Mexico – Man Beaten to Death with Baseball Bat Then Dismembered with An Axe

Mexico - Man Beaten to Death with Baseball Bat Then Dismembered with An Axe

Mexican drug cartel execution videos are the very peak of the mountain of gore. The brutality and cold-bloodedness of their executions and torture methods are always at the most extreme side of things and remain unrivalled anywhere in the world. Treatment the man in this video received was no different. It’s yet another perk from the Blog del Narco collection and is no less violent than anything else that came out of Mexico.

The executioners are members Mexican criminal group called La Linea. The beaten to death and dismembered man was one Joaquin Gallegos. The messages appearing at the beginning and end of the video appear to warn members of the Sinaloa Cartel lead by El Chapo Guzman (JoaquΓ­n GuzmΓ‘n Loera). Perhaps our friends who speak Spanish can help us translate what exactly the captions say.

Video starts with Joaquin Gallegos stripped down to underwear, gagged, blindfolded and with his hands and feet tied laying on a floor of a dimly lit room. This rendered Joaquin Gallegos completely unable to defend himself in any way and the captors took great advantage of it. Two La Linea men are seen taking turns to savagely beat Joaquin Gallegos with baseball bats as the restrained man rolls around in agonizing pain.

Several blows were aimed at the spine – clearly with an intention to shatter it and paralyze the victim. Internal injuries must have been severe – on top of unspeakable pain from pulverized bones and joints. The torturers literally beat the life out of Joaquin Gallegos with those baseball bats.

At the 2:10 minute mark, the victim is beat to the brink of death. The torturers turned him on his stomach and delivered blows to the base of cerebellum (nape of the neck). Blows to that part of body, if strong enough, are mortal. Full swing baseball bat blows to that area will most certainly cause death.

After killing Joaquin Gallegos by shattering his neck vertebrae, there is a cut in the video and the victim is seen stripped naked on the floor and the La Linea men proceed to dismember him with an axe, one limb at a time. The axe is also used to decapitate Joaquin Gallegos – decapitation, as you all know, is a common part of Mexican drug cartel executions.

At the end of the video, a message is displayed which allegedly translates as:

Ministerial police who support Chaputo. For those who do not believe, here is the proof – Joaquin Gallegos, executed on May 13, 2011 and keep supporting El Chaputo.

Many thanks to drccoco for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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263 thoughts on “Mexico – Man Beaten to Death with Baseball Bat Then Dismembered with An Axe”

  1. thats very disturbing……i cant even begin to imagine the amount of pain he went through…….even when you bang your elbow off a table it hurts like hell….i dont want to think of the pain of getting a baseball bat slammed against it

    1. Sounds strange to say this. But it probably didn’t hurt much, adrenaline would have helped him and he would have been in a semi lucid state, a psychological defence system.

      Speaking from experience, it’s the swelling after the beating that fuc#ing hurts, can’t sit, stand or lie down…

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        2. Woah woah woah woah woooooaaaahhhh!!!!!! I agree a lot of Mexicans are retarted, but my girlfriend is Mexican and she WON’T harm a fly. It doesn’t matter what race you are, all races are sick fucks. You can only judge every race equal and unequal lol. Unless you from Thailand, then your just retarted.

      1. Yea I tell myself that when I cringe watching. I’m sure the ones we see getting chopped up have once chopped up somebody as well. I would hate to think any of these getting tormented were innocent people not involved.

  2. Nice…this dude probably had it coming to him. Good riddance, I guess. At least they beat him to death before taking an axe to him….I guess….I dunno. I do know that is sure does suck to be him.

    1. DUDE! Good to see you back around.
      Yha, he got it pretty bad, but which cartel victom that lands on Best Gore gets off easy, besides a quick head shot.
      Not a quick headshot.
      Truely sucks to be him.
      Mexican for years and years, then a pile of tenderized bean dip at the end.

        1. Where you think they should go? The U.S? No thanks, they already are breeding like cockroaches, the violence has gone up ten-fold, everytime you watch the news the offender is mexican and I for one am sick as fuck of supporting their asses!!!!

          1. While the crackers end up in the news only when there’s a baby rapist serial killer on the loose aha our some crazy bitch looking her daughter

          2. You’re an idiot. They’re are already coming to the U.S. because of this.

            Just because a couple thousand Mexicans are doing this, doesn’t mean the rest should be considered murderers and cockroaches.

            But as a 3rd generation Mexican American, i think you hate me, just for having a Mexican background.

          3. You don’t support shit. Mexicans here illegally actually support your ass. They pay social security out of their paychecks, benefits that they will never benefit from. Two-thirds also pay their taxes. So keep your poorly accurate comments to your self….BITCH.

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            Remember…Karma is a bitch. If you have children, just hope they don’t pay with your ignorance you white piece of shit.

        2. I can only say that there’s a a difference between the mexicans and the muslims. While muslims show the calamities of war (like someone being hit by a bomb). The mexicans show no merci and enjoyment over butchering another human being (specially their own fucking mexican blood). Or beating the shit out of them….

          1. Thank Hell I’ve got a critical-thinking book that makes me get over all those non-sense comments. It’s funny seeing how people (like me) come here to see blood and beheading, and all that blood makes us feel hate for the perpetrators just because of their racial background. I love how people hate each other, but at individual level it doesn’t matter if u are black or Mexican, Chinese, White, or whatever. If someone say to me shit like that I’ll beat the shit out of his head or vice vice versa it doesn’t matter, these are only written words, and I bet my fucking balls that a couple of big-mouth talkers in here are real pussies to actually say nigger, or beaner at an L.A.’s or Chicago’s Walmart, they of course live in some red-neck pueblo of Wisconsin and doesn’t know shit about U.S. history, Immigrant Country

          2. not all of us are like these animals, I am a 3rd. generation here in U.S. and my family has fought to protect this country from day one, either in the wars and from this type of brutality. In honesty, its here in the U.S. that is part of the problem. Get rid of the damn dopers and u get rid of the cartels $$.

    2. I only wish the kid being slowly beaten with that bat while he flailed around like a fish, was a teenaged druggie here in the states. As a DEA officer, I would enjoy that shit. Still enjoyed this video, imagining the victim was a teenaged drug dealer being beaten at my hand while he struggles and cries.

  3. Dang, I can’t get over how they play those corridos during the whole thing…gangta rap for us Mexicans!
    By the way, the captions are a warning to all those who “do not believe in Chap” and then they list them.

      1. the diego continues 100 with the line” la linea meaning line is group of assasins,drug users,part or alliance with cartel…i think the diego dude already got caught..

        “this is what is going to happen to all does who betray and do not believe and support el chapo” el chap is the leader of the sinaloa cartel

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  5. @Reikoko , when you see this vid
    my comment on previous posting
    will make sense , is it racist to call these
    animals “beaners” , or “greasers”????
    If its a steereotype or racial thing ,
    you can see why with this behavour .
    Its a justifiable public outcry & a way of
    voicing disgust (is also great entertainment)
    Also a form of self protection because we
    know what to expect if we go to certain
    areas . PS i do respect your view on
    racism , you are well grounded , these
    comments not aimed so much @ you .
    Aimed more @ wads like THE WORD!!!!

    1. video was removed x.x anyways, i understand. and i agree about what to expect when going to certain places…i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: after frequenting BG, i’m NEVER going to brazil XD

        1. NO. I wasn’t calling You a fag.
          Worst of all, I responded to this last night (odgoso) and the comment never posted.

          I was refering to The Word….your good dude.
          Infact, i was trying to agree with you, in reguards to what you wrote (obviously)

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            Worst that could happen is I get a few tomatos so i can make soup for dinner, so either way, it might just work

  6. The video is good as it is but I would prefer a version with the original sound. It is quite interesting how music can make graphic material that would be traumatic for some people to watch into something that is borderline to comedy. In other words, slapstick at it’s finest.

    1. imagine waking up, having your eye lids sown shut, with all limb’s cut off, and your in a unknown place, unable to see or walk, and your just confused and lost and filled with sadness and worry.
      uh oh, its time i take my aripiprazole <:-(

    2. Thats a hard call @ tiger , both are bad ,
      for me been incinerated in a car prang
      would be bad . If you see & hear one
      you will always see it over & over .
      Maybe getting bashed with bats imparts
      a impact anesthesia effect ?? I dont know

    3. Yes. It’s violent.
      It’s painful, and it’s slow.
      The terror of being at the complete hands of another peice of shit who you know will not stop untill you’re dead, would almost be like the hopeless feeling of fire relentlessly burning you untill your life has been finaly cooked out of your body.

      Most all violent, slow deaths would be, similar.
      Each and every way would have it’s own unique horrors.

      Being drawn & quartered for instance.

      The spinal coloum remains intact, but th

      1. (what the FUCK! I didn’t post that yet! fucking computer)
        the spine remains uninjured so the one-fukt bleeds out, in unimaginable pain and suffering.

        None of these deaths are good deaths.
        Quick, gunshot head explosions would be the preferred method of departure from this WRETCHED place.

        1. @odgoso, Rotten I saw a lady stuffed face first down some sort of narrow concrete drain (on BG I’m pretty sure, she was accused of being a witch?), she was left to drown/die, that stuck in my mind as a really awful way to die.

          1. Saw that one too.
            Low-and-behold, it was in Mexico.
            I think it was here on B.G.

            Trapped, helpless, mexican, and murdered.
            4 things that are good NOT to be.

    4. Burning alive aint that much bad hence the the nerves loose function right after the skin thus you can see people burning alive and sitting as calm as on a bar chair though it aint that much fun smelling your own body barbecue.

        1. @Razor, Rooster but remember usually these people have been beaten half to death, THEN set on fire. I remember watching a ‘necklacing’ once and that guy wasn’t too badly beaten, he fought hard! I remember seeing a woman on fire too @Razor I think she was an old woman? (and she’d been bashed first)

          1. this was a video (im pretty sure its on this site) they were burning about 5 people who they thought were witches and everytime someone tried to crawl out of the fire they were kicked back in….they were beating them with burning branches and throwing petrol over them…im sure if you search here for it you will find it

  7. when will they ever tape some live mutilating videos? i wanna see someone beg for their life while slowly getting mutilated. something like that one indian dude that got his hands and feet cut off for stealing, but with more cutting and in hd video please x)

  8. here’s the start of the video:

    “Esto les va a pasar a los traicioneros que no la creen y apoyan al chapo”

    “This is going to happen to the betrayers that do not believe and support the chapo”

    in the end of the video it seems they are blaming people from the government and authorities supporting the chapo they put a big list with their names those guys better watch out or else they’ll end up like this guy

  9. I have to cry foul! A) That’s not how you get into a pinata, they’re not even wearing blindfolds. B) I didn’t see any prizes fall out, I’d take it back to “Pinata’s R Us” and ask for a refund…On a brighter note, I will say that the music was appropriate to the situation.

  10. one of the most half-hearted beatings i’ve ever seen. they didn’t look like they were having fun at all. πŸ™

    the guy on the ground took his medicine with all the dignity of a fucking… soccer player.

          1. Haha , i thought word was/is/about to be
            Cross dressing/trannie/
            gender confused
            saviour of humanity , defender of
            minorities & all-round great guy .
            LMFAO!!!! .

  11. One thing I really hate about bestgore members is the Big Chat, seriously I bet you dumb fucks never killed someone in youre punny little misserable lives..

    Ya I would love to kill a mexican than we really have something to talk about… SHUT THE FUCK UP and get those fingers out of youre asshole stupid fuckers talk to mutch but dont have the balls to ask the neighboor to lower the music.

    If you really have balls go kill someone if not Shut the fuck up and keep those fingers where they use to be up youre ass!

    1. @figer123, and I bet a dumb fuck like you would piss yourself before saying all this shit directly to any of us face to face hm? Don’t try and kid yourself by believing that you have a bigger set of balls than anyone on this site. You don’t know any of us personally. How do you know that no one here has ever lifted a finger on someone fatally? You don’t. So stop assuming things of us just because your mentality is too juvenile to comprehend our ways of thinking and communicating with each other. If you don’t like it then gtfo. No one gives a shit that you’re offended.

  12. viva mexico cabrones!! sick shit here i gotta say but i seen far worser crap than this…got a friend living in Juarez the motherfucker would kill for $50 a job. hit and run basic. Extortion comes at a higher price since it takes atleast 6 to run the crap they do. but fuck this wolrld were in -_-

  13. at like 1:13 he takes a direct hit to the nuts, the guys beating him are vicious, its obvious they are trying to inflict as much pain as possible. I can only imagine what that man was feeling as he was being bludgeoned. Rest in Pieces Amigo πŸ˜‰

    1. yeah same actually.
      the pain he took was brutal; they did well not to hit him on the head til they got board so he could feel every hit. and the mutilation was fucking beautiful.

  14. My grandma can swing a bat better than this guy. I mean, put some fucking force into it. The last video with a bat beating was actually better. That one looked damn painful! This vid almost looked fake to me until he started axing off the guy’s legs. Shouldn’t there have been more blood shed during this part?
    Anyways, I still very much enjoyed it. thanks Mark and drccoco! <3

  15. Well… that’s mexico right there, used to vacation there many times but after the violence really started to kick-up I was like fuck that….. btw, sucks to be that poor son of a bitch…. but he had it coming anyways, it’s pretty typical of those who don’t heed the dangers of joining a rival cartel… or any cartel for the matter.

    1. Worst part about it is one can folow the rules, be brutal, be loyal, and as SOON as one of the others gets word of some weird shit that you did, My guess is that they will ALWAYS beleive that over what YOU say, and then your Jose Conceco’s practic dummy,
      or Paul Bunyons’ next tree to chop,
      or Lizzy Boardens parents,
      or You become the next episode of Ax
      or you star in the next preformance of “The Nut Cracker”
      or our nick name becomes “Upside Down Drowned Clown with a Duct Tape Frown”

    2. That is a poor son of a bitch alright! I am sure he had it coming.Ya play with the devil…you go out in a messed up way I guess. Do you think he was alive when they started cutting into him? Well, be glad you no longer go to vacation there!

  16. translated, it looks like a warning to that huge list of cops (from commandants to mere agents) and public officials, threatening them with the same final that the guy on the video if they keep supporting ‘El Chapo’ Guzman. At the end there is a pun in the word “Chaputo”, puto is a despective term used to call a male gay, while puta is refers to a prostitute.

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