Mexican Beheading Video – 5 Zetas Decapitated by CDG Sicarios

Mexican Beheading Video - 5 Zetas Decapitated by CDG Sicarios

Mexican Beheading Video - 5 Zetas Decapitated by CDG Sicarios

A video released by a Mexican drug cartel titled “El Comandante Diablo y Rey de Reyes Acabando con los Zetas“, meaning “The Commander Devil and King of Kings Busting the Zetas” has been released. In the video, five members of the Zetas cartel are beheaded and dismembered by Cartel Del Golfo (the Gulf Cartel) sicarios. The video is 12 minutes long and as brutal as you would expect from anything coming out of Mexico. Likewise, as it goes with Mexican drug cartel beheadings, the assassins are having hell of a difficult time sawing through the spines.

It sounds as though this video was either filmed by a woman, or someone young or faggy enough to sound like one. It was recorded in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

The video starts with a beheading of a guy laid in the dirt on his side. His hands are tied behind his back, he’s topless but his pants are still on. Offering no resistance, the sicario sinks his knife into his neck from the side and starts sawing. It would seem that trachea was not severed until some half a minute into the beheading, which is when loud gasping for air begins.

Instead of dealing with the spinal cord from the front, the sicario tries his luck severing the spine from the back but it traditionally doesn’t work out. After a while of trying from every which angle, he eventually resorts to chopping at the spine with a long blade machete. That expectedly sends twitches down already dead man’s limp body.

A sicario wearing a BDSM style face mask lifts severed head up and makes a statement:

Esto es lo que les va a pasar a todas las mierdas que anden con la letra e! de Hiera, de Mante, de Victoria de Santa Engracia, de Barretal, de donde sea a si van a terminar todos culeros a la verga de parte del Comandante Diablo del SeΓ±or Rey de Reyes.

Google Translate tells me it means the following:

This is what will happen to all the shit that walk with the letter, e! Of Hiera, of Mante, of Victoria de Santa Engracia, of Barretal, wherever whether they will end all the dick assholes from the Devil Commander of the Lord King of Kings.

When he says “la letra” (the letter), he’s clearly referring to the letter “Z”, meaning the Zetas.

Next man beheaded has a thick neck and it gives the sicario a lot of trouble. And I mean “a lot of trouble”. The sicario is not getting anywhere sewing that neck so after a while, the cameraman pans the camera to film sicarios who are dismembering the man while he’s being decapitated. The victim is naked and gets his both lower legs chopped off at his knees.

With lower legs successfully amputated, the sicarios flip the man over so the beheader can try to cut the head off from the front and the dismemberment duo start to deal with severing upper legs at the hips. The beheading doesn’t go smoothly from the front either so the godsend machete comes to the rescue once more. These sicarios could really use a few lessons from the Middle Eastern Snackbarists.

Chops to the spine result in rapid hand movement. You’d almost think the man was still alive if all you could see were his hands. Machete did the trick and second head was now successfully severed.

Tired of having bitch of a time beheading these Zetas, the CDG sicarios resort to using the machete very early into the third beheading. One tilts the Zeta’s head backwards but that sends chopping blade of the machete dangerously near his hands so he impales the victim with his dagger through the mouth and uses it as a head tilting lever. Much safer that way although it still took hell of a long time to finish the beheading.

The third decapitated Zeta gets “the letter” carved into his torso.

An encore starts at around the 8:55 minute mark. Two Zetas are seen kneeling on the ground at a location different from where the first part of the video was filmed. One of the Zetas is shot at point blank to the back of his head and slowly rolls down. The second Zeta is decapitated and poor dude lets out an incredibly painful sounding cry when it begins.

Sounds this fellow makes are the worst part of the video. The CDG sicarios see that he’s suffering so they don’t try to rush the beheading in any way. The victim looked to me like some kind of office worker. He didn’t strike me as an assassin with dozens of career hits. Makes you wonder if like Fake Syrian Army, these sicarios justify their paychecks by kidnapping random people from the street, coercing them into admitting to working for the Zetas and executing them on video to look good in the eyes of El Comandante Diablo and Rey de Reyes.

The video ends with the sicario showing the severed head to camera. As he does that, tongue starts coming out of the dead man’s mouth. The sicario then drops the head to the ground like an empty can of beer he’s just chugged. Viva la Mexico!

Props to Best Gore member Somberlain for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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208 thoughts on “Mexican Beheading Video – 5 Zetas Decapitated by CDG Sicarios”

    1. For fucks sake,these guys need to take a course in butchery!
      I’m a butcher,and to any of you beheading cartel fuckwits reading this here’s a tip.
      In the neck there’s a bone called the atlas,if you cut from the front side laterally,through the trachea you should hit the joint and get the head off with relative ease.
      Just a note…use a sharp fucken knife,and cut…don’t saw!
      Works on pigs and beef…assume the same is for your victims!

      1. If this was like.. Ewetube.. (geddit? guffaw guffaw) then the gangsters could come onto their channel (called something like ‘Cartelly’.. haw haw haw) see how many likes their videos get and read comments. Then they would see your comment… I bet then they’d pay you like 500 whole pesos to give them a training day…

    2. Damn man…fucking amateur work if you ask me.I cant tell If they did It ineffectively just to make the man suffer, or If they really lack the knowledge of human anatomy…get a sharper knife you dumb exscuse of a joykiller.

  1. That was so brutal, i agree that the sounds of the last guy is definitely worst, viva la Mexico indeed! My boss just went there for his “honeymoon”, god knows why, unfortunately he came back, with his head intact

      1. @randy yup -.- I hate Mexico it’s shitty really hot it smells like burnt tires, smog and shame you can’t trust anyone not even the cops you won’t even know if they are real cops or cartel members they hijack you in the middle of the night steal all your shit and leave you walking I got to see 10 decapitated bodies last time well on the newspaper ^o^ plus 3 emos hung themselves for stupid reasons the only good thing about it is the girls !! ^_^ You can also buy beer at a very young age the last thing I’ve got to say is the sign that says *welcome to Mexico* they should change it to *welcome to the jungle* XD I’m not going to lie I was afraid being in Mexico the only sign of good was seeing the McDonald’s sign that’s when I knew I was free and didn’t have to pay to take shits in the restrooms ^_^ god bless America and public restrooms even though I’m afraid to drop turds in public restrooms. I’f anyone out there is also afraid of dropping turds in public restrooms .. you are not alone!! XD

  2. Thank you so much for your narrations.. I still can’t seem to watch a beheading. I know I’m a puss.. Just have not worked up to that point. I do however enjoy reading how it all went down.
    Nothing more exciting then refreshing BG and seeing new marerial.

    1. @shellbug, I don’t think it makes you a “puss” because you..”can’t seem to watch a beheading” ! I have never watched one and never will. For me, its a personal choice. I don’t fault anyone that wants to watch one, thats their personal choice.Between Marks excellent descriptions and the comments section, I have a vivid enough imagination. :/

      1. sure thing, im not gonna watch this one it sounds brutal. i saw the chic one and wish i hadnt. took me three attempts, i had to shut my eyes twice. Im never gonna be the same. Dont ruin yourself if u know your limit stick to it. No shame there. More shamefull to have no feelings or innocence left at all.

    2. @shellbug

      you have to start with animal abuse videos you need to watch animal beheadings first before you start watching it on humans eventually you’d get used to it plus i never get nightmares

          1. Yes, for some reason this barbaric behavior or humans towards each other doesn’t sicken me so much as animals in distress. I can’t watch that. Also, I don’t think I could watch a human child or baby being beheaded. You’re not really missing anything though by not watching the beheadings. The narratives are excellent. This whole site is great for real news.

        1. @Katz blame peta and their slaughterhouse videos plus those FVS killing doggies and kitties 😐

          yeah animal abuse is hard to watch sometimes i mute those videos because the animals keep screaming in pain i dunno how those guys can sleep at nights πŸ˜•

      1. @jeaus
        It is fucked up I would rather see a human beheaded before an animal ? I can’t watch animal abuse at all. It’s completely off limits or babies being hurt or dumped. I will work up the nerve for one of these Mexican beheadings one day lol

    3. I used to find it hard to watch, but over time you build up a resistance to it. Almost like you have become desensitized.

      I usually read the narration before watching, however If I judge the title of the video to be very gory I would start the video straight off, this way my imagination doesn’t have time to conjure up some even more gruesome and put me off watching. Also don’t watch the video if you feel vulnerable. Only watch if you feel like a bad ass. haha

    4. Hey Shelli. I don’t think you’re a “puss” either. I just recently have been able to watch these with sound. At first, I would mute it and sometimes only viewed a tiny portion of the window.

      I’m not sure why I want to watch these. Perhaps it’s because mostly because it’s cartels vs other cartels. I don’t think I could watch some old lady get beheaded or some innocent person.

      I also agree with you on the animals. I could NEVER watch something like that. I have way more compassion for humans, than I do animals.

      So yeah, you’re not a puss. You’re human. =)


    5. The best way to ease into them is to watch them with the volume turned off. The sounds are the worst part by far. I can watch them with the volume on but it can get to me sometimes so I tend to watch them on silent.

      Nothing wrong with you at all though that you havent or cant watch them. No worries.

    6. The first gore videos I ever watched were beheadings and I really like them- But there is other stuff on here I can’t look at, like animal torture. It definitely doesn’t make you a puss, people have the stomach for different stuff I think (:

      1. Hahaha It’s probably just that we watch the middle eastern guys doing beheadings in less than about 20 seconds so when we watch these guys it seems like it is taking them a lifetime. Those knives seem blunt too…. Those poor people.

      1. Why the fuck don’t our PM’s and President’s look at this site – the truth – and send a couple of nukes? Fucks sake if the middle east and mexicans etc had it their way we’d all be beheaded so why don’t we just end it?

        1. seems you didn’t learn history at school you want to know why they don’t do that? look up what happened after the US nuked Japan and you’ll find your answer i wouldn’t be surprised if one crazy-fuck terrorist explodes a nuke in a populated city killing millions ~

  3. Fuck, this is one of the most brutal beheading videos I have seen to date. I will never get why and how a human can do this to another human being. I can comprehend why, they are sick fucks and accustomed to this kind of shit, but I cannot understand how people wanna hurt others like this. As fucked up as the world is, this is reality. I used to have nightmares seeing shit like this, but now it makes me more observant as to how these people got to be in that situation. What kind of decisions does one make to end up getting their heads chopped off for a gang? I will always stick to what I feel I would do if that were me: run the fuck away til I get shot. But then again this website informs us of what goes on. Do these people even know what is ultimately in store for them? Would they have ran if they knew? Human behavior is very strange.

  4. Sick fucks , I feel for the Older man , the last to be beheaded , He looks like he could be your uncle or something. His painful screams , and terrified look in his eyes say it all . These cunts have to be , in my opinion part of the worst breed of degenerate , SCUM ON EARTH cock suckers…Trust me ,KARMA will prevail .

  5. Yeah, the quality was great. I really enjoyed watching this one. I think there was even an air of suspense involved. Thanks to the cartels and their horrible incompetence at doing the job, i can sleep tonight with a brain full of goodies.

    1. Well I?m not bothered, it just holds up my image from the NOT so rose tinted glasses world others are living in, there are so many sick fucks out there, I know one thing, I will tear anyone to pieces threatening my life because I know how it can end, Throat slashed, Head bashed in with a tool of choice, becoming a dripping from the mouth vegetable by kicks to the head etc. Best Gore taught me one thing, save my life in a ruthless way if I have to.

      1. @ 1 Girl,
        I love the head rollers to, but I hate amateurs, there is no suspence in watching fuckups, I believe that fast beheadings are more horrific to the person cause they still think and see, in medieval times after the chop they hold the head up he can see the horror on everyone’s face, I’ve always wondered what that would feel like XD

  6. I wonder what her eharmony says “I like to go for long beheadings by a shitty house”. If you’re in a cartel do some manscaping,have some respect for the people that are gonna dismember you….No manners anymore.

  7. HOLY FUCK!!! i’ve seen a lot of beheadings in my life this one is the most brutal indeed!!! that’s crazy how the last guy was beheaded but he wasn’t even tied up with his arms flopping around like that!!!!! fucking brutal

  8. Oh man, it really sucks when they stab into the neck to start, rather than just slice in. The first guy didn’t resist too much, but he did piss himself…
    The last 2 guys were an older video, without the first part added, making this one a gem.
    I wonder what it is that gives a fortunate few a bullet rather than a dull knife.

  9. I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but that was a taxi cab in the background at the very end of the video Maybe one of the victims was the driver, or perhaps they have have to hail a cab to get to the next beheading.

    1. On other Blogs of Mexican Narcos, it is mentioned that many Taxi drivers are employed as “Halcones” or Hawks – they are the eyes and ears and lookout for the Cartel and carry with them cell phones, radio-transmitter. Many of the young “thugs” 15-18 yrs. old are employed by these cartels and are strategically placed near the Plaza or Corridors where the drugs are sold & distributed. Many of these “Halcones” do not carry guns so are much easier to kidnap and executed.

  10. I think the main problem with the first and last beheadings was that the guy didn’t want to get blood on his suede boots. The funny part was at the end, when they threw the old guys head on the ground, I thought they were going to start playing soccer with it. These fuckers love soccer. (Football for trooper)

  11. Allrite! Decapitation extravaganzza! Three decapitation posts in a row. Yup,pretty brutal. I don’t get it,everybody is against the Zetas: police,army and other cartels,there’s also a “vigilante squad” called Mata Zetas(zeta killers) ,so what makes people work for that cartel? By the way, The Zetas were originally Gulf Cartel members,then they separate from them and declared war on their former “patrones” so you can expect a LOT of brutality from the Gulf Cartel towards the Zeta faggots. I sure missed the mexicans.

  12. Hello BG world! I’ve been a frequent visitor over the years but this is my first post. These cartel guys really piss me the fuck off, think they are so tough. One on one, most of the dudes would get their asses beat by the people they are hacking up. Besides that, i’m glad to be a part of the BG family officially.

  13. I can’t tell who’s the bigger amateur, the cutter or the cameraman. Someone needs to teach these people how to cut off a head.

    Super funny doing the machete dance though, that was novel.

    Anyone else notice how they’re all wearing brand-new US combat boots?

  14. I don’t get it. These guys know what’s coming and they are not bound with anything. Why the fuck wouldn’t they fight like hell. They would end up dead anyway but I think anything is better than that!!

  15. Damn! Sweet video @Somberlain.

    The last guy to get it was not a happy camper. The guy that got the bullet must have touched someones soft spot cause he got it the easiest.

    I wonder what it’s like to go through that, not just the death, but the pain and misery one goes through. NOT GOOD.

  16. I think Ill watch this later. I just had to lunch BURRITOS with some school buddies (my first round against mexican-american fuck yea trash food) and im feeling a little like throwing up….

    Anyway, I believe these mejicanos are no more than useless sadistic-led faggots who profit from the total impotence of the mexican government to exert some muscle over most of the country , I never saw a, let’s say, Los Zetas local commander, or Sinaloa Cartel underboss getting hit by their rivals (just like this guy GOTTI whacked his predecessor capo in the NY mafia), only junkies and poor losers get whacked in MEJICO…

  17. All this is is modern day apaches ripping each other to pieces with war implements made by more intelligent peoples. When you see cruelty and indifference to suffering like these aliens are displaying- it shows the difference between primitive humans like aztecs, apaches, etc, and western caucasian man. You see a white person doing this shit- he has something wqrong with his mind. Not so with these people

  18. USA needs to get out of southwest asia, spend outr next trillion defense dollars building a wall alonmg the border, throw every one that’s here out, after fingerprinting and warning them, and then having those attack helicopters and ac-130’s patrolling the air over these filthy subhuman apache/aztec mutt’s airspace, killing every fucking man who picks up a knife, gun, etc. While simultaneously having our truly superb special forces caucasian soldiers moving about that country like judge dredd. At least we would be doing something about it other than making nervous jokes because we are pathetic . Politicians won’t denounce any of this in fear of halfbtreed voters .

    1. I seriously doubt that. These burrito eaters suck cock, if you look at other criminal organizations (ex. mafia), when they are fighting each other, they go for the capos/bosses of their rivals.
      In NARCO MEJICO, you will never see, even a middle ranking cartel guy get whacked on a video, only junkies, losers, or people picked up at random feed the new mexican gore movie industry….
      it sucks bigtime, they try to play macho torturing and beheading nobodies, because they don’t have the guts for gearing up and make real war, that’s assaulting their rivals in their strongholds in force.

      1. the reason why everybody wants to finish with all zeta trash is because they bring to much heat to other territories..these fuckers kill kids woman and poor people if they don’t give em the lil money they have..the main heads or “jefe de grupos” of these zeta fuckers are hiding scared and come out at night..that is why u see nothing but lil zeta pistoleros and no big guys from that cartel..

        1. im from the mexican state of from de same place el chapo is from..many peolpe owe there house ,farms schools, churches and business to him..he really helps out..ive seen alot of things living there..a very good man..el liciensado (his right hand man) had his gunman give out toys and food to the poor..el fantasma (his chief of security) had child molesters , robbers , and other sick fucks tied on trees outside his mansion where they would starve and later be eaten by his dog negro and diablo lol

          1. oh n about the mafias..each mob had around what …..around 100 to 300 members..of course its easy to get to the big fish..the cartels have thousands of members..they would have to kill many many of there gunman to get to the big bosses..

          2. yeah, the mexican narco thing got very massive and out of control in the last 10 years…I’m starting to like this guy El Chapo, at least he tries to stay focused on the very respectable business of keeping with the ever increasing dope demand coming from USA, instead of whacking people for pleasure like los zetas

  19. I think they use the unsharpened knives purposely because they want their victims to suffer. It also seems some sort of ritual they the cartels have come to enjoy; notice there’s no emotion, but that could also be to make them look ‘big’ in front of the collegues.

  20. I have only seen one beheading video, it was the one with the chainsaw, and I swear I had like PTSD or something. I couldn’t stop thinking about it for weeks! After that I haven’t worked up the balls to watch another one. I know one thing for sure, I will never visit Mexico or Brazil!!

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