Man Decapitated and Mangled in Collision with Truck

Pecker Was Censored, Accidents Continue to Strip People Naked

Man Decapitated and Mangled in Collision with Truck

The accident happened at around 5 am on Friday May 31, 2013 in the town of Vertentes in Pernambuco, Brazil about 50 km north of Caruaru. An unidentified man was struck by a truck while doing whatever on the road. The impact was so violent, the man was decapitated and a piece of truck broke off. The body also appears rather badly mangled, as though the man was dragged (or run over by other cars while already dead and headless on the road).

As is very common, the victim was stripped half naked by the accident, although his genitalia were censored out. Scary how you could end up not only dead, but also humiliated.

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29 thoughts on “Man Decapitated and Mangled in Collision with Truck”

      1. I know someone who accidently killed his best mate when he crashed his car, driving like a prick…Best mate was decapitated and took them two weeks to find where the head had rolled off to…It was over two years ago I think and he still gets regular smacks in the face from people.

        1. But then again, is it possible not to find a severed head for two weeks, after an accident? Do they just go, ah fuck it, we’ll check next Monday aswell. I’ve got pie for dinner. He might have padded the story out, seeing as is a wanker.

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