Man Gets His Fingers Cut Off Before Being Beheaded by Narcos

Man Gets His Fingers Cut Off Before Being Beheaded by Narcos

Man Gets His Fingers Cut Off Before Being Beheaded by Narcos

Mexican drug cartels are back at it again. This time around not only does the captive get beheaded, but first gets his fingers cut off with a knife one by one. The man it tied to a chair to keep his resistance to a minimum, however he does take all torture and the decapitation like a champ. Very little wimping, virtually no screaming and even as beheading gets underway, he keeps his eyes open to stare into his killers’ souls for all eternity.

As is common with Mexican narcos, they started the beheading but weren’t able to finish it in style cause they don’t know how to cut through the spine (unlike Muslim extremists) so that part is not included in the video. It probably took the knife man forever to severe the head so the editor cut it out of the video before uploading.

I don’t have any info on which cartel the killers were affiliated with and which the victim. Everything goes down rather quickly, like they were in a hurry, but at least it spared the captive from prolonged suffering.

Props to Best Gore member Hunteres for the tip on the video:

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148 thoughts on “Man Gets His Fingers Cut Off Before Being Beheaded by Narcos”

      1. I use to not be able to sit through the whole thing. But now I like to watch for that moment when you see the life leave their eyes. The time between life and death is very curious.

          1. I’m not sure if I got a boner because of the video or her avatar. I masturbated to the video and spermed. Now I’ll go to sleep.

        1. I try to imagine at what point does the pineal gland release all that sweet DMT?
          Once his face becomes serious I think that’s when the “trip” begins.

        2. I feel the same way very curious, it looks like they had done something to his right upper arm, cut his bicep muscle off.(anyone else notice that.?) I was watching this one again. . . … I wonder if there comes a time when your body just shuts down to pain, in most of these Mexican cartel torture video’s They all seem resigned to the fact there going to die, soon.

          1. yeh his arm looks fucked. You can see the pain in his face right when they start – yeow… Even though it may take a few seconds before he ‘goes dark’ that’s got to be some painful shit

          2. Yeah… that would explain the daze look on his face, the shock from the bicepectomy would space you out like a kilo of grade gange!!

    1. @TGK-I LOVE me beheadings! There’s something about those that get me allllllll tingly inside. Yea, its fucked up for the one losing their head, but there’s not much i can do about that!!

      I must have missed some trolls comment too.. I need to get with it tonight..

      1. Hehe @KJ- the funniest part is that you’d never even fucking know! I was sewing a girl scout patch on my daughters best while watching the beheading! I’m one under-cover, gore- lover! Actually I don’t hide it too much, but most of my friends won’t look and I get frustrated! That’s why I rather spend time with people like you here! There’s some shit that gets at me- I won’t lie. BUT then there’s beheadings.. Oooooh-weeeee!! KJ, I’m one of a kind- like no other.. 😉

    2. Fuckin neck- bone..!! always the fuckin neck bone, slowing everything down.. Just once I’d like to see a nice ,quick ,precise, beheading using the weapon of choice ,,the knife,,but noooo,,! stopped by the neck -bone,,solution……”.HUGE: bolt-cutters..!!!!!!!

    3. why don’t we ever get good videos like this where girls are getting their heads cut off or their tits cut off first and a long rape session before the torture/mutilation and decapitation? Come on people get on this. there has to be a video like that somewhere if not someone has to make one just to upload it on the internet using proxy through proxy through proxy through proxy through another proxy. I don’t normally advocate rape, torture and violent murder but it’s just insane to think that with the number of rapes and murders of girls around the world that it isn’t easy finding video of them being raped and murdered. come on! for Christ’s sake!

      1. Whats wrong with me because i would love to see that video. Actually i´ve been looking everywhere rape murder video but i just found men being raped and murdered. So sad.. i just have to look harder 😀 I hope one day my searching will be awarded 😛

    4. I’d be screaming with finger chop, all, aaaahhh. Hahaha this guy’s just chill until his head got cut off. But he seems to be alive looking at them with puppy eyes. But that really was a lot of skin to cut through

  1. The guy in the chair must have had the biggest balls in Mexcio, I don’t think there has been a beheading where the guy is looking the executioner in the face the whole time.

  2. Are you kidding me dude, keep your dumbass comments to your self. The girl can say as she feels, it isnt up to you to censor. Lol beside I was missin a good narco beheading my self so suck my ****’s

  3. These guys are ready to make a TV show out of all this. Something like “The wheel of MisFortune”. The wheel will have sections like: skinning, burning to death, beheading… and yes, finger chopping + beheading.

  4. Mexicans are evil animals.
    Brazilians kill people, but 95 % of the times the murders are quick and painless, just two guys in a bike shooting the victim in the head and the job is done. We don’t torture and behead people like they do.

      1. I am not sure if that will work. It will only make your opponents hate you even more. And they will most likely fight to the death instead of surrendering, since they know what happens to those who are captured.

  5. …been lurking for a while but decided to register. Enough about me. Someone donate their old smartphone to these fucks. I’m tired of watching vids that looked like they were recorded with a toaster.

  6. the poor monkey looks like he was an enforcer for one of the cartels

    by the looks of him, i have no doubt he’s tortured some enemies in the past

    again, these monkeys don’t learn: you don’t allow yourself to get caught by the enemy alive, you go down fighting, and you try to take as many of them as you can, because if they catch you, they are going to fuck you up, cut your head off AND take your fingers too, so that you can no longer jack off when you go to hell

  7. The last phrase from the sicario is creepy: “sorry brother, see you in hell soon”. They know that the odds are against them all the time. Any guy from the video could be the next.

  8. I think he is asian tourist? Maybe so. I remember another video about asian guy went to go Mexico to know what going on in there and unfortunately he got captured and beheaded.

  9. Jesus narcs, if you’re gonna sever someone’s fingers then behead him afterwards… at least have the courtesy to buy an HD camera with all that dirty money you folks have piled up and give us some damn HD beheadings. Fuckin cheapskates.

  10. This guy took it like a champ. Love the way he looks down at his mangled hands with a look of disdain, as if to say “is that all you’ve got, fuckers?” And then the open eyes, creepy.

  11. Wouldn’t this chap be in the same cartel hearing the Sicario say brother? They cut off his fingers for a reason and that would be for snitching. Right? Dedoes? We just didn’t see the fingers placed in the mouth of the removed head.

  12. Totally barbaric having fingers sawed off while alive watching, damn. Was wondering if I’d ever see this go down. Cause I seen removed heads at cemeteries and on phone booths and on car roofs.

  13. If i can make a request….
    I would like to see the next fella have his toes and fingers cut off followed by his head. And please use a newly sharpened knife. Also, if your still having trouble getting thru the spine i really like the axe treatment….

  14. Just once, can they make an educational video. Ya know, like bolt a chair down, put collar on him, strap him in the chair, clip the collar to a come-along or hoist & let’s just see how much force it takes to seperate skull from spine.
    We could watch the skin slowly being torn around his neck & with any luck a few verterbrae still attached.
    Not that I would be into that sort if thing…

  15. I don’t know but i don’t agree that he took it like a champ, the expression on his face was terrible when they cut his throat and he stared sliding down. That last look was apathic too, there was no ‘looking’.

    Question: Which one of you would ever go to Mexico? :-)

  16. Took the Finger cutting like a champ , no way he was doped up you can see his legs squirming during it. But when he got his throat cut his face was priceless that’s gotta hurt!!

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