I said before Algeria had the same story but we are fine now. it is all about politics , Islam has nothing to do in this.

  4. the group saying that wether he says el shahadetyn or not he will be dead,, the victim is begging them to shoot him instead of that cold death , they refused, he kept saying el shahadatein,,,, the guy filming was talking about the victim and that he was helping SAA soldiers and that he is infidel.
    that is not Islam, that is absolutely politics using Islam as a tool to give excuses for their crimes.

        1. I would of loved seeing the face on bibi when he was told the ICC prosecutor was an African female… He better hope she doesn’t know the Jews ran and owned most of the slave trade and how Africans are treated worse than dogs in Israel….if the mostly Jewish owned media doesn’t stop bashing Islam every two minutes I can see even more retribution like in France….I guess it’s all or none with Israel and their Zionist supporters in DC…

        1. They practice restraint every day in Israel. If they wanted to, they could be killing people by the thousands without end. They could eliminate every Palestinian in a matter of days if they wanted to. That’s not the case though, is it?

      1. The only “freedom” that exists in Israel is for Israeli Jews. Everyone else is treated like shit no matter if you’re a citizen or not. You should research and learn about how other groups are treated there before you make that statement. Jews are very racist as well.

      1. Originals?! Original?! Stop it, dude you’re killing me! 😆

        Hate to be the one to tell you this, but the site is over six years old, pushing seven. You want to talk originals, you wanna talk Jesus, cemetarian, acneska, slicer, cry baby,reikoko, gorephan and fucking Trauma

  5. I wonder how much Al Baghdadi aka El TelAviv pays them for each beheading? Arabs killing other Arabs while vilifying their own religion is Israel’s wet dream come true….bravo to the CIA and Mossad but it’s to bad we will be the one paying the price with more exported retribution in the future….

  6. The pro-American Syrian motherfuckering rebels will eventually be exterminated from Assad’s Syrian army and exterminate the A.C.E. who funded the terrorist group along with Emperor Obama, John Kerry, John Boehner and the 300,000,000 Satanists who murdered, violated and eliminated democracy for Capitalism as the new Fascist ideology against peace.

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