Black Metal Fan Matthias Schoormann Beheads And Plays with Dead Woman

Black Metal Fan Matthias Schoormann Beheads And Plays with Dead Woman

32 year old Matthias Schoormann was a metal head, computer geek and weapons fanatic from Leer in Northern Germany. He was a member of a local Black Metal band called Carpe Noctem and was desperately in love with 27 year old medical assistant Bianca Brust.

Unfortunately for Matthias, Bianca did not reciprocate his love. Try as he did, Bianca kept repeatedly turning him down, breaking his Black Metal heart each time.

On February 20, 2008 Matthias Schoormann made his last attempt to win Bianca’s heart. As had happened each time before, Bianca showed up only to break his Black Metal heart again. Somewhere in that desperate struggle to impress her, as Bianca once again pushed him away, things got out of control resulting in a struggle out of which Matthias Schoormann came out as a winner – no shit with his size and strength advantages.

Matthias Schoormann strangled Bianca Brust to death. As her body lay there lifeless, he decided to do what would have resulted in Bianca giving him a finger had he suggested it before. Matthias played with Bianca’s corpse but first applied a little Mexican drug cartel style beautification treatment by severing Bianca’s head.

It was a well known fact that Matthias had a collection of weapons, including swords and machetes but what he used to behead Bianca and whether he struggled as much with the spine as we see in near every beheading video may never be known. From the photos it would seem that the decapitation was fairly flawless and not much messing around took place. He either got lucky by finding the right spot quickly or knew what to do.

With the beheading behind him, Matthias Schoormann posed Bianca Brust’s headless corpse and took sexy pictures of her. Strangely enough, police investigation into the case confirmed that no post mortem coitus took place. All Matthias did was play with her body as he was posing her up, but never fucked her not in the snatch, not in the pooper, not even in the mouth of that severed head. You would think that after wanting her so much, and eventually having her in a spot from which she could no longer tell him NO, he’d tap that ass but it never happened. Maybe he felt distracted by neighbors walking up and down the hallways?

At around 1am on February 21, 2008 Matthias Schoormann logged into a forum he’d been a member of for a long time but never posted on and started a thread titled “Dead Whore” in which he posted the pictures of Bianca’s posed up, decapitated body and her severed head. Most responses the thread received were exactly what you’d expect from t3h interweb: “Fake“, “OP is a fagget“, etc.

Forum’s owner then sent a private message to “I H8 U” which was the username Matthias used asking him who he was. Matthias responded by removing all the images from the thread and disappearing never to show up on that or any other forum again.

After the forum fiasco, Matthias Schoormann set his apartment on fire and dashed away in his red Ford Escort with Bianca’s severed head in a backpack. An attentive neighbour noticed the fire and a suspicious escapee and quickly alarmed both the police and firefighters. The authorities found Bianca’s headless body in the apartment but before they could do anything, they learned that Matthias deliberately drove his Ford Escort at a high rate of speed into an oncoming truck, killing himself on the spot with the backpack holding Bianca’s severed head next to him.

There are a million and one psychological evaluations of Matthias Schoormann all over the internet. Everybody is a mother fucking expert knowing exactly what kind of guy he was and what not – which only confirms what I have said many a time – psychologists know absolutely nothing about a human psyche. Nobody has a fucking clue who this guy was and what he was going through. It’s laughable really, but I like to laugh at idiots so I’m leaving everyone with what’s out there.

Big thanks to Best Gore member Mao for kicking me until I eventually made this long overdue post. Before we get to the pictures of Bianca never looking so good, here’s an audio track by Carpe Noctem, the Black Metal band Matthias Schoormann was a member of. The song is titled Kampf dem Licht (Fight the Light). By the way, if you’re wondering that the meaning of Carpe Noctem is – it’s the opposite of Carpe Diem, it means “Seize the Night”:

And the eye candy gallery featuring Bianca Brust post beautification by heartbroken Matthias Schoormann:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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225 thoughts on “Black Metal Fan Matthias Schoormann Beheads And Plays with Dead Woman”

      1. he used his mothers lucky machete lol i agree this fcker was sick in the head..i mean he didnt just decapitated her,he still disrespected her dead body by making it pose like a play boy headless body,i hate him 4that! so maybe wut us girls need to do after turning sum1 down is kill em before they do this shit!

    1. Yes, she was hot, fucking hot. That body makes me want to review my stance on my own sexual preferences..
      Stockings, are you speaking of her “bitch boots” ? Or did I miss something, I think you were too busy looking at her pussy and boobies…c’mon, admit it… πŸ˜‰

      1. @daweeka
        Fuck yeah i admit it. I was looking at her breasts. I would have gently licked and sucked those milk duds if given the chance:/ now theyre off limits forever.
        It was a little past my bedtime when i wrote that too. I probably shoulda clicked on the pic and looked closer(i use my phone to browse. Its got a HUGE screen.) But yeah i found it odd that she chose to wear sexy boots over to a creepy guy’s house. Doesnt seem very typical.

          1. Tom,
            First, of course you could watch, even participate, lol. However, it would require a pulse rate, something about a dead lay in this case, would turn me off somehow. Remember, a guy can orgasm with anything, even liver would do. But a woman, on the other hand, requires participaction. I must revise my original post, I was speaking about that being the perfectly wonderful sexy woman to have sex with, however, she must have a pulse rate, and a body temperature of 70 or so degrees. I also could do without the headless, as the head would be a great asset to a blissful outcum. See, the more I talk the more people become aware of how much of a degenerate, closet slut I am, haha. Even more shocking is that it’s been four years since I’ve been with a man. My reasons for this are aplenty. Anyhow, I am thinking that the body has begun it’s typical hardening, the blood flow has stopped, and has begun to settle, leaving the limbs to stiffen and the skin to peak, as happens when one dehydrates, so if he were to have pinched a spot, it likely either would have taken a long time to un peak or would remain in that position for a long time. It seems he took these pictures shortly after the murder, her body still has lots of color and is still somewhat flexible. I think he truly was in love with her, which is why he didn’t rape her, and his suicide, was more out of his misguided love, and not out of hate, as he had her head with him and killed himself. Contrary to what some may think, I believe that he really wouldn’t have wanted to live without her, rather than not face the consequences, those I believe were the last thing on his mind. My opinion only….Now where is my hijab….damn….

          2. I really wanted to send you a picture, but to maintain my modesty, I must send you one that has me fully clothed to the ankles. I am sure I have it around somewhere, give me a few hours and I’ll find it… πŸ˜‰

          3. Damn Lisa..

            Mark has a bit of a disdain for psychologists… But you put you finger right on the button there!

            It shocks me that you haven’t been with a man in 4 years! But then I haven’t been Casanova recently.

            Yes woman! I want you I your Burka and Niqab now!

            You shall be our second Spanky ‘Ninja’… Haha.

      2. LMAO!, well the pics were sexy lmao, but he was fucking ugly lol, I really don know why people can do this fucking shit. he should be fucking lucky to get a girl like this and he goes and does this to her. he looks a big fat ginger cunt.

    1. I wouldn’t have been his girlfriend/playmate either. He looks like a beast,ffs. I don’t like guys with that amount of head hair, on the face either Actually, since I first started getting laid, my preference was more toward the hairless, as opposed to the hairy. He probably had some serious back hair too. This dude looks like something my cat hacked up overnight. LOL.

      1. This was not supposed to appear as a thread comment. It was supposed to be alone. Sorry folks, it wasn’t a comment to you. I fucked it up. I just saw a really really ugly thing on this page, and it startled me. That’s all…..

        1. You are a handsome little devil, but already spoken for. I must watch the BG wifey after all. Full on respect to RG. Pam, a nice lady on top of that. Very nice, no lip service meant by the way, i just spake what’s left of my mind. However, I am not into pligmy…(sorry Mark, I’ve a tendency to speak in childish mannerisms, not so much URs and roffles, just a childish way of speaking that’s all. Pardon me.)

          1. Ah shame you ain’t into the old Polygamy… The Muzzies had it right on that.

            Cus you biatches can’t have a Man all to yourselves see. Yall simply ain’t worth it!


    1. @secret gore lover he didn’t kill her because she rejected him he killed her because he knew if he couldn’t have her no one could that’s why he took the poor chicks head with him as a fucked up symbol till death do us part his love ended up killing both of them this is one fucked up love story almost reminds me of romeo and Juliet but this time the parents don’t ruin shit -.- poor bastard

  1. Was the guy listening to The Misfits song called *skulls* while he was beheading her ..?O.o I would have XD the song really fits in the story @secret gore lover ^o^ your a secret gore lover too!!O_o kick ass <3

  2. Drats!

    I was going to enlighten y’all as to the definition of Carpe Noctem.

    Never mind.

    She certainly was a beautiful woman… As for her boobies. Perfect.

    Maybe too beautiful? You do find that the more Blonde a woman is… The more up her own arse she gets.

    Not that I have a particular preference in Hair Colour. Just I think it a uniting feature amongst Blonde ladies that they are too effeminate and up themselves.

    I am stereotyping massively. But it is my experience that Blondes aren’t as ‘up for it’ as Brunettes.

    I went out with a Mouse Blonde girl once… Proper filthy little tart. Not afraid to swallow copious amounts of the DEMONSEED. She was the exception to the rule.

        1. @spanker
          I must agree. I somehow got one of the “hottest” women i know to makeout with me and take off her clothes. (when i say she’s hot i mean that shit) Only to realize that her body was no fun. It was too toned. Nothing to squeeze or suck. I couldnt even keep my dick hard. I left with a limpstick.
          I have however been turned on as fuck by certain women that id never expect. So i dont discriminate when it comes to the darlings!

    1. Dammit Tom, I’ve missed you.

      Swallowing demonseeed, hmmm. I have known of women that could do that right at the beginning of a relationship. I could never bring myself to do that. If however my partner/fuck buddy is someone I want to keep as a monogamous playmate, then my inner slut comes out full force.
      I tried going blond, but I wound up looking like a long haired version of Ronald McDonald, actually,probably more like that Aurora shooter. I have since decided to maintain my hair in it’s original shade, as it seems to be more suitable to my mug. Anyhow, again, nice to see you again. It’s ba-a-a-ack….oh and I’m waiting for that picture..

        1. Prove me wrong LaBomba!

          I remember from a couple of posts back that you do fancy a lad with… Peculiar sexual tastes.

          I dislike girls who are adamant in not trying anything adventurous. I had. One GF that refused to do anything except missionary… No oral.. Nothing. She was gone within a month.

          Yeah Lisa! I will be commenting a bit more now… Although I doubt it would be at the levels I was doing it at before…

          She is cyberbullying me for dirty, dirty pictures! Haha.

          1. Hmmm oh yes i remember now;) I like your taste. I too cannot stand those type of people. It’s just no fun when your not a twisted little freak in bed:)

        2. @laBOMBa
          Pshhhh! Keep em around for awhile? Shit ill do anythang for anyone. Im a sloot.
          Hehe just kiddin.
          But i did show my ass to a girl in a sushi bar once. She wouldnt shut up about how cute her boyfriend’s ass was. So it was like “bitch ill show you a nice ass.”
          Stood up on the stool and traumatized everyone south of the border.

          1. @theBomb
            Oooo! I do love high fives! Did you know the secret to never fucking one up is to look at the other person’s elbow??? Someone taught me that and its never failed me!
            Also, if i could id give YOU a high five right now. Naked.

  3. When you think about it, the head is the most point pointless part of a woman. It’s where the bullshit comes out and the expensive makeup goes on.

    My psychological analysis is that he had a genius idea to get rid of the pointless part but didn’t think it through properly.

  4. She was probably one of those teasing bitches that befriend you and act like they like you until you see them hanging out with a guy and she blows him and she ask you to hold her hair as shes sucking the guys dick….

        1. Echthros are you like some sort of evil penguin protecting The Bomb?

          Aww thanks, mate, that was quite a nice catch, eh? You flatter me! Now go back in your box you mofo or I will present you a Hiza Geri and put you in a wooden coffin like the one given to the Kenyan in 1970.

          However I do want to sincerely thank you for the correct use of excruciatingly. This is useful and I will try to remember it.

    1. Hey Ech
      You look more indian than a tuskan raider, what nationality are you?

      Don’t let these people here scare you off, we really need a few raiders to bicker and tease with.

      Fair warning, just cause I’m being nice doesn’t mean shit, I’m really an asshole and I hate MOST muslims.

      Welcome to Best Gore πŸ˜‰

      1. Indians (Including Pakistanis and Bengalis) are better off being Buddhists, Christians, Sikhs and Hindus.

        I have no problem with those religions.

        And if India can’t overcome it’s Islamic siege… All of Asia will be doomed to the scourge of Mohammedism.

        Iranians are similar… Their brand of Shia Islam is the best of a bad bunch… Although I once heard of an Islamic sect in Russia called ‘Jadidism’ which rejected Jihad.

        It is the Sunni Scum that I hold most of my vitriol for.

  5. He wouldn’t have done that if he hadn’t unlimited access to metal music to fuck up his brain. Perhaps it is time for german authorities to ban metal music and forbid metal heads to go around in their freaky garments perturbin social order. JA.

  6. I don’t understand when guys lose it like this over a female.. their is an abundance of pussy out there.. why throw everything away for a chick that doesn’t even want you, if I was him I would have gotten even by hooking up with her sister/cousin/mom..

    1. Ahhh so true my friend.
      Life became much simpler when i woke up one day and realized “there’s at LEAST 3-4 billion women in this world. 1 billion of whom must be around my age(yes even GILF’s count) that are ripe for the pickins and if one turns me down, FUCK IT!” When i took on those truths and applied them to my life, i aquired a whole new set of skills. Well maybe just one skill. The skill to walk up to the sexiest women on this earth and with a big smile, hug them, tell them theyre a babe, ask if theyd like to kiss and then after the kiss i introduce myself. Good shit.

      1. @killajamal

        That’s. What I’m talkn about..
        I’ve always found luck with the ladies by treating each one different, I try and find what there into and go from there, and the most important part dickin’ em down like its the last fuck of your life! Will keep em comin back for years, well its worked for me…

        1. @gigolo
          Hahaha damn straight.
          I dont really fuck da bitches. But i do know what you mean. If youre gonna frisk em up, gotta do it up right! And if they happen to suck on your weener, while theyre doin it you gotta say “Mmm you like that??” Haha because theyll answer yes just to be nice. But after saying they like it 3-4 times theyll start thinkin they really do enjoy it! Ha! Yes i know im practically the most evil person in town>:D

    2. when I was a shy teen, one of my father’s best friends told me something that could be roughly traslated as this : “you go to a pub or nightclub, pay your drink, the entrance fee, wathever, and from there, all you can bounce with the women is fuckin free, so cheer up”

      1. @tulio
        Ahhh words of the wise!
        You, me and a few others seem to have this shit figured out.
        I always think its funny when a guy tries to buy a girl a drink so he can fuck her. Fuckin stupid. Do they really not realize that theyve been offered 50 drinks already!?? To her, thats just one more average encounter with a sucker. If you wanna excite a woman, do something she’s never seen before. Even if it’s fucking dumb. (Sometimes they cant tell the difference because theyre too busy saying “omg wtf thats intriguing lol.”) My favorite is to just start shakin your ass on them. If they have this dear-in-the-headlights look on their face you know its working. Haha.
        Shit, at least tell her she wore too much makeup. Thatd even be a step up from what the guys usually say with their “damn girl you lookin fine tonight” bullshit.

        1. I had a demented friend who dedicated poems to chicks in nightclubs. As WTF as it may sound, the guy actually picked up women like a fucker, combined (of course) with an iron will to try and try again.
          My personal preference was to try ridiculous pick up lines that would came to mind in the moment. One time i tried to impersonate a seminar drop out (thats where the catholic priests study to become priests) looking for a female who would teach me how to navigate the turbulent seas of flesh, or something. Blame the whisky

          1. Hahahaha youre totally right! I said what the fuck when i read that. Maybe ill have to brush up on some poetry. I guess anything works as long as you do it with confidence. Shit, i saw a cute girl walking by and i physically picked her up, carried her back into where i work and got her number. You can get away with anything with a smile on your face.
            Hell yeah! Did any of the ladies ever accompany Father Tulio back to his lovecastle!?? That woulda been an easy way to get them to wear a sexy nun outfit.

          2. At that time, father Tulio (and his demented poet friend) both lived with his parents (in spanish and italian culture countries, single guys tend to keep living with their parents until 30s, a phenomenom called “MAMMONI”).
            That wasn’t an obstacle for Tulio’s demented friend as long as he could get to his room without waking up his heavy anxiolitic drugged parents and lockin up the door. Some bitch once wanted to hear music and he coulkdnt put it to not wake up his parents so he plugged a walman into her ears while he banged her doggystyle, hahahah.
            Tulio did not dare to do that, but he still fucked a couple of foreign chicks with his sisters sleeping in the others rooms (mommy and dad werent home) . Ah good times

          3. @tulio
            Are you italian??
            Ha! Im not 30 but i fuckin live at home. Thats where its at. Im savin up to put a downpayment on a house. Living rent free is awesome.
            Holy fuck i think i might have pee’d a bit when i read about the walkman. Thats fucking amazing. What a demanding bitch! “I need music to orgasm.” Really? Hit the road babe! πŸ˜›

          4. im from buenos aires , argentina, but its kinda the same deal. I also hold the italian EU double citizenship (they just give it to you for having an italian grandaddy, surname, and looking italian, its funny the italian state has the same requisites for making you a citizen that the mafia for “making” you, hahaha)
            Right now im studying in america fuck yea (VA) so Im still figuring out how the pick up thing works in this little nice town

          5. I gotcha. Fuck that’d be nice to just travel between countries no problem.
            Oh shit. VA huh? Things are a lot different there than the part of the US where i live. Im not sure if the ladies are equally as accepting of our little tricks there or not.
            Id just tell them your foreign. Your penis will magically become a magnet.

          6. so far, for a little university town (50.000hab charlottesville) chicks are quite good. You just have to ignore the 20% of standard obese things typical of america.
            I promised baked that I would elaborate with my pick up experiences the theory I just drafted the other day, that you can tell if an american chick will fuck you by the way they say HI, as the HAAAAIII or HAAAOOIIEEE allows for much more singing bird like varuiations than the boring monotone spanish HOLA , for example.

          7. You guys are clearly not black. Try to be black and “carry” a girl back to where you work. No wait…niggers don’t hold jobs!

            Other than that amazing stories πŸ˜€

          8. @fleshy
            Are you a brother? Haha one of my good buddies is black and he raises hell in public talking about “fuck niggers white power yada yada.” Its prime shit.
            And there was no exaggeration about carrying that girl. I physically picked her up and carried her into my store. Hahaha. You kinda gotta feel out someone’s body language to know if they’ll flip shit or not before you do that stuff.

  7. Great post! I have seen the pic of the girls head with the glasses on another site but they gave no info as too what happened to her and why she was killed. Thanks for posting it now I know!

  8. I bet since he was “in a band” she probably liked the attention and possibly lead him on. Even though he looks like a fucking troll. Was he that hard up?

    Those are some spiffy pictures though.. Especially where she’s sitting up-right and the one with her head wearing the sunglasses.

    Time to stop putting the pussy on a pedestal!

  9. Beheading seems skillfully done based on the appearance of the stumps on both body and head. What do you think, scary brother? I bet you’re out there. I bet you saw this on this site. log in and give me your opinion if you’re there. And I know you are.

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